Mudbriar (Vector by luckreza8)

Mudbriar is a male Earth pony and Maud Pie's boyfriend who first appears in the season eight episode The Maud Couple in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. He is similar to Maud, being portrayed as very stoic and occasionally literal. He has a tendency of pointing out technicalities, and he has a great interest in and knowledge of sticks, calling any mistreatment of sticks "stick abuse". He also appears to have a well-developed memory, able to recall details of things from what he calls his "mind palace". Also like Maud, Mudbriar has an inanimate object for a pet: a stick named Twiggy. Mudbriar is shown to be very close with Maud, making her interests his interests, having an entire "room" of his "mind palace" dedicated to things she likes, and at the end of his debut, he is happy to be friends with Pinkie Pie through their shared interest of making Maud happy.

Role in the series

In the SAFA Chronicles Series, Mudbriar is revealed to be the nephew of a former Equestria Education Association member Chancellor School O'Hardknocks of the O'Hardknocks Clan, a family of successful scientists and teachers that slowly got outdated due to recent developments in the educational system and/or the rise of better sciencetists in the science side, as O'Hardknocks was angered that the EEA shut down because of the actions of Chancellor Neighsay before he could become a high chancellor and prove to his dying mother he would succeed, causing him to attempt revenge by bringing Mudbriar, who would then meet Maud at a jewel tree exhibit, as a double agent pretending to be her boyfriend to get to the school, even threatening Twiggy to do so. However, he legitimately begins to fall in love with Maud, in her turning out to not being the "Expected" Sister of Pinkie Pie and shows genuine feelings, thus now considers backing out.

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