Eugene Harold Krabs
Vital statistics
Title Mr. K, Krabs, 'Harold Flower', Eugene, Krabby the Clown, Business Tycoon, Scammer, Cheapskate, Salty, Armor Abs Krabs, Provider, Founder, And Owner of the Krusty Krab, Shell Lodge Member
Gender Male
Race/Species Crab (Unknown species)
Faction The Krusty Krab, The Krusty Krab 2, The Cuddly Krab (Formerly), Krabby o' Mondays (Formerly), The Bikini Bottom Navy (Retired), Shell Lodge Squad
Description Cheap, Greedy, Often Criminally Greedy, Obsessed With Money, Tough
Skills and Abilities Natural Crab Abilities, Navy Training Expertise, Surprising Strength, Anti-Theft Smarts
Status Alive
Location Bikini Bottom (Homeworld)

Dragon Guardian Temple (Lodger Residence)

Alignment Mixed (50/50 Good and Bad)

Eugene H. Krabs, better known as simply Mr. Krabs, is a red sea crab who is the owner of the Krusty Krab as well as the employer of both SpongeBob and Squidward. He is extremely greedy, selfish and quite literally obsessed with money itself. Mr. Krabs is mostly respected by SpongeBob, while Squidward tends to loathe him. Mr. Krabs' greed in the series is exaggerated with him often anthropomorphizing money. He will do almost anything to obtain money or not lose it, usually with no regard to the safety or well-being of others or even himself. His arch-nemesis and business rival is Sheldon J. Plankton, who was his friend in their childhood but now constantly attempts to steal the Krabby Patty Secret Formula. Mr. Krabs has a daughter, a sperm whale named Pearl.


Mr. Krabs' manhood began after the war, where he was secluded in deep depression that seemed endless. His luck changed when he bought a local retirement home, "The Rusty Krab," which he decided to turn into a restaurant, adding a K to "Rusty," thus making it the Krusty Krab. He decided to go into business, selling his family's Krabby Patty burgers. The Krusty Krab was extremely successful from the beginning, and has for years stood as Bikini Bottom's premiere daytime eatery.

Mr. Krabs' arch business rival is his one-time friend Plankton, who owns a restaurant called "The Chum Bucket" literally right across the street from the Krusty Krab. Plankton, a mad scientist, and a technological and scientific genius, constantly attempts to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula, frequently utilizing his various robots and other creations. Occasionally, Plankton uses other tactics besides stealing the formula in order to hinder Krabs and attract customers to himself. However, all of Plankton's schemes are doomed to fail, and are constantly thwarted by Krabs, with help from SpongeBob, Patrick, and other allies. On multiple occasions Plankton is stated to never have had a single actual customer (However, in some recent episodes, such as "Chum Caverns", Plankton's plots do give him brief success).

In "The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie", Mr. Krabs opens The Krusty Krab 2, right next door to the original. He chooses Squidward to manage the restaurant, much to SpongeBob's dismay. However, in the end of the movie, (After Spongebob saves Bikini Bottom and Mr.Krabs' life), he is appointed new manager of the Krusty Krab 2. In "Squilliam Returns", Mr. Krabs works as the Chef in Squidward's fancy new version of the Krusty Krab, but is apparently a terrible cook, creating a disgusting and freakish "appetizer", which eventually comes to life and begins attacking the restaurant's patrons.

Role in the series

Mr. Krabs may be greedy, but he is kindhearted, like in SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King, he was Rafiki's personal assistant, and while he made mostly-brief cameo appearances, he helped Rafiki to convince Simba to reclaim his birthright as king. Mr. Krabs made more cameos in SpongeBob's Adventures of The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride. He finally appeared as a true member in SpongeBob and Friends Meet Aladdin, figuring that heroes get awards and fortune for saving people, but also because it reminded Krabs what it was like to fight villains again, since he was a Navy soldier. He is like the cheapskate but wise and/or fun uncle, and also sort of like the financial adviser for the Lodge, aided by Sir Hiss. Although in the real SpongeBob series, Mr. Krabs has now become borderline Faux Affably Evil with an over-exaggerated money fetish who would go through several kinds of hell just to retrieve a single penny, here he is more in personality and character to his older season personality, where he is a typical greedy yet usually well-intentioned boss because Scroopfan didn't like the new Mr. Krabs and wanted him nicer for the Shell Lodge Squad to accept him into their ranks. (Not that he has anything against the later season Mr. Krabs, in fact intends of having losing his cool over money every-now-and-again if he had the chance, but it will be mostly brief.)


  • "Money,money,money,money,money,money!"
  • "You know what they say, money talks."
  • "Did someone say untold riches?"
  • "Are you on some new allergy medication, boy?"
  • "Do you know what this means, dear boy? We're in the clear! (Does dance while "Cancan" plays)"
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