Mr. Mason E. McKeon is a fictional Great-blue Turaco published in Kratos' Generation Comics. He is a Non-Superior from Kragtos, the world where the fictional versions of The Amazing Nine were banished on. He owns a company called Tomorrow Corps, which specializes in future technologies to make Kragtos a better place. His main focus is on a project called Project: Prometheus, which is meant to use whatever gives the Superiors their superpowers to create various supersoldiers. He had discovered the existence of the Superiors after finding out that each of the Amazing Nine have genetic signatures not matching his people's. He was hired and abit tricked by Professor Gloom anonymously into terminating them thanks to being tricked to believe that the Amazing Nine are renigade criminals a danger to any planet, before they could remember their old lives and return. Of course, when they failed, McKeon still wanted the source of their powers for himself, and found the location of Kratos on a high-tech satellite. He has no intentions to take over Kratos like the other enemies of the Amazing Nine. He only wants quantonium to create a better military for his homeworld, even improve the lifes of everyone in Kragtos, bluntingly ignorent of the reason WHY making Normals into superiors is illegal cause of power corruption or it being dangerious unstable, or sometimes both, thinking them as lies made by selfish, paraniod, anti-progressive, un-caring Superiors that don't want normals to be like them. He occasionally has invasion forces trying whatever they can to gain quantonium, and has even established bases on Kratos hidden inside desert mounds. His army consists of various types of robots, some being androids, war drones, and 8ft robot warriors called Pursuers, and his security systems consist of illegal quantum field generators. He occasionally gains his own superpowers every once in a while, but he is still constantly defeated by The Amazing Nine.


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