Mr. Shorshank

Mr. Samwone Torton Shorshank

Mr. Samwone T. Shorshank is an Alternate UUniversal Gaonna from Planet Vienus. He is a cruel and abusive kangaroo-like ornithopod with a knife going through his head yet not being fatal enough to kill him. He lives in a rundown prison which he has lived in as the result of a corrupt Phaseforce officer arresting him as a baby for shoplifting. When he learned of his true origins, he killed all the staff in the prison as a result of him being stolen by an 'immoral prick' and raised in what was a clear lie. After he went to find his parents, he ended up discovering that his parents had replaced him with a clone as scientists, though he had misunderstood the situation of them not caring for them when they did and the clone was an extention of that love and the clone's only there because the price of bail is stupidly unreasonable. Bitter, he left, and turned the prison into his bandit castle, turning it's inmates into his own bandit army, and they "do terrible things to anyone who cross him and threaten his rule", especially the first one who threatened to report him and have an invasion, as they locked him up and reportedly "killed him quite quickly". At first glace, he is an abusive and cruel, as he locks up his enemies as slaves forced to do whatever he wants with them, whether it be, as claimed, corrupt experiments or missions bound by explosive shock collars, and if they step out of line minorly, they get whipped violently with laser nine-tail whips, and when they step out of line majorly like attempting to escape as the Phaseforce AI that ran the prison was turned into the grid-imaging system that used audio, motion, and imaging sensors that would report an escape and any hostility and insubordination, was punishable by a torture chamber called the 'Damnator', which was a virtual chamber that tortured people in any way imaginable, and left them with mental horror, ruin, and emotional breakdowns. While this reportedly happened, he ran the rest of his bandit empire in every territory he conquered. He always prefers to be called 'Mr. Shorshank', killing anyone who refers to him without the "Mr." or full name. He is one of the ex-husbands of Madam Xoxo, as she helped him find his family and got married to him, but when she "discovered his newfound corruption and evil", the two divorced and she threatened to turn him in had it not been for the fact that he put one of her children permanently in the Damnator and was programmed to execute the child if the bioscans around the prison detected her coming, torturing her into a total mental wreck, and the incident with that blackmail earned the knife in his head. However, though his bandit empire thing is accreate, and it is not hard to see legit aggresition in him, his slave roster actselly does NOT consist of innosent bystanders, but instead, whatever local exiles he can target being they are commenly the lowest common demonanators in the land, giving that the surrounding Shorshank lands are commenly exile zones for some of the worse people in the system, and his extreme treatment of them is warrented by the fact the system is relitively lawless, so nothing's tecnecally holding him back. In fact, his daughter from Xoxo's marriage isn't even in actual danger, as the the one in the damnator is a clone designed to be short-lived and the real daughter, Xexo, serves as vanguard and Shorshanks' secret protector. Ordenarly, Shorshank made peace with the false rumors about him if it meant the universes left him alone, but when he heard about Jaxtom's downfall, the rumors will EASILY end up being used against him and risk the downfall of the only thing he has left in life, so he might be forced into a risky corner wih even the likes of Jaxtom just to avoid being taken down over false branding. His best enforcer is a Weollan named Kaz who was a former inmate whom he sympathized with, perhaps more then advertised, and is similar in personality to Batman Bane (In an extent). He is the AUU parallel of Borderlands Mr. Shank (DLC Boss), but with an original twist.


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  • "(Non-Slave Henchman: Oh man! Oh man, you're dead! You're DEAD! Shorshank's gonna gut you! Shorshank's gonna slit your throat! Shorshank's gonna suck your eyeballs out of their sockets with a straw! Shorshank's gonna- (He was stabbed as he gurgling with the blood in his throat and fell)... That's MISTER Shorshank!"
  • "We got a way of doing things here in the Beofynzeny System. You start out the bottom, pay your dues, it can be a dream come true. But if you break our rules, step outta line, try to... Check out early... Well, you're just hurting yourself."
  • "Hey, Are you attempting stealth? Is this what stealth looks like to you? Watchey's got you in it's sights, by the way and this is the first non-rerun we've all seen in, like, 46 years! Kaz even made chili-cheese poppers. Kaz is really nice... I mean, as nice as a guy of unmentionable criminal records can be to his liberator. If you're looking for the girl, I can assure you she is unharmed.... S***! Not that we wouldn't! I mean, we'd totally harm her! In fact, where she is, she's been harmed every second of every day! SUCK IT LIKE AN ALL-DAY SUCKERPOP!!! But if you leave right now, I MAY reconsider raising the torture in my Damnator. Kaz is already super-psyched to do it."
  • "Did you just take out Kaz?!? His pecs were rock-hard and we used to joke that they could deflect gunfire! I guess they can't... poor Kaz. Also, I'm pretty much totally gonna kill you now by the way.
  • "You're one tough cookie! But no one comes into MY turf and messes with me!"
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