Super Ops Administrative Diplomat Davon M. Ohmsphere is a Superior Alpine ibex who is known to be a diplomatic head for Kratos' superheroes in the Super Ops branch of Superhero Registration Agency, or SRA for short, pretty much like the superior equilient of the DMV, though before that branch can exist, he's at best an over-glorifived unseen pencel pusher from behind the scenes of the Super Ops who does ALOT of boring paperwork. He joined long before the Super Ops was even introduced. In what he claims, he was attempting to control how superheroes fought villainy and do heroisum in order to prevent property damage and cost millions in collateral damages. In truth, he actselly hates the idea of heroisum being controled because it makes it easier for villains to do whatever the fuck they want. In another truth, he's actselly an extremeist friend of Gazelliola Rightra, and a semi-offictal member of her rights group who managed to cheat the goverment into believing that he cares about rules. He actselly aims to make it look as if rules do more harm then good by causing the SRA to happen and restrict the hell out of super-heroes and risk making it easy for villains AND cause heroes to be against this and attempt to declare civil war so the Kratos Senate will start being more lenient on super powers. Problem is, his plan is his own doing as even Gazellioa thinks that the plan does more harm then good, not to mention it would make the rights group look reckless and anarchical. He has two sons, one being a hero named Mighty Ohm who is also against the registry act, and a supervillain named Ohmen who is a deadly criminal leader and master marksman. He is doing this because Ohmen was a victim of being harshly punished by the Kratos Senate that it caused his rise to evil, believing that the goverment is too shuck up in their rules and wants to make them suffer for it by being ironic. He's also, abit of a twat. His powers include super-strength, super-flight, electricity manipulation, teleportation, and telekinesis.

  • MCode: ElmSfSsTkTpo


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