Mr. Tiris

Mr. Sundson Rommon Tiris

Mr. Sundson R. Tiris is an Alternate UUniversal Korbiquat from Planet Harbanisan. He is a rich business tycoon who owns a corporation called the Tiris Mining Corporation, which has a lot of mining colonies set up across the planet, mining it for the oceans' rich amounts of gemstones and formerly fossil fuels prior to the days before the Grand Council became alot more pro-eviomental. He also raises a family of 6 children and lost his wife to the Villains Act. 5 of his children were daughters, and one is an adopted Korbiquat son named Orrobe. Mr. Tiris is strongly driven to provide for his family with every means nessersary since the Oil Industry is slowly dying thanks to a strong pro-eviomental goverment shutting down these industries by the dozens as each fossil fuel business was being bought by the far-better-environmentally-friendly conglomerate known as the Eroxxon Corporation, which is the AUU's best resource corporation and still is to this very day. As such, he's not a steriotypically evil business man one would expect cause of it, as his true problem is that he's short-sighted and old fastion about the power industry and that he doesn't think the Grand Council understands what it is doing anymore. His business of the Tiris Mining Corp is BARELY pardoned because of the gemstones alone, but mining for oil is flat-out forbidden and taboo, where even only ONE minor violation will be the death of the Mining Corporation, gemstone impourence or not. So it means that his top secret oil rig in Harbanisan, the biggest place for oil reserves, is vastly unauthorized. That doesn't really make Tiris reckless, as he has taken a lot of precautions to avoid any form of accident imaginable. However, a moronic worker broke an important gear and has set to motion what would be considered the worse oil spill in the planet's history, of which where Tiris justifies his villain license by allowing fear of being jobless drive him to go to extremes of stopping the spill from ever being discovered and tries to privately clean up the mess without the world ever knowing, and removing any evidence of the oil spill occurring. Orrobe, however, who had been skeptical of the business all his life, wants to make sure that the business is put out of it's misery, much to the disagreement and interference of his father, who threatens to disown him and have him cast off to a criminal planet not locatable on UUniversal maps if he tells anyone about the incident, and has put a probation implant on him to report if he has disobeyed him or if he tries to remove it. However, there's no guarantee he'll get away with this thanks to a stranger who falls in love with him and some randomly-appearing birdbrains who will hopefully put him in a better place with the Eroxxon Corporation.


Tiris was born as the son of a single father who owned the Tiris Mining Corporation, which was specializing in fossil fuel and gemstone mining operations back during the days when fossil fuels were still a thing. As a child, Tiris was made fun of by aquatic life because of his family business being pollutant to their homes, and it made him sensitive to his place as heir to the business. But his father said that someday, he would make a huge difference with the company. As he grew up, he was excited to finally run the company and do something big. Though later on, his father discovered several worlds rich in fossil fuels, and he couldn't resist extending his time for thinking. Though when the sales went through the roof, he felt that the company was already good enough as it was.

However, there was a problem. When his grandfather was in charge, Tiris' father's company was almost bought by the Eroxxon Corporation as the USRA signed a contract that required that all fossil fuels are to be outdated as it was harmful to the environment, and that all that focused on them are to be bought by Eroxxon. This went on for several years and Tiris' grandfather feared that his business would b ruined and taken away from him. But then, the disbansion of the USRA came and by that time, the most greedy of fossil fuel business owners, along with those that are from worlds still relient on oil because of being less advance in tec and incapable to make such an ambitious change even to this day, decreed that the contract was officially null and void as it's enforcers were no longer around, not to say that oil restirctions didn't existed any more as they can still be held accountable for serious eviomental dishastors. But otherwise, the oil industry for the time permiting was kept from being finished off, at least until the possability of a new USRA or the goverment bodies desided to do this independently to only be distracted by pressing concerns like the VA crisis later down the road. Either way, the Tiris Corporation lived for two generations as Tiris finally became the new president, and his father said that, no matter what, he must keep the company from being bought and 'ruined' by another person who 'doesn't know the march of progress his company goes by'. Thus, he continued his business for several years. As priorly said, it doesn't stop the current system from still being infaverable to the oil industry, where even without the contract, oil companies of advance enough worlds are still bothered and burdened by less faverable goverments to at least take respondsability for mistakes or face dispansion even without the USRA. And Tiris Corp was no exception. It was spared the worse of it however when it can still be valuable as a gem mining corp as long as it drops it's oil desires.

Later on, Tiris got married and had 5 daughters, and hoping for a sixth, his wife died after a miscarriage, forcing him to adopt a son named Orrobe. His business sky-rocketed as he continued to uphold his family's legacy However, he does this by holding an illegal oil operation, planning to use albeit slightly better drilling and oil rig tec to prove that the Oil Industry can be the thing of the future as well. Unfortunately, one little incident on the Planet Harbanisan, his family's home, would lead to a risk of the company coming to an end. An idiotic employee ended up causing an accident that lead to an oil spill in the Tezen Ocean. Fearing for his business, Tiris urged that the oil spill be covered up and cleaned up as quickly and quietly as possable, by any means necessary and ensure that nobody knows it ever happened. But Orrobe, who has been skeptical of his business all his life, had an argument with his father about his career, and his father forbidden him from interfering. Yet discovering further secrets lead to him having no choice but to disobey him. But after getting caught, Tiris placed an implant on Orrobe that would report if he disobeyed him any further, threatening to send him to an unmapped criminal planet if he did so.

Confidant that his business would stay alive, he was shocked that his son ended up missing the next year. Discovering familiar footprints on the place he was last seen, Tiris demanded a private search mission for Orrobe as he feared that this could be a threat to not only his business, but other fossil fuel businesses as he fears that a human may be on the planet and that might mean that a human could sign the contract that could hand the Eroxxon Contract to the Legion and Grand Council, even though that can only be done by a human in the goverment and that even if everyone knew of this left-behind, he/she wouldn't have the athority to make that happen, unaware that, following the USRA disbanding, a secret byline would declare an emergency term that any human could sign and make it law if not fully satisfied. Reguardless, poor Tiris fell victim to fear of losing a family legacy even for reasons he is not inheredly against and very well understands, a vast contrast to too business-focused collegded of struggling companies. He refused to reveal the human's existence to anyone in the AUU, including the Villains Act, as that would attract unwanted attention which he made clear he needed to avoid. Thus while he would search for his son and continue his mission to end the oil spill before it could get leaked out, Orrobe would spend time with the human who just so happens to be a sea-dwelling pre-adult girl raised by the native cetacean Harbins since the death of her parents during the beginning of the Villains Act, and thus the two teamed up to help each other by seeking a better fate for Tiris and to rescue the human's ocean home. He still seeks to correct this to this very day.

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