The Multiverse of Spongebob and Friends Adventures, also refered to as Multiverse SAF-S or Multiverse 42, is a apart of the extansive Multiverseal Seas of everything the Outer Gods had introdused into it. It is expandsive and endless. Of the Multiverseal Seas, SAF-S is among the parts monitored and fuctioning under a Multiverseal Hiarchey, whereas parts of Multiverses abandoned by the Hiarchey are either scrapped by Verse Scrappers or preserved by Preservers. The Multiverseal Seas resemble a cosmic ocean with cosmic life beyond imagination, and it's no different with SAF-S. In contuary to the popular believe that there is only one Multiverse, SAF-S is but part of larger oceans of Multiverses, hence the Multiverseal seas, though often the Outer Gods focus on a spefific section of such parts at a time, which seems to encourage the misguided mindset.

PTE Redux Status: This page is unworthy of a redux, not because it's bad, but because SpongeBob and Friends is its own thing, while Punch Time Exploders is mostly something else entirely, though PTE has been acknowledged in the SAF series as a seperate part of the Multiverseal Oceans.

Center Rims.

The most well-maintained and cared for of the SAF-S Multiverse and by extention the most stable and managed of the SAF-S Multiverse. It is the most perfectly balenced and planned of the SAF-S Multiverse, as the Outer Gods would get defencive of anything ever going wrong in the center rims. Of the Center Rims, the Center United Universe is considered amongst the most impourent and by design the biggest changing force of the Center Rim Universes, and by extention is the most well balenced of them all.

United Universe Dimentsions.

  1. Our United Universes- Our United Universes is the Center United Universes and one of the most perfect balenced and maintained. Often to the point that it rarely needs Outer God intervention, safe for some exceptions or due to emergenecy. Because of how perfected and balenced the Center United Universe is, it often has many sub-clones in other United Universes with great twicks and even Standalone Dimensions that adopted some parts of it's image. Created and ruled by The Grand Designer.
  2. Second Dimension- A reverseo-changeo of the Center United Universe, commonly reckitnesed as the Second Dimention of Phinias and Ferb fame. Owned and Created by The Grand Reverser.
  3. Third Dimension- An even darker and nastier equilent to the previous two dimentions and among the most chaotic of the center rim universes. Owned and created by The Grand Greater Reverser.
  4. Fourth Dimension- An extremely more moral and passifived of the numbered dimentions. Owned and created by The Grand Paragon.
  5. Fifth Dimension- A twisted combination of the harsh nature of the 3rd Dimention but also the highten morality of the 4th. Owned and created by The Grand Twister.
  6. Sixth Dimension- The More Evenly balenced of the copy realms. Owned and created by The Grand Balancer.
  7. The AUU- The First Following Neightbering United Universes not just a direct copy of itself and only being some years younger then it. Like the Center United Universe, it's unigte enough nature had it subjected to have many sub-clones of itself in other United Universes and Standalones as deminstraighted by the Neverums, a debatably AUUian race that mastered Dimensional travel, and that of the system of Portus. Created and owned by The Grand Fate Master.
  8. Second Alternate UUniverses- The AUU Second Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Doom Master.
  9. Third Alternate UUniverses- The AUU 3rd Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Sadism Master.
  10. Fourth Alternate UUniverses- The AUU 4th Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Peace Master.
  11. Fifth Alternate UUniverses- The AUU 5th Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Immoral Master.
  12. Sixth Alternate UUniverses- The AUU 6th Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Moral Master.

Copy Universes.

Copy universes are sub-universes of the Prime United Universes.These such things include but are not limtied to:

  1. United Universe-PRIME- The first copy United Universe and a place where everything is taken hyper-seriously. Like, Adult Programming DC Cartoons/Needless Political Scenes of the Star Wars Prequils/No place for jokes, kind of serious.
  2. United Universe-MAF1A- Also known as the "Mobsterverse".  It is a universe where both heroes and villains are mobsters.
  3. United Universe-NetFlix- Also known as the "Netflixverse". (DUH!). Basicly otherwise the same as the central United Universes, but Netflix original shows have a greater enfluence then just moderate references.
  4. UUniverse Incverse- Also refered to as the "Busiverse". It's a United Universe where it's Businecaden have massively brought out the United Universes under a large corpretactic rule where capitalisum has run near-rampent and villains began to adopt communistic beliefs due to the overload of big business.
  5. United Universe-ICK- Also known as the "Ickyverse", where every character is the same spieces as Icky, even having the same voice and mannorisum. Ironicly, conflicts are rare because everyone is pretty much the same guy and get along very well, save for bad moods or provoksion.
  6. United Universe-B00T- Also known as the "Bootlegverse". It is a United Universe where everything is a bootleg of itself. It also happens to be a subsinerary of the Memeverse.
  7. United Universe-YWD- The United Universe where the idea of having the Animaniacs get involved with the SAF series stayed.
  8. United Universe-STAL3- The United Universe where SAF was a more traditional crossover and didn't turn the Anti-Hero Lougers good.
  9. United Universe-CAT- An entirely samey United Universe but the Cat Villains are allowed. Pang Bing still reforms, but is no longer deemed that much of an exception to SAF's rule.
  10. United Universe-C0M1C- A samey United Universe but Marvel and DC have a greater enfluence then the limited implications and that of only Deadpool and Venom and Carnage as other characters got greater involvement.
  11. United Universe-CAN0N- Kinda-like STAL3, but it does still have villains turning good. The key here is that this United Universe is more loyal to canons of established media, so Season 9 of MLP happened during the Lougers Adventures and things radically changed with it. Also the Universe where Kingdom Hearts 3 happened as it did, but things avoided being like the Alternate Timeline of the same idea and Kairi did came back.
  12. United Universe-MinusMLP- The United Unverses where SAF never adopted MLP:FIM enfluence and the series stood clear of Equestria, resulting in radical changes including Gilda's and Trixie's absince.
  13. United Universe-MODTOONS- The United Universe but Modern Cartoon Network/Nick/Disney Channel Characters have a greater enfluence as supposed to be limited to actual interest.
  14. United Universe-KA1R1- The United Universe that is still the same but Kairi is made a member of the Lougers, for as much of an illogical risk it is.
  15. United Universe-D0G13UN- The United Universe where Sam and Max, Brandy and Mr. Wiskers and their friends from the El Dorado Adventure got to become seperate allies of the Lougers and become their own adventure team.
  16. United Universe-1ND13- The United Universe but Indie Games like FNAF, Undertale, Baldy, Bendy, Cuphead and others have a greater enfluence then just being passing references.
  17. United Universe-SPYR0-C- Pretty much the same United Universe but Classic Spyro joined instead of Spyro of Legend of Spyro series.
  18. United Universe-SPYR0-R- The twin universe of SPYRO-C, but the Spyro of the Re-Ignited Trilogy Joins instead. Otherwise, basicly the same but with a better looking Spyro, graphicly speaking.
  19. United Universe-SB129- A United Universe where there exists a planet of Spongebobs.
  20. United Universe-129- The United Universes with all the Mane 6 Alicornised.
  21. United Universe-7A7- The United Universe with an Equestria with Humans living in it.
  22. United Universe-7B7- The Twin United Universe with the same idea but in a more modern setting.
  23. United Universe-877- The United Universe with Equestria Completely Humanised.
  24. United Universe-K0X- A United Universe where everyone are regular humans and a million years more advanced.
  25. United Universe-MDC- A united universe where Superiors are all humans.
  26. United Universe-ANT1- A united universe where the Lodgers are all antiheroes.
  27. United Universe-A51- A united universe where all beings of the United Universes are more alien.
  28. United Universe-3V1L- A United Universe where everything is evil. Where places like Nega-Equestria can be found. It is also named the Negativeverse.
  29. United Universe-G3ND3R- The United Unvierse that is the arbatory gender-bender Dimension where the genders of the inhabitence are the oppisite of that they are in other universes.
  30. United Universe-AN1ME- A United Universes where everyone is anime and the dangers are more intense. Sometimes there is a languise barrior, between dubbed english to traditional japanese.
  31. United Universe-KEYB- A United Universes where Keyblades are utilized by every hero and there exists a police force of Keyblade Wielders due to a much heavier enfluence from Kingdom Hearts, which resulted in villains often utilising Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and the occational Dream Eaters as free labor then traditional henchmen.
  32. OUU-AUU- A dimension where the Original UUniverses and the Alternate UUniverses have merged. Apart from the obvious, both of the copies of the Original United Universes and the AUU are otherwise much of the same, though interactions between villains of both of these once seperate United Universes have come to be more common, so often heroes of these same universes often collaperate more.
  33. United Universe-S1M- A post-apocalyptic United Universes where real-life people of infinite Earths are hooked into a self-sustaining virtual matrix that make them fantasy and cartoon characters. This happened assentually the same way as the Matrix, but the robots were espeically specialised in bringing cartoons of all flavors to life and this gift ended up being abused by less desireables while those ruled by the tragities the bots were made to do began discriminating machines, ending in pretty much the same fastion.
  34. United Universe-MIDEV- A more medieval United Universes, where monarchies, knights, wizards and dragons are drasticly more common place then traditionally due to an over-flux of magic, of which has stunted it's branches in Chi, Super Powers and Imagination to rare instences, which in Imagination's case, limits tecknowagey to laughably steam-punked gizmos or more likely be non-existent.
  35. United Universe-WATE- A United Universes where most worlds are ocean worlds while the rest is tropical worlds, even 99.15% of the universe itself is water. Thus oftenly the residence of this universe are often either normal sea creatures or are merfolk, and inrealm gods pocess Neptune and Posidon Traits, among other features.
  36. United Universe-A1R3A- A United Universes with breathable Euclidean space and endless skies and the inhabitants fly in flying machines. Basicly planes and blimps take over the roles usually owned by space ships.
  37. United Universe-INK- A United Universes of 1920's era animation. Due to that era's extreme simplisity, it operates on rutamentary morality of cutsy good guys and damn obvious villains, where often cartoony incompidence is always their downfall and the good guys always win without even trying too hard or just with a well-placed punch or cause of dumb luck or often not even realising there was a bad guy to begin with in some cases.
  38. United Universe-1- A conglomerate universe where all franchises share the same corporate owner: Disney, therefore making this just one universe. Contuary to an infamous rumor about Walt Disney disliking those of hebrew faith AND that of a certain joke about when Family Guy did a Disney Universe joke, there is no "Jew-Hate" going on.
  39. United Universe-2- Basicly the same as United Universe 1, but everything is owned by Dreamworks, and thus everything operates under that Dreamworks charm of heavy sense of humor.
  40. United Universe-LIGHTMOT- A United Universes where all cartoon characters are Lightflies or Mothrons. Thus as a result, heroes are represented as Lightflies while villains are Mothrons. Grey Areas and Anti-Heroes are represented by this universes' Rossians.
  1. AUU-PRIME- The Shared AUU of UU-Prime. Basicly the same prinipals apply.
  2. AUU-CRIME- The Shared AUU of the Mafiaverse. This AUU's Crimetech merged with it's Globex and both heroes and villains rely on crimes against eachother to defeat eachother and both share the same "CrimeGlobex" weaponry.
  3. AUU-NetFlix- The Shared AUU of the NetFlixverse. It's otherwise the complete same thing only with acknowledgement of the Netflix characters.
  4. AUU-GLOBEX- The Shared AUU of the Busiverse. Like it, it's Globex basicly managed to buy-out the AUU save for UIS terratories and Isolated Systems and the USRA races became heavy-business-based politition corpacrates, where as the VA adopted Communisum prinipals and UIS some anti-corpreactic beliefs. Even it's Coraaks are behind UIS on restricting the power of business given what they are like themselves, arguing that "It's one thing for a planet to be ruled by business, it's another for the universes to do that", as a businesscratic USRA races are deemed argueably worse then traditional USRA races. It's USRA is tecnecally still around, granted it was merged into Globex and becane the "GUSRA". Globex was also able to survive better against the Exo-Wars insodent and avoided nearly shutting down thanks to it's near universeal buyout paying back nicely well, but it still had to pay for the consiquences of the Exo-Wars, it just simply handled it better then usually.
  5. AUU-ICK- The Shared AUU of the Ickyverse. All AUUians are Icars. Because of shared Icky-like personas and that they're usually chill unless provoked, conflicts are rare too.
  6. AUU-LEG- The Shared AUU of the Bootlegverse. Imagine this place looking like Turkish Star Wars or any Star Wars clone movie you can think off, and you got the AUU-LEG. It is also a subsinerary of the Memeverse.
  7. AUU-GVA- The Alternate United Universes where the VA turned more moral cause of Tex being able to avoid the conspiracy of having him captured and his subsiquint take-over apawn a great revolt against the Secret Founders. The VA transformed into a radically peacefuller group and became an accepted 3rd Allience, albeit of a non-racial scale.
  8. AUU-Y8RG3- The Alternate United Universes where Yarge revolted against the VA more smartly but was then slain by Xerxes with Naaar mercs. This AUU became a realm infested with survival driven raiders as UIS slowly but surely aims to restore stability back into the crumbled anarchical universe while protecting still stable systems from such raiders.
  9. AUU-NTP- The Alternate United Universes where the Skeps were able to prevent Pharagu's dishastorious fate, but still joined UIS. The USRA's trash problem was never resolved and their planets turned into what Pharagu would've become, the USRA disbaning by virtue of the Founding races being homeless and UIS being able to secure independence in the systems.
  10. AUU-3STAT3- The AUU where Hija Tecna managed to secure victory about removing the Eramish and became prime-boss of the AUU for being proven right about the christals being able to stop the VA in where planets are treated like priviliages, not birth rights. The Outer Gods heavly monitor this universe for it's risky potaintional to become an Inter-Dimensional Empire because of it's power.
  11. AUU-EVG- An extremely Utopian AUU in cause of Mooku being able to bring the Equarians into the VA, which lead to their enfluence making the VA more moral, thus they avoided missing out on Gex and Vert tec, even having managed to win Jaxtom over, as the VA turned into the Vert Allience and resolved all major conflicts in originally meant to be one of them.
  12. AUU-0H- An AUU where Humans were unable to defeat Magistraight Rules and the Vexxmites congured the Cuncones effertlessly, then began to join forces and win over many hostile races to forge a mega-allience of conquest. This AUU is ALSO under heavy Outer-God strutany to the point that Xexaxez intervention would be threatened.
  13. AUU-USRA- An AUU where the USRA managed to avoid disbansion and resulted in extremely best-case scenario events. The Secret Founders of the Would've-Been VA instead formed into an Outcast Group and would-be HA members instead became a USRA sponsered hero group. This USRA was even able to earn the albeit begrudgent respect of this place's UIS, though unsettled issues still apply.
  14. AUU-NVD- An AUU where the Humans still got to advance but lost to the Vexxmites in the war and the Cunones lose their home planet, becoming bitter messes that basicly threaten to get a due rematch with the Vexxmites in spite of a peace-treaty with their former allies. The USRA never happens and UIS exspeariences a radical change here.
  15. AUU-NET1- The Teadr 1 age never concluded and the Teadr 1 races never exspearienced the events that either cause their extinction (or were implied to) or were able to avoid them in a different way. This prevented the existence of the USRA and UIS and disputes are better balenced out.
  16. AUU-QRR- The AUU where Qui was able to stop Gordon from destroying the Rotords and became a cult hero, even at the face of her arrest, resulting in them to become fanacticised to swore to avenge Qui and threatening a new VA, to only be quelled by the annexing powers of UIS and their recruited allies in the Rotords creators, the Priemens.
  17. AUU-HPA- The AUU where the HPA was able to survive the VA's desistating tactics and disban the VA, avoiding such themsleves and would proceed to keep the AUU stable as intended. As such, things are relitively calm here and all conflicts and problems known in SAF canon, the HPA dealt with.
  18. AUU-USRA/UIS- The AUU where the would've been 3rd Cartoonian War and the Interuniverseal War was replaced with a never-ending allience war between the USRA and UIS, which inadvertingly revived the USRA and Globex due to fears of UIS absolution. The war is enturnally an economic shorce and the prospect of it ending would doom the USRA in this verse.
  19. AUU-LOGG- The AUU where Iallog stayed peaceful and resulted in a more diplomacy heavy AUU. As a result, Iallog never devolved into becoming "The Terrorest Factory Planet" and never became infamous for it's wars, which made wars less frequint in this AUU apart from noted exceptions.
  20. AUU-UIS- An extremely depressing AUU where the VA lasted for one more year for the USRA races to be made to consider a peace talk with them, only for UIS to storm in and crush the VA hard, making the USRA races look bad and subugated to the things UIS had aways desired to put them through, some more darker then others as UIS rules this AUU with absolution-ensured independence for the Systems.
  21. AUU-PUIS- An AUU where the USRA began to be able to compromise better with UIS and passify them with things like giving them cleaning rights to Pharagu and the surrendering of Lyma Solo, and compromises like Yaterons going into Teadr 3, the Uouons rebuilding the sacred treasure of the Ka'Navi, and Tiikens creating devices to repress their extra personas to 1, re-earning the respect of the UIS races, to the ire of it's long-standing critics.
  22. AUU-PD829- The AUU where the Phends assured complete dominance and conversion into their belief of Mazor.
  23. AUU-SUSRA- Like NTP, the Skeps prevented the Pharagu dishastor, but the difference that they were still won-over into the USRA. The Skeps are able to be a needed beacon to ensure both the USRA and UIS races are maintained better kinships to balence out eachother's flaws.
  24. AUU-UIS/USRA- An AUU where UIS was victimised by the Asteriod Missle attacks by Atomsmash, where the USRA embraced the race survivers and newfound isolated system resentment reigns greatly, making the isolated systems even MORE isolated. The UIS races have begun to recover, but process of planet repair still takes place.
  25. AUU-RUUR- An AUU where it is more like the OUU and the OUU is the AUU. The Exhaeons are like the Darkspawn and the Darkspawn the Exhaeons, the Grand Council like the High Council and the High Council the Grand Council, among other extreme reverseo-changeos.
  26. AUU-JC- An AUU where the Jalladome Confederation became a hyper-powerful and advance race and own nearly 90% of the AUU and virtually a good chunk of advanced races save for those protected, like the Yaterons and the Brains. This AUU is under heavy Outer God Scurtany.
  27. R-AUU- A Reversed roles AUU where the VA are moral liberators while the HA are Conquesting Dark Crusading Tyrants barely able to maintain a corrupt goverment destined to fall. An AUU where corperate corruption went uncheck and cruelty was the norm, the Reverse VA aimed to purify the troubled realm, and sure enough, are succeeding with time.
  28. AUU-P1J1X- A Near-Identical but still darker off-set of an AUU where Pijix was able to have a far better standing and presence in the VA then he actselly did, with grosumely dark and near-Interdimentional Empire indusing results.
  29. AUU-G3ND3R- The shared AUU of United Universe G3ND3R and basicly the same thing, everyone here has a changed gender.
  30. AUU-CGIAN1IME- The shared AUU of United Universe AN1ME, but more so like CGI-Anime with heavy scifi elements (Naterolly) and often the more super-serious kind of anime as suppose to UU-AN1ME's more generally silly nature.
  31. AUU-XZAMA- The shared AUU of United Universe KEYB, where it too shares a heavier enfluence to Kingdom Hearts in thanks to it's VA making that infamous aim at Xzama of this universe and unleashed a Kingdom Hearts problem into the AUU, with the original VA leadership usurped by Leader Xzama Noiheart and turning the VA villains into Seeker Servents, which shredded the VA of this AUU of their "Petty" goals and made them all about seeking out the Great Cycle. As a result, UU-KEYB's intervention lead to the most Kingdom Heartsy showdown ever witnessed, as the united universes shared a greater connection then the standerd.
  32. Pre-OUU-AUU-AUU Space- The empty space of where the AUU that merged with it's OUU companian that has laid dorment ever since the merge.
  33. AUU-0MN1CR0N- The Shared AUU of United Universe S1M, where the Omnicron revolution ended more darkly then how it had truely went when the machines of S1M had enfluenced the Omnicrons to not only continued the revolution in Gontroy and eventually win, but to then release a massive program that caused all machines of this AUU to rise up against the organics and subugate them to the same thing as had occured with S1M. The Omnicrons enlightenment kept machines of both United Universes from committing ot the acts of Inter-Dimentional Empires and simply had kept to their own devices.
  34. AUU-20- The shared AUU of United Universe-MIDEV, but in cause of the AUU's quick advancement, their verson of the mideveil ages, is more in line of being in the 20th centaury. Here, the AUU had stayed in the era inbetween Before Kraan and Before Beginning of Common Era, due to the existence of a VA-like Tec-restrictive force reckitnesed as the "Era Stagnation Regime" in thanks to a powerful fear of robot overlords, as such, things are kept to the level of the 20th centaury with the only advanced exceptions being the likes of Teadr 1 races, who the Regime exiled into a time void statis dimention to prevent their intervention.
  35. AUU-WATE- Obviously the shared AUU of United Universe-WATE. Same rules apply.
  36. AUU-SKY- Obviously the shared AUU of United Universe-A1R3A. Same rules apply.
  37. AUU-CG- The Shared AUU of United Universe-Ink, but represented by computer generated graphics.
  38. AUU-1- The Shared AUU of United Universe-1 where Dreamworks is the corperate owner, thus everything has a Dreamworks feel.
  39. AUU-2- The Shared AUU of United Universe-2 where Disney is the owner this AUU, thus everything has a sort've Disney idea of the future (Look at Meet the Robinsons) and feel of disneyness.
  40. AUU-BEAMOPIQ- The Shared AUU of United Universes LIGHTMOT, where like it, all heroes and villains are Beamflies and Opiqians. Grey areas and anti heroes here, are presented by hybrids of the two.

Non-Copy Universes

Not every United Universe is a cheap imitation. These exsamples include

  1. Live Action UUniverses- Pretty much the United Universe of real life and life-action stuff. Created and owned by The Grand Reality Master.
  2. The Pirate Universe- Not to be confused with the "Pirate Dimension", the Pirate Universe is the Entire United Universe had embraced piracy. Tecnkowagey evolved with Piracy here. The Amoral One Creator of this universe is unknown, but it is likely the same one as the Pirate Dimension.
  3. The Pilgrim-Salem Era Universe- A United Universe in a mixed era of Pilgramage and Salem Era times where Turkeys are a preyed apawn minority along with magic users. The Amoral One creator of this place is yet to be disclosed.
  4. The Transylvania Universe- A United Universe entirely ruled by classical era monsters where normal beings and creatures are the minority, as Count Dracula-like Vampires and Mad Sciencetists are often undisbutable rulers. The Amoral One creator of this universe is yet to be disclsoed.
  5. The Roman-Alien Universe- A United Universe that is 79% ruled by a powerful alien empire that practice Roman-like standerds. As a result, this universe has been kept under heavy scrutany by the Outer Gods for how close it is to Inter-Dimentional Empire assendsion. The Amoral One Creator is yet to be disclosed.

Standalone Dimensions.

  1. The Magic Realms- The Impurent Shorce of Magic, and it's evolved counterparts in Chi, Super Powers, the Force, even Imagination and other simular forces throughout the Multiverse of SAF-S. Created and owned by The Magical Elder, A.K.A. inrealmly named Thaumorpheus.
  2. The Mewni Dimensional Peninsula- A section of intertwined dimensions radically different from each other yet seem very connected to each other. These are the realms closest to the Magic Realms. When these realms became one, Glossiary became it's sub-Amoral One whilst the specific Amoral One creators and owners are yet to be disclosed.
  3. The Privateverse- A typically always cut-off and privatised dimension accessed only by things capable to cut through it's heavy quanton boarders. It is the location of The Shell Lodge, a private hotel for Shell Lougers from across the copy United Universes where they come here to relax from heavy days of work, of which is owned by Shell Louge Prime. They even welcomed some of the Lougers from the standalone dimensions, primarly if they have even remote elements of a traditional copy united universe and/or if they even exist.
  4. Human Equestria- A humanized mini-dimension based on the Center United Universes, but transformed into a human community given a blend of Equestrian purity, and was created to be conflict-free. Created and owned by Coo.
  5. Human Equaria- Basically the same as Human Equestria for the AUU and it's AUU world of Equaria. Created and owned by Wou.
  6. The Equestria Dimension- Also had been referred to as EQ-351 as of it's Rick and Morty name. It is a dimension where all of the inhabitants that are known from the Center United Universes are all Equestrian in nature and form, species dependent on the individual, but still mostly behave as they usually do but with granted pony purity (To those actually now ponies, those that became Equestrian mythics are relatively unaltered). Created by The Puregiver.
  7. Cybervoid- The place that stands between multiversal reality and the realm of Cyberspace. Owned and guarded by The Grand Coder.
  8. The Tranquility Zone and The Revolution Zone- Twin dimensions separated from each other by their owner and creator, The Grand Split Master.
  9. The Racegiver Dimensions- Another collection of united and yet separate realms inside a dimensional orbit and the holding areas of the Racegivers of the AUU. Created and owned by The Grand Animals.
  10. Memeverse- The extremely chaotic and nonsensical single universe realm of madness and Internet-based meme obscenery. Created by The Grand Chaosmaker.
  11. Bygone Universe- A realm where older versions of ever changing iconic characters are sent to live in after reboots. Created and owned by The Grand Bygoner.
  12. Fanonverse- An entire universe based on fanon ideals, even the extra "NSFW" ones. Created and owned by The Grand Fanon Master.
  13. The Pirate Dimension- A realm where everything is dominated by piracy due to it being so dominant that the overall progress of the universe was stunted, where the pirates of the realm enter into feuding periods either between each other or The Skull Pirates. Created by The Amoral Pirate.
  14. The Dimension of Overt-Happiness- A realm so overly happy it can actselly drive even fans of happiness utterly insane. Created by The Ecstasy Elder.
  15. The Easy Forgiveness Dimension- A realm filled with beings and creatures with an incapability to hold grudges for even the worse of acts done by anyone and is amongst the more sweeter and innosent realms. Creator yet to be disclosed.
  16. The Cute Dimension- A dimensional home for all things cute. In "The Weirdest Villain from Space", Sunset Shimmer was allowed to venture into a part of it that has Puppies.
  17. The Lego Dimension- Interestingly, an entire universe based on the Lego franchise and the setting of The Lego Movie franchise and it's spinoffs. Created by The Master Builder, not to be confused with the Master Builders of the movies.
  18. The Disembodied Heart Dimension-  As the name suggest, it is a realm of giant disembodied hearts that produce endless pools of magic enriched blood commonly harvested like food and/or currency by the natives of the realm, which are all blood parasites or living blood cells. Created by The Amoral Heart.
  19. The Endless Gold Rush Dimension- A dimension of an endless gold-rush that came to be that way in thanks to a sage trying to stop a gold-fueled war from the settlers by making it that every planet in the realm is an ever-regenerating source of gold so conflict with his people is avoided. Created by The Grand Gold Giver.
  20. The Snake Dimension- A realm where everything is entirely ruled by snakes. Created and owned likely by one of the Grand Animals, spefificly the Grand Reptile, or at least a related off-shoot relitive.
  21. The Energy Dimension- A realm of energy commonly frequent by Energy Councilors to exspeariment on new forms of energy, along with it being the realm of energy beings. The Amoral One Creator is yet to be disclosed.
  22. The Roboloid Dimension- A Dimension ruled and self-maintained by robots. Creator and Owner is debateably and possably The Grand Coder.
  23. The Romance Dimension- Among many other love-based dimensions, the Romance Dimension is where love is at it's greatest. The Amoral One Creator is currently yet to be disclosed.
  24. The Beach Dimension- A dimension that's litterally the multiverseal tropical resort, where it's nothing but sunny beaches infidently. It's a faverite spot for realm jumpers like Tranze Porter and Hekapoo to take vacations. The Amoral One Creator is yet to be disclosed.
  25. The Uridium Dimension- The origin of Uridium that would find it's way into the AUU. The molecules have a particle charge so advanced, each atom has a mind of it's own, and any and all matter within have a collective intelligence. The realm itself is toxic, which discourages attempts to get more Uridium that way. The Creater and owner of the realm is yet to be disclosed.
  26. The Gullintine Dimension- A dimension of Gullintines. Not recimended to check it head first. A common punishment dimension for dimension travel capable beings. Amoral One Creator yet to be disclosed.
  27. Dimension of Really Wealthy Banking Clans- The prime dimensional banking epicenter of the multiverse for dimension travel capable beings and ruled by the afforementioned "Really Wealthy Banking Clans". They can hold domain in other wealth based dimensions to ensure economic order and balence is maintain in the Multiverses. Amoral One Creator yet to be disclsoed, though assumed releated to Grand Gold Giver.
  28. The Realm of the Phantasmagoria Triangle- The Home Realm of the Phantasmagorians. The Creator of this realm is largely unknown.
  29. The Mew Dimension- The Original Home of the Mewman Race. Destroyed by Xlazzon the Negosiable.
  30. Bestiary Dimension- The original home of the Monsters of Mewni, and possibly the site of the world of Amphibia. Initially it was close to being destroyed for good by an Xexaxez named Xestroyus, but it was counteracted and prevented by an un-named Resurrectorate with the Guilty Would-Be Inter-Dimentional Empire Makers removed.
  31. The Manapede Dimension- The Manapedes' original home dimension. Destroyed by a currently unnamed Xexaxez.
  32. The Noser Dimension- The Home realm of the Nosers, a race of beings with abnormally and often comedically large noses that allowed for Magic Absorbsion to a high degree. It was seen about to be devoured by an un-named Xexaxez for getting too powerful and about to established the ever taboo Inter-Dimentional Empire. The Fate of the Nosers beyond that is mostly unclear.
  33. The Cobrainian Dimension- A Dimension of Hyber-Intelligent Cobra People on a fragle tightrope of being destroyed by an Xexaxez due to their ambitions to collect Inrealm Gods. Amoral One Creator and owner debatablely the Grand Reptile.
  34. The Dimension of Pure Innocence- A Realm of Hyper-Innosence. Momentarly ruined by Gaster as an Avatar for the Xzars via giving them porn.
  35. The Dimension of Pretty Princesses- A Realm of, well, the name speaks of itself. Momentarly ruined by Gaster as a Xzar Avatar via making them do crude and imapprobeate things.
  36. The Dimension with No Critics- A realm of a self-explanatory name of not having critics as it is a wildly artisticly creative place. Momentarly ruined by Gaster as a Xzar Avatar simply by putting critics in it.
  37. The Party Dimension- A Dimension of a never-ending party actselly owned by Pinkie Pie. She won ownership of it when she beaten a Chancespawn that owned it at the time when he came to Equestria to try and claim ownership of it as well a good while back prior to even the arrival of Twilight Sparkle and Spike.
  38. Ruler of the Forgotten's Domain- An inner-realm of the Center United Universes that drags in forgotten beings to rule, but this was greatly circumented by Originos.


The Mid-Rims are sort've caught in a grey-area between being not completely neglected but often glanced over by the Outer Gods for reasons even they can only guess why.

  1. The Antithaumite Dimension- The Dimension of Magic-Hating Slimes that go out of their way to cut-off magic from as many universes as possable to prove a point that they're "Better off" without it, amorally and darwinisticly viewing the crumble of magic dependent socities as "Naterol Selection". This Dimension is considered a Glitch Dimension, it was not meant to exist, but their infectious tendingices make them too high-risks for even Xexaxez to want to destroy.
  2. The Kaos Dimension- A fifth dimension and the home-realm of the Kaos Beings. Likely created and owned by either the Grand Chaosmaker or at least a near-relitive.
  3. The Drug Dimension- Basicly a realm of hyper-addictioning and potent drugs capable of giving extreme highs of a cosmic scale and the only place of insanethine, the most cosmicly addicting of all drugs in any universe. The Amoral One Creator is yet to be disclosed.
  4. Space Bug Dimension- A wilderness dimention of giant space bugs, though the Space Bees seemed to be the closest to a civilised socity, along side space ants. This Dimension was only created as an exsirsize in Amoral One prowless.
  5. The Dimension of Sand- An all Desert Dimension where all that is there is sand. Thus, desert based wildlife and flora exist here.
  6. The Dimension of the Blargduds- The Home Dimension of the Blargduds, a race of slacker-jawed, reptilian primated, large, neanderfal-like beings that are stuck in primitive ways due to that their dimension is suffering a yet to be discovered Quantom Glitch. The Amoral One Creator is unknown.
  7. The Infineyes Dimension- The home dimension of the Infineyes, A race of humaniods with faces that look-like the infinity Symbol. It was once a place where their high compasity for imagination mixed with high capability for magic resulted in one of the more beautiful Mid-Rim Dimensions, till atypical terratory disbutes and ethic differences resulted to war, and tragity. The Infineyes were going through an extreme revolutionary war when a rogue nation was trying to impose demockracy by force after a once king of their nation left too sour of an impression for them to ever tolerate monarchies ever again, so they declaired a mad war against all tradionalised Infineyes. But this attack on an impourent minor capital city of the biggest nation, would proved to be a mistake. A trumatised and forever scarred Young Prince was pocessed by a present Antithuamite began to cut off his entire realm from magic via destroying the Magic Pools of it, which doomed the ream into a magicless famine and left the Infineyes unable to create anything since, trapping them in stagnation. Apawn the discovery of the prince's infecion by an Antithaumite, he was exicuted in being deemed lost. Reguardless, the act ended up pointless as Demockracty still dominated the once Monarchy Reigned Dimension, but now it is in a less stable place then expected cause Demockraty was blamed for the Prince's mad corruption, even with the acknowledgement of the corrupting slime respondsable. The Realm became subject to countless rebelions and attempts to restore the magic pools ever since, but the President of the electory goverment himself is now a slave to the Antithaumites, aiming to prevent this every chance that has appeared. The Amoral One Creator is Unknown.
  8. Diapent Dimension- A realm of Diamond-Headed Snake-Armed Beings with abilities to make precious stones. A common faverite target for Verse Raiders who have alot to gain for using their powers for wealth purposes. Rhombulus was shaped to rememble one.
  9. Goatgoyle Dimension- The realm of gargoyle winged goat bengs with unrivaled healing abilities capable to treat even wounded outer gods, albeit at the price of spending their lifeforce, where over-use would result in being cosmicly recycled into cosmic energy. Lekmet was shaped to resemble one.
  10. Candleian Dimension- The realm of demon-looking beings who's lifeforce resembles a glowing candle and are known to enjoy moving across the Multiverse thanks to Dimentional Scissers, which explains why Hekapoo is shaped to resemble one.
  11. Bluonk Dimension- The realm of small humanoids always in the color blue in monk attire and are the most cosmicly and magicly empowered beings in the Multiverse. Glossaryck and his kin adopted their forms after visiting their realm and how they learned of the mythos of the 0-Brave Mortal and learned about how Outer God intervention would be the recipe to this.

Outer Rims.

The most extremely neglected and under-managed of the Multiverse, infested with quantom glitched universe commonly infested by Plainspawn, or bareing neglected, yet-borned or dead universes turned into playgrounds of devient Outer Gods that hide from the intendeds often cause of their lack of good status and/or proven danger levels.

  1. The Tavern at the Edge of the Universe- A reletive safe zone for disenfranchised beings.
  2. The Dimension of Unstable Suns- The Dimensional Dumping Ground for short-lived or defective suns of the Multiverse that're at a constin state of going nova and super-novas to the point that life in this dimension is impossable and unlikely. It is in a state of self-destruction as a result. It is also where Outer Gods test longivity of suns during a Multiverse' Genesis stages. Sometime's it's refered to as "The Supernova Dimension" for modesty sakes.
  3. The Gambler Dimension- A Dimension ruled by Chancespawn unsolisitely where it is a vegasy like setting and the relitive closest place of civilisation and is often a travel site for Deviants due to the realm's extreme grey-area between the Outer Rimss and the other rims. The Amoral One Creator of this realm is unknown.
  4. The Criminal Dimension- A Dimension that fell into absolute anarchy due to the rule of many over-powered crime bosses. It is a realm frequinted by Verse Raiders that often do business with the crooks here, even sometimes ruled by the strongest of a Verse Raider. The Amoral One Creator is unknown.
  5. The Mad Rim Realms- A part of the Outer Rims infested with Mischievers.
  6. Cosmic Shadowverse- The Hide-away of Mortal-Nappers. This is a glitched universeal dimension.
  7. Cosmic Bone Dimension- A realm of Skulled Cosmic Energy Beings with mini-universes in them and the closest to any orderly and lawful realm in the Outer Realms in thanks to their Outer-God like powers of omnisence and connection to things like time, which was very helpful in keeping Hostile Devients and corrupt mortals messing up their realm like many others. Omnitraxus Prime was shaped to resemble one, and thus he inhered their strong sense of order and sofisication.
  8. Willtopians Realm- A realm created entirely by the Willtopians to hold over any that traversed into their realm forever.
  9. The Realm of Rejects- A realm that's was once the dumping ground for defect intended Outer Gods, but it was abandoned apawn the Hybernation Realm's Introduction.
  10. Edgewall Guard Boarder Wall- A Cosmic Boarder wall and the base of operations of Edgewall Guards.

Outer Realms.

The Outer Realms is where the cosmic forces reside.

  1. The All Mother's Innerverse- The Innerverse of the All-Mother is where Outer Gods are born.
  2. Cosmic Citidel- The cosmic capital of the Intended Outer God Larger Community. It is the breeding ground of Outer Diplomacy and Politics. It is represented by a huge cosmic anomamly simular to the Piller of Creation.
  3. Void of Fate- A colorful void that is the place of Outer God trials where Inrealmers and Defected/Devient Outer Gods alike are judged before the representives of the Outer God races and a spefific Outer God acting as judge who was either directly wronged by the guilty party or cause of voliation in related to this Outer God. An Outer God judge incapable to keep an un-biased judgement, whether positive OR too negative, an Outer God without these such biases will take over and do a proper Outer God Court. The fate of the guilty party is desided by unamamous decidion by both the judge and present representives.
  4. Kingdom Hearts- The voidful realm of Kingdom Hearts and the final place for Hearts. Created and ruled by The Sisters of Light and Darkness.
  5. Spirit Realms- A afterlife setting for the physical astrals of a living person when their hearts leave.
  6. Scala ad Caelum- An Inner-Realm between the Multiverse where worlds are born from. Home of the Worlders.
  7. Final World- A place where the recently departed go to be collected by it's residence, Final Takers.
  8. Final Space- A notorious chaotic white void of nothingness with unspeakable powers even the Outer Gods prefer to stay clear from. The hiding space of the Destroids.
  9. The Hibernation Realm- A place where defected Outer Gods or captured Deviants are sent to forever face an enturnal sleep. This realm is the home of The Sleep Reapers.
  10. The Time Stream- A Symbolic home Dimension of the Time Butterflies and that of the Time Councilers. Ruled by The Grand Alternator Elder. It is a realm where all time of a Multiverse is held and dictated.
  11. Timescape- The Timescape, A.K.A. the innerverse of SAF's Time Butterfly or that of general Time Butterflies, is how it is possable in a sense to access Alternate Timelines from the Main Timeline as well as traditional time travel. It also includes things like the Time Lord Temples, The Astral Canyons, the litterall manisfestation of the expression "Mark on History", and the white Time Voids and various forms of Limbo.
  12. Dimension Nothing- Also refered to as the Realm of Nothing and the home inner realms of the Xzars.
  13. The Nightmare Dimension- An Inner-Realm place connected to where nightmares can grow and home of The Fearbenders.
  14. Mirrorverse- The home of the Mirroriods, where the fate of many and any a being of a Multiverse is judged.
  15. Dimension of Knowledge- The inner-realm home of the Infinity Libary and the Infinity Libarians and Infinitaries.
  16. Verse Scrapperverse- The Home Realm of the Verse Scrappers.
  17. Wipe Dimension- The Home Realm of the Wipers.
  18. Outer God Animal Kingdom- The Home of the Outer God Animal Pre-sets.
  19. Primordial Dimension- AKA The Pan-Dimension, the realms inbetween realms and home of the orange astrals of creatures yet or could exist.

Neightbering Multiverses.

  • Multiverse X-PTE- Also refered to as Multiverse PTE-X. This Multiverse was handed to the Preservers due to it's radical depature from initional visions, but because they still see even a glimmer of potaintional on what occures in this Multiverse that they went to the Preserves first and not the Scrappers. Granted, the Preservers have been so off-hands in their approuch to let X-PTE grow on it's own marrits that everything fuctions within the control of the Inrealm Gods, albeit this isn't always perfect as invadtion forces run rampent and something about a living planet enfluencer of all corruption, yet the Preservers insisted that soon this Multiverse will soon recover itself in a way they didn't figure would occure.
  • The Separated Universes- The Standalone Universes, or the SU Universes, is basicly the prototype Multiverse that came before Multiverse X-PTE and SAF-S. It too is placed under the care of The Preservers cause at most it was an early prototype to what the United Unvierses came to be, thus it offers alot of things very unlike SAF-S, espeically in terms of origins or how things play out. Though seperated from the United Universe of SAF, it's presence and forefather heritage can be felt in the SAF OUU via Divergent Timelines, small stubby alternate time paths that aren't big enough to count as true alternate timelines, but are still considerably alternate could've beens.
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