Mister Latimer H. Lifecraft is a human from the Hirsch System, the world of Gravity Falls, and the founder and leader of the Outer Force, the public branch for the infamous SCP Organization that protects the infinite copies of Earth from the dangers of the supernatural and unnatural alike. After being the only one that ever survived the most against the deadly SCP-682, Latimer was designated as a high-tier agent and became so good he was almost given permission to found a public branch for them. But when he was denied, he decided to do it against their will because of what happened with SCP-5000, a sci-fi suit that induces people into seeing a post-apocalyptic future where the SCP has declared war on the world and destroyed everything with weaponized SCPs, made to vilify the SCP itself, seeing their ways as excessive and immoral. He has since discovered magic to travel to infinite Earths to hire anyone he could to help defend people. Even at age 77, Lifecraft is still at peak strength and built OF Foundations all over his home, including one in Gravity Falls. He ends up meeting Dipper Pines upon his first return there since Weirdmaggedon, and after being saved from SCP-682's brother, OF-696, by the Outer Force, Dipper is made a junior agent when the Outer Force discovers he helped stop Bill Cipher, AKA OF-10000, along with his friends and family. Lifecraft comes to appreciate Dipper and his great uncles for defeating an OF they couldn't defeat for centuries, and welcomes them to the Outer Force with open arms and even considering Dipper like a son, and even accepts his decline to be his apprentice or successor because such an offer almost drove him and his sister Mabel Pines apart and even caused the Weirdmaggedon to begin with.


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