Mr. Tetrus

Mr. Eugo Jarred Hugo Tetrus

Eugo J.H. Tetrus, AKA Mister Tetrus, is an Alternate UUniversal Tetraca from Planet Oceonous. He is a 4-armed crab that lives in Trunk Bottom, and runs a C&C business in a street with a parking lot, and right next to another C&C Restaurant owned by his business rival, archenemy, and former friend Crokton. His trademark foods use a specialized synthetic meat produced to create an amazing taste, and thus he sells it in products like his Tetra Googers (AUU Krabby Patties), as well as other products like Tetra Doddies (AUU Krusty Dogs), among other products that use them, and Crokton is especially seeking his holo-formulas in a small holo-device in a hidden laser-locked and heavily-secured vault so everyone can go to his restaurant, as his products are very delicious, but extremely unhealthy and can often come with unhealthy side-effects, as Tetrus had developed a way to make his products delicious without those side-effects when they renounced their friendship. The two have since been running their businesses for over 70 years, and have had employers of all kinds the whole way, Tetrus' recent ones being Cephward, and apathetic spotted cephalopod, and his best cook in the business since another before, ZongueBob. He has a pirate accent as a result of his time in the Oceonousan Navy, which also gave him experience in combat and access to military-grade weapons. However, he is also infamous for being an extreme cheapskate, and has been noted for doing unlawful and unfair things for the sake of making or retaining money. He has an underground treasury to which he literally swims and dives in Scrooge McDuck-style, saying that he has avoided the normally-fatal consequences of such. He has done a large amount of crimes thanks to his cheapness and greed, doing crimes like tax evasion, payment in fake money, counterfeit, theft, usury, bank and insurance fraud because of hating insurance agencies because a person he fell in love with betrayed him, which added to one of his many hate crimes, extortion, health-code and worker rights violations out of saving money, irresponsible acts of business, assault charges, bribery, and even joined a Wall-Street-style sector of Trunk Bottom. He also has an adopted Ceterior daughter named Penny, a teenage valley girl who is hateful to her father at times, and is very picky, needy, and demanding, and even does so by force and legal action. Regardless, he has a heart underneath that greedy exterior, and has done what is best for his business. He is the AUU version of Mr. Krabs.


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