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Mugshotra is a lawless world that is sealed off from the public and free of police forces. This world is crawling with mercenaries, villains, murderers, criminals, and several other terrible people, and is filled with several casinos, illegal sport activity, criminal activity, and mainly villain conventions where villains from all over the UUniverses can go to and avoid capture from law-enforcement. And apparently, this world is so well-protected, the High Council decreed that nobody was allowed to enter unless it was for an emergency such as a rescue mission or when there was an ultimate villain that was planning a devastating cataclysm.

PTE Redux Conditions: There will be a few changes to this world, which will be renamed Dedoralyvia. (It's a play on Dead or Alive.)


Mugshotra started out like all other planets, being ruled by prehistoric creatures that were wiped out every few millions of years. But no humans were able to evolve here. There are 3 continents on this world, and the world is inhabited by either common or mythical animals. This world was left untouched by the battles of the First Cartoonian War, and as a result, it flourished into a paradise. Plants and jungles were not that commonly seen in the wild, but they do exist. But cities were built here by many space pioneers, mainly those from the Dragon Realms. But then during the 18th century, a supervillain elf named Lord Almanac arrived and took over the planet and it's cities and government. He was able to rule this planet for over 50 years until he was defeated by the High Council. He had died of old age following his imprisonment, yet what he had done to the planet itself was too much for it's former glory to be restored. Pollution caused global warming and death to a few flourishing areas, and over 20% of all land and cities were reduced to lawlessness and wasteland.

With nothing that could be done to fix this, all inhabitants of this world were forced to abandon it and never return. But a few years later, a colony of villainous pioneers had finally set the first footsteps on this planet for years since it was abandoned. More of these colonies arrived, and not only were the cities restored to their glory, but the planet's lawlessness played in their favor. They decided that this world would be the perfect place for criminal activity, and no law-enforcement would stand in their way of it, naming the world 'Mugshotra' after a found mugshot of Lord Almanac himself, whom they worshipped as their true founder of Mugshotra. At first, they were able to treat the anarchy of the planet like it actually had a law. But a year later, chaos started to erupt. This crisis, historically called the Mugshotran Anarchy Crisis, had caused serious trouble for the safety of the planet. Deaths had occurred, fires were started, riots broke out, and corruption had spread like wildfire. People on this world knew that this would mean that outside police forces would get word of this, and come to arrest everyone on a global scale.

To solve the crisis, the Mugshotra Defense and Peace Force was founded by the few people who had a trace of morality. This police force would limit the impact of anarchy, prevent riots from breaking out, and stop anything that would get law-enforcement attention. This meant that a few rules had to be made for the people's own safety. However, in order for this to work, they needed outside assistance since things like money were a critical component. So with the help of a few outside villains and corrupt people, a planetary money account was created that would allow easy money supply to the planet. There was also several issues that needed to be fixed such as businesses, broadcasts, and advertisements. That meant that they must get permission from the government. But at first, they thought it would be impossible since no government would allow a corrupt community to get such a thing. But luckily, that was when the Villain League came into existence. The many places they conquered at the time meant that they had limited control of the government, and therefore, that was what allowed Mugshotra to gain the rights to business and media.

While the Villain League would crumble and lose the limited control a few years later following the death of Lord Cobra, Mugshotra still retained their rights for their businesses and media. Therefore, Mugshotra was a brand new place with a perfect police force that restrains anarchy, money that was only traded and betted, and some businesses and media to help their community thrive.


Mugshotra, being lawless, has no government or ruler. There is only one police force called the Mugshotra Defense and Peace Force, which while not being as moral as common police forces, they at the very least make sure that no extremes that can cause mass deaths occur. They have established a few rules such as not doing anything that can cause riots or death, not causing reckless property damage, and so on. They have also made sure that no outside law-enforcement should be lured there because of villain schemes taking place there, so villains are forbidden from doing their plans on Mugshotra. The MDPF is meant to protect the inhabitants from getting arrested by outside law-enforcement, and that meant keeping them from doing anything to get their attention such as murder or others.

Even though villains here don't spend money because of the lawlessness meaning everything here is free, money is traded and betted here so villains can spend it outside of Mugshotra. Money is brought to this planet through lawful means since just stealing it would get the attention of outside police forces. So the planet has it's own planetary banking account which some criminals and collectors can donate lost or forgotten money to in order for it to be supplied to the planet. The account is refilled every month from $200,000 to $1 million, and in order to maintain the amounts left, rewards have to be recorded and validated in order to ensure that deals go answered fairly. Even the many criminal underworlds that benefit from this have to be monitored at all times to make sure they don't do anything to set something off.

Bets on money exist in the form of gambling rings, combat games, card games, casino games, and so on. Though they need to be watched just as much as criminal underworlds do. And the games have specific rules as well. Sports such as the dangerous combat-based racing, gladiator rings, and other death sports are only to contain those who are willing to die for a legacy because they are very dangerous and have lead to many of them, or mainly focus on them. Other games are okay. But there are also rules concerning the products that, because money is only used for trading and betting, are all for free. Though when alcoholic beverages are involved, the drinker has to be looked after by a guardian to ensure that he doesn't cause anything to set off people such as assault or riots.

Cities do exist in this world, and each have no mayor and no law. No minor changes like elections or mortgages occur here since the world has no president or figure of authority. The only ones that monitor it is the MDPF. No law means that people can do whatever they want whenever they want, and it means that they will do it regardless of being instructed not to. Therefore, it's the MDPF's duty to monitor every corner of these cities so that no events will cause outside police forces to arrive and arrest the entire world's population. This means that safety measures in even the public have to be looked after. To avoid causing children to develop sour personalities in their future, residents who have children must temporarily leave Mugshotra for 14 years until the children are ready to return. But even children are a problem since some won't want to return there. So a rule was founded to make sure that children are free to move on with different lives during their adult years if it is best fit for them. Goods and services here are all free because, again, money is used for trading and betting.

This world is also the area where certain kinds of villain activity can be held, and not just criminal syndicates. But criminal syndicates are forbidden from doing work outside Mugshotra to avoid attracting unwanted attention. Instead, others such as villain TV shows and channels are aired here such as the infamous Villains Channel, which is a law-free channel held underground on Mugshotra where advertising for the world is allowed, and High Council law states that this channel is only available for criminals and villains. VC has all villain shows and so on such as the Villain Action News (V.A.N), and all content of the VC is meant for villains or villain enthusiasts, interviewing villains and showing things that TV commonly never allows. Though even V.A.N has it's limits since their infamy in exposing government conspiracies to good, insulting heroes, reporting possible and available plans to villains, and so on have earned the risk of police forces coming to Mugshotra. So the MDPF has to monitor this show at all times. Other broadcasts such as satire shows depicting making fun of heroes for comedy, documentaries starring villains from across the UUniverses and even beyond, and others are also shown on this channel.

The most notable asset for this world is the villain conventions that villains from all over the UUniverses can gather to and have fun. The most notable of these conventions is V-CON, which is the biggest convention that is held every year and has different hosts. Some conventions display several items in villain history such as destroyed fragments of villain devices, dangerous devices that are thankfully too broken for repair, and so on.

However, as of 2016, the worries of not getting gifts around the Christmas holiday, a time of which villains are expressly forbidden from doing villainous deeds, have been cleared up as the world's North Pole is going to be the home of a workshop called the Naughty Santa Workshop, which will be run by the aptly-named Malo Claus, who is a former Santa native to the American Dad! world who was promptly fired from the Santa community because of his actions in the episodes For Whom the Sleigh Bell Tolls and Minstrel Krampus. His acts of attempted murder and profiting from naughty children was a disgraceful acts that made the Santa Community look bad and thus he was kicked out forever. Thus, this Santa dubbed himself 'Malo Claus' ('malo' being Spanish for 'evil' as 'santa' is Spanish for 'holy'), and founded his new business with the same sadistic crew of elves, reindeer, etc. who tried to help him kill the Smiths. His hair has since changed from white to black. Now he uses his business to grant gifts, even ones that the real Santa wouldn't normally do, to villains of all kinds.



  • Lake Lukanis
  • Lake Adolf
  • Newgate- Capital City
    • Almanac Stronghold
  • Primeva (City)

Kayden Canyon

  • Necroga Falls
  • Humble (Town)
  • Shadow City (City)
  • Leopold (Town)

Basanite Valley

  • Mt. Almanac
  • Lake Elmano
  • Range City (City)

Stybelm Mountains

  • Mt. Vulthas

Nembin Mountains

  • Peak Town (Town)

Vulgar Valley

  • Termagant (Town)
  • Jounce City (City)
  • Iridium (City)


  • Lake Amber
  • Lake Eris
  • Tumult (City)

Umbra Valley

  • Lake Blackflame
  • Glooming Falls
  • Adder City (City)
  • Zi Bur (Town)
  • Boltura (City)
  • Blackflame (City)
    • Villains Channel HQ

Thetis Mountains

  • Mt. Cynder

Socrates Valley

  • Valkyrie Gulf
  • Lake Monarch
  • Uranus (City)
  • Eidolon (Town)

Enigma Badlands

  • Geminic Geothermal Fields
  • Opalia (City)
  • Umbrus (Town)
  • New Void City (City)


  • Lake Draco
  • Pirate's Gulf
  • Zeke Caves
  • Imp City (City)

Obsidian Mountains

  • Blackrock Caves
  • Thurgo City (City)
    • MDPF Headquarters
  • Hegemony (Town)

Thermite Valley

  • Tiber Geothermal Fields
  • Lava Cliffs

Vurgu Mountains

  • Mt. Therthrax
  • Void City (City)

Asgard Islands

  • Sierra Falls
  • Monster Island
  • Mt. Mjolnir
  • Leviathan Tower
  • Heemer (Town)
  • Skull Town (Town)

Zotheme Islands

  • Protus Lake
  • Gambling Caves
  • Gambit (City)
  • Cortus (Town)

Tho Ti Islands

  • Thac Shao Island
    • MDPF Detention Facility
  • Arsenic Town (Town)
  • Gryphon (Town)

Malo Polar Island

  • Naughty Santa Workshop
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