Muffy and Buffy Vanderschmere

They are a fox con artist couple posing as a rich, snobbish clients who tricks Higher for Hire to transport some valuable family jewels to Hyenasport looking to get the Sea Duck in lieu of payment for the guaranteed clause for theft or lost of the jewellery as deemed by Rebecca, which they make an effort to lose the jewels at every opportunity that includes throwing them out one of the seaplane's windows and after landing at Louie's Place by putting the blame on Louie for the "stolen" jewels who find the nightclub/motel too seedy for their tastes. Later exposed by the nightclub owner as frauds wanted by the law and proving the diamonds are fakes, they're overpowered by him and Rebecca just minutes after they've taken-off with the plane. Muffy is dressed in a blue dress and wide-brimmed hat, a pearl necklace, bangles on her ankles and has blond hair (that turns out to be a wig) and Buffy is dressed like a golfer while both are imitating Bostonian blueblood accents, although Buffy does sound a bit like Thurston Howell, III.

Role in the series

Muffy and Buffy will soon return to battle Baloo as members of Team Nefarious.

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