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The Multiverse of Spongebob and Friends Adventures, also refered to as Multiverse SAF-S or Multiverse 42, is a apart of the extansive Multiverseal Seas of everything the Outer Gods had introdused into it. It is expandsive and endless. Of the Multiverseal Seas, SAF-S is among the parts monitored and fuctioning under a Multiverseal Hiarchey, whereas parts of Multiverses abandoned by the Hiarchey are either scrapped by Verse Scrappers or preserved by Preservers. The Multiverseal Seas resemble a cosmic ocean with cosmic life beyond imagination, and it's no different with SAF-S. In contuary to the popular believe that there is only one Multiverse, SAF-S is but part of larger oceans of Multiverses, hence the Multiverseal seas, though often the Outer Gods focus on a spefific section of such parts at a time, which seems to encourage the misguided mindset.

Center Rims.

The most well-maintained and cared for of the SAF-S Multiverse and by extention the most stable and managed of the SAF-S Multiverse. It is the most perfectly balenced and planned of the SAF-S Multiverse, as the Outer Gods would get defencive of anything ever going wrong in the center rims. Of the Center Rims, the Center United Universe is considered amongst the most impourent and by design the biggest changing force of the Center Rim Universes, and by extention is the most well balenced of them all.

United Universe Dimensions.

  1. Our United Universes- Our United Universes is the Center United Universes and one of the most perfectly balanced and maintained. Often to the point that it rarely needs Outer God intervention, save for some exceptions or due to emergency. Because of how perfected and balanced the Center United Universe is, it often has many sub-clones in other United Universes with great twicks and even Standalone Dimensions that adopted some parts of its image. Created and ruled by The Grand Designer.
  2. Second Dimension- A reverseo-changeo of the Center United Universe, commonly reckitnesed as the Second Dimension of Phineas and Ferb fame. Owned and Created by The Grand Reverser.
  3. Third Dimension- An even darker and nastier equivalent to the previous two dimensions and among the most chaotic of the center rim universes. Owned and created by The Grand Greater Reverser.
  4. Fourth Dimension- An extremely more moral and passifived of the numbered dimensions. Owned and created by The Grand Paragon.
  5. Fifth Dimension- A twisted combination of the harsh nature of the 3rd Dimension but also the highten morality of the 4th. Owned and created by The Grand Twister.
  6. Sixth Dimension- The More Evenly balanced of the copy realms. Owned and created by The Grand Balancer.
  7. The AUU- The First Following Neighboring United Universes not just a direct copy of itself and only being some years younger than it. Like the Center United Universe, it's unique enough nature had it subjected to have many sub-clones of itself in other United Universes and Standalones as demonstraighted by the Neverums, a debatably AUUian race that mastered Dimensional travel, and that of the system of Portus. Created and owned by The Grand Fate Master.
  8. Second Alternate UUniverses- The AUU Second Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Doom Master.
  9. Third Alternate UUniverses- The AUU 3rd Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Sadism Master.
  10. Fourth Alternate UUniverses- The AUU 4th Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Peace Master.
  11. Fifth Alternate UUniverses- The AUU 5th Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Immoral Master.
  12. Sixth Alternate UUniverses- The AUU 6th Dimension. Created and owned by The Grand Moral Master.

Copy Universes.

Copy universes are sub-universes of the Prime United Universes. These such things include but are not limited to:

Capital Section
  1. United Universe-PRIME- The first copy-United Universe and a place where everything is taken hyper-seriously. Like, Adult Programming DC Cartoons/Needless Political Scenes of the Star Wars Prequels/No place for jokes, kind of serious.
  2. United Universe-MAF1A- Also known as the "Mobsterverse". It is a universe where both heroes and villains are mobsters.
  3. UUniverse Incverse- Also referred to as the "Busiverse". It's a United Universe where it's Businecaden have massively brought out the United Universes under a large corpretactic rule where capitalism has run near-rampant and villains began to adopt communistic beliefs due to the overload of big business.
  4. United Universe-ICK- Also known as the "Ickyverse", where every character is the same species as Icky, even having the same voice and mannerisms. Ironically, conflicts are rare because everyone is pretty much the same guy and get along very well, save for bad moods or provoksion.
    • United Universe-IckyPlusDil- A United Universe where Icky AND Dil became a duo in the Lougers, even for as much as the two CLEARLY splited from eachother and how they should've gone to seperate paths. In fact, the two here STILL argue as badly as in any other OUU, nevermind the main one.
    • United Re-Icker- A United Universe where Icky stayed with Kuzco after the events of the Emperor's New Groove Crossover and instead became a famous United Universeal Celeberty and became the "Re-Icker", where he does AVGN/Nostaglia Critic-like reviews on games, movies, shows and other media.
  5. United Universe-B00T- Also known as the "Bootlegverse". It is a United Universe where everything is a bootleg of itself. It also happens to be a subsidiary of the Memeverse.
  6. United Universe-YWD- The United Universe where the idea of having the Animaniacs get involved with the SAF series stayed.
    • United Universe-YWD-R3B00T- A twin united universe of the Animaniacs joining the Lougers but it's the new Reboot Versions.
  7. United Universe-0BAL00- The United Universe where Baloo had died in the events of Spongebob's Adventures of The Jungle Book in where Cobra was resurrected with his blood, related to the alternate ending. This resulted in darker SAF adventures where the Lougers were more vulnerable here.
  8. United Universe-D0G13UN- The United Universe where Sam and Max, Brandy & Mr. Whiskers & their friends from the El Dorado Adventure got to become separate allies of the Lougers and become their own adventure team.
  9. United Universe-HercEX- A Samey United Universe but with that the Spongebob and Friends Meet Hercules Moisode included the never completely saw through plan of including the entire Hercule Animated Series into the Moisode (And effectively making it the longest Moisode ever, which was why the idea wasn't fully pursued) And well outside of using the song for Hades.
  10. United Universe-0PAN6131N6- The United Universe but Pang Bing was never introduced into the series.
    • United Universe-0YANYAN- The United Universe but Yan Yan was never introduced into the series (And by extension, no Dark Dragon's Big Return).
    • United Universe-CAT- An entirely samey United Universe but the Cat Villains are allowed. Pang Bing and Yan Yan still reforms, but are no longer deemed exceptions to SAF's rule.
  11. United Universe-STAL3- The United Universe where SAF was a more traditional crossover series and didn't turn the Anti-Hero Lougers good.
    • United Universe-CAN0N- Kinda-like STAL3, but it does still have villains turning good. The key here is that this United Universe is more loyal to canons of established media, so Season 9 of MLP happened during the Lougers Adventures and things radically changed with it. Also, the Universe where Kingdom Hearts 3 happened as it did, but things avoided being like the Alternate Timeline of the same idea, and Kairi did get revived.
  12. United Languageverse- A United Universe but worlds based on certain cultures or have clearly different non-western English-speaking cultures basically speak in native languages as suppose being apparently able to speak perfect English.
Filmverse Section
  1. United TV/MOV- A United Universe where everything's a TV show or a movie
    1. United Universe-L10N K1N6- A United Universe where everything is like the Pridelands and sentient non-anthropized animals are the dominant figures of the universe. The Circle of Life is a predominant belief here.
    2. United Universe-L16HTY3AR- A United Universe without the content of the "Buzz Lightyear of Star Command" but instead the modern pixar film "Lightyear" exists.
    3. United Universe-MinusKFPTV- A United Universe otherwise much the same but where the world of Kung Fu Panda primarly only has movie lore and characters, neither LOA nor POD TV shows exist, characters and all.
      • United Universe-OnlyLOA- A United Universe with only Legends of Awesomeness acknowleged as canon to SAF.
      • United Universe-OnlyPOD- A United Universe where only Paws of Desteny is canon to SAF.
      • United Universe-OnlyTDK- A United Universe where only The Dragon Knight is canon to SAF.
    4. United Universe-GZELLE- A United Universe where everything's the same, but Gazelle here is more "Canon Accrete" and lacks the liberates SAF took to make Gazelle more dynamic, thus Gazelle here ends up not being all that great-of-a-Uniter but is improving in time.
      • United Universe-NoZoo- A United Universe where Zootopia didn't become a main-focused world and Gazelle never had encountered Elzaorbana, who managed to avoid the Mothrons on her own, never ascending to Uniter status and thus a different Uniter exists.
    5. United Universe-FR13I/ID- A United Universe where Equestria's Belief in Friendship has spread throughout the universe and is budding in it's shared AUU. Conflicts are dramatically reduced and Equestrian Purity became universal to others. Realm Jumpers often nicknamed this universe as "The Overtly Sweetiverse" because of how saccharine this united universe became.
      • United Universe-MinusMLP- The United Universes where SAF never adopted MLP:FIM influence and the series stood clear of Equestria, resulting in radical changes including the absence of Trixie and Gilda.
    6. United Universe-AN1ME- A United Universes where everyone is anime and the dangers are more intense. Sometimes there is a language barrier, between dubbed English to traditional Japanese.
      • United Zverse- A United Universe where the Dragon Ball Franchise has a bigger influence as suppose of maybe small references from a parodied counterpart.
      • United Universe'Jitsu- A United Universe with more focus to Naruto.
    7. United Universe-MODTOONS- The United Universe but Modern Cartoon Network/Nick/Disney Channel Characters have a greater influence as supposed to be limited to actual interest and/or moderate references.
    8. United Universe-TMNT- A United Universe where the lore of TMNT was allowed greater influence and the SAF series touched things related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
    9. United Jurassic- A United Universe where the Jurassic Park franchise plays a larger role as Ingen becomes a massive space-faring corporation and turns remaining Dinosaur Worlds into wildlife reverses... Subject to Tourism Seasons and the introduction of Ingen created dinos, resulting in drastic effects on worlds. Sometimes the native dinos are subject to Ingen experiments, resulting in resembling their created dinos as a result.
    10. United Universe-PLANKTON- A United Universe where Plankton had won at the end of the first Spongebob Movie and is an unstoppable dystopian ruler, spreading his influence across the united universes and became the ultimate villain. However, his luck finally ended when he tried to go into the shared AUU and ended up getting defeated during the times of the VA by the experimental HA. This allowed automatic access to the United Universes' heroes and the early end of the VA. This universe was close to Outer God scrutiny, but upon Plankton getting too ambitious and got into self-defeat by barking up the wrong tree, they decided that the United Universe had balanced itself out and left it be. Plankton, for being this universe's greatest villain, was placed into this United Universes' Prison 42, in a restrictive and specialized cell, never to escape again.
      • United Universe-SB129- A United Universe where there exists a planet of Spongebobs.
    11. United Universe-2QU1D- A United Universe where the Squid Games have a more dominating presence. Revival Machines are used daily on those who lose after inital runs.
  2. United Streamverse- A United Univere that operates like an entire sect of Universes made into a streaming service and thus worlds are set and devided in what streaming service they're availuable in, with only a rare crossover from some worlds sometimes.
    • United Universe-NetFlix- Also known as the "Netflixverse". (DUH!). Basically otherwise the same as the central United Universes, but Netflix's original shows have a greater influence than just moderate references.
Gameverse Section
  1. Untied V-Verse- A United Universe where everything is still gamified from its version of the Viral Vi-Tor gets real! where everything is like a video game now.
    1. United Universe-1ND13- The United Universe but Indie Games like FNAF, Undertale, Baldy, Bendy, Cuphead and others have a greater influence than just being passing references.
      • UU5NAF- A United Universe with the FNAF series under greater influence, where even the animatronics get involved in the Lodgers/League/Others conflicts. The Joy of Creation is a heavy force of power here.
      • Unitedtale- A united universe where everything is more like Undertale and its complicated influence with Timelines is at it's heaviest here, as "Resets" are sort've like a specific time travel ability but for causing new timelines. To Time Lords assigned to this universe, it's a paperwork nightmare.
      • UUBasics- A united universe where everything was like Baldy's Basics and looks straight out of a very old education game that's secretly horrorfying.
      • UUBendyverse- United Universe where Bendy and the Ink Machine game has a greater presence with Bendy as a cursed Darkspawn Creation.
      • UUCupverse- A United Universe exactly like the world of Cuphead and Mugman's world where The Devil of the game is defacto darkspawn lord instead of Malefor and was a protoshay of Chernabog.
      • UUNeighberverse-A United Universe where "Hello Neighber" has a bigger presence.
      • UUPoppyverse- A United Universe where Poppy's Playtime has a bigger presence.
    2. United Universe-SPYR0-C- Pretty much the same United Universe but Classic Spyro joined instead of Spyro of Legend of Spyro series.
      • United Universe-SPYR0-R- The twin universe of SPYRO-C, but the Spyro of the Re-Ignited Trilogy Joins instead. Otherwise, basically the same but with a better looking Spyro, graphically speaking.
      • United Universe-SKYR0- The black sheep twin of SPYR0-C, but with the Spyro of the Skylander Series being a member of the lougers, and effectively the less serious of the triplets, which is saying alot cause Classic Spyro, original or Re-Ignited, had always been comparingly more light hearted then LOS, but Skylanders goes WAY beyond that to fans' personal taste (Especially that to the writer of this page) and essentually no different from the kind of kid show meant to sell toys and not like how MLP did it with subtily, not helping Skylander's gimmick DEPENDED on a trend BASED on toys being used to unluck characters. (Essentually imagine what PTE is doing with this game series and you get what SKYR0 is.)
    3. United Universe-CRAS4- A United Universe where neither version of Spyro Joins the Shell Lougers. Instead, Crash Bandicoot becomes a member, and things in this AUU are much zanier and takes itself less seriously, as to be expected with Crash games in general.
    4. United Universe-HAL0- A United Universe where the Halo series has bigger influence and thus the alien races of Halo are more widespread, along with the iconic Halo Rings. As such, conflict is at it's greatest here, with not just the traditional halo enemies in the Covenant, but also that some alien races were taken into serving their cause, the likes of the Gromflomites and several Star Wars races among them. Thus this United Universe is always in interstellar conflict.
    5. United SMASH BROS- A United Universe where everything is under Smash Bros logic and fights go in Smash Bros Style.
      1. United F16HT- A United Universe where every fighting game imaginable has a more predominate presence, especially Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken and Soulcaliber. As such it is a subsiderary of United SMASH BROS.
    6. United NINTENDO- A United Universe where everything operates like Nintendo's gaming library.
      1. United Mariverse- A United Universe that behaves like the Mario Bros. Franchise where everything is under the logic of the Mario Games.
        • United Soniverse- A twin United Universe but more under the game logic of the Sonic the Hedgehog Franchise. The Soniverse and the Mariverse are acknowledged as sworn rivals as proven that they hold an inter-dimensional Olympic games to try and one up eachother.
      2. United Kirbiverse- A United Universe where everything is more like the Kirby Series games and the show.
      3. United Pokeverse- A United Universe where everything is litterlly like Pokemon.
        • United Universemon- A United Universe comepletely merged with it's Digimon World to have it exactly like the digital world cause of a massive Cybervoid spill that was prior to the existence of the Cyber Guardians, thus everything is like digimon. This and United Pokeverse tend to nearly break out into cross-UUniverseal war that has to be constently peace-keeped by realm-jumper groups more often then naught due to serious rivalry.
      4. United Metroiverse- A United Universe where everything is more like the Metroid Games, and as such the Galactic Federation as a whole is more like what is shown in the games.
      5. United Zeldaverse- A United Universe where everything is under the logic of the Zelda Games (Excluding the Unholy Tri-force of the CDI games, those are banished into the Memeverse) and in thus, Ganon and all various forms are in Darkspawnhood.
    7. United Playstation- A United Universe where everything operates like anything from the Playstation Library.
    8. United X-Universe- A United Universe where everything operates more like everything from the Xbox Library.
    9. United Consoleverse- A United universe where the prime game systems are still in the coined "Console Wars" and thus large part of the video game worlds are still as aggressively competitive as in the era of the console wars, with Xbox later included into the feud as well now. These lead to major alliences that exist within the Video Game Universe that basically operate like the USRA and UIS of any AUU, but more inline to video game brandings with games not directly assosiated with direct branding being contested between the large alliances where as worlds that are from direct francises are considered dedicated to such alliances.
    10. United RPG- A United Universe where everything operates under RPG logic of all kinds, traditional, action or JRPG.
    11. United Universe-KEYB- A United Universes where Keyblades are utilized by every hero and there exists a police force of Keyblade Wielders due to a much heavier influence from Kingdom Hearts, which resulted in villains often utilizing Heartless, Nobodies, Unversed, and the occasional Dream Eaters as free labor than traditional henchmen.
      • United Universe-KA1R1- The United Universe that's still the same but Kairi is made a member of the Lougers, for as much of an illogical risk it is.
      • United Universe-0KA1R1- The United Universe but Kairi never got involved with the series and the Lougers exploits remained to be zany adventures of the week.
    12. United Craftverse- Litterally a United Universe that is litterally like Minecraft. Nuff Said.
    13. United Universe-OOF- A United Universe where everything was under ROBLOX Logic. Nuff Said.
      • Susited Susiverse- Everything is litterally like Among Us.
    14. United Universe-HW- The United Universe where everything is set like the Online Game "Hero Wars".
      • United Universe-S'n'F- The United Universe where everything is set like "Shakes and Fidget".
The Direct Numbering Sectors
  1. United Universe-1- A conglomerate universe where all franchisees share the same corporate owner: Disney, therefore making this just one universe. Contrary to an infamous rumor about Walt Disney disliking those of Hebrew faith AND that of a certain joke about when Family Guy did a Disney Universe joke, there is no "Jew-Hate" going on.
    • United Universe-2- Basically the same as United Universe 1, but everything is owned by Dreamworks, and thus everything operates under that Dreamworks charm and a heavy sense of humor. Otherwise of much the same, just with abit of an extra dose of that Dreamworks charm.
  2. United Universe-3- A United Universe where Icky is a proactive let's player, predominantly on Ark Survival and Destroy All Humans. He owns a channel called "Icky Plays".
  3. United Universe-4- A United Universe where everything is like lego, and the worlds of the Lego Movie series exist within as seperate worlds.
  4. United Universe-5- A United Universe where the events of Spongebob and Friends Go On The Quest for Camelot was being disrupted by the Nostaglia Critic, alou to Pre-Dave Felis Adventure era of a Pooh Adventures series on a crossover of Pagemaster. It would then turn out to be Myotismon in disguise.
    • United Universe-6- A United Universe where Spongebob and Friends Go On The Quest of Camelot still kept around Ruber inspite of Mang still being revived.
      • United Universe-6A- A Twinverse of UU6, where like it Ruber was still a continued factor, only this Ruber was extra treacherious then tradtionally established and betrayed the leaguers with the killing of Mang to simply take the sword and merge it on his person (Basically it follows the actual plot, sort'of), thus resulting in Ruber's forces splintering off from the league and both they became seperate invaders of Camelot, making things more intense.
      • United Universe-6B- A Twinverse of UU6 and UU6A, where like it Ruber stuck around and betrayed the league in the way he did in 6A, only he ended up short-lived and immediately eliminated by an enraged Dark Cynder, leaving her the center adversary with Mang and Ruber outta the picture.
  5. United Universe-7- A United Universe where everything functioned like GMOD.
  6. United Universe-8- A United Universe suffering from a mass outbreak of SCP-001. (The one where Suns start to turn everything into melty abominations). Qurritined by the Foundation and Outer Force with realm jumper aide.
  7. United Universe-9- A United Universe where everything has been PETA-fied. It's subsiquintly the least visited by any realm jumper cause of it's misplaced well intentioned double-standerds.
  8. United Universe-10- A United Universe where the Star Wars films had a place in the series (PURELY only the originals and prequils, sequils STILL DO NOT EXIST) and it's heroes and villains are invovled in the Adventures. Not to be mistakened for United Universe-FORC3, for in this United Universe the characters get involved in the grander United Universe and it's just that.
    • United Universe-11- A United Universe where the characters of Spaceballs have more involvement.
  9. United Universe-12 Space- The Space of the Tragicly lost United Universe 12. It was a United Universe with the characters of "The Amazing World of Gumball" having a greater presence. But as a result, it's shared Elmore ended up being a starting point of OF-5562 to swallow this entire United Universe whole.
  10. United Universe-13- A United Universe suffering a never-ending stream of bad luck in cause of it's assigned karma fairies going rogue and doing whatever they want and letting forces of bad luck run amock in various forms in all the worlds.
  11. United Universe-14- A United Universe where everyone is a muppet-like puppet.
  12. United Universe-15- A United Universe where the 1991 sitcom "Dinosaurs" had a presence in the series.
  13. United Universe-16- A United Universe where it's like ToucanLDM's video lore and every cartoon/fictional earth world shares the same world as Equestria.
  14. United Universe-17- An oppisite to UU-13 in that it has never-ending good luck.
  15. United Universe 18- A United Universe where the Pleasure Island Curse broke out of the native world and spread to turn everyone into donkeys. This United Universe had to be qurratined and cut off from realm jumper traffic as a result.
  16. United Universe-19- A United Universe where everyone are Minions from the Discipable Me Series.
  17. United Universe-20- A "United Universe" that is actually a giant art museum in cosmic space where all worlds are represented by paintings. The Paintings themselves are portals to those exact worlds, alou Super Mario 64. The Amoral One Creator is litterally the museum curator in charged of everything.
  18. United Universe-21- A United Universe where Prohibition of Alcahol never ended and everything was still at the time of gangsters. Basicly a lesser verson of MAF1A, except hero and villain teams aren't mobster themed, but more like gangsters are the common criminal breed.
  19. United Universe-22- A United Universe where everyone are JP Dinos.
  20. United Universe-23- A United Universe where everyone are Star Wars races.
  21. United Universe-24- A United Universe where everyone is a robot.
  22. United Universe-25- A United Universe in a perpetual state of it being Christmas everyday, thus Santas of these united universes have to turn into wide-spread monoplies with hyper-fast supply and demand chains. It is also the spot of a Santa-University place where Santas from across the multiverse had came to learn the ways of Santaness.
  23. United Universe-26- A United Universe where everyone are deer or deer ajacent.
  24. United Universe-27- A United Universe were everything is like a kid-friendly story book story.
    • United Universe-28- A United Universe where everything is like a coloring book and open to be drawn in, with, questionable results.
    • United Universe-29- A United Universe where everyone are sticker versons of themselves.
  25. United Universe-39- A United Universe like Dorkly's "Old Man Sonic" where it was over-run with Fan-Character versons of canon characters where fanon had over-runed everything. It was like this due to a Fanonverse Spill thanks to a Quantom Glitch opening a perminant nexus portal to this United Universe that also swallowed and merged with this United Universe's previous twins, reducing it's worlds into a power shource and leaving the universes empty cosmic space used as hideaway camps by Devient Outers.
    • United Universes-30-38 Spaces- Streches of empty cosmic space and hallowed out universe husks left by the forming of UU-39's Nexus Portal to the Fanonverse Quantom Glitch spill, of which is now a hideaway spot of devient outers, of which is rotinely being patroled by Cosmic Citidelains to rotinely clean out any new camps of such. Realm Jumpers often help with dealing away unwarrented Devient interlopers in this area.
  26. United Universe-40- A United Universe that is otherwise much of the same except tha the universe resides on the back of a giant cosmic outer godian sea turtle that also happens to be it's Amoral One creator. In wanting to be creative with creating a UU, he constructed aiding universes designed solely to power, fuel, and nerture UU-40.
    1. United Universe-41- The United Universe of Fire and part of the major elements keeping UU-40 on the creator's back.
    2. United Universe-42- The United Universe of Life that turned into lifeforce energy for UU-40 and no longer exists as it's own force but rather exists externally.
    3. United Universe-43- The United Universe of Death that turned into a counter-balence powershorce for UU-4O and ergo no longer it's own existing force.
    4. United Universe-44- The United Universe of Nature and part of the major elements keeping UU-40 on the creator's back, and also a provider of existence.
    5. United Universe-45/6- The United Universe of water and ice and part of the major elements keeping UU-40 on the creator's back, and also the fuel of existence.
    6. United Universe-47- The United Universe of Earth and Stone that broken up into seperate pieces and turned into planets and ergo no longer it's own thing.
    7. United Universe-48- The United Universe of Light and the birthplace of the gods of UU-40. It circles around UU-40 in a celestial cycle with UU-49.
    8. United Universe-49- The United Universe of Darkness and the birthplace of the existence of evil for UU-40, meant to serve as balence for UU-40.
  27. United Universe-50- A United Universe still in the era of the 50s.
    • United Universe-60- A United Universe still in the 60s.
    • United Universe-70- A United Universe still in the 70s.
    • United Universe-80- A United Universe still in the 80s.
    • United Universe-90- A United Universe still in the 90s.
  28. United Universe-100- A United Universe where everyone are ants and the entire UU operates under a hive-mind.
    • United Universe-101- A United Universe where everyone are Anteaters. They have an enemyhood with UU-100.
    • United Universe-102- A United Universe where everyone is a preying mantis.
  29. United Universe-109- A United Universe home of the "Excess UUniverse Trappers" where they hold domaine in the Direct Numbering Sectors and are a powerful realm-jumper group where they trap United Universes in shrinking bubbles whenever they prove to be "No less different then another one" and reduce the number of Universes with litterally the same things as others and are very strong judges whether something that has a simular idea has enough difference to be allowed a place in the multiverse or would have to be held in their "Collection of Repeated UUniverses". Checks and balences from Cosmic Forces and other Realm Jumper groups prevent the Trappers from trying to expand beyond the sector and doing the same to other UUniverses. They are basicly why alot of Numbered UUs are missing in this list. Iffy as all this may sound, keep aware that the captured UUs are otherwise alive and still directing under their own accord. The reason the Outers let this be a thing is because the "United Universe/AUU Boom" legitamently went too far and making too many OUUS and AUUs, so the Trappers are considered a sort've needed nessersary evil to balence out litteral excess universes with litterally the same idea. The Trappers do hold exception to "Subverses" that exist next to a UU Dimension that holds the main idea, but simular UUs that exist outside of a subverse are considered ceptable to their scrutany.
  30. United Universe-129- The United Universes with all the Mane 6 Alicornised.
    • United Universe-120- The United Universes with none of the Mane 6 became Alicorns.
    • United Universe-121- The United Universes where Twilight never got Alicorn Ascension. To differentiate this from UU-120, it's also the united universe where Spike never got wings due to being more in line to being a drake, dragons without wings, in such, the events of the episode of Spike molting never happened.
    • United Universe-122- The United Universes where Applejack became an Alicorn.
    • United Universe-123- The United Universes where Rarity became an Alicorn.
    • United Universe-124- The United Universes where Pinkie became an alicorn.
    • United Universe-125- The United Universes where Rainbow Dash became an alicorn.
    • United Universe-126- The United Universes where Fluttershy became an alicorn.
    • United Universe-127- The United Universes where Starlight became an Alicorn.
    • United Universe-128- The United Universes where Sunset became an Alicorn.
    • United Universe-130- The United Universes where Trixie, against all logical odds, becomes an Alicorn.
  31. United Universe-7A7- The United Universe with an Equestria with Humans living in it.
    • United Universe-7B7- The Twin United Universe with the same idea but in a more modern setting.
    • United Universe-7C7- The triplet twin of 7A7 and 7B7 with the same idea, but a futuristic setting thanks to a big trade between Equestria and Equara of the AUU.
    • United Universe 7D7- The Cousin United Universe of the prior three, but Mewmans replace Human presence due to another set of Mewman Colonists.
    • United Universe-7E7- The Second Cousin United Universe of the other four, but this time it's Bestarians that share Equestria with the natives.
    • United Universe-7F7- The 3rd Cousin United Universe of the other 5, but instead the Separatists leaders of Stars Wars ended up being sent here in Equestria by mistake due to a navigational error as suppose to Mustafar, sparing them of Sidious' betrayal. Thus the droids of the movement became largely common here, and Equestria became a new base for the movement to be revived after the clone wars to start anew, the planet being colonized by the confederate leaders' other races to escape the Empire's madness, resulting in the refugees of being pacified of ill-wills thanks to the resident ponies.
    • United Universe-7G7- The 4th United Universe Cousin of the other 6, and one where the Equestrians are dinosaurs in MLP:FIM style.
    • United Universe-7H7- The 5th United Universe Cousin of the prior 7, where magic and science have completely fused to be interchangeable from one and another and thus created a sci-fi utopia.
    • United Universe-7I7- The 6th cousin of the other United Universes where after a mega-spell goes wrong, it turned Equestria in a magically mutated world as the Equestria in this universe is left to be basically a mini-Magic Realm where it is spreading the magic influence slowly to the other worlds.
    • United Universe-7J7- The 7th cousin of the other United Universes where Equestrians worship pranks instead of friendship as Equestria is a world ruled by constant pranks going unchecked.
    • United Universe-7K7- The 8th cousin of the other UUniverses where Equestrians are all dogs.
    • United Universe-7L7- The 9th cousin of the other UUniverses where Equestrian Ponies are all as tall as Celestia.
    • United Universe-7M7- The 10th cousin of the oher UUniverses where Equestrian Ponies all have the physical appearence of Bulk Biceps.
    • United Universe-7N7- The 11th cousin of the other UUniverses where Every Equestrian Pony is an asended Alicorn.
    • United Universe-7O7- The 12th cousin of the other UUniverses where Equestrian Ponies are all Actrobatic.
    • United Universe-7P7- The 13th cousin of the other UUniverses where Equestria is over-run with the Pinkie Pie clones as the problem was never resolved as the Pinkie Clones became a dominate force that now mandate never-ending parties and endless sweets, under the rule of the one Pinkie Clone that gained intelligence and dubbed herself as "The Grand Pie", as now she is controlling the Pinkies to go on a party crusade to bring parties to all of Equestria to spread parties, even if it was not warrented. Realm Jumper groups have to make a special law called "Rule 7P7", that forbids introducing Dimensional travel to this United Universe cause of the Pinkie Clones, lest they end up becoming the Multiverse's hyperactive annoyence as well. Violation of Rule 7P7 is met with stiff punishment and declaration of being considered an Interdimentional Criminal.
  32. United Universe-877- The United Universe with Equestria Completely Humanized.
    • United Universe-870- The United Universe with Equestria is entirely comprised of Aliens from Star Wars.
    • United Universe-871- The United Universe with Equestria is completely robotic.
    • United Universe-872- The United Universe where the Equarians had instead all retreated to leave their AUU and came to live in Equestria, leaving the race absent but the planet doomed to be used by the VA regardless. Equestria was futurized as a result.
    • United Universe-873- The United Universe where Equestria is structured like the world of Elder Scrolls.
    • United Universe-874- The United Universe the Alicorns survived the Chaos wars and Alicornia functions like Mount Olympus, thus Alicorns live among modern pony society.
    • United Universe-875- The United Universe where Equestrians gained Superior-based Super Powers thanks to a Quantonium spell that happened. Kratos had to intervene for this world, as a result, to help the Equestrians better manage these powers.
    • United Universe-876- The United Universe where thanks to a quantum glitch happening at the time of Equaria disappearing to avoid the VA, Equara instead ended up fusing with Equestria, causing a merge of cultures and early discovery of the AUU, which in turn lead to the VA become a problem to them as well.
    • United Universe-878- The United Universe where Equestria and other worlds are ruled by the Gromflomites because their branch of the Galactic Federation never disbanded cause they were able to stop Rick and Morty better then they did.
    • United Universe-879- The United Universe where Equestria is a planet of giant bugs.
    • United Universe-880- The United Universe where Equestrian Magic is abit like Mewmen Magic thanks to stray Mewman Colonists arrived at Equestria of this United Universe.
The Extra Sector
  1. United Universe-F1R3- A United Universe where everything is always on fire, even in water, yet the fire never really kills but is also not a confortable experience all the same. This is largely due a physical law glitch that the Outers are still trying to fix, where in the meantime visiting this UU is heavily restricted as a result cause of no duh reasons, added that flamable/fire sensitive objects are PROHIBITED espeically.
  2. United Universe-B33- A United Universe where everyone are space traveling space bees and is the multiverseal distributer and trader of it's unique reshource, Cosmihoney. An extra sweetening substence that temporary grants Outer Godian powers for until it passes the system. For this reason it only ever trades with dimensions with established and Major Realm Jumper presence, I.E. a proven capability for dimensions to master dimensional travel beyond special individuals.
  3. United Universe-0LD- A United Universe where cause of an aging glitch that everyone in it is very old, yet never die from old age physically but are collected by reapers when they should reach a certain point where they would normally be expected to die as a means of population control as they are otherwise immortal. Young people do exist here, but the aging glitch causes them to only be young for a certain amount of days in what's called the "Damselfly Effect" where childhood and young life is incredabily brief and thus their lives are at an excellerated level until they become immortal oldsters. This glitch as well is still being addressed by the Outers.
    • United Universe-B4BY- A United Universe where all organic beings are babies. Reproduction made possable with fruit trees whose fruits produce new babies. Outer-Level Storks keep the population balence by taking excess babies to the napping babies dimension. Like it's older twin universe 0LD, it suffers from an aging glitch, but as stated everyone is perpetually stuck as a baby, are immortal and incapable of aging, thus Preversers assigned to this dimension basically have to become impromtu nannies to care for the infantile dimension, in not just cause Preservers are inherently kinder to inrealmers, but because it was of their own intuition and intention. This glitch is being addressed by the Outers as well, but cause the universe had balenced the problem out with the fruit trees, and cause of the Preservers beginning to bond with the inrealmers here, there is considerably no great rush to fix the issu.
  4. United Universe-K1TCH3N- A United Universe where everything is a giant universeal kitchen and everyone are chefs in a culinary socity under the same hiararchy as normal restaurents. On a multiverseal scale it is SAF Multiverse's premere provier of culinary foods used by non-Copy Dimensions like Funverse and even has influence in food-based dimensions thanks to Realm-Jumper aide, while it is also in of itself a dimensional restaurent for realm-jumpers.
  5. United Universe-CLOWNS- Name speaks for itself. A United Universe where everyone is a clown verson of themselves. Not recammended for those with Coulrophobia.
    • United Arachnoverse- A United Universe where everyone are or are built like spiders/other arachnids. EXTREMELY not reccamended for Arachnophobes.
    • United Ratattack- A United Universe where everyone are hidious rat people. This united universe has been placed on a strict "No Travel Zone" and has been isolated from multiverseal traffic as possable.
    • United Slenderverse- A United Universe where every being is Slender Man due to being contaminated by spilled cosmic energy from the Creepy Pasta Section of the Memeverse. Realm Jumpers had perminantly qurratined and cut this universe off from multiverseal interactivity.
  6. United Uni-Cranium- A United Universe shaped entirely to look like a brain, as everyone here has an extended brain and all bare intelligence beyond conprehension. This universe is considered to be a valuable asset for Realm Jumper organisations as natives from this dimension are often very helpful in properly cataloging certain dimensions and which are safe or not.
  7. United Universe-K0X- A United Universe where everyone in SAF lore and canon are instead regular humans and a million years more advanced.
    • United Anthroverse- A United Universe where all are anthropomorphic creatures.
  8. United Universe-C0M1C- A samey United Universe but Marvel and DC have a greater influence than the limited implications and that of only Deadpool and Venom and Carnage as other characters got greater involvement.
    1. United Universe-MDC- A united universe where Superiors are all humans.
  9. United Universe-SUP3R- A United Universe where the entire Universes' worlds have Super Powers like Superiors due to a major Quantonium Spill onto a singularity that rapidly multiplied Quantonium and Superior-afived the Universes. The Spill had long been cleaned up by the Outer Gods and the singularity closed up by Fabricants, but the superiorised universe is here to stay as is. Thus, Kratos became the capital world of this universe cause of having the powers first, as it had in the original universes. Either way, mass universal super-powers had changed this universe forever, with it's shared but still unchanged AUU researching the heck out of this realm ever since it's own version of the events of "The Land Unknown".
    1. United Universe-0SUP3R- A United Universe where the Superior Planet Kratos is a work of fiction and a popular comic medium in many places. Thus the Lougers' superior adventures are non-existent here. Though the legacy of the Superiors exists in the format of the comics, and other media like TVs and even their own cinematic universe.
    2. United Renaissance- A United Universe that's much the same, but the Renaissance School avoided disbansion. Granted, it still had to tone down the controversial practices and discontinue things like booting out students for being too weak and/or designating them as sidekicks, but otherwise, Almighty Mane's legacy survived Inmighty's attempts for revenge, Inmighty deciding to ditch the planet out of bitterness. The Students it would come to have would still be included, and the presence of a coup of the students' enemies allying with Almighty's greatest foe, Acquisitor, still applies as there is still The Kratosian Regressers. The key difference is that come after this Universes' version of "Superior Planet", both the school and the Regressers have a bigger role to play in Superior Adventures, and would survive past the SAF's Story Arc about them. The Regressers would even have a bigger status in the United Universe and have been recognized as a villain team like the Villain League.
    3. United Universe-K3M- A United Universe where The Superiors of Kratos are completely under Kemisum because of Kem never being challenged and sought out, leading to kemisum to spread throughout these united universes. This OUU has been placed under heavy scrutiny by the Outers for potential to have an Inter-Dimensional Empire cause of the Hadesians being loose about granting Super Powers from simply being asked and one driven by a misguided controlling belief, but in because not every world has yet bowed to this belief, it was instead sentenced to be cut off from the rest of the Multiverse of SAF-S to restrict the spread of the belief from this United Universe, aggressively enforced by Realm-Jumper groups to prevent anything from getting in OR out from this united universe, where even it's shared AUU's Nerverum presence cutted off the shared AUU from this United Universe, which it's Shell Lougers captured by the Neverum and held there since to prevent the spread. Eventually these Lougers have been taken by the Citadel of Lougers and made permanent residence cause of this universe's controversial stance.
  10. United Universe-ANT1- A united universe where the Lodgers are all antiheroes.
    • United Universe-3V1L- A United Universe where everything is evil. Where places like Nega-Equestria can be found. It is also named the Negativeverse.
  11. United Universe-A51- A united universe where all beings of the United Universes are more alien.
  12. United Universe-G3ND3R- The United Universe that' is the arbitrary gender-bender Dimension where the genders of the inhabitance are the opposite of that they are in other universes.
  13. OUU-AUU- A dimension where the Original UUniverses and the Alternate UUniverses have merged. Apart from the obvious, both of the copies of the Original United Universes and the AUU are otherwise much of the same, though interactions between villains of both of these once separate United Universes have come to be more common, so often heroes of these same universes often collaborate more.
  14. United Universe-S1M- A post-apocalyptic United Universes where real-life people of infinite Earths are hooked into a self-sustaining virtual matrix that makes them fantasy and cartoon characters. This happened essentially the same way as the Matrix, but the robots were especially specialized in bringing cartoons of all flavors to life and this gift ended up being abused by less-desirables while those ruled by the tragedies the bots were made to do began discriminating machines, ending in pretty much the same fashion.
  15. United Universe-Unga Bunga- A United Universe where everything is still in prehistoric ages due to a severely stunted magical access, which by extension drastically limits the branches in Chi, Super Powers and Imagination.
    • United Universe-MIDEV- A more medieval United Universes, where monarchies, knights, wizards, and dragons are drastically more commonplace then traditionally due to an over-flux of magic, of which has stunted its branches in Chi, Super Powers, and Imagination to rare instances, which in Imagination's case, limits tecknowagey to laughably steam-punked gizmos or more likely be non-existent.
    • United Universe-VV32T- A United Universe where everything's still the wild west of things and thus tec is also rather steampunky but still better then MIDEV.
  16. United Universe-WATE- A United Universes where most worlds are ocean worlds while the rest is tropical worlds, even 99.15% of the universe itself is water. Thus oftenly the residence of this universe are often either normal sea creatures or are merfolk, and inrealm gods possess Neptune and Poseidon Traits, among other features.
  17. United Universe-A1R3A- A United Universes with breathable Euclidean space and endless skies and the inhabitants fly in flying machines. Planes and blimps take over the roles usually owned by space ships, basically.
  18. United Universe-INK- A United Universes of 1920's era animation. Due to that era's extreme simplicity, it operates on rudimentary morality of cutesy good guys and damn obvious villains, where often cartoony incompetence is always their downfall and the good guys always win without even trying too hard or just with a well-placed punch or cause of dumb luck or often not even realizing there was a bad guy to begin with, within some cases.
  19. United Universe-LIGHTMOT- A United Universes where all cartoon characters are Lightflies or Mothrons. Thus, as a result, heroes are represented as Lightflies while villains are Mothrons. Grey Areas and Anti-Heroes are represented by this universes' Rossians.
The Subverse Rows 1
  1. United Universe-FALL- The OUU where the USRA had been exiled here like with certain similar AUUs, but because of the actions of Worm and a secessionist Pro-USRA movement that triggered UIS too badly that it unsurprisingly resulted in a losing war and lead to the USRA races being exiled from the AUU and into this shared OUU. As a result, the USRA races began to hate the idea they ever did the USRA-stuff to begin with, and denounced this part of their history forever, becoming independent from eachother ever since. Although the USRA did decide to do one last thing as a group: to build a new Inter-Dimensional Portal to warn the AUU Humans to not return to the AUU and instead to this OUU, which lead to Kafar's exposure and arrest as an exposed VA founder. He has been thrown into Prison 42 ever since.
    1. United Artiverse- A once normal standard OUU, until it was forever changed by the Artificial Magic of it's AUU Counterpart. However, though Artificial Magic is a norm here, resistance from Natural Magic-Users is very great here thanks to the AUU group, The All-Natural. Thus often Artificial Magic is banned in some parts of this OUU, with Disney the most absolute in being an Artificial Magic-free zone, in-due to it's King Mickey's obedience and respect to this OUU's Yen Sid, a predominant anti-Artificial Magic figure, along with pretty much the Majority of the High Council that are magic users, of which alcourse any non-magic or God High Councilors do eventually side with them due to being a minority with no power to sway them otherwise and/or legit caution to Artificial Magic, which rebranded the group as the "High Magic Council", which as a result worlds of direct influence to the High Council always have a heavy ban or restriction at best for Artificial Magic. Though in spite of this, the AUU and this OUU are still in good terms, and helping the Art-UU from the UUF issue wasn't deemed a regretful thing, in which the Art-UU doesn't have qualms with it's shared OUU's choice, where cause of it being UISafived, it respected the OUU's desires to be independent and forging of its own identity, if though it is weary of the All-Natural influencing OUUian Magic Users to stand against Artificial Magic, cause the shared AUU's UIS Races do acknowledge that the shared OUU's native villain teams are trying to tap into Artificial Magic and trying to cheat around Widowus' influence, which understandably is the one point of contention to these universes' otherwise good terms, thus the UIS races are cautious of the All-Natural's attempts and are wary of a prospect of an ideological war breaking out over artificial and true magic.
    2. United Enhanciverse- The Once Normal United Universes until the Enhanclement Incident of its AUU leaked out into it and dramatically altered it forever. The High Council became Enhancators that regulate the flow of the mists and utilized hyper-evolved heroes to keep the peace against hyper-evolved villains. This and it's shared AUU is under heavy Outer God watch due to its risk factor for Inter-Dimensional Empires thanks to the Ehanclement incident.
    3. United Royale- The United Universes where cause the Darkspawn avoided banishment, everything became a giant battle royale Fortnite scenario where alongside fighting off the Darkspawn Hordes, thanks to digirestoration tec, folks can have Fortnite like escapades and have little war games to either train for the next raid, settle disputes, or occasionally just for bemusement.
    4. United Universe-S0UL- The United Universe of its shared ruined AUU cause of the actions of its AUU's Rig O'Mortus and Wako with the Aethersphere and everything was turned into a rombie doomsday zone. This United Universe became a refugee universe for surviving AUUians ever since.
    5. United Universe-PRE- A United Universe where everything is still a prehistoric world. This occurred, cause the Dragosaurs never came into existence in this united universe, thus prehistoric existence survived beyond the eras and have all became like the world of Good Dinosaur, only some of them are well underway to have albeit retro-futuristic tec, which it shares with it's shared AUU in AUUMber after rescuing it from the VA/Meteorian Army Hybrid problem.
    6. United Universe-F0RC3- An United Universe where the force has a bigger presence, thus everything is like Star Wars societies and culture experiences, even being cosmically structured like the Star Wars universe map. Barring exceptions, the vast majority of heroes are Jedi while villains are largely the sith. It is a conflict heavy Uuniverse, where periods of this United Universes' cycle are dedicated to wars. It's dominating government, it's equivalent to the High Council, "The High Order", is like the Star Wars Republic Combined with the Jedi Order that keeps the piece in the systems, whereas the three main villain teams are represented as such, it's villain league referred to as "The Sith Legion", more or less resemblent of the First Order (But NOT too much) of the new Star Wars movies, Cobra being like Snoke, It's Dark Dragon Scourge Empire as "The Dark Cosmos Empire", basically being meshed into the style of the Star Wars' Empire, with Dark Dragon as a Darth Vader style villain, and Team Nefarious essentially being the Star Wars CIS, referred to as the Robotic Systems Independence Movement, or RSIM, with Nefarious as an extremely kooky General Grievous. Wars between these four groups are frequent and would always end bittersweetly even when things go right.
      • United Universe-NOBOO- A United Universe where the Trade Federation Won the Naboo conflict with the capture of Padme, the Gungan army defeated and captured, and the deaths of Obi-Wan and Quan Jin. Occurring because Anakin lost the Pod-Race, ergo wasn't able to be freed from slavery and is still on Tatooine. As a result, the republic began to take the Trade Federation issue more seriously, but in preferring to avoid war, the Senate instead opted to recotnesed the Confederacy of Independent Systems as a legitiment separate power, resulting in a vacuum effect of planets to going to live under its reign because the conquest of Naboo proved it's power. The Droid Army would still get the introduction of later droids like the Super Battle Droids because even with the battle well won, the B1s still had flaws. Maul and Sidious vanished sometime after the victory and turned obscure. The Republic became a much smaller minority alliance, of which then the Star Wars Galaxy became over-run in CIS-like groups that began making their own droid armies, resulting in "The Droid Wars" where the CIS-like alliances fight for the rights of the next un-allied planet. This then thus spread across the united universes and resulted in droids being a way of life for many worlds.
      • United Universe-0JarJar- A United Universe where Quan Jin wasn't able to save Jar Jar Binks. Now, before dedicated critics of the doof Gungan get too excited, for as much of an idiot he was, he does play a big role in why Star Wars existed as it did now, (Even if some would argue is not nessersarly a good thing), As with no Jar Jar to become a manipulatable pawn, Palpatine couldn't get the senate to stand behind the prospect of the clone army, thus resulting in the Kaminosians being rejected and the operation discontinued. Thus, the main heroes and the chunk of the Jedi Order died on Genenosis, and the Confederacy, with Dooku's leadership and Genenosis still maintaining it's factories, overwhelmed the Republic to submission and lead to the Confederacy being a dominant super-power, with Dooku and Sidious pulling the strings, basically transpiring that the Confederacy replaces what would've been the Galactic Empire with the Confederacy being the big bads the rebellion would go up against, only Dooku ensured that the Confederation made more than one Death Star, while at the same time the Confederacy avoided destroying neutral planets and would only eviscerate rebelled planets, which while it's still an unpleasant prospect, it kept planets in line, and rebellion was reduced to a tickle.
      • United Universe-SEPARATIST- An United Universe where the Confederation of Independent Systems (CIS) ended up winning the clone wars due to General Grievous accidentally killing Palpatine during the attempt to kidnap him before the start of Revenge of the Sith, leaving the Republic without a leader. Dooku was, surprisingly chill all things considered, (If though Dooku did decide to let Grievous to his fate on Utapau all the same), if anything, Sidious being gone opened Dooku to be the new leader of the Separatist movement, if at least a higher then already standing with the movement, while the republic fell into chaos without a direct leader. Thus, this lead to the successful invasion of the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk, gaining access to the secret hyper-routes, captured the Wookie Guild associated with them and allowed the Separatists to keep strong even after the fall of Grievous, leading to the dramatic second invasion of Kamio, securing a victory despite the clones' efforts, shutting down the cloning facilities and eventually scrubbing all clones off of the face of the Star Wars' galaxies. Thus the Republic bowed to the Separatists come the arrival of the Confederate Leaders, the final death knell of the republic and the rise of the Separatist rule. The Jedi Order Collapsed still upon the corruption of Anakin Skywalker, this time by Dooku, as Anakin was used to corrupt Younglings and/or rookie Jedi into Sith Lords and/or Dark Jedi and founded a Sith Order that ensured the Separatists' rule is stable. As a result, the Separatist Alliance would go on to spread beyond the Star Wars Galaxies and spread to the rest of the United Universes, facing resistance from the High Council ever since, as Dooku utilized the recruitment of the main villain teams to represent Separatist aims. This universe is in constant conflict ever since and has been monitored by the Cosmic Citadel due to concerns of a would-be-Inter-Dimensional Empire, even more so when the Confederation discovered the shared AUU and usurped the VA of its Starbots and became the new problem of that AUU. Anakin still becomes Vader and the Death Star is still constructed, but by the Confederacy and thankfully is only ever deemed to be a last resort weapon, where the implication of its power scares off any would-be rebellion.
      • United Universe-CIR- A United Universe where the majority of the events of Revenge of the sith still occurred except the Separatist Leaders would survive because Padme arrived earlier to confront Anakin, and by extension Obi-Wan, kicking the climactic duel off early. Because of Obi-Wan's presence, the Separatist leaders made a run for it, but not before that Proggle ordered some droids to pick up Padme upon her discovery. Upon Anakin's defeat, Obi-Wan arrived to find Padme gone and seeing a retreating Separatist ship. Thus, Padme was taken back to Geneosis in symbolic irony. Under Medical Droids, Padme gave birth to young Luke and Leia as she did, then died afterward. Nute would adopt the duo and take them to Cato Neimoidia when the Separatists pushed back Republic presence. Thus, Yoda and Obi-Wan went out of their way to seek the council out, but to negotiate something. In return for the surrender of Luke and Leia to them in due to that human babies are not suited for Neimoidian raising tactics, and that to inform them that Sidious tried to assassinate them in that the Confederacy was just a tool for his ascension to power as Palpatine. Under the condition that Yoda and Obi-Wan convince rising rebellions to side with the confederates, Nute was willing to surrender the two infants. Thus, Leia would still be taken to Aldaran and Luke to Tatooine. However, dramatic differences would occur as because the Confederacy didn't get absolved with the council's death as Sidious intended, his empire was in no less a good shape then the Republic was, as the rebellions that would rise would be directed to collide with the Confederacy, thus making the empire focus more on fighting them, which diverted resources away from the Death Star that never came to existence, along with the Wookies coinciding with the rebellion even at the price of having to share their secrets to their initial conquerors in the Separatists, which resulted in the rebellion having droid backup. All rebellions are being backed by CIS, thus, as a result, upon the inevitable Endor battle, the New Republic allowed the Confederacy to be recotnesed as it's own government.
      • United Universe-Kamino- A united universe where the Kamino Clone Rebelion (Of In-Lore of Star Wars) managed to survive the first time and began taking over Empire Planets. Keep in mind that the Kaminoians are not exactly the nicest aliens ever. In lore would explain that they're perfectionists and authoritarian, and that the reason they rebelled at all was that the Empire was being stingy with money for the clones. The successful Kamino rebellion had lead to the takeover of a majority of worlds which are now subject to "culling", which is technically genocide in the Kaminoians trying to euthanized inperfectioned individuals and genetically modifying what didn't get the permadeath sleep. The Empire ends up another governmental failure while the rebellion ends up too focused on fighting a moot-threat while the Kaminoians are mostly ignored save for exceptions. Thus the Kaminoian clone forces spread throughout the United Universes, doing basically the same thing to discovered worlds. Fortunately, the High Council uses the Kaminoians lust for wealth to keep them at bay from worlds under direct High Council protection, of which is basically an impromptu "Protection Rent Money" to make the Kaminoians hold off the culling of "certain worlds" until the day "The price can't be met", although worlds that are obscured from the High Council, or do not live under direct influence, more than not end up fair-game.
      • United Universe-MinusORDER66- A United Universe where Anakin resisted being tempted by Palpatine and immediately turned him into the senate and the Jedi Order, resulting in a big scandal that crippled the Republic, though the Jedi Order kept imporant battles stable and kept CIS down, especially with the fall of Grievous. Following this, the clones were liberated of the chips connected to "Order 66" and the death of the order was prevented. Granted, with the Sith assured gone, upon a new supreme chancellor's ascension, the Jedi left partaking in the war then afterward, thus resulting in the Republic and Separatists to be on even terms, eventually leading to both sides exhausted and would come to peaceful negotiations to make compromises, that the Confederacy would still get their independence from being completely under the Republic but they would still have to abide by some intergalactic rules. It wasn't a perfect deal, but at this point, the confederates have been made exhausted from the war and decided to resign to the deal.
      • United Universe-ALDARAN- A United Universe where Aldaran avoids destruction because Leia pussied up prematurely before the threat would be made and surrendered Yavin's location. Though otherwise, things are still the same, what changes is that after the victory in Yavin, Leia told Aldaran what the Empire was gonna do, resulting in Aldaran to join the rebellion, leading to a stronger rebellion, which thus, prevented the invasion of Hoth because the increased rebellion became too much, even preventing the production of another Death Star. Eventually, Vader would be captured and trialed, and the Emperor would still vanish into Obscurity.
      • United Universe-0Yavin- A United Universe where basically, it's like the How It Should've Ended Star Wars Parody, where the Death Star blew up the Yavin planet first before the rebellion had a chance to respond, and then did the same to their moonbase, with Han and Chewie the only survivors since they were quick to skip dodge, the two going back to smuggling since. Thus, the empire placed the galaxy into submission, winning the war.... At least until a new rebellion came into existence and used the Death Star Plans to make their own Death Star and destroyed the Empire's, resulting in a vicious cycle where the new-age rebellion became no less of a greater evil than the Empire. The Races of the Star Wars Galaxy had fled beyond it and into the rest of the United Universes ever since.
      • United Universe-I-I0TH- A United Universe that, despite all over-whelming odds, the rebels of Hoth managed to beat back the invading empire forces, which would keep Luke and company together and out of the path for the rest of the film. This breaks the Empire's confidence and any misguided faith they had in the system, leading to a scenario where the Empire-Ruled Worlds broke into more rebellion and chaos. The building of the Second Death Star would never even happen, Vader would be captured on Hoth and trialed (Which still lead to that infamous dramatic reveal of Luke and Leia's REALLY unfortunate heritage), and the Emperor would vanish without a trace, disbanding the Empire. But at the same time, the rebellion's rise as the new republic would turn bittersweet as Leia and Luke would be labeled as outcasts cause of this heritage by the fickle alliance due to Vader's crimes, which ether way still lead Luke to Yoda, only he hung around there much longer as Dagobah would become the site of a new Jedi Order. In bitter irony though, Leia would decide to seek revenge by rebranding a new Confederacy with all the CIS races (Keep in mind SAF doesn't take new canon seriously, so this includes the Genosions) and started a new droid uprising in having reactivated the droid army. Han meanwhile, with Chewie, simply returned to his old habits of being a smuggler, and had eventually paid Jabba off, though not without close calls.
      • United Universe-3nd0r- A United Universe that, though the Second Death Star did get destroyed, the empire had otherwise defeated the rebel alliance and the Ewoks in Endor, resulting in a draw. Though the calvery would eventually arrive and rescue Leia, Han & Chewie from the Empire's Grip. The Emperor still died as did Vader in self-sacrifice, and Luke would still cremate him. The Empire would get a new non-sith emperor, but the Empire's power would start to weaken, as not only do new rebellions pop up, but the CIS races get inspired to start up the Confederacy all over again and got the droid armies up and running again and further became a pain to the dying empire on top of the additional rebellions.
    7. United Mechaverse- The Shared OUU of MechAUU where like it, all worlds of this United Universe suffered a robot uprising and resulted in a united universe of mechanized madness. It got like this because the bots of MechAUU invaded this universe and drastically changed it forever.
    8. Uni-Hybrid- A United Universe where everyone is a Hybrid. Shared with AUU-HIIA.
    9. United Trashheep- A United Universe that is an utter-trash-heap and shared OUU of AUUNK.
    10. United ONG- A united unviere that is shared with AUU'ONG and as such Ong has been able to established albeit mostly minor connections with crime in these United Universes, which in thus forced UIS to established from minor enfluence into this United Universe as well.
    11. United SWIMSUIT- A united universe shared with AUU-131K1 that ended up feeling a minor dose of the incident with their shared AUU and thus has induced it to be a swimsuit heavy socity cause of newfound heavy infactuations to slimmer clothing. This United Universe ended up being restricted as well, but not as aggressively as it's counterpart, rather realm jumper visiters are to be given chemical baths after every visit to stop the spread of what has occured to it.
    12. United R04DR463- The shared AUU of AUU-BREQUTURN where as a consiquence of some criminals from there getting the idea to migrate to these united universes for a break from their UIS, it has sense resulted in this United Universe's native criminals from being indoctranated to their ways, resulting in aggressive crime and by extention a more law heavy High Council.
    13. United R0ZRAX- A shared United Universe of AUU-R0ZRAX where thanks to pilgramages from that AUU, a large majority of worlds of these United Universes became essentually Ferngully inspired socities with science increasinly becoming rarer, though it climbed back to popularity after the Fritz compromising complete trust in just nature and magic alone, balencing things out.
    14. United Retroverse- A shared United Universe of AUU-RETROPIA where it two is infected by the imagination effecting Glitch, but thankfully of a more minor trace thanks to Outer Intervention, but the effects are felt none of the less as advancement takes even longer then it normally would and invention stagnation is more prevelent with just fancier versons of concurrent creations every time.
The Subverse Rows 2
  1. United Universe-3X1L3- A United Universe that was partially the same until it discovered its AUU early via the USRA Races being exiled from the AUU to this universe done so by UIS. As a result, the USRA races decided to make use of a bad situation to reband the USRA and start fresh in these United Universes, this time making sure the bad eggs of their races are kept from screwing everything up again. The United Universe here came to have AUU tec as a result of their influence, which drastically affected many of the events of SAF lore here. For one thing, the High Council welcomed the USRA races under their wings when they had been noticed to have established themselves and revealed their complicated backstories. Thus, as a result, the USRA's AUU tec was adopted by this United Universes, created a grey-area hybrid of typical AUU tec to that of traditional OUU tec standards, of-which in time dramatically affected the lives of the Lougers, their lives, AND even enemies, creating a near-Star Wars-like United Universes sort of feel. Though upon its version of the events of The Land Unknown, the Lougers helping out the AUU that exiled the USRA races from the burdensome but otherwise still relatively contained UUF problem, it gave both the USRA and UIS races a chance to slowly build bridges. It's a rocky process, but it is getting there.
    1. United Universe-DEPEND- Basically like United Universe-3X1L3 where the USRA races reside in the United Universe, but this time of their own intention to evade their AUU's UIS which in their AUU, UIS was founded 50 Years Earlier before the USRA and had canceled out their attempts to found an AUU grown USRA. Thus they left the AUU in looking for greener pastures and brought higher level tec like in 3X1L3, however, it also affected the course of history as they started to make the same unenlightened mistakes that brought the Interuniverseal War and other conflicts, only it involved this United Universes' resident Darkspawn and Villains and other altercations. Thus, the shared AUU's UIS since those times, kept the USRA here on a strict leash ever since.
      • USRA-Universe- Yet another United Universe in where the USRA came to the United Universe like 3X1L3 AND DEPEND, but this time it's because this happened during the early USRA ages sometime after Humans and Cunones won the Vexxomite War. As such the United Universes here began to feel the change brought by USRA presence, however, UIS upon their founding ensured that they came to have a presence here as well and pretty much began subjugated some universe territories to the same isolation practices. Disney, Dreamworks, Warner Bros, Fox, and Nick have mostly heavy USRA Influence, though Fox and Nick have heavily contested territories between that and UIS, whilst UIS has a heavier influence in Miramax, All of the Video Game Universes bare exceptions, The Anime Universes with heavily contested systems, Universal Universes with exceptions, The Majority of MGM with contested systems, and Hasbro being an entirely contested universe with an even half supporting one side over the other. While it's shared AUU remains largely unchanged otherwise, the USRA had only collapsed in the AUU while the USRA in the United Universe stayed stable, if largely thanks to High Council influence, while otherwise the events it experiences are largely the same, due exception with the USRA and UIS existing within them. Though in this universes' events of the Second Cartoonian War of the OUU, the USRA and UIS of these universes became complicated allies in having a shared foe in the Darkspawn which had proven no respect for neither alliance and non-discriminately attack any world in any universe, prompting the two to work together. Apart from some head-butting in philosophy and standards, along with old wounds being brought back in, both the USRA and UIS races began to have a better understanding with eachother, which by the Second Cartoonian War's end in the OUU, this translated to the rest of them in the AUU to get along better as well, thus it resulted in UIS helping to get the USRA back together, granted with fickle conditions to make sure it doesn't destroy itself with self-entitlement and greed again, which alcourse included the early era UIS goals, but it was met with acceptable compromises. However, the events came after is where things get different. The VA still occurs, but this time they bare direct connections with the villain teams of the OUU, thus they couldn't be easily disbanded, and with League influence, they had readily available access to resurrections. Fortunately, this AUU's version of the events of "The Land Unknown" still lead to a major defeat, though in absence of disbansion, the VA simply began to lose territories and thus had to bunk with their OUU partners. Heck, even the thing with Qui and Cynder had changed to that the two were more aware of eachother and knew what they were, but otherwise both were still redeemed, though Qui, in this case, was extra hard to do so cause the VA's recruitsion was more moral-ish in that Cynder's family weren't mindlessly slaughtered, as simply, Xerxes here drafted Qui into within return to her family being unaffected, which is likely attributed to the fact that while the OUU villain teams are still, well, villains, they introduced "Evil with Standards" to the shared AUU's villains, thus basically the VA was molded to be like an OUU villain team, though exceptions like Gordon still apply, however, they were handled better than traditionally and anything grievous like what Gordon did was quickly corrected with mass resurrections.
      • UIS-Universe- An United Universe where Early Era UIS discovered the United Universe before it's AUU's time with it's VA problems, thus UIS began to establish itself as a revered super-power to the United Universe and mass independence was the norm, forever altering life in this universe. Thus, UIS was able to pack extra force on halting it's AUU's USRAifying rise and changed the course of history for both UUs.
The Qurratined Zones
  1. United Parasiteiverse- A United Universe suffering from 3rd world problems and the worse infestation of parasites imaginable. Realm Jumper forces have cut-off access to this united universe and had prevented any and all beings to be able to go or leave this realm.
    • United Zomverse- Basically the united universe where everyone is a zombie. Essentially it's the arbitrary "Zombie Universe" like what Marvel has going on where it is nothing but the undead. Survivor societies had to resort to going underground or retreat to the shared AUU which is thankfully capable to keep any risk of infection coming forth, even being subjected to have AUU forces routinely commit to Zombie Extermination projects along the way. Even so, the AUU isn't just accepting refugees out of the goodness of its heart. It is there, but it is also because the Zomverse has a risk of the zombies being utilized by the VA, thus these things are happening to prevent that. Thus, this is the one (If not part of a minority next to Parasiteiverse) infected united universe of the infected rim not under threat of Xzar extermination, if mostly, due to the fact the infection is already being balanced out.
    • United Lastiverse- A United Universe where the fungus zombies of the Last of Us had spread allover these universes. It too is held under the expectation of being destroyed by a-Xzar under Outer God Scrutiny cause of the state of the infection.
    • United Floodiverse- A United Universe where the Flood from the Halo Games have managed to spread beyond the Halo Worlds and started to plague other worlds. The Outer Gods are especially weary of this United Universe and are prepared to use a-Xzar to devour this universe if need be.
    • United Necroverse- A United Universe suffering from the Necromorpth Crisis of the Dead Space games. The Outer Gods are paying VERY close attention to this United Universe and are prepared to utilize a-Xzar to devour the universe to prevent the Markers from spreading interdimentionaly.
    • United Xenomoverse- A United Universe where the Xenomorph Species have infested half of the United Universes and are still spreading. The Outers are weary of this universe as well and are prepared to have a-Xzar devour this universe should the infestation be unresolved, if not gotten worse.
    • United RE- A United Universe where the Umbrella Corporation has a large influence, thus resulting in its zombies and mutated abominations being a far greater problem in these universes, often resulting in the villain teams and some Indies to utilize these such monsters, resulting in some worlds to be forever ruined by such actions. Thus, the Outer Gods are monitoring this United Universe because Umbrella alone is LITERALLY playing with fire being a near-Inter-Dimensional Empire in some way with its too expansive influence.
    • United Bugsnaxiverse- A United Universe under an extreme infection of the Bugsnax, cutsy bug-food hybrids that operate on a eusocial hivemind and operate in a parasitic lifestyle in order to procreate. The creatures had managed to completely take over their native planet and were able spread to more and more worlds. In cause of the underestimatingly terrifying power of the Bugsnax, the Outers have put this realm under especially aggressive structiny, yet Xzar intervention hasn't been authorized due to the concern that the Bugsnax could infect Outers as well, so it was instead quarantined with an Outer Energy Bubble that cuts off this universe's ability to interact with ANYTHING since, even it's unaffected shared AUU. Of the other infected United Universes, this one is the most aggressively cut off as any portal that could lead to it is to be cut off and prevented of interaction with extreme prejudice by Realm Jumper groups.
The Off-Reaches
  1. United Universe-11Alliences- The shared OUU of AUU-8Alliences, where the 11 Universes based on big brand-name-medias are as competitive to eachother as their company names. Thus each universe has its own High Council and members. Heavy border restrictions apply to each of these universes, and the already strict standards about meddling in the affairs of worlds are still very strong here, if not made more restrictive to those, not of the same universes, though exceptions are allowed to those native to the actual universes. United is a very loose term here. Although Disney and Fox did came to have closer connections in recent years, albeit certain worlds that don't match Disney's child-friendly nature are still off-limits to interact with. Still, sometimes in some circumstances, these universes do interact abit, but only based on real-life corporate dealings.
  2. United Universe-W3AP10N- A United Universe where weapons like Intensifivers are largely more commonplace and had never been banned, resulting in a largely more gun-hoe United Universe.
  3. United Universe-RWBY- The United Universe where RWBY has a far greater presence in it, resulting in the villain teams bearing Grims as the main bulk of their armies and heroes being Grim Hunters. Series antagonist Salem has top villain status here, one almost worthy of Darkspawn ascension, thus she bares an infamous reputation in this universe.
  4. United Moroniverse- A United Universe where everyone is an idiot here. Nuff said. It is often a popular target of Dummy Catchers, alongside it's shared AUU.
  5. United Snakeaverse- The Shared United Universe of AUU-Snake. It's where all sentient folks are snakes or at least serpent-eqsed.
  6. OF-6000- A False-United Universe with no Companion AUU that is a shape-shifting United Universe-Sized cosmic construct that mimics a dimension-hopper's native dimension, but it is actually a realm filled with all sorts of Inrealm-Outs that collect and capture such outsiders to convert into more anominalians. Quarantined by Outer Force with the aide of Dimension-Jumping groups containing any possible connected portal.
    • OF-371-Verse- a copy United Universe where a near-similar deity from the 093 lore bestowed the original version of the stone and lead to a technological rise, but instead of being hyper-religious, the futuristic societies are hyper-atheist, having acknowledged that the "Deity" is, in fact, a god-level Anominalian and bare a good understanding of Anominalians. The society does, however, have an extreme aversion to villainy, they created Machines resemblent of the Tripods from War of the Worlds that hunt for villains and "Eliminate the Flaws of the Past", the society obsessed with justice and perfection. The Society is currently facing a rebellion problem cause of a resistance group that wants to allow free-will and had managed to make some of the Society's machines realize the irony of the society's approach and have turned on the society. Outer Force has been secretly benufacting this resistance in concern that the Society has near inter-dimensional imperial qualities and the copy universe is at risk of Outer scrutiny, so the society's power needs to be curbed and balanced. It is also like OUU-AUU in that it fused with its AUU Companion, which added to the techno boom it was already having.
Capital Section
  1. AUU-PRIME- The Shared AUU of UU-Prime. Basically, the same principles apply.
  2. AUU-CRIME- The Shared AUU of the Mafiaverse. This AUU's CrimeTech merged with it's Globex and both heroes and villains rely on crimes against eachother to defeat eachother and both share the same "CrimeGlobex" weaponry. It got this way cause the Great Stagnation never ended and caused early USRA disbansion because crime got too much and the USRA races had to surrender authority to UIS, which started a prohibition-era against USRA tec, thus explaining the existence of CrimeGlobex.
  3. AUU-NetFlix- The Shared AUU of the Netflixverse. It's otherwise the complete same thing only with acknowledgment of the Netflix characters.
  4. AUU-GLOBEX- The Shared AUU of the Busiverse. Like it, it's Globex basically managed to buy-out the AUU, save for UIS territories and Isolated Systems, and the USRA races became heavy-business-based politician corporates, whereas the VA adopted Communism principles and UIS some anti-corpreactic beliefs, so you can imagine that Technopoly DIFFIDENTLY can't survive in THIS AUU, even before the Exo-Wars became a thing yet! Even it's Coraacks are behind UIS on restricting the power of business given what they are like themselves, arguing that "It's one thing for a planet to be ruled by business, it's another for the universes to do that", as a businesscratic USRA races are deemed arguably worse than traditional USRA races. Its USRA is technically still around, granted it was merged into Globex and became the "GUSRA". Globex was also able to survive better against the Exo-Wars incident and avoided nearly shutting down thanks to its near-universal buyout paying back nicely well, but it still had to pay for the consequences of the Exo-Wars, it just simply handled it better than usual.
    • AUU-SansGlobex- An AUU with a samey past up to the Exo Wars, but instead, Globex would remain a defunct company even when the following wars had came forth because the controversey with Globex's actions are just too much to ignor for the denizens of this AUU. As a result, the USRA races failed to prevent planets from being taken away and conqured by the figures of the wars, further cementing that the USRA's legacy was a failed pipedream already tainted by the controversy. As a result, Alpha Universe is now devided to empires of the strongest races, balenced out only by UIS terratories, as such the Bullarns still ended up not being able to get at the Swactyls cause of UIS protection, the Vikors essentually took over the entire Beta Universe (At least the parts of which they wanted or were not under UIS protection or that of untouchable rivals), Gamma and Delta save for UIS terratories fell to further disorrway then what was already set for them, Epsilon Universe would at the very least hang in there until the VA effectively takes over everything not under UIS protection and/or a stronger race the VA had rather not poked at, and as such VA influence was restricted to Epsilon since it was considered that "99.7% of a single universe is acceptable enough" since cause of the USRA races being so powerless and that other universes are essentually under newage management or UIS intervention that they just saw no further reason to aggrovate things apart from small terratories, in which would allow the VA to be able to survive this AUU's verson of events with "The Land Unknown" with the worse loss being the comtemporary loss of Xerxes, though they would eventually still lose Qui to her reforming, but Qui would have to be put under continuious protection from the VA in this AUU's shared OUU whilst it is under contemporary management, but thankfully they're not in an extreme rush cause of otherwise VA rule remains stable, Zeta completely falls into UIS thanks to the Sea Krows feeing the Ziseryins to join UIS and effectively taken over Zeta single handedly, Eta straight up fell to Pharcum and Grutt takeover, while Theta essentually falls to complete Crowne Ownership, albeit the Crownes are made to obey UIS law. The USRA races are now pretty much obscure minorites remembered only by the UIS races who bare a stern "I told you so" attatude at the USRA races for their failure, all because everyone thought that Globex was too irredeemable to bring back even in war times.
  5. AUU-ICK- The Shared AUU of the Ickyverse. All AUUians are Icars. Because of shared Icky-like personas and that they're usually chill unless provoked, conflicts are rare too.
  6. AUU-LEG- The Shared AUU of the Bootlegverse. Imagine this place looking like Turkish Star Wars or any Star Wars clone movie you can think of, and you got the AUU-LEG. It is also a subsidiary of the Memeverse.
  7. AUUuage- The Shared AUU of United Languageverse where in-cause of the failure of teaching Usabothian (AUU English) to the wider universes, every race in the AUU speaks separate languages. Translator drones are just widely more common.
Midsection Sector
  1. AUU-0H- An AUU where Humans were unable to defeat Magistraight Rules and the Vexxmites congured the Cunones effortlessly, then began to join forces with, and winning over, the many, many hostile races to forge a mega-alliance of conquest. This AUU is ALSO under heavy Outer-God scrutiny to the point that Xzar-intervention would be threatened.
    • AUU-NVD- An AUU where the Humans still got to advance but lost to the Vexxmites in the war and the Cunones lose their home planet, becoming bitter messes that basically threaten to get a due rematch with the Vexxmites in spite of a peace treaty with their former allies. The USRA never happens and UIS experiences a radical change here.
  2. AUU-RUUR- An AUU where it is more like the OUU and it's shared OUU is like the AUU. The Exhaeons are like the Darkspawn and the Darkspawn the Exhaeons, the Grand Council like the High Council and the High Council the Grand Council, among other extreme reverseo-changeos.
    • R-AUU- A Reversed roles AUU where the VA exists as moral liberators while the HA are Conquesting Dark Crusading Tyrants barely able to maintain a corrupt government destined to fall. An AUU where corporate corruption went uncheck and cruelty was the norm, the Reverse VA aimed to purify the troubled realm, and sure enough, are succeeding with time.
  3. AUU-SUP3R- The Shared AUU of SUP3R, but with all AUUians as Eonians
    • AUU-0SUP3R- The Shared AUU of United Universe 0SUP3R, of which like it, the AUU equivalent of Superiors, the Eonians, are also a popular work of comic book fiction. The Eonians also have their own TV shows and Cinematic Universe.
  4. AUU-G3ND3R- The shared AUU of United Universe G3ND3R and basically the same thing, everyone here has the opposite gender.
  5. AUU-CGIAN1IME- The shared AUU of United Universe AN1ME, but more so like CGI-Anime with heavy sci-fi elements (Naturally) and often the more super-serious kind of anime as suppose to UU-AN1ME's more generally silly nature.
  6. Pre-OUU-AUU-AUU Space- The empty space of where the AUU that merged with its OUU companion that has laid dormant ever since the merge.
  7. AUU-BC- An AUU where things are still in a prehistoric era due to a quantum glitch that prevents imagination from forming, though the magic flow works just fine. This glitch is still being addressed by the Outers as we speak.
    • AUU-20th- The shared AUU of United Universe-MIDEV, but, cause of the AUU's quick advancement, their version of the mideveil ages, is more in line with being in the 20th century. Here, the AUU had stayed in the era inbetween Before Kraan and Before Beginning of Common Era, due to the existence of a VA-like Tec-restrictive force reckitnesed as the "Era Stagnation Regime" in thanks to a powerful fear of robot overlords, as such, things are kept to the level of the 20th centaury with the only advanced exceptions being the likes of Teadr 1 races, who the Regime exiled into a time void statis dimension to prevent their intervention.
    • AUU-BULLET-The Shared AUU of United Universe-VV32T where it still as advanced tech but everyone still use bullet-guns. Not even cause of restrictions, but rather a strong preference to gunpowder ammunition.
  8. AUU-WATE- Obviously the shared AUU of United Universe-WATE. The same rules apply.
  9. AUU-SKY- Obviously the shared AUU of United Universe-A1R3A. The same rules apply.
  10. AUU-CG- The Shared AUU of United Universe-Ink, but represented by computer-generated graphics.
  11. AUU-1- The Shared AUU of United Universe-1 where Dreamworks is the corporate owner, thus everything has a Dreamworks feel.
    • AUU-2- The Shared AUU of United Universe-2 where Disney is the owner of this AUU, thus everything has a sort've Disney idea of the future (Look at Meet the Robinsons) and feel of disneyness.
The Subverse Rows 1 (AUUs)
  1. HAUU- An AUU where the VA mostly came up normally, but it's HA managed to end up successful, so much so that even when the VA took them seriously as they did in other AUUs, where even Gyrax failed. Cause of it, the HA got to be involved in full in this AUU's version of "The Land Unknown", which while the VA is still an acknowledged threat, they weren't able to be as horrible as traditionally, which meant that the scars the VA did manage to leave will heal quicker than-normally in AUUs, though Jenovis is still the deepest and less easily healed wound.
    • AUU-HA'Plus- Like HAUU but overtly more favorable for the HA. An AUU where the VA made the mistake of not taking the Grand Council's building of the Heroes Act seriously, ergo they never recruited Commander Gygax to disrupt something the VA never took seriously, which prevented the VA's incentive to censor rising heroes as they come, thus resulting in the HA being made stronger then it was conventionally in the majority of other AUUs, while also giving the VA an even worse fallout effect come the arrest of Tex and further loss of controlled planets then it did. It had even lead to the capture of several secret founders and high-ranked VA members, Xerxes included. By the late years, the VA finally began to take the hero uprising seriously, but it was too late to correct the damage as the HA proved too much to Gygax, and because they never took the HA seriously, they didn't bother going after Issac L. Carlyle, thus resulting in why the HA was more successful in taking down VA occupations, though there were close considerations to do so cause he was also giving bombs to non-HA factions, but the fact he was primarily a benefactor of the HA killed off any earnestly serious desires cause it was at a time where they still weren't taken seriously, and clearly they paid the price for that neglect. The VA was being in shambles, it saw the rise of infighting between certain villains that broke off from the main group to form VA-like groups and began to do their own thing, remaining secret founders ditched the dying group as did other higher ranks, Eagle-Beak came and taken Qui back to the shared OUU, and by its version of "The Land Unknown", with Xerxes absent due to being priorly defeated and arrested, it was instead about getting the humans back into the AUU and became the final crushing blow to the already crumbling VA with the capture of Kafar and the final clash with loyalist members. As a result, because of how great the HA became on their own, Louger interventions are rarer, but not always out of the question when it is a big concern, as things like the Mieber situation still occurs.
    • AUU-M1R1A- An AUU where Maverick wasn't pocessed by Morte, where apawn discovery of the Leader Initiative rig being discovered, it went immediately to Miria as leader of the HA. It had lead to the HA to become extremely millaterifived and less like themselves ever since. However, this would come to be controversial in of itself cause now the HA became unresponsive drones of their former glory, and this upseted friends and family. Thus, Miria was relieved of the HA position, and having been left bitter, she simply just went to be her own hero.
    • AUUCASASHI- An AUU where Maverick still wasn't pocessed by Morte, where Ucasashi didn't called-out Vancer's behavior by virtue of Vancer not being an idiot and acknowledged that he wasn't the one that had to touch Psyco Farmer's Nail-Jar. Thus the HA turned into an extremely Honor-Bound Group. However, when villains started to use that honor against them and making them choose between arresting them at the cost of the lives of hostages or letting them escape in return for saving lives, that ended up opening up a path of a new VA. Ucasashi was discharged for making the HA held too much back by honor. Ucasashi made peace that perhaps it just wasn't his place to be a leader.
    • AUU-H0PSTAR- An AUU with an unpocessed Maverick where Hopstar didn't get TOO mad at Libby for misguided sympathy (Other then stern advice), and got to be given leader position. Hopstar got immediately to work to toughen up the HA and made them as pitiless to villains as he is. However, the HA ended up brutalizing a rogue Phend with the most sympathetic backstory ever and ended up being called out for it. Thus, not only is Hopstar discharged, leaving him to simply go back to "What (He's)" Good At", being a bounty hunter, but the HA disbanded cause of controversy of harming someone of a hot button issue race, resulting to a slow climb of a New-Age VA.
    • AUU-VETA- An AUU also with an unpocessed Maverick where Veta didn't chewed-out Hudson for taking out the target too soon (At least nothing more serious than a snarky joke) and was given leadership-position. She ended up turning the HA into the most over-marketed thing in the AUU, merchandizes were everywhere, even of the most pointless verity. Alas, the HA's rut was completely unchanged otherwise and the HA became further a joke, only now an overtly marketed joke. It got to the point that planets decided it was better to handle problems on their own, leading to the rise of successions under UIS' banner. Veta was discharged for mismanagement of leadership position. Veta still maintains a friendship with Hudson, though now she bares bitterness about group'd heroes at all and decided to just stick in her own hero.
    • AUU-MinusHA- An AUU where Calixto failed to get the HA up and running in the Grand Council under a multitude of factors, the primaries being: that in this AUU, the VA was able to get at impourent assets of the Trope before they froze, faith in such an idea was at an all-time low, and simply because the name of "The Heroes Act" was too on-the-nose and didn't wanted to play the VA's game. Thus, the Grand Council was pretty much limited to mere millaterry soldiers, which ALREADY had proved to be failing to stop the expansion. This made the VA more relax about the occasional hero that would show up because of the Grand Council's proven incompetence, lest they prove dangerious in their own right, which either way the VA had no need to try and censor their existence because the HA plan never went up. Calixto would end up being an embittered member of the Grand Council growing increasingly angered at his colleges as more and more planets get congured, save for lucky exceptions. The Grand Council would end up falling apart to an ambitious VA invasion on a year before it's events of "The Land Unknown". Even with the rescue by the Lougers, the AUU was without a serious government, and Calixto was lost in the invasion. The USRA races were forced to surrender this AUU to UIS to re-teach the systems' independence after how incompetently the Grand Council allowed it's own doom to happen, which lead to the mass arrest of VA remnants and exposed Secret Founders, with Humans placed under exile into the Tranquility Zone for having ran-away when they were needed most, with the portal destroyed so they can never come back. Thus, with UIS getting their personal goals met and placing every USRA member race under special planetary probations, the AUU is once again thriving under independence, the USRA legacy forever deemed a misstep in history and people questioning "Why it was allowed to happened?".
The Subverse Rows 2 (AUUs)
  1. VAUU- An AUU where the VA has taken over the USRA territories and most undecideds, prompted contested systems and other territories to all join under UIS for protection. Because of UIS being made stronger, the VA's power is still balanced out, though otherwise, it is an increasingly dystopian AUU in that the VA is still being a terrible experience here. Even in its version of The Land Unknown, at most the Lougers still can succeed in defeating Xerxes, it is made rather moot cause of Glowrod's resurrection tanks, but it does lead to escaping slaves to retreat to it's shared OUU for safety, resulting in a major refugee situation. Though the VA's power is balanced out and UIS ensures this AUU's UUF are kept from getting any particularly stupid ideas, the Outers are keeping a stern eye on this AUU.
    • AUU-GVA- The Alternate United Universes where the VA turned more moral cause of Tex being able to avoid the conspiracy of having him captured and his subsequent take-over upon a great revolt against the Secret Founders. The VA transformed into a radically more peaceful group and became an accepted 3rd Alliance, albeit of a non-racial scale.
    • AUU-Y8RG3- The Alternate United Universes where Yarge revolted against the VA more smartly but was then slain by Xerxes with Naaar mercs. This AUU became a realm infested with survival driven raiders as UIS slowly but surely aims to restore stability back into the crumbled anarchical universe while protecting still stable systems from such raiders.
    • AUU-EVG- An extremely Utopian AUU in-cause of Mooku being able to bring the Equarians into the VA, which lead to their influence making the VA more moral, thus they avoided missing out on Gex and Vert tec, even having managed to win Jaxtom over, as the VA turned into the Vert Alliance and resolved all major conflicts in originally meant to be one of them.
    • AUU-3STAT3- The AUU where Hija Tecna managed to secure victory about removing the Eramish and became prime-boss of the AUU for being proven right about the crystals being able to stop the VA in where planets are treated like privileges, not birthrights. The Outer Gods heavily monitor this universe for its risky potentional to become an Inter-Dimensional Empire because of its power.
    • AUU-P1J1X- A Near-Identical but still darker off-set of an AUU where Pijix was able to have a far better standing and presence in the VA then he actually did, with gruesomely dark and near-Interdimensional Empire inducing results.
    • AUU-XZAMA- The shared AUU of United Universe KEYB, where it too shares a heavier influence to Kingdom Hearts in thanks to it's VA making that infamous aim at Xzama of this universe and unleashed a Kingdom Hearts problem into the AUU, with the original VA leadership usurped by Leader Xzama Noiheart and turning the VA villains into Seeker Servents, which shredded the VA of this AUU of their "Petty" goals and made them all about seeking out the Great Cycle. As a result, UU-KEYB's intervention lead to the most Kingdom Heartsy showdown ever witnessed, as these united universes shared a greater connection than the standard.
    • AUU-QRR- The AUU where Qui was able to stop Gordon from destroying the Rotords and became a cult hero, even at the face of her arrest, resulting in them to become fanaticized to swore to avenge Qui and threaten a new VA, to only be quelled by the annexing powers of UIS and their recruited allies in the Rotords creators, the Priemens.
    • AUU-HPA- The AUU where the HPA was able to survive the VA's devastating tactics and disband the VA, avoiding such themselves and would proceed to keep the AUU stable as intended. As such, things are relatively calm here and all conflicts and problems known in SAF canon, the HPA dealt with.
    • AUU-3QUAR1AN- An AUU where the Equarians joined the VA willingly. That's because in the time prior, the HPA and Grand Council were EXTRA-NASTY about Mooku's actions and did more then took a hand from him, they also took a leg, an eye, and half a face. They also went too far in hurting and arresting Princess Shade for defiance, prompting a violent reaction from Queen Caelestis and made her kill some HPA agents, even giving Warson a nasty scar and rendering him fearful of Equarians, prompting a cowardly retreat. With Mooku and Shade healed and recovered, not only did they resume their advancement towards Teadr 1 within months after the fiasco to spite the Grand Council and HPA, but when Mooku took the VA to Equara, it did not disappear as Caelestis did not have attempted to do the ritual at all, instead willingly embraced the VA. Save for events Caelestis prevented like Gordon's actions or that of Blacker's, the VA still went as it mostly did, with a key difference in that come the VA's twilight years, Caelestis recruited Cruel Fate to supply the Omnicorns, which cured the VA of it's Twilight Blues and into a new era. Thus, on the year before the final one, the Omnicorns destroyed the Grand Council and slain the Main Councilors but a coincidentally absent Jling Sling, who the secret founders claim had "Gone into hiding and would remain that way", while Minor Ones were captured, some set for execution while others were "Lucky" to end up slaves, ensuring a VA victory and automatic rule over all planets within USRA territories, forcing the USRA races to surrender. However, on the final year in a time before the Lougers would arrive, the Equarianised VA, for all their power, were no match for UIS, especially when the Grandmind liberated the Omnicorns from Cruel's control, resulting in an unstoppable Omnicorn revolt and the defeat of many of the VA's villains, with the capture of the Secret Founders, Qui, most other high ranked officials but Xerxes (At least until this AUU's version of "The Land Unknown"), and Mooku and Caelestis. UIS is now re-teaching independence to a broken AUU while the USRA races become pariahs and outcasts for what occurred with Equara, the humans condemned to exile to the Tranquility Zone after the arrest of Kafar by the Neohumans, and the Equarians put under the path of redemption by the ascended Princess Shade's leadership, apawn the Equarians being put under planetary probation by UIS, under strict Vyran watch, whilst their Teadr 1 gifts are being taken from them by said Vyrans, while Mooku and Caelestis are held in Alpha Station with other VA officials, Qui eventually exiled to the shared OUU apawn High Council Request.
    • AUU-V3RT- An AUU where the VA's attempt to go after Vert tec and VertSpek proved even more disastrous, but more onto the VA. VertSpek, like in EVG, played it smarter, where instead of prematurely seeking out Boing, VertSpek recorded the conversation, and live-streamed it before the public, exposing Boing, getting the Vertse and Helsen families to turn on Boing, then had the Vertbots capture and arrest him, this time any painful damage onto him is pardoned and considered warranted. Thus, it made the Vertse and Helsen families less like competitive rivals and into serious friends, as the controlled systems under Vertse and Helsen banners began to become powerful allies against the VA. Vertbots proved more superior to the Starbots, even with every new line introduced. Thus, in-2 years earlier before the Lougers would come, the Vertbots would invade Peerbon and bring down the VA single-handedly, resulting in all villains captured for justice. But prior to that, the Vertbots had captured Roboface during his trouble-making in Axthone, since he was the one who was going to make Boing betray the two families, thus, in return for letting the Grand Council deal with the rest of the VA as they would see fit apawn capture, that they let Roboface face the two families' own brand of justice. Thus in the VA's aftermath, Roboface was given the ultimate indignity: being turned into a robot. Thus, Vert tec became much more widespread, and VertSpek merging with the Omninet, so to ensure safety into this AUU from here on out. Boing though, was allowed to be on a path of redemption and make up for being nearly strong-armed into betraying the Vertse and Helsens, Boing being mostly forgiven since he wasn't a malicious or traitorous person, just too weak-kneed for leadership at best.
    • AUU-93X- An AUU where the negotiations between Qui and the Gex Oppressor Core's leader, Overlord Ae Poex, went more smoothly then traditionally in most other AUUs. Though Poex still makes clear that he doesn't have to LIKE supporting the VA's "Nonsense" and that he is entitled to change his mind when seen fit, the promise of being able to defeat his enemies in the Gex Warrior Core had at least won him over "Atad"..... Though eventually, Poex came to be a more willful friend of the VA in thanks to building a friendship with General Tex, which resulted in Poex warning Tex that Blacker was bad news and thus Tex avoided making him his partner, thus the Clast situation ended more peaceful then it would've been. Poex even offered a more competent spy to monitor Aero's mission against the Thunder Chasers, resulting in Hudson being court marticaled and jailed, and the VA able to bring down the Thunder Chasers at their most vulnerable and cripple the bird side of the Animal Square Alliance, thus in addition of Aero being awarded-with the safe return of his family with no further incident outside of pariah status as a traitor, it also canceled out Tokath's conspiracy, resulting on him in being booted out of the Secret Founders and exposed anonymously by Wuiffle apawn her discovery that the attempt was even CONSIDERED! As a result, the VA maintained its Tex Era standards and never ended up having Twilight Years of downfalls, save for things that can't be helped. Poex even eventually saw the downfall of Rhaedock and the Warrior core, solidifying his reign on Xirya. However, though the VA had alot of Gex access, they still couldn't survive the inevitable end in this AUU's version of "The Land Unknown", as the VA still crumbled...... As what it was. Because of maintaining moral balance in their evilness, VA remnants still asided with the Secret Founders, Tex was around to ensure Qui kept her priorities straight, and Poex was offered Tokath's former seat as a new secret founder, the VA reborned and rebranded as "Oppressed Avengers", the OA. Though the discovery of Qui's truth still occurred, Tex kept Qui on the side of the OA, making reforming Qui in this AUU an ongoing process, though it did result in Eagle-Beak and others in joining the OA. The OA would last up until this AUU's version of events in "Invasion of the Gex Oppressors", where Poex's tragic reasons are finally understood, resulting in a peaceful surrender and the OA finally without their powerhouse, alot of them surrendering as well, even the finally forfeited and redeemed Qui.
    • AUU-AW320M3- An AUU where everything still played out as normally uptil the VA's twilight years and the time of negotiations with Awesome Jaxtom. Though he still deemed the VA something passe and destined to wain like an outdated fad, VA negotiators managed to sway him enough to want to help out the VA. Thing is, Jaxtom had a price the VA, in its troubled times, wasn't yet aware of nor was prepared for. The Robots he supplied were secretly ordered to corrupt the Starbots and cause them to only be loyal to Jaxtom, causing the Starbot revolt onto the VA, leading to Qui and the Secret Founders captured and sold out to the Grand Council. Jaxtom decided to make himself look good to the universes by being the guy that slain the VA and took over a newfound private army of Starbots, which he wasn't afraid to use against his various resistance problems. Thus, Jaxtom took advantage of his high status and began to give out the Urdian tec throughout the systems, resulting in mass Teadr 1 Uprisings. However, when the Lougers arrived, it was Jaxtom that ended up being faced and apawn his sad truth discovered, Jaxtom ended up being pacified and had surrendered the system. Now the Grand Council controls the Starbots that were donated to them apawn Jaxtom's pacification, resulting in a grand redesigning and reprogramming. Meanwhile, UIS got to work to curb "The Jaxtom Effect" of the worlds that prematurely Teadr 1'd and reclaimed the tec. Jaxtom isn't too bothered with this surprisingly. He mainly wanted the Urdian Tec to be shared and embraced. Anything afterwards is "Just Life", being happier the Urdian tec wasn't wasted at all, better it be used abit before "Big Brother UIS yonks it away" than not at all. That said, Jaxtom did become unafraid to become a stark and powerful critic of UIS, one that even UIS's highest leaders can't touch thanks to his fame of bringing down the VA.
    • AUU-ADORA- An AUU where Doc Gearhard was approached by the VA in the middle of the Tex Era and was cohersed into being with the VA, in return for the defeat of the Obors, which the VA more than granted. However, Gearhard decided that the Starbots deserved better owners in seeing how the VA typically treats them, not helping that he heard about Roboface, a netourious bot hating idiot, was a member at some point. So he connected the Starbots to his Mainframe of Life and influenced the Starbots to turn on the VA and disband them, turning them into robots. Gearhard, with his newfound army and with the Obors that were current threats gone and leaving any obscure to him alone, went out of his way to convert all beings into robots. This AUU is under Outer God Scrutiny as a result, being monitored in an event of Inter-Dimensional Imperialisum.
    • AUU-JOMOS'VA- The AUU where Zealord had decided to benufact the VA with Jomosian Tec and basically become a dirty hypocrite about his own law, effectively having the realijustus side of Jomos side with the VA, leading to the Betrayed Grand Council to back and fund the UARA all the way through, still leading to a long conflict, but only up until recently when Zealord was finally brought to justice by the UARA.
    • AUU-MinusVA- An AUU where the VA, simply never happened. The would've been secret founders, though hateful of their situations, never gotten into the idea of starting a villain group because they're wary of their reputations (or what shamble of it is left) and simply had just chosen to behave themselves. This doesn't nessersarly prevent certain threats, as Gordon would still attempt to terrorize races that were involved with the Vandora conflict, but he would never be even minorly successful. He does release the Poi-Son mist on Xenaros, but it would still turn out that all it did was made the planet and it's natives ugly sometime later, causing Gordon to just violently give up and kill himself in rage quitting. Alongside this were threats that were independently existent without the VA, whether before, during or after it. It would still have the events of "The Land Unknown", but Xerxes would be your run-of-the-mill angry dictator and wouldn't be AS successful at attacking Sea Squirrels as he did with a VA. He would still do damage, but nothing a still existent HPA wasn't there to ease and quell. Qui was never dragged into this AUU, which also affected the shared OUU in some way.
The Subverse Rows 3 (AUUs)
  1. AUU-USURP'A- An AUU where the Maverick Situation never happened because Maverick was able to capture Monte quickly enough and avoided the storm's merging effects. Thus Maverick here was able to keep the HA position and thus no conflict arose from such. However, as a result, it would cancel out the HA operation of the UIS Identity Stories because, again, Maverick being possessed by Monte drove them to seek out Marses, with resulted in them wanting to do UIS missions. This in layman's terms, on top of changes to known conflicts, either being unresolved or would get dealt with differently, this had allowed the USURP'A conspiracy to survive.... At least until it would actually succeed and lead to the rise of the planned Secessionist Isolated System States of Intergalactic Equalizers, or SISSIE as an unintentionally humorous acronym. Let's be honest, even if this conspiracy was successful, do you seriously believe that UIS is gonna sit down and let those isolated Systems get USRA-ifived? HELL, NO! If anything, Worm McSinep and the other figures of the group only succeeded in triggering UIS into a destructive warpath! On top of UIS over-whelming the secessioned systems and capturing the USRA advocates of those worlds, UIS forces began to invade USRA worlds and that of fledgling UUF planets in the midst of an unstoppable tantrum, leading to the fall, collapse and the destruction of the Federations and all USRA-friendly groups and the take over of all USRA-based territories, especially those of heavy points of interest, I.E. the takeovers of Pharagu and Lyrma Solo as obvious examples. Thus, when UIS inevitably won, the USRA races were exiled from the AUU into it's shared OUU, Worm, Terminus, and Cruelron, were executed as leaders, with other members having mixed fates of either dying in the conflict, captured to either be imprisoned or executed or would go into hiding living in eternal regret of their hand in doing more harm than good. Zeoa would be among the survivors of the failed SISSIE movement, and cause of her age, she was spared any fate that is typically brought to the adults. Zeoa was returned to the Atont homeworld, but, surprisingly, she was welcomed as the predictor of a disaster they should've taken seriously, thus was made worthy of future-status of being Gerent as an heir. Clyklor, Amberous, Qio, Con Astra, Taka and Botriff ended up being the most violent of the conflicts, Clyklor being the barbaric planet that had to be fought with the toughest and equally brutal Bulla and Vyran soldiers, Amberous because Duelious was exposed as really being Skoranon, a rogue Skorner, thus causing a small civil war within an already serious conflict between the betrayed secessionists and Duelious, Qio ended up being destroyed by Defilus because UIS forces would not back down from the planet, with Defilus and Dox hunted down sometime later into the war, Con Astra being subjugated to Project: Soul-Searcher cause of Braico gaining too much influence and thus is subjugated to the same Brainiacaazk Theopy Station as all inhabitance of the planet, Taka became another Civil War site cause of Bob Stinkfeet having quickly defected from SISSIE as his UIS-favoring roots were revealed, and Botriff, faced destruction by OV, who still betrayed his creator and the UUF and destroyed it, and then Usurpia then after, crippling SISSIE of UUF support. OV then destroyed himself in figuring UIS would deem him a threat, so he decided to save UIS the trouble of destroying him by flying straight into the sun. This AUU is forever scarred and broken, the USRA legacy forever damned by all, save for broken and isolated loyalists, as independence became an accepted way of life and the USRA's legacy became taboo history, punishable with automatic imprisonment without trial.
    1. Art-UU- The AUU left forever changed by what It's UIS had done to its Manatera. The events of the planet's encounter with its Komodore, Snoortos, and Scalemyer turned out differently in that they stuck with this AUU's Widowus, who was quick to absorb the Nanomana of this AUU's Agamemnon, and thus Widowus being able to make Artificial Magic more presentable allowed the Mana Lords to win-over UIS to stand by the creation, thus UIS was dramatically changed as it leads to UIS instantly able to do the things they wanted to do since founding, correct the mistakes of the USRA, I.E., the Vyrans took away the Yaterons' tec and pushed them all the way back to the stone ages, Humans were booted out of Lyrma Solo which fell back to Bullabull control, leading to a new Bullabull Dynasty, and basically the Skeps completely restored Pharagu back to normal with all presence of trash gone. As a result, the residence of this AUU began to love UIS more because of how they're literally Inrealm Cosmic forces, thus everyone began to follow UIS' ideals of independence and all things USRA crumbled into an early disbansion due to lack of support, resulting in it to fall into obscurity to the point people even forgot it existed. Thus, things were going smoothly in UIS' reign as the renamed "AMPUIS" and independence had reigned. But then came this AUU's version of the VA, but instead of Darkness Qui, this AUU's secret founders decided that Widowus would be stronger than any actual Zewinasaur, thus she was kidnapped by early VA machines during an AMPUIS conference and was corrupted into becoming its leader. Thankfully, even with Artificial Magic, it was more or less an even battle cause AMPUIS managed to hold off their VA problem literally better than most other AUUs. In fact, in the 14th year, they were already on the verge of defeating the VA just when it's counterpart United Universes had arrived, but they did help to smack some sense back into Widowus. Their though minor contribution was rewarded with their OUU being granted artificial magic as well, culminating into another perfect utopia like theirs. In spite of this, the Art-UU and it's OUU counterpart are under extremely heavy scrutiny with the Outer Gods cause of Potentional Inter-Dimensional Imperialism, even if it did well to quell it so far, thus the Xexaxez assigned to it, Xazooen The Subtle, the Xzar that wants to resolve issues actually without destroying the actual universe/dimension in question, aims to utilize those that are critics to artificial magic into wanting to have Artificial Magic gone, often having it's X-Fate cohersing such people, even Magilo Users who are all stark critics of Artificial Magic, into founding the group The All-Natural into rebelling against the Status Quo and aiming to take down the Nanomana Well which is well protected in a place, not even the Grandmind is aware of for security reasons.
    2. EAUU- An AUU where the Late Era VA of this AUU had decided to establish secret contact with the UUF of the AUU as a choice of direct allies against UIS during their twilight years. In the conversation, the UUF offered to get at Frogetera, the site of Enhanclement. However, apawn the arrival of the UUF agents assigned to it, UIS forces charged-in apawn alarm set off by the planet's Coraak monitors as Frogetera became the site of "The Enhanclement Conflict", of which a final stand took place around this AUU's Wormwood's palace. Wanting to prevent Enhanclement from suffering a needless war, he and the Enhancators created what will be known from here on out as Enhanclement Mists "To Make the Outsiders Understand", as the mists began to turn UUF and UIS forces alike into Enhancators, along with other natives of the planet, and then the mists were able to leave the planet and spread well beyond the isolated systems, turning the worthy into Enhancators while others just become hyper-evolved. As a result, the Enhanclement made the AUU community more united in Enhanclement induced enlightenment, resulting in UIS and the USRA to become allies, combining into the EUISRA, which resulted in the assured fate of the VA falling to this hyper-evolved alliance. Cause of it, the systems are now more united than ever as the more united EUISRA discontinued the practices of UIS as well as the USRA discontinuing the use of Exile Sheilds, so the mist can change all. As a result, the Outer Gods began heavily monitoring this AUU out of caution for the situation inspiring an inter-dimensional empire, thus the mists had to be restricted from leaving this AUU and it's shared OUU to contain the mists as done by volunteering Preservers, Matter Councilors, even the rare interested Worlder or two, to coherse the mists to not leave beyond this or it's shared OUU. It is still being discussed on how to bring balance back into this hyper-evolved realm.
    3. AUU-0HEAD- An AUU where things are relatively the same, except in its time of the Interuniverseal War, UIS was more firm and absolute in cleaning up the relics of the aforementioned war and nary allowed any product of its existence to stay, not even the cut-off Branch of C&C's, which included the device that is responsible for the Headcases' very existence. Everything was cleaned off, recycled for UIS use or placed in UIS-owned junkyards for proper disposal, while certain things like the device responsible for the Headcases, was simply stored in private UIS museums for some historic value. Thus the society as the Craniom system would've had, never happened, and the Headcases never came to existence, thus resulting in a more normalized Craniom society. Other than that, not much else had changed about this AUU, and it had no effect on it's shared OUU.
    4. AUU-FOROM FOME- The Shared AUU of United Royale. In the same fashion, cause of the Exhaeon never being quickly beaten, they were a similar problem to the AUU and thus they resulted in having the same Royale Lifestyle. Funnily enough, there is still USRA/UIS tension here, but it's in the form of two race teams that often had been known to try and stake territory for when the time comes when the Exhaeons can finally be dealt away. Their fights tend to be spectacular. Though thanks to digirestoration, there's never a permanent loss, well, save for the territory the victor team just won.
    5. AUU-CLYKLOR- An AUU entirely like the planet Clyklor where it's survival of the fittest and hesitation to take a life is deemed cowardly. Ironically, the planet it was named after doesn't exist, but its culture is wide-spread here. Everyone is a Clyking here and lives under the philosophy of bravery, survival, and aggression. Thus, the USRA and UIS races here, of which their groups are referred to as The United Clans and the Independent Broods, often go into extreme clan/alliance wars over territory disputes, end results of incidents, or sometimes out of random nowhere. Outside of AUU-USRA/UIS, out of any AUU with a USRA-UIS grudge-match, this place has the most aggressive, cause at least AUU-USRA/UIS had a consistent logical reason for its war, AUU-CLYKLOR's USRA-UIS conflict is just, wildly unpredictable.
    6. AUU-S0UL- An AUU forever ruined by the actions of Dr. Rig O'Mortus and his assistant Wako. In this AUU, Rig & Wako were able to unlock the powers of the Aethersphere earlier then the time it took in other Multiverses, thus Wako wasn't able to ever betray Rig, who got what he wanted in bringing back Rombie versions of the iconic USRA founders and the leaders of the time of post-founding joining of other USRA races. However, as expected, they ended up useless Rombies with no memory of their past and/or were rendered too crazy for Rig's liking, breaking Rig's spirit that his pursuit ended up meaningless. Thus, Wako realized he no longer needed to betray Rig, just control him into a figurehead for the newfound spirit army they have. Thus, the Isolated Systems were the first to fall to Rombie outbreaks committed by Rig and Wako, of which mortified this AUU's UIS. Grandmind issued that it's time to put the past behind them and warn the USRA races of what has occurred, even to some political figures' begrudgence, that it would harm something with already uneasy terms with them. Thus, both the USRA and UIS races began evacuating AUU residence from this AUU as Rombies continued to pop up and spread. The situation even canceled out the VA's rising and drastically altered history. With their forces combined, the USRA and UIS races have blocked out and trapped Rig and Wako within the infected AUU, having created a specialized hybrid of Exile-Sheild and UIS Boundary Wall, that apawn contact to a Rombie, instantly destroys the infected body, freeing the soul inside. Rescues of left-behinds are frequent in this troubled AUU, and planets left unharmed from Rombies and/or recently cleansed of them are research stations of USRA and UIS origin to figure out how to unmake the Aethersphere. In all this time, the USRA and UIS races began to build closer bonds due to a common greater enemy allowing them to build bridges, though resident assholes and traditionalists do risk those bridges being burned.
    7. AUU-GEEK- An AUU where all sentient beings are Geekles. Otherwise, things are relatively the same historic context-wise, Geekles are just the only sentient race. Thus as a result societies are often very tiny and many are good at tinkering and inventing.
    8. AUUMber- An AUU where all worlds are like Ambereus and is a realm riddled with prehistoric creatures, common wars, and limited sources of tec. The USRA and UIS races are prehistoric versions of themselves and are known to have routine clan wars over territory or pride disputes. Another thing of note is that all the planets have Amber Glaciers like Ambereus. Riding on Dinosaurs and other Prehistory critters are as natural as how horses are used.
    9. AUU-Q10- The Shared AUU of United Universe-F0RC3. Like it, it is in a constant state of periodic wars with peace being considered "The Calm Before the Next Storm", for nobody takes the peace periods for granted and instead brace for when the next conflict begins. The USRA and UIS are abit like Clone Wars Era Republic and CIS factions, with issues similar to the politics of Star Wars canon mixed into common AUU issues, that the USRA's mistakes caused UIS to happen and simply the groups entered conflict, UIS utilizing the Star Bots that would've belonged to the VA and the forces that would become the SOMFU is utilized like the Clone Army. Fortunately, there's no fear of Sith meddling and the risk of Empire Growth here. However, it does have it's own issues. While the USRA is still largely around, mostly unaltered from its present appearance in other Universes, it is ruled by constant political turmoil and disagreements, while UIS had recruited what would've become VA members into helping them build the present Starbot armies, essentially resulting in a VA/UIS hybrid. Even with Louger-Jedi intervention, conflict is still great. Hence why in a forever famous battle of the planet Qio being unisolated, the Lougers utilized the planet's Jedi-like Quirks to train the HA in the ways of Qi-Warriors and it's similar practices, along with the HA here beginning to adopt Magilo Magic in conjunction to Gex. Still, both sides are even steven and now at most, it's a war of who's gonna end up being exhausted into negotiations first, but back then, this UIS was actually close to winning had it not been for the lougers of F0RC3 and the successful take-over of Qio.
      • AUU-NIMBOO- The Shared AUU of United Universe-NOBOO, though otherwise not much different than the standard, the Confederacy earned a friendship with UIS apawn arrival and lead to UIS to be influenced by their tactics, leading to the premature defeat of the VA, though primarily to take over their Starbots and re-brand them into the name of UIS, still leading to Nimboo to be taken over either way. This place the AUU into the same rise of inspired wannabes to rise and start having their own robotic wars as well, with USRA influence to shrink into a little pile of nothing. Qui as well had vanished into Deserta in thanks to Eagle-Beak.
      • AUU-SEPARATIST- The Shared AUU of United Universe Separatist. It was otherwise a mostly unchanged AUU up until the time of the VA. The Confederacy of Independent Systems, in the time of already having spread across the United Universe and already more or less in the process of getting a firm grip, had ended up discovering the shared AUU. Thus, Dooku sent an acolyte to upload a corruption virus that corrupted the Starbots into now obeying the well of the Confederacy of Independent Systems, revolting against the VA and caused it to crumble, with VA High Rankers on the run ever since, Qui being eventually taken by Eagle-Beak to the safety of Deserta. Dooku himself would use the Darkside of the force to influence UIS into wanting to represent the Separatists' interests and to use the Starbots to take over the AUU, while Anakin/Vader seeks out and trains potaintional AUU Sith Lords to back the Sith-Corrupted UIS as well. As a result, this transaction is why the Cosmic Citidel is heavily monitoring this AUU and it's shared OUU for risk of Dimensional Imperialisum. Fortunately, this AUU is more resistance-happy thanks ironically enough to the HA, which, in due to the VA's demise, they were able to get more heroes otherwise blocked off and obscured by VA lies. Cause of CIS presence in the AUU, AUU tec was utilized and lead to upgraded battle droids, even new droids unlike anything seen before.
      • AUU-INDOR- In a comiscally interesting way this is both a shared AUU with United Universe-3nd0r yet it is also more based on an alternative reality involving the UIS Identity Saga, yet also apart of being a sunsidery of the Stars Wars based AUUs. In this AUU, Goshdarn was able to have a far better control of the situation down to even avoiding the Shamed Hortler Shaman and was able to make all beings submit to his ideal of Goshdarnisum after that he still defected from USRA appresiation cause of Worm wanting things to end. Alas, Goshdarn's own reign of anti-UIS antics wasn't any more long-lasting as the mere fact he advocated for USRAness at all and was apart of the USRP'A conspiracy STILL MADE HIM UIS PUBLIC ENEMY NUMBER 1, so it was just the matter of a brief but bloody skermish and Goshdarnisum ends up going out on a whimper before it even got started.
    10. AUU-CON- An AUU where Everything is over-run with con artists in the style of Con Astra in cause the Great Stagnation was never defeated. UIS is considered the only form of law here whereas the USRA got usurped by con artists and became a criminal infested shell of its former glory, further increasing crime, and by extension, made UIS more popular, espeically with law absolutists.
    11. MechAUU- An AUU entirely like Mechonon where glorified mechanized criminals run amock and the VA was even worse here. The VA Dreadlockers even have some traits of Mechamainia.
    12. AUU-HIIA- An AUU where everything is a hybrid. And a shared AUU of Uni-Hybrid.
    13. AUU-Mana- An AUU with a heavier trace of Magic. This was an AUU that was hit the hardest during the Fritz. It can also be considered to be like OUU-AUU as it magically merged with its OUU in due to a spell going array on the Magilo Planet, thus societies are similar to Midius.
    14. AUUNK- An AUU where the USRA turned Trash-Happy and turned every single unallied world into Trash Worlds except for still clean UIS territories. UIS would turn into extreme germaphobes that began a mass cleaning exidus in-cause of making Cleenens members. This resulted in this AUU committing mass germicide and wide-spread removal of trash ever since. The USRA was ended early with a very angry response from UIS apawn founding, effectively making this like Taka's situation.
    15. AUU'ONG- An AUU where Ong owns complete crime monopoly on all criminal undergoings in the Isolated Systems and effectively becoming the most successful crime boss in the AUU. This being because he refused Ruffo's offer and booted him off the planet, thus preventing Calixion from being involved in the failed USRP'A conspiracy and keeping himself neutral to both political sides, thus allowing him to succeed on his own terms. Not to say he didn't ended up a concern to UIS on his own merits because his wide-spread criminal enterprise was starting to contaminate the ideal of independence when too many worlds were victimized by his shenanigans and formed mountains and mountains of complaints apawn complaints, forcing UIS to start making exceptions for anything connected to Ong. As a result, it lead to UIS to become even heavier on Law Absolutism, which alchourse triggered Project Soul-Searcher onto Con Astra and it's neighbors, but also caused the rise of similar projects to other crime-rising areas. Though quelling Ong's power is an accepted thing UIS members understood if they are to protect UIS, it created a splinter cell of Puritans that decry this as being no less like the USRA, which aim to form a coup-de-gra against current UIS leadership so to take UIS back on "It's True Path", which effectively caused infighting between UIS members, between those that argue this arrangement is only until Ong is defeated and those that want UIS' "True Path" back.
      • AUUNopoly- An AUU where UIS didn't turned-on the Coraak owned business of Technopoly because of its Globex-Eqsed nature, though the company is still unpopular and panned as "Globex For UIS" by UIS Puritans, it eased it's controversy abit by adhering to UIS laws and standards and kept it's inventions purely to UIS Alliance Races and not much else. Though as a consequence, Technopoly has been used as an easy target by UIS haters and critics to paint UIS as Hypocrites in that they shamed the USRA races for having Globex yet Technopoly can be argued as being LIKE Globex, even with it adhering to UIS' standards of non-interventionism, which ironically enough, has helped the UUF managed to get a better, but still limited, influence into the systems, if by a rough margin of UIS looking hypocritical.
    16. AUU-131K1- An AUU where the events of "Bossy Business" never happened cause Maverick didn't get cursed, like in AUU-USURP'A, thus this AUU still went like it did, but a key difference is that UIS ended up focused too hard on the more serious threats in Terminus and others, while The Morebucksingtons use the distraction of the quickly failing SISSIE and the downfall of its members to collect as much as Biki's Pheromone for their needs and quickly evade the planet just in time as the other members were already defeated. Rion and Satine got in contact with the lucky remnant, Worm McSinep, and offered him the perfect "Plan B" to the executed Terminus' Plan A. Thus, the trio went to the UUF main planet, struggled to re-earned their favor in light of how much of a failure USURP'A was, and apawn Godcaux being replaced in office by his daughter cause of the offered idea being favorable, the UUF commence with "Project: Mistrain", and though UIS did almost stopped this operation in an aggressive invasion of Usurpia where alot of UUF members died, including Team Cibbaron, the Morebucksingtons managed to escape with the modified pacifying pheromones, though Worm got captured and executed in the process, making the UUF's death too bittersweet for UIS when the real problem is still at play. With a specialized device, the Morebucksingtons took the serum filled with the pheromone mist to have it attached to a weather satalight that would be programmed to spread the mists to many planets as possible, in theory pacifying UIS and the USRA and finally having a truly united AUU. They were closed to failing when the Grandmind forced himself to intervene to stop them, but when the duo resisted allowing Grandmind immediate mind-reading to figure out the deactivation codes, it ended up distracting him from readily stopping the leaving satalight cause even when he finally forced his way to the codes, the satalight was out of reach, and also protected by a forcefield and even then the satalight itself is indestructible even to UIS' strongest weapons. Even an Astro Laser does nothing to it. Thus, many planets came to be infected by Mistrain serum and both the UIS and USRA races effectively pacified out of their free-will, save for those that were in space station cities or were on ships. Even inspite of their success, it was bittersweet as UIS' leaders were off-planet along with a stagnant unaffected few, as with the USRA leaders and their own remnant followers, as the Morebucksingtons were still arrested and jailed, but the two still ultimately won, cause both remnant uneffectvies would still have to work together to cure the planets of the modified pheromone and would still lead to better relations, which was the ultimate kingpin strategy: even if the Morebucksingtons are still jailed, this AUU would never return to business as usual, it's going to lead to artificially forced better relations either way met with a natural way being encouraged by virtue of having to work together to even fix the other issue. It would forever live in history as "The Morebucksington Plan", and the two would have a controversial anti-hero status for making a better AUU through questionable means.
    17. AUU-BREQUTURN- An AUU where the Exo-Wars tooked a VERY unpleasant turn and lead to more than just the ruin of Globex's reputation, but the absolute crumble of USRA societies while UIS planets made it out unscratched. They basically end up being all like Brequturn where Infernus and his forces basically have free-reign, where Infernus avoided dooming himself by wanting to make a terrorist faction and still kept true to wanting revenge, though he still ended up pushing it too hard without being stopped period. Ironically, in having originally turned on Technomoply, a previous chairman of the company shamed UIS for letting the USRA destroy itself TOO BADLY and now entire Universes (Safe for Isolated Systems) are forever scarred by the actions of a madman. Thus, not only was Techmoply brought back in full-force, but it blindsided and destroyed Infernus, with remnants of followers now being space vagabond bandits and space pirates. Half of the USRA races went extinct, save for those now cyborgs, while others are left in stagnated reversing tec levels and devolved to tribalism. UIS now lives in bittersweet bliss of the USRA legacy being dead, but at the fickle prize of now they're having to be the ones to clean up the pieces, as now they have to start being tougher on criminals even if they don't pose a direct threat to UIS independence, which on a plus-side gave certain planets much due-interventions by a rough default, along with triggering Project Soul-Searcher onto Con Astra, on top of similar cases for other crime-problem'd planets, so at least it wouldn't just be USRA planets being given so much due-healing.
    18. AUU-R0ZRAX- An AUU where everything ended up like Rozax and all worlds are placed under techno-tribalism. There's no USRA V. UIS Conflicts, no corporations, nada. Instead, things are under ultimate peace of every single planet under a tribal society. Ships exist, but cause of shared beliefs in "The Terras", there's never conflict any more serious then territory dispute. They're like this cause of an Imagination Glitch that still has them be tribal yet still capable to have tec. The Outers are still investigating this glitch.
    19. AUU-RETROPIA- An AUU where everything is like a retro-future, where computers are black screens with green words and flashes, bulky and sometimes ridiculously retro robots are the norm, and every space-ship looks like something out of old-school Star Trek or Original Trilogy Starwars, or often all resemble looking like rockets. Like ROZRAX, this too suffers from an imagination glitch, but a slightly limited scale, which is also being investigated by the Outers.
      • AUU-VV1L- An AUU where Wil Proten, even after being exposed, was able to get out of his downfall better then he did in actuallity, simply escaping after being injured cause Maxton was made to intervene earlier then he did. While Reptroson and his daughter still avoided his desired revenge, Wil simply settled for the next best thing in that he would still be taken off Retropia by UIS for things Retroson was still guilty of. From there, Wil would simply become Retropia's new agtaginestic headache the native heroes would have to deal with since.
    20. AUU-BOTRIFF-An AUU where while the UUF would still lose Botriff to it's own verson of the OV incident, the UUF in this AUU would end up being alittle bit more stubburn about Botriff then in the main AUU (Or other ones for that matter) And would litterally spend and waste resources in trying to get it back and failing at it cause UIS aren't much to let any ground return to a proven headache. As such, the UUF ended up collapsing to financel failure and disbanded, easing UIS an easy clean up of the last planets left in UUF control and correct things from there. Remaining members like Team Cibberean would be on the run as wanted UIS-Criminals worth a fortune in UIS currentcy to capture.
    21. AUU-MinusUSURP'A- An AUU without the USURP'A conpiracy as simply all the figures that would've been involved in it were all captured, arrested/executed by UIS during the infamous raid of Soltomn, thus the HA were not so lucky of being made to deal with UIS's more direct problems as suppose to lesser problems and are instead just made to stay in UIS prisons for a few weaks, cutting the doppleganger project short, of which was consfiscated and would've been UIS terratory members taken and deported. Eventually the Grand Council were able to sway UIS into letting them off with a firm warning, but at the hefty price of allowing UIS full exclusive rights to clean up Pharagu as the only negosiable price (Lyrma Solo was almost considered before being declared as "Pushing it" and that the issue is best reserved for "Something espeically severe".)
The Subverse Rows 4 (AUUs)
  1. AUU-13AN1SH- The Shared AUU of United Universe 3X1L3. The USRA still disbanded from the start of the 3rd Cartoonian War and it still ended as it did, but the key difference is that the Byzans avoided being exile-shielded due to a last-minute strategy that chased the Yaterons off, but the fact they still managed to do enough damage still ended the 3rd Cartoonian War otherwise, just in a more bittersweet note. That's when the Interuniverseal War gets different, cause it was once again the Byzans' doing that war once more erupted, this time ensuring that the Federations were disbanded and the USRA races left helpless to stop erupting chaos. Cause of it, UIS felt confident enough that the USRA races can't recover from this, thus they intervened in the war and resolved all issues of it, even having pacified the Byzans with the Grandmind defeating their rogue super-computer in a duel of wits, causing it to have a logic paradox that defeated and destroyed Plexnet, freeing the Byzans from its control, rendering UIS heroes and independence an accepted norm. As a result, the USRA races were exiled from the AUU to its OUU as enough of a compromise to UIS' intended punishments in feeling like they suffered enough in the Interuniverseal War. Thus, the AUU got UIS'ised and worlds got into being independent and self-reliant, of which in a way prevented the VA because UIS was able to amend the mistakes and sins of the USRA simply by re-teaching independence, give or take giving conditioned favors here and there on grounds their word is taken seriously, among other things like UIS' primary goals of cleaning up Pharagu within a reasonable few years, Lyrma Solo back into Bulla control, the combinsation of removing Yateron tec for the Vyrans case since the Yaterons would be exiled from the AUU, amongst other UIS goals. Basically, an ironically less depressing twin of AUU-UIS, cause, while it's still UIS running the show, the USRA races avoided the raw end of the deal here, albeit UIS did take artistic liberties to revision the USRA's legacy as something always destined to fail and any earnest benefit is a negated one to its list of sins. This said, USRA businesses do still exist, albeit rebranded and remodeled to be UISifived under the Coraaks' ways apawn the USRA races' exile. UIS's firm power greatly deters even the Bullarns from making any more trouble from there on out, so this AUU has been in relative peace, save for the UUF that is basically filling the void the VA would've had and basically began fighting with UIS for the same 14 years the VA lasted until the Lougers of it's shared OUU counterpart disbanded them in nearly the same fashion, in which would begin the process of having the USRA races' being redeemed in UIS eyes since the Lougers of this United Universe clearly had USRA-centric tech cause of USRA influence. Interactions were not always perfect, but healing between years of bitterness is noticeable.
    1. AUU-INDEPEND- An AUU with virtually the same history as conventionally, save for the extreme change of UIS being founded 50 years earlier than before the USRA got the chance to exist because this AUU's Grandmind got an early premonition that the USRA was going to exist and eventually cause the Interuniverseal War cause of rampant entitlement and self-serving greed. Thus in those 50 Years, the founding Races of UIS circumvented that rise by the simple cases: an Early Colonisation of Pharagu then originally intended, the Early Take-Back of Lyrma Solo, the quick Digression of Yaterons to Teadr 4, and alchourse, resolving the Vexxomites' corrupt queen problem and ensured that the Karnovores had introduced themselves to humans before the famous first Narudan Encounter. Thus, when the dropped tec incident happened, the Karnovores simply picked up the tec and gave it back to the Naurodons, preventing the first contact between Humans and Naurodans. However, that didn't mean it was all prevented. By the time of the USRA's would've been proper founding, Humans were discovered by none other then the would've been Yurun idiot who would've ruined Pharagu, Cheesepuffus. At this point, Yuruns, Cunones, and Narudans were already friends due to different circumstances involving trading and some favors here and there, and Cheesepuffus began to mesmerize the Humans about the potainional they would have for an alliance. However, the Grandmind quickly predicted this and had UIS forces capture and arrested Cheesepuffus in a very rough and aggressive way, traumatizing the humans. Thus, the Humans began to have secret meetings with the Naurudans, Yuruns, and Cunones, along with other Would-Be USRA races, included the ex-Teadr 1 Yaterons. They agreed to build a stargate that allowed them to escape to the United Universes and found the USRA there. The Grandmind was distressed that he failed to prevent the USRA's rise, if albeit in another united universe. And as such, the USRA's less enlightened race members became corruption bait for Darkspawn and associated villains, which in the way, the Interuniverseal War and other conflicts happened, just not in the AUU and in different circumstances. By it's shared United Universes' Second Cartoonian War, UIS were forced to intervene at last, and with the combined power of the Grandmind and the High Council, the Second Cartoonian War pretty much ended as it did traditionally, with-exception that Mang Cobra and most other players of the war were taken to UIS's prison system as "Proper Measures". Thus, with some convincing from the High Council to give leniency to the USRA races that only wanted to escape from mistreatment, UIS decided to only sentence the USRA to-live in probationary stay in the shared United Universes, allowed to resume business as usual provided if they take better and firmer grip on any undesirables in the ranks, of which the exhausted USRA races reluctantly agree, short of any better options for now. As a result, the High Council is helping the USRA of their shared UU's to redeem their mistake to UIS of not understanding their intentions sooner and bringing needless trouble to an ill-properly introduced shared United Universe.
      • AUU-USRA- An AUU where the USRA managed to avoid disbansion and resulted in extremely best-case scenario events. The Secret Founders of the Would've-Been VA instead formed into an Outcast Group and would-be HA members instead became apart of a USRA sponsored hero group. This USRA was even able to earn the albeit begrudgent respect of this place's UIS, though unsettled issues still apply.
      • AUU-USRA/UIS- The AUU where the would've been 3rd Cartoonian War and the Interuniverseal War was replaced with a never-ending alliance war between the USRA and UIS, which inadvertently revived the USRA and Globex due to fears of UIS absolution. The war is enturnally an economic shorce and the prospect of its ending would doom the USRA in this verse.
      • AUU-UIS- An extremely depressing AUU where the VA lasted for one more year for the USRA races to be made to consider peace talks with them, only for UIS to storm in and crush the VA hard, making the USRA races look bad and subjugated to the things UIS had aways desired to put them through, some more darker than others as UIS rules this AUU with absolution-ensured independence for the Systems.
      • AUU-PUIS- An AUU where the USRA began to be able to compromise better with UIS and pacify them with things like giving them cleaning rights to Pharagu and the surrendering of Lyrma Solo, and compromises like Yaterons going into Teadr 3, the Uouons rebuilding the sacred treasure of the Ka'Navi, and Tiikens creating devices to repress their extra personas to 1, re-earning the respect of the UIS races, to the ire of its long-standing critics.
      • AUU-NTP- The Alternate United Universes where the Skeps were able to prevent Pharagu's disastrous fate, but still joined UIS. The USRA's trash problem was never resolved and their planets turned into what Pharagu would've become, the USRA disbanding by virtue of the Founding races being homeless and UIS being able to secure independence in the systems.
        • AUU-SUSRA- Like NTP, the Skeps prevented the Pharagu disaster, but the difference is that they were still won-over into the USRA. But that doesn't mean the Skeps didn't take what this AUU's Grandmind had warned to heart, so the Skeps became responsible for having the USRA and UIS work together in unison. The Skeps are able to be a needed beacon to ensure both the USRA and UIS races have maintained better kinships to balance out eachother's flaws.
      • AUU-UIS/USRA- An AUU where UIS was victimized by the Asteroid Missle attacks by Atomsmash, where the USRA embraced the race survivers and newfound isolated system resentment reigned greatly, making the isolated systems even MORE isolated. The UIS races have begun to recover, but the process of planet repair still takes place.
      • AUU-MinusUSRA- An AUU where the Vexxomite War ended in a stalemate and had lead to the discovery of the corrupt Queen, because the buying of the Astro Laser, never occurred. Thus, the Humans simply sent an espionage spy to cause the Vexxos to impeach the corrupted queen in favor of a pure daughter, thus having the war end anti-climatically with not much of a true winner as the new queen simply called off the war. As a result, the would've been USRA races, decided to just stay friends, without doing anything as major as establishing an alliance, believing that "The Universes are TOO unpredictable for that", thus that is all she wrote. Because the founding USRA races never went above and beyond just being friends, it drastically affected the course of history: The Sabachans went on with their usual thing without ever acknowledging the first four USRA races other than hearing about the Vexxomite conflict. The Ohrugans would still encounter humans, but would deem them to be ripoffs of Ohrugans, both races becoming bitter and sworn enemies as a result, earning the Humans allies in Ohrugan enemies, like the Kraetans as the chief allies, in which the Kraes helped the Humans fight off the Ohrugans and shared their tec with them, keeping the Ohrugans in a fierce rivalry with Humans. Rabodans also still met Humans, but because this is a universe without the USRA, the Rabodans remained enemies and stayed on their views about exsellerated tec evolution, though they became allies with the Ohrugans for shared disdain for Humans. The Aufones kept out of the Human-Rabodan Conflict in not finding it unique enough for their intervention, and without the USRA, they would eventually be subjugated back to labor by the Coraaks. The Xuruns would go on with their existence without even realizing humans and other USRA races existed other than hearing about them. The Uonans would still go through turmoil with the Ka'Navi about the issue with a sacred treasure's destruction, only without the USRA's existence, the Uonans lose their planet from the Ka'Navi as punishment, the race being booted out of it and their planet turned into a colony, leaving the Uonans homeless vagabonds under Naurodan care. The Tiikons, alas, faced extinction by Skorner hands in being deemed abominations for having extra personas, the Tiikons becoming an obscure tragedy remembered only by the Renacouri, and the Yaterons, cause of never seeing timely intervention, lost their Teadr 1 legacy to the Vyrans and were left in stone age times, barely had managed to get too far into the bronze ages since. On top of that, Pharagu was colonized by the Skeps in-cause of Cheesepuffus never being able to ruin it cause of no USRA, ergo no major shared garbage issue, Lyrma Solo still saw a human take over, but it was corrected by the Bullas taking it back and kicking the Human presence out, making the Bullas humans' feared enemies, and a powerful trading partner for the Rabodans and Ohrugans that benefit from weapon trades that enable them to give humans major woe. Granted, no USRA means no UIS, but that doesn't mean the Grandmind would never follow onto his pipedream of making a ruling alliance, called The Conglomeration of Superior Beings, or CSB. It would still feature traditional UIS races, but instead of traditional UIS practices, CSB behaves largely like the Galactic Federation and governs all systems like such. They do well to regulate and quell conflicts of this AUU, but because CSB still has the UIS mindset of being about independence, they only intervene if it gets as serious as genocide being threatened, though unfortunately they're laxed about slavery or forced relocation in thanks to Coraak and Ka'Navi influence added to laxed governing, albeit it's a different case if it's onto official members, like with the Swactyls problems with the Bullarns. It's not perfect, but, give it credit, the wars and sins associated with the USRA never existed here, so, a mixed blessing at best.
      • AUU-MinusUIS- An AUU in-where the founding UIS races, instead of forging an alliance to better keep independence into the AUU, had deemed that to better give independence is via doing it by example in feeling that uniting in an alliance to be double-standard. Thing is, this approach backfired horribly, and thus the USRA races spread throughout the AUU and basically repeated the same mistakes over and over and over again. Without UIS, Naaars were subugated into an exile sheild and their socity stagnated, The Skorners the same fate after rotine attempts to hurt the Tiikens, the Finkurs are riddled in dept after many years of legal issues for mimicing the Xurons, Sailnecks are a minority in an over-mined South QXYZ as the Aufones overrun the system, the Coraaks' slave-based businesses went under after the revolution, the Zeapents' legal issues prevent them from intervening for the Gladiozonts, which cause they couldn't make exsamples out of mistreaters, is redused to being a sport animal, albeit a dangerious one, but not something the Zeapents would wish for the Gladios, Sea Krows have not been active since the Ziseryins getting exile-sheilded, The Bruddlefish ended up fighting the VA alone and were damaged and enslaved intensely without fear of UIS retailiation protecting them, which made the VA worse then initionally, the Vezzrick empire crumbled after too many years of failed wars against the USRA, cripling their budget, thus the hives had redused to tribalisum, the Zhaerthis face legal probation for years of trying too hard to protect bugs or risk exile sheilding, and the Ka'Navi subugated to system exile, like with the Pharcums, for attempting to hurt the Uouons, or they would face exile sheilding. Thus, when the USRA crumbled as it did traditionally, the entire AUU suffered a disastrous Interuniverseal war, even the would've been isolated systems cause the USRA was able to spread there. It ended up longer, more chaotic and harder to manage, and even when it did finally ended, it was a brief relief before this AUU's aforementioned VA arrived. But in thanks to immediate access to would've been isolated systems, the VA had an even bigger number of villains to tap into then already, and even more such worlds to take advantage off, including Manatera which ended up being ruined by the VA, where instead of misguided UIS ambition, it was more intentionally on the VA's part with Agamemnon's willful help. Though thankfully, in its version of the events of The Land Unknown, the VA still got defeated by the Lougers that came and crumbled the VA's power, it is a tragically more bittersweet victory as now the USRA races have too much territory to cover and too many wrongs to correct. Thus, the USRA races had to BEG the would've been Founding races of UIS to help repair the universes. They agreed under the conditions they advocate for independence, and that the ideals of the USRA are to be left behind. Apawn the surrendering of pride, planets, and the Yateros' current tec levels, recovery was already on its way, the name of the USRA forever tainted as an overly ambitious mistake. This AUU is the perfect argument that, for all of UIS' absolution and stern attitude, in contrast to what their critics want to believe, UIS was the best thing to ever happen to the AUU, of any AUU, though not saying the USRA was ever a bad thing, it was just a good idea, tainted by entitlement, greed, misuse and overambition and too easy to abuse because of starry-eyed idealism.
      • AUUSRA- A Relatively samey AUU with a key factor difference. In Early USRA times, the USRA accidentally discovered their AUU's shared OUU while testing the early created Interdimensional Portal, which leads to them colonizing the OUU, which alchourse the then recently founded UIS also arrived in that same OUU and opened up their isolation practices as well. Naturally, both these groups maintained their conflicting behavior. The OUU was divided between USRA territories and UIS territories like with the AUU. Otherwise, the events of both this AUU and OUU kept much the same. But in the time of the OUU's Second Cartoonian War, Darkspawn proved to be a dangerious adversary to even UIS on their own, much less the USRA. In fearing the Darkspawn would spread into the AUU, the USRA and UIS begrudgently and reluctantly decided that the Darkspawn were a shared enemy and that they have to team up and collaborate with the High Council together if they hope to quell the threat. Apart from prior bitterness sometimes getting in the way and common disagreements, both the USRA and UIS races began to understand eachother better. By the OUU's second cartoonian war's end, this better kinship in the OUU translated greatly into the AUU. It even resulted in UIS in this universe to help the USRA back on its feet, with terms and conditions alchourse, like obviously UIS' early era goals, but they were accepted all the same. Thus, cleaning up Pharagu became a shared project between the USRA and UIS, of which was being cleaned up much quicker, Yaterons were reduced to only Teadr 2, Lyrma Solo became a shared planet between Bullas and Humans, Yuruns were banned from the Naaars' menus and are no longer considered a delicacy to them, the Xuruns have a better appreciation for their Finkur fanboys, and so on and so forth. The big differences from otherwise a samey past comes in the form of it's VA, which cause of early OUU knowledge, owes it's continued existence to the Villain League of the shared OUU, and then followed by the Fang/Dark Dragon Scourge Empire, and even Team Nefarious, which as a result gave the VA "Evil with Standards" since the villain teams try to avoid going to Complete Monster territory in the OUU, which as a result the VA is able to avoid permanent disbansion thanks to the OUU villains' influence and were able to better manage mistakes like with Gordon, which alchourse meant that the villain teams in the shared OUU get along relatively better than traditionally, but they're still competitive in some degrees. Thankfully, short of disbansion, that doesn't mean the VA's power is not irreversible, as apawn this AUU's version of the events of "The Land Unknown", the defeats and eventual reformation of Qui and other VA quelling events, the VA simply lost their foothold in the AUU and is reduced to hide in the shadows like it's OUU backers do, even oftentimes having to bunk with their backers in some cases.
      • AUUIS- A Relatively samey AUU in historic context save for a very impourent change. In Early-UIS Times, UIS accidentally discover it's AUU's shared United Universe first via a patrol crew getting caught in a Black Hole Portal and wound up stranded in the United Universe for some time until rescue came. Thus, UIS took the time to examine the new realm, and came to like what they saw in "The Rustic Universe" in seeing that it was a comparingly more primitive society than their AUU. Thus, UIS made themselves known in the United Universes and taught the value of independence to them, which as a result, drastically affected the course of its history, earning them many followers, of which resulted in the Early USRA meeting a pre-mature end before they really got started with UIS the defacto alliance by virtue of discovering another United Universe, something the USRA races could never compete with. As a result, UIS got to do their goals and then some.
      • AUU-1ST'UIS- An AUU where the Naurodan Incident never occurred and humans remained undisturbed until the first meeting with the Karnavores and for humans to be adopted under their tutilage. Basically sort've like AUU-0H but less worse-case-scenario-ish. However, it would still occur that the Cunones would fall into slavery to the Vexxomites, resulting in the Vexxomites to become a dominate and near-unstoppable force with a fleet of Astro-Lasers on standby. This resulted in the Vexxos to reap untold chaos into this AUU, resulting in mass enslavement. This thus resulted still into the rise of UIS, with the Brains, the Vyrans after taking away Yateron Tec, the Bullas after the early take-back of Lyrma Solo after hearing of the Vexxo-uprising, and the Skeps in fearing Pharagu would be victimized by the Vexxos. The Vexxos were viewed as defilers of worlds' independence and would still isolate systems from the rampaging Vexxos while working to curb expansions, but the key here is that the UUF doesn't nor can ever come to existence since because this AUU's UIS uses the Vexxos as a warning of not being under UIS sovereignty, discouraging rebellion by virtue of Vexxo takeover, though even then it's not like the USRA really exists because they never founded by virtue that UIS founded first. This is also an AUU where the Humans joined UIS, albeit alongside the Karnavores in showing interest in halting the Vexxo threat. UIS has a far better reputation as a result.
      • AUU-UIS'HA- An AUU where Kafar's plan to make the Humans leave worked TOO WELL, as the other USRA races decided to skip dodge with the Humans and all had retreated to the Tranquility Zone. Initially, with the USRA races gone, and with the worlds left anarchical and helpless, the VA was looking forward to smooth sailing in the take-over department. Granted, it would still have to contend with remnants of the USRA's legacy, like Globex facilities taken over by non-USRA races and species, and alchourse the fledgling Grand Council left in enturnal uproar of the mass USRA-abandon. Calixto of this AUU was forced to make a radical move that divided an already unstable Grand Council: He made a deal with UIS, that in return for UIS to help out with the growing VA crisis, he would offer the idea that would've become the Heroes Act, to be given to UIS to be converted into independence enforcers that would help UIS in re-teaching independence back into the AUU. Minor Councilors that had many benefits from USRA presence had deemed Calixto a pariah and a traitor, while others that had admitted Pro-UIS stances argued that it is a last resort since the USRA had skipped this AUU, Minister Slade the chief advocate of this. Thus, in-result of Jling Sling wanting to take advantage of the situation and get the VA unwitting allies against the uprising of UIS-friendlier universes, He defected from the Main Councilors and coherse USRA-friendly Minor Councilors to join with him to form a secessionist movement called The Loyalist Government and denounced the split half of the Grand Council turning to UIS' favor. This would prove to be a mistake, as in thanks to Brainiacaazk influence, the UIS-abiding systems under the weakened now UIS-friendly Grand Council lead to the discovery of heroes even outside of territory boundaries as the VA wasn't able to easily censor them from UIS as they would've in a more traditional AUU situation, while the Loyalist Government was failing BADLY against VA abuse as the secessionist planets fell one by one. Jling Sling had secretly betrayed the loyalist movement by dooming them to be without UIS' protection and left for an easy conquest, making Jling a sneakier fucker here. However, the events of its version of "The Land Unknown" still brought down the VA, but it was already too late as loyalty to the USRA had died out, the secessionist planets finally deciding to submit to UIS, with the UISifived HA becoming "Independence Guardians", their elite force in quelling attempts to threaten independence, with the Grand Council still kept around inspite of being a USRA byproduct, albeit they went through a massive overhaul as being turned from an interventionalist government to basically being a glorified Sub-Embassy in representing UIS' interests and being a smaller scale independence advocacy group ensuring that planets get the memo that the USRA's legacy is done. Thus, UIS decided to ensure that the USRA races are effectively given an impromptu exile to the Tranquility Zone by destroying the interdimensional portal, making sure there was no way to get them back. The UUF even disbanded because with no promise of USRA care, the hope to witnessing the grander Universe became moot, in that, sure, the isolated systems came to be unisolated by UIS willingly, baring necessary exceptions like concerning uprisings or infections, but because the USRA races are in another dimension no longer possible to access, the grander universes are now no different than conventional life in the Isolated Systems. Thus, the UUF faced bittersweet disbansion and still kept to their own devices even when the blockades and walls had eased off, because at this point, the grander community is no different than the de-isolated systems now. The Legacy of the USRA is kept enturnally tainted by the mere fact of the VA uprising alone, using it's prior existence as a consequence of relying on things like the USRA's beliefs, decisively ensuring independence is here to stay, on top of UIS being met with certain personal goals they had craved since-founding. Even to this day, UIS is actively tracking down possible USRA remnants and place them in a controlled private sanctuary so to re-educate independence to these left-behinds and to prevent a possibility of a USRA resurgence. Albeit, keep in mind, the sanctuary is more for harmless USRA race members, hostile remnants are still treated to a stay in UIS prisons, in a best-case scenario for such examples.
The Qurritined Zones (AUUs)
  1. AUUIsite- The Shared AUU of United Parasiteaverse which basically has the same problems. Realm-Jumpers had cut off access to this realm as well, espeically onto it's Portus system.
    • AUU-BRUUD- The AUU shared with United Floodiverse where the Bruud were mistakenly utilized in one of the AUU's wars and have ended up getting out of control to the point that the Bruud are everywhere. The USRA territories are completely wiped out by these creatures, forcing a large refugee crisis to retreat to UIS territories and sanctuary into isolated space, The UIS races giving it their all to stop the spreading infection even at the cost of their own life. Regardless, this universe is heavily monitored by the Outer Gods like it's shared OUU, and Xzar intervention IS threaten should UIS of this AUU ever fell.
    • AUU-DAED- The Shared AUU of Necroverse where the monstrosities of Daed System managed to escape beyond the isolated system and caused the collapse of UIS cause of the rampant Judgement Moons. The USRA and UIS races were forced to brand themselves into allies to stop the Necromorph-eqsed Corpsemorphs and the Judgement moons from spreading and keeping infected systems cut off and contained. The Outer Gods heavily monitor this as well as it's shared OUU and has threatened to use a'Xzar's aide to dispose of this universe should the Judgement Moons win.
    • AUU-YUCC- An AUU where the Yucc have managed to spread throughout the AUU and claimed many hosts. USRA and UIS planets became safe zones from Yucc infestations as the issue is faced every day and politics is always centered on the Yucc infestations. Sometimes some terrorists would be so dickish to weaponized Yuccs for political goals or just because they're nihilistic madmen. The Outers keep a very close eye on this AUU and have a'Xzar on stand by.
    • AUU-GLOBIN- An AUU where Resoluta became patient zero of a planet, of where the Globin had spread beyond it and into other worlds. The Globin infestations are often so bad, Astro-Lasers and Nova-Titans had to be unbanned as a desperate solution to kill off infections quicker, whatever means necessary, even often having to destroy a doomed planet Death-Star style. This AUU is ESPEICALLY under Outer God Scrutiny, and it's assigned Xexaxez is prepared to destroy this AUU if the Globin manages to reach it's shared OOU.
The Inbetween Sectors
  1. AUU-HAL0- The Shared AUU of United Universe-HAL0. When the Covenant of the Halo Series came to the AUU, it was for the purpose of claiming it as their own. The fact their conquest started with the decimation and disbansion of the VA was a negated benefit, as the AUUians were fully aware that these beings of another realm bare hostile intent. Thus, the Grand Council would recruit the High Ranked VA members, even Qui herself, to put aside differences and to help against the invaders. Even UIS took the Covenant as a serious enough threat to be ushered into an alliance with the USRA races to fight back the fanatical invaders. Thus the AUU United Government bares an alliance with the High Council and other forces fighting off the Convanant's madness.
  2. AUU-8Alliences- An AUU where the universes are each only ruled by 8 separate alliances owned by the native dominant races of those universes. The Alpha Cooperation is ruled by the dominant races of Alpha, Spear-headed by the Brains, backed by Vyran and Bulla Support, and represented by Humans. The AC is the most law-bound and orderly of the alliances. The Beta Organisation is ruled by the predominant Beta Races, The Necktronians being among the chief leaders. The Beta Organisation is heavily science and business based, and their ethics are questionable and dubious in thanks to the Necktronians calling the shots. The Gamma Family is ruled by the Gamma Main Races, Dominated by the Coraaks as main leaders, with Sailnecks and Aufones primary laborers and Finkurs and Xurons the big brand names for their technological advancement, where the Gamma Family are entirely corporate and business is the name of the game, with a light stance on "Mandatory Labor" on any lesser than them. The Delta Nobility houses all of the prime races of Delta, Skeps being founders, Ohrugans and Rabodans being utilized as a defense force, the Delta Nobles hold a great deal of wealth and are the Gamma's favorite customers, thus the two often do business with eachother and run a monopoly on tec, food, and other services. The Epsilon Dominators are basically the VA of this AUU, ruled by the Naroudans, Sabochans, Uonans, Zeapents, Bruddlefish, Vezzericks, and Ka'Navi as the chiefs of this alliance, all under tyrant regimes that ended up befriending eachother and turned the Epsilon into a universe of conquest. The Zeta Zealots, a fanaticized alliance of the prime Zeta Races, under Cunone and Zea Krow leadership, want to conquer the entire AUU to liberate the God Zones' god population to restore order in divided universes. The Eta Conglomerate, Masterminded by the Zharethis, financed by the Grutts and given Pharcum brute force and great supplies of dangerious weaponry and the like and the numbers of Weavoids had been considered recuring allies to the Epsilon Dominators. And finally, the Theta Isolationists. Basically they're this AUU's UIS. Lead ironically enough by the Tiikons and Skorners working together because of star-crossed lovers, they and other Theta races prefer to stay out of the affairs of the feudulent universes, though they are noted to have respect for the Alpha Cooperation and their desires to make the universes more united.
    • AUU-0Alliences- An AUU where the USRA and UIS never got founded. This being because that Human Ascension to higher Tec levels was still prevented and Magistrate Rules still kept absolute. But then the Karnavores intervened when Rules proved abusive and booted the Naurodans off the planet, thus Humans came to be under the Karnavores' care in understanding the truth about their existence and how the Karnavores had always watched them as would-be disciples. This very moment changed this AUU's history. Thus, the Cunones fell into slavery to the Vexxomites apawn Marvin managing to pull a desperate surrender plea that in return for sparing the planet, the Cunones willingly become indentured servants to the Vexxomites, of which their mad queen inhumbly accepts and brags about being so superior that they win wars before it even starts, the Yuruns are now always harassed by the Naaars that it stagnates their technological growth, leaving them vulnerable to other rivals to take advantage of, like the neighboring Spews that do business with the Naaars cause it prevents their rivals from outshining them, as well as Zerpentsins using the trouble with the Naaars to their advantage, coxing scared and weak-willed Yuruns to come to be their slaves in return to protection from the Naaars, though sometimes this relationship is toxicly fickle, that sometimes Zerpentsins would threaten to sell them to Naaars for generous prices if they don't do their work perfectly, occasionally particularly greed-lusting Zerpentsins do it anyway if a Naaar buyer has extreme amounts of wealth. The Zerpentsins even began to have a Yurun Slave trade and sell them to races less sensitive to the moral flaws of slavery. As a result, the USRA not being able to happen here also effected the UIS races. The Vyrans would eventually take the Yaterons' entire tec and leave them back into the stone ages where they regressed to tribal mentality, leaving Teadr 1 Yateron kingdoms in ruin and prior history expunged, slowly but surely rebranding a new legacy from scratch. The Bullas, with upgraded tech, re-took Lyrma Solo with no interruptions with insurance the K-Star can't get rid of their presence so easily this time, along with putting the Byzans back in their place and rescuing the Pteraveus from rampant discrimination, rebuilding their population and subjugated the race's former slaves back into subjugation, and ultimately revived their dynasty. The Skeps simply colonized Pharagu on a date after the day it would've suffered the fate of being made a Garbage dump Planet, turning Pharagu into a paradise worthy of the image they made for their cultural ideals of Pharagu, making it even more beautiful and a favorite site for tourism, which made the Skeps the most popular beings-of-delta, whereas Rabodans were left to be the jerk losers of Delta because of remaining stuck to their ways cause of never meeting and facing humans. As a result, 0Alliences is a much less predictable place. Competing Empires based on the likes of the Bullarns, Vexxomites, and others are far more common and prevalent. Planets that would've belonged to USRA colonies simply were either colonized by someone else or were left wild. With no ban on Astro Lasers and other weapons, they became far more commonplace, but are thankfully reserved for last resorts for less trigger-fingered races. Wars of any scale are very frequent in thanks to the surplus of warlords, conquesting tyrants and madmen usually dealt with by the Lougers or HA, but instead remain mostly unchallenged, governmental systems are not always reliable nor competent, injustice is not always addressed, or if it does, it's often long too late or can't be easily removed, (if at all), The Weavoids got into the largest Refugee crisis ever cause they kept appearing in un-used planets and quickly end up victimized by their over-population, though are under-protection of the Zhaerthis and their systemary allies, though at least people understood that the Weavoids are not actually mindless monsters, but are still otherwise cautious because of things that're still issues, like infection and mutation into Weavoidian Hybrids, crime-infested worlds remain rampant even after the Great Stagnation times, unresolved conflicts, the list goes on. It is also on heavy Outer God monitoring because the various empire factions of the strongest and most aggressive races have the potaintional to ascend to Inter-Dimensional Empire Status should any one of them managed to one-up all competitors, hence why Cosmicly-Aware beings like the Brainiacaazks and other Teadr 1 races, even the Teadr 0 races, are aiming to establish a group called "The Cosmic Kingdom" as a self-reliant solution to repair this dumpster fire of a united universe and ease Outer God concerns.
  3. AUU-FACTIONS- An AUU where the USRA, does not exist. This is because the would've been Founders, the Humans, Naurodans, Yuruns and Cunones, all experienced alternate fates then what occurred. Humans and Naurodans ended up sworn enemies because Magistraight Rules in this AUU became particularly genocidal and tried to wipe Humans off of all of existence, which forced Karnovore intervention and chased the Naurodans away, resulting in Rules' execution, thus leaving humans hateful of the Naurodans, yet they became closer with the Karnavore rescuers. Thus, as a result, Humans would be kept from being an aide to the Cunones, who are left to fight the Vexxomites themselves with barely helpful Yurun allies on their side. Thus, the Vexxomites won the war easily, destroyed the Cunone homeworld, enslaved a decent half and left stragglers to became homeless vagabonds made to live in the colonies of Yurun allies. Thus, The Naurodans, hateful of Humans, teamed up to the Rabodans under the Sidebottom reign and cohersed the Uonons in return for protection from the Ka'Navi and formed a faction called "The Stigma Cleansers", a group that believes Humans to be vermin that have to be destroyed, thus had terrified Humans and the Karnavore protectors for a good while. Meanwhile, the slowly recovered Cunone Populations and the Yuruns, with the Sabuchans joining, became "The Avenging Creed", and became a technological war faction that threatens to ignite a new war against the Vexxomites. Meanwhile, the Sympathic Ohrugans and Aufones discovered the Humans and convinced them to join forces with them to form "The Peace Brotherhood", protecting themselves from the Stigmas ever since, to the dismay of the Karnavores. The Yaterons, Xuruns, and Tiikens are not so lucky, as the Yaterons lost the war with the Vyrans and were reduced to tribal-stage and regressed back into being primitives, the Xuruns were turned into race slaves by the Avenging Creed, with earned ire with the Peace Brotherhood and had them on eachother's bad side over it, and the Tiikens suffered endangered race status cause of the war with the Skorners, stopped short of their intention to "Cleanse them" off the universes to instead become a slave race and share their tec with the Skorners, for the Skorners' own benefit as "Penance" for their three-personas. The UIS races, though there was no USRA, still formed an alliance, but as a radically different group. They became "Citidel of Interspecies Systems", the ruling faction due to its relatively unchanged collection of destined UIS races. The Citadel was founded to keep the free-for-all warring factions from destroying themselves and the systems, with the key difference that the Karnavores became the 5th founders of the group, alongside UIS' traditional 4. This AUU is so radically different from the standard, it's boarder-like unrekitiseable as an AUU most others would know.
    • AUU-Guilds- An AUU where it's like factions but friendlier, but still rather competitive. The Vexxo War was still won as it did, but the Humans decided to limit themselves to just the Yuruns, Naruodans and the Cunones, snubbing the other USRA races to becoming competing alliances. Thus as a result, the AUU is divided into specific territories, the largest ones belonging to the still existing UIS as a prime regulator of the behavior of the guilds when the shenanigans got too much.
  4. AUU-BEAMOPIQ- The Shared AUU of United Universe LIGHTMOT, where like it, all heroes and villains are Beamflies and Opiqians. Grey areas and anti-heroes here, are presented by hybrids of the two.
    • AUU-NET1- The Teadr 1 age never concluded and the Teadr 1 races never experienced the events that either caused their extinction (or were implied to) or were able to avoid them in a different way. This prevented the existence of the USRA and UIS cause the Teadr 1s basically filled the leadership niche and disputes are better balanced out.
    • AUU-PD- The AUU where the Phends assured complete dominance and conversion into their belief of Mazor.
    • AUU-JC- An AUU where the Jalladome Confederation became a hyper-powerful and advanced force and own nearly 90% of the AUU and virtually a good chunk of advanced races, save for those protected, like the Yaterons and the Brains. This AUU is under heavy Outer God Scrutiny.
    • ​​​​​AUU-3HSWAN- An AUU where the Ehswans were able to win the Second Cartoonian War and beaten the Yaterons with their tecknowagey completely confiscated, pushing Yaterons back into the stone ages. Still, it became to be the end of Ehswans being strict as their emperor disbanded the group responsible for making Ehswans strict because it started the war to begin with and were lucky to have won. Thus, Kraansmas never became a holiday, which would keep Iallog from being affected by its existence, Kraan's over-all legacy forgotten with time thanks to Vyran actions, Yaterons end up being deemed a myth, of which the race itself was renamed the Trioeyesaris to further cover-up existence, which drastically effected history down the line, among them is that there would be no Yateron-Vyran war because the Ehswans basically had things under control. The Ehswans would intervene in the Naurodan incident and got them and humans to compromise, with the surrender of the tec in return to still keep enough of it to still regain some lost footing in Teadr levels, which preserved Humanity's would-be apprentice-hood with the Karnovores. The Ehswans would be the ones to intervene for the Cunones and would make sure Astro-Lasers were kept out of the conflict, resolved the Vexxos' corrupt queen and usher in peace. What follows is something as simple as the USRA never having been able to be founded, because the Ehswans were able to resolve problems just as perfectly, which also kept UIS from being founded because the UIS races have no reason to found because independence wasn't under threat cause the Ehswans intervened only when absolutely necessary and not out of misguided interventionism and in fact try to teach beings to learn how to resolve things themselves after getting involved once. The catch is that the Aurethers, the would've been Yateron Icons, basically become the Ehswans life-long enemies and the antithesis of the Ehswans by becoming a race of tec accelerators, vowing to "Restore the Yaterons" and expose the truth, but this ends up leaving the Aurethers looking like they're just plain crazy, and were never taken seriously. Their exploits are always stopped by the Ehswans.
    • AUU-0MN1CR0N- The Shared AUU of United Universe S1M, where the Omnicron revolution ended more darkly then how it had truly had gone when the machines of S1M had influenced the Omnicrons to not only continue the revolution in Gontroy and eventually win, but to then release a massive program that caused all machines of this AUU to rise up against the organics and subjugate them to the same thing as had occurred with S1M. The Omnicrons enlightenment kept machines of both United Universes from committing to the acts of Inter-Dimensional Empires and simply had kept to their own devices.
    • AUU-LOGG- The AUU where Iallog stayed peaceful and resulted in a diplomacy heavy AUU. As a result, Iallog never devolved into becoming "The Terrorist Factory Planet" and never became infamous for its wars, which made wars less frequent in this AUU apart from noted exceptions.
    • AUU-UGOLDEST- The Shared AUU of United Universe W3AP10N, where like it, stronger weapons have no heavy restriction, thus Nova Titans and Astro Lasers are more commonplace, resulting in a more hectic and war-cautious AUU. It got this way because Ugoldest became the dominant capital system after it effortlessly won a single war campaign to end bans of all forms of tecknowagey. This AUU became a wild west of unregulated weaponry and virtually every planet now has scars of Astro laser attempts to either send a message or just because an owner decided to be a dick that one time.
    • AUU-REMENA- An AUU where Remenian Society is highly more dominant, thus Grim Sisters have a soured reputation here thanks to Azzhole having complete control over the Grand Council, this being an AUU where the USRA and UIS didn't get to exist because the Ontans managed to get a far greater grip onto the Universes and have organized everything in their control. Thus, Grimness Occultra and her kin bare a group referred to as "The Grim Rebellion", Grimaces being a primary army source for them. With this being shared with United Universe-RWBY, intionally Occultra was deemed no different then Salem, but the Lougers of that OUU came to learn that Grim Sisters here are not like Salem's forces, so instead, Azzhole was defeated and removed from power, peace being ushered ever since.
    • AUU-Duuuuuh- The shared AUU where Nastrade and Idion are not the only worlds infested with sheer idiots, as all of the AUU suffers from stunted intelligence due to an act by a Mischiver way back in earlier times. Thus, this an AUU where Erasers still exist because this affected the Gate Sintari as well, thus as a result, Erasers are always working overtime to get rid of the stupids to make room for a better generation while the Cosmic Citidel aims to correct the Mischiver trick.
    • AUU-IRPHEIS- An AUU where what happened with Irpheis with the Clockwiser, had spread across all of the AUU, which now resulted in conflicts of the past, present, and future, to share the same space, resulting in quantum chaos. This is ground zero for Time Lords and Time Councilers alike, scrambling to get this disaster area fixed, as this AUU is also suffering from a massive Timeisite Infestation.
    • AUU-ORANOS- An AUU where all worlds are like Oranos and life exists under the ice-cold planets with life-giving plants dependent on all beings being moral. Evil is exiled to space, thus resulting in major space pirate communities with space stations. This AUU's space is ruled by space battles for territorial disputes, grudgematches, revenge battles, and attempts to raid eachother, as space is covered in space junk and space ship graveyards of many past battles. Thus, space travel has been strongly advised against due to how "The Evils" have basically ruled it now.
    • AUU-WEAVE- An AUU where the Weavoids won the Weaving War and have become a very big majority under UIS protection, largely granted by the Zharethis, as non-UIS races have been reduced into an extreme minority, this only being possible cause Oakaan never got to be borned, because his parents never met. Thus, without Oakaan's cruel (But darkly undeniably helpful) tactics, The Weavoids, simply took over and the war ended anti-climatically, cause other than incidents, the Weavoids aren't being intentionally dangerious as more like they're well-meaning lovy-dovy goofs, albeit with a poor understanding of social etiquette. As a result, the USRA crumbled because the Weavoids end up being too much as over-population becomes an issue for their new colonies on new planets as well, forcing UIS to intervene and ushering in the "One-Queen" initiative in making Weavoid Colonies only have one queen per-hive.
    • AUU-SISPICE- An AUU where every planet is like Chaybdra, and all sentient life is a Chaybdran. It is perhaps the most peaceful AUU because all beings are under a shared hivemind, save for territorial happy-slaps. Realm-Jumpers are asked to be cautious of this dimension cause a non-Chaybdran will get instantly converted into another hive member, thus travel to this dimension is highly restricted and it's portal in Portus of the main AUU is cut-offed from access for extra safety measures.
  5. AUU-DARK- An AUU where "Planet Darkside" is still on the loose and has become a shorce of all evil in this AUU. Thus, in-absence of getting rid of Darkside itself, they resorted to imprisoning it into this AUU for good. Thus, this place became enturnally inaccessible, as fighting Exhaeons became a way for life for folks ever since.
  6. AUU-CORBOS- An AUU where Corbos managed to win Grand Council leadership.... Albeit by brute-force and brutally removing all candidates, Warson espeically, so people had to vote him in that he's the only choice. Thus, Corbos lead a ruthless and destructive campaign against the VA and eliminated the VA litterally within months of his election. To many, the VA's assured defeat was nothing but a brief relief to that Corbos basically ruled the entire AUU with the Grand Council Headmaster Seat. He executed those that disagree with him, called him out, or because he wanted to relieve boredom. Then came the day he tried to revive the attempt to enslave the Swactyls once more, and fair's fair, with an army of the USRA forces behind him, it was something he finally achieved, for about, 7 days until UIS responded with forceful retaliation, take-back of the Swactyl territory, and mass-annexed all of the USRA territories, had Corbos executed, and then leaving all of the AUU learning independence under UIS law. The entire USRA legacy, destroyed not by a rising fanatic threat, but by a Bullarn king that will forever live in infamy for it, resulting in Bullarns to be the most hated race ever... Which is quadrupled then their traditional reputation of just being feared for being violent.
The Subverse Rows 5 (AUUs)
  1. AUU-UUF- An AUU where the UUF are actually a competent threat, AND outside of Team Cibarron, mind you. The key factor is that CIC Phelpen Godcaux was never allowed serious leadership, it instead went to his daughter, Brittany Godchaux, who would prove to handle the group with more caution, with more morals, and more disapleane that placed would-be crazies and idiots in line, even seeing to their downfall, like with Tyrannzin and espeically Atomsmash, though Atomo still stopped him himself, Brittany was able to convince Atomo that Smash was just a crazy psyco and didn't represent the true goals of the UUF, even having Atomo replace Smash as leader of the UUF location. Blech would still occur as he did, but Stryke would not be lied to about the actual fate of the Ombers and was even told that they served UIS before a situation made them vanish, though he was still informed that his parents were arrested by UIS for accidental contact at the wrong beings, along with UUF agents ACTSELLY obeying orders to re-establish a presence in Critius and NOT go to Manatera to join Agamemnon, at least not until a Team Cibbaron mission there saw the fall of Agamemnon, and in a way handled better than Samantha/Manaventi's mission simply because Widowus was discovered. With added caution, the UUF had the mindset to avoid trying to adopt USRA principles or standards, and espeically try to avoid advocating for USRA intervention and rule. With added morals, they avoided things like having a member get involved with a Pro-USRA conspiracy, even having helped dismantling it, and espeically kept away from risky plans like the creation of OV. Cause of it, the UUF managed to maintain a far better influence, even having managed to crumble the Aggressor Empire and cleaned up its shenanigans. However, UIS is still adamant about the UUF's existence, cause even with the lack of being USRA nuts, the UUF is still committing albeit its own version of preventing planets from having their own legacies, on top of its acts of attempting De-Isolation, albeit in a more moral and careful degree. As a result, UIS is in a less powerful state, (Not to say it isn't a powerhouse anymore, it's more like their political influence is weakened because of kinda being made near-moot), being ruled by increasing disagreements between UIS races, because even in a time where the USRA is gone, there's now another over-interventionalist government that's slowly killing independence. And it would take a dramatic turn for UIS of this AUU should there come the time of the NUSRA to come into existence, which would put UIS of this AUU, into a mad uproar, as they would be surrounded by two Anti-Independence groups, which would leave current UIS leaders, even the too passive Grandmind, to be impeached and replaced by more sterner leaders that will become the epicenter of a second Interuniverseal War, cause such new leaders would promise an even MUCH more aggressive UIS that would start a mad conquest for independence, even having to resort to adopting VA factories to turn the Starbots into their own forces, which would become the war of alliances.
    • AUU-OMBER- An AUU where the Ombers never disappeared and stayed UIS' prime enforcers of independence. Thus, this prevented Stryke from ever getting involved with the UUF, of which the Ombers had long prevented the UUF from ever even rising, arresting Godcaux and other impourent figures. This meant that Click and Flick were never created, Beazley ends up being deemed "the weirdo of the family", being sent to a Brainiacaazkian Therapy Station when her questioning of UIS ended up making her rude to a Zharethis Embassy member, Eps was arrested for attacking Madam President's nephew during a wedding, Ponder still a critic to UIS in some capacity, but because of no UUF, at worse he's a vocal critic who's all bark but no bite and kept in line by his brother, Qoria was kept on her planet in quarantine, and other UUF members just end up being minority anti-UIS nuts in Isolated Systems growing increasingly loyal and obedient to UIS, where even the Aggressors have come to be completely pacified by Ombers. The Ombers end up being the ones to bring down the USURP'A conspiracy, and with more efficiency and perfection then how the HA did. Stryke, most of all, ends up being the best independence enforcer of the entire Omber race, and became sort-of an icon, especially since Blech still caused trouble, just without prior UUF baggage. The AUU is the same otherwise as is it's shared OUU, but the Isolated Systems are just under better care with the Ombers around and that UIS' points are rendered flawless, giving critics no legroom to make them look bad and thus are often overlooked grumps nobody cares about.
    • AUU-STRYKE- An AUU where Stryke was able to ascend to UUF Leadership after the defeat of Blech. This basically lead to a vastly more competent UUF, though not nessersarly a far more serious threat because it is still in utter shambles as a group otherwise, but give them credit, Stryke made earnest but not always successful attempts to restore lost territory. However, it was his universes' version of "Usurpation Up In Here" that brought the early end of the UUF after Stryke discovered that the Ombers had served UIS and that everything was told traditionally in other dimensions was a lie. Thus, he resigned with anger, friends in tow, and left the UUF to be back in Godchaux's brief control until UIS finished off the now made incompetent again UUF.
    • AUU-EPS- An AUU where Eps had actually managed to kill Madam President's Nephew and became even MORE of a pariah to his people then traditionally in other AUUs, and thus had earned him Leadership of the UUF in replacing Godchaux. This would prove to be a very bad call as Eps in this AUU turned very unapologetic extremist and had the UUF engage in radical practices worse than those attempted by Atomsmash. This prompted UIS to get immediately aggressive and destroy the UUF in a swift blow, executing all members on sight, down to even Eps himself.
    • AUU-QORIA- An AUU where Qoria was able to obtain leadership after escaping her planet's UIS-imposed quarantine. Qoria was ambitious but reckless as a leader, and primarily made the UUF focus more on attacking UIS presence Gamea Reeft. These attempts ALWAYS fail because the planet is well defended, and all that occurs is mass loss of UUF members. The latest attempt ended in the UUF's assured collapse when the Grandmind gotten "Mildly Flustered" by the repeated attempts and personally saw to it that the latest attempt was the last, with all UUF members but Qoria defeated for good. Qoria was placed back into containment as a pariah to her people and kept in isolation by UIS ever since.
    • AUU-BEAZLEY- An AUU where, for some EXTREMELY ill-logical reason, Beazley was made leader of the UUF in replacing Godchaux. It did not improve the UUF's pitiful state anymore then Godchuax's leadership had done. Beazley's incompetent actions lead to the UUF even losing the intermediate planets in Usurpia's system. She kept making bad calls after bad calls until the UUF ended up disbanding on its own accord and surrender to UIS in a truce, that the now-former members will agree to never question them again if they promise to just ARREST Beazley! It was more than acceptable for the surprised but nonetheless victory drunken UIS to do. Beazley was placed in a Brainiacaazk Therapy Station to be reformed of her disposition and placed under house arrest of her family, who are more than willing to make sure Beazley behaves herself from here on out.
    • AUU-PONDER- An AUU where Ponder was able to defeat his brother by a glim-stroke of luck, leading to him to expose UIS' secrets to the UUF, giving an otherwise incompetent threat a dangerious edge over UIS. This lead Ponder to be a favorite for leadership and immediately replacing Godcaux as CIC. This lead to things like Ponder getting mad with power, having recklessly abandoned caution and had aimed to assassinate UIS leaders. But he was killed by his own brother who managed to get even on the score with the very weapon meant to be UIS' downfall, the Oblitsor. Thus, the UUF fell apart without Ponder to a decisive UIS act.
    • AUU-UUF'Plus- An AUU where the UUF wasn't just competent, it actually had did undermined UIS rule to unrepairable degrees. Jadence fills in Godaux's would've-been leadership role and proves to be a far, far more daring and extreme leader. She caused the destruction of UIS's isolation walls, undermined their exploits, left blockades in shambles, even having managed to make USURP'A a rousing success. However, the USRA races of this AUU did not condone this UUF's actions because the UUF's constant Yay-Saying to the USRA only served to make UIS angrier and angrier, pushing both alliances to the brink of war, so to better prevent that, the USRA races openly denounced the UUF as "A Terrorist faction", and openly declared war onto the UUF, in alliance to UIS. Thus, this forced the UUF forces to find an unsavory bedfellow in the VA and had joined forces with them to avoid easy destruction.... Which ironically still happened in this AUU's version of "The Land Unknown", which apawn the VA's downfall also lead to the UUF's crumble by the hands of revenged' UIS forces. Ironically, the simple act of the USRA denouncing the UUF, was enough to lead to UIS and the USRA races to have better connections, which lead to the USRA races re-establishing UIS isolation projects, and in return, UIS helped a NUSRA come into existence with them getting the Humans back and Kafar's exposure. Thus, the Isolated Systems forever live in a tarnished reputation because the UUF was too much for its own good, Termans are rendered hated beings, Jadence is a despised person, breeding isolated system resentment, while the Isolated Systems are trapped in an enturnal pity party of ever supporting the UUF.
    • AUU-MinusUUF- An AUU where the UUF never came into existence. The Isolated System Races are still begrudgent about UIS' misguided aims for securing independence and confusing standards for it, but had well-reckitnesed that UIS is too powerful for rebellion and simply shrugged off the shenanigans as just another fact of life for the Isolated Systems. USURP'A would still occur and would still fall as it did. This lead to alot of Isolated System Races to be much friendlier to UIS, or at least maintained a respectful neutral outlook cause of no UUF shenanigans, not saying the UUF really changed minds all that much save for crazy individuals.
The Extra Sectors (AUUs)
  1. AUUMoron- The Shared AUU of United Moroniverse. With noted exceptions to the Brainiacaazks and other hyper-smart races, in result of a stagnated flow of imagination, the rest of the AUU are left to be utter morons. An education regime had been in place ever since.
  2. AUUJaka'NO'more- An AUU where Jakamor didn't survived the Jenovis attack, thus he never got to be a minor councilor in the Grand Council. But at most it means that the events of the Sea Squirrels being killed off never happened, as Xandronian still exists, ergo, Sea Squirrels just end up with the same treatment as the Phends and get harassed by vengeful maniacs turning into Sea Squirrel Hunters.
  3. AUU-Portus'Plus- An AUU that became a Realm-Jumper Capital and unique to even it's shared OUU, because the same quantum glitch in Portus spread to all of this AUU. Thus, dimensional travel had to be even more strict cause of how everywhere the portals are.
  4. AUU-Snake- An AUU where every AUUian is a snake. This is considered to be Yig's favorite AUU for "NO-DUH" reasons. It's shared OUU is the United Snakeaverse.
  5. AUU-2077- An AUU entirely like the world of Cyberpunk 2077 (Sans the now forever infamous game glitches) where it is an AUU that got this way because the war with the VA was extra intense and lead to prostectics and augmentations to be more wide spread and of grander scale.
  6. AllTUU- An AUU but more like "All Tomorrows" where Humans were once the only race until they started to colonese planets, were invaded by the Biotiens for being too abundent and were transfered into basicly vaguely human versons of the known AUU races. This AUU was how the Intendeds learned of the Biotiens and their connection with a devient strain of Worlders that made it diffucult for them to really confront them about this. The realm has been aggressively enforced by the Biotien created insectiod race, known as the Tu, dragonfly eqsed creatures with stingers capable of bio alterations. Thankfully, the Tu remain a unique entity thanks to the Neverum cutting off inter-dimensional travel away from the Tu via evacuating from the Neverum Planet and closing off any direct portals to it, and having Portus of every AUU restrict any portal that leads to this AUU for good measure.
  7. AUU-NevPrime- The first Alternate Universe Colony of the Neverums, which more then implies that the Neverums are not nessersarly of the AUU but have done well to secure this secret from even the most sturdiest of Realm Jumpers and had made it that it looks like NevPrime is the starting point of the Neverums. They've even done well to keep their secret to themselves to the point that only the highest rank knows of the Neverum truth.
  8. AUU-Ztarblower-Space- The AUU where the Mythical Ztarblower would've actully existed. Due to the potentional of causing an Inter-Dimensional Empire and that it would've made Nukula Clast a creditable threat (Apart from still being wrong about Feskulia), it became the first AUU that had to suffer Xzar intervention, and thus since, all AUUs have kept true to the fact that Ztarblower does not exist, and with careful Outer planning, it has since STAYED that way. As such, the Neverums that were once station'd here had to evacuate in advance of Xzar intervention.
    • AUU-Feskuliaisdangerious-Space- The AUU where Feskulia IS actually a volitile planet, but the mere act of testing it ended up triggering an epic exbloudision that caused the AUU to self-destroy. Luckly, the Neverrums didn't got to colonise this AUU yet, so casalties were avoided. Ever since, Matter Councilers took care to not actually have versions of Feskulia actually be dangerious and thus kept true to what the main AUU had set out.
  9. AUU-Feskulia- An AUU were all planets are like Feskulia and ergo have all been mistaken as dangerous to all except the Neverum colonies. Thus every race is space voyaging vagabonds.
  10. AUU-HumanNerf- An AUU where Humans of the AUU lack the Cerwin Gene and thus have nothing special about them, effectively making them no different from OUU humans and have thus never advanced beyond the 21st Centuary Tech, meaning Humans are obscured beings other races barely even acknowledge as life goes on without them, thus no USRA nor UIS, yet the races are able to manage fine without them, as the dominance of the Brains and other Elder Races picked up the slack and dealt with all conflicts that would've gotten human involvement. In such, the Yaterons have been pushed back into Stone Age level by the Vyrans, the Bullabull Dynasty Returned with Lyrma Solo reclaimed by the Bullas, the Skeps eventully colonise Pharagu with no issues, Brain intervention lead to peace between the Cunones and Vexomites, the issue with the Yuruns and the Naaars was resolved better with Brain intervention, and so on and so forth.
  11. AUU-Non-HumanPlus- An AUU that also has it that Humans don't have the Cerwin Gene, but the other AUU races have it instead, which otherwise leave humans in the same position but in an AUU where others are at even greater tech levels. Largely the same as HumanNerf in terms of what it is like, lackage of USRA and UIS, certain situations are handled as with HumanNerf, and Humans are just as obcured as they are in Nerf, outside of being considered a genetic anominality of why they lack the Cerwin Gene.
  12. AUU-Planetless- An AUU with no planets. All spieces and races are space fauna and space beings and are able to breath and thrive in space, which in term undermines the need for space ships other for luxery purposes.
  13. AUU-Sunless- A pitch black AUU with no suns, yet life managed to exist in biolumisence, but largely look straight out of "Pitch Black" and other intense SciFi films with a touch of trench-cave horror, so basically not the prettiest AUU.
  14. AUU-Spaceless- AUU Spaceless is an AUU without space, as the dimension is litterally a GIANTIC dimension spaning planet with all races and spieces sharing it. It was considered the Matter Councilers' most "Ambitious" project in wanting to see if a giant single-planet dimension IS possable (Surprise surprise, it is, cause Outers). Apart from this, it has a largely identical history to the original AUU, just without Space.
  15. AUU-MinusPortus- An AUU where apart from it's unremarkable shared OUU, is otherwise a largely multiversely isolated AUU cause Portus does not exist here as it would in other AUUs. The System exists, but it's remarkably average as a system and is rarely as talked about and is visited averagely as any other system. This may be because something has restricted the Portus System from being like other AUUs, though it's likely considered to be an outlier as the vast majority of AUUs have Portus with dimensional portals in them. Apart from this, it's largely a samey AUU with basicly the same history as the original AUU. This AUU was the hardest to colonise for the Neverums cause of a lack of a Portus also meant conventional Dimensional Travel is restricted to spefific spots, but they still managed enough.
  16. AUurlia- An AUU where the events of The Powers That Be Awesome and subsequent follow-up episodes never happened simply because the topic of Armatage and Huncus was never brought up in the Zirago Convention by this AUU's Lougers and HA, thus they never got involved in Beofynzeny's affairs. This resulted in Jaxtom's powers going unchecked for a while longer as Jaxtom would eventually be able to open up the vaults as he did in the actual episode but with the Vault Seekers no longer a true issue cause of controlling some of the best ones. Jaxtom's power is thus further solidified, allowing him to eradicate Cleanse Co for being "A Bad Reminder to a Group (He) REALLY didn't liked" when they were the ones that tried to stop him (And predictably FAILED). Aotho, in turning apathetic to Jaxtom's power and the resistance going permanently underground to avoid his expanded power, went to seek out Lady Aurlia to further her training. In that time, Jaxtom had ended up having brought the Urdians back but began raising them as foot soldiers, which had utterly eradicated all criminal foundations. Even the Banditry didn't survive the incursion. Jaxtom created his perfect kingdom and had begun to have the Urdian Tec shared enmass. When Aurlia was finally ready, with a remotivated resistance, they made a final aggressive assault on a victory drunken forces of Jaxtom. The attack, inspite of numbers, was shift enough that alot of Jaxtom's forces were lost in the move, including the corrupted Vault Seekers. However, upon Jaxtom being slain, Phaseforce suddenly turned obedient to Helertia, who immediately "Retired" the resistance by ordering their execution after exposing the truth about everything involving Jaxtom. Even Aurlia was lost in the process. Aotho was spared by orders of Steelea and was given a quiet secret arrest and held in an unmarked private prison. The Deaths of the resistance are covered as casualties to the fight against Jaxtom and are assumed as such. Helertia took over what Jaxtom created for her and resumed the sharing of Urdian Tec and took control of the Urdian Rebirth Facilities, having successfully pulled the most successful conspiracy in ANY Copy AUU, and rules unrestricted as the new president of the system. Demiurge's presence is largely unknown. The Outers hold this AUU to scrutiny because of it being potaintionally close to Inter-Dimensional Imperialisum, and Xzars are on stand by for if an Inter-Dimensional Empire comes out of this AUU.
    • AUU'MinusAwesome- An AUU where the U-Ter movement never came to existence (And by extension, no Cleanse Co), and Jaxtom never had problems with getting Urdian Tec shared to the entire AUU, thus it was shared utterly completely. Otherwise a largely samey AUU, minus events relating to the Beo Episodes never being able to happen, though as a consequence cause of the shared Urdian Tec, the VA was FAR more aggressive with readily availablely-shared Teadr 1 tec, ironically enough resulting in every USRA Territory to become like what Beo would've ended up being, while UIS Territory remained normal. As such, UIS had isolated all USRA and VA Territories from UIS and Isolated System Territories and those of no direct affiliation with either to prevent the spread. Jaxtom in this AUU, ruled by regret, teamed up with the group under Helertia to start the "Tec-Take-Back" initiative, where those that would've been the heroes and villains of the system are instead turned into a large group that would raid the VA territories for Urdian tec and take-them back, as mandated by UIS' automatically granted lifetime community service granted onto Jaxtom cause sharing the tec was his doing. In a way, the U-Ters' existence was perhaps a necessary (But still very annoying) evil, that while are still at fault for why Beo turned into an utter mess, kinda inadvertently spared the rest of the AUU from being the big mess. (The U-Ters are still absolute morons though.)

Non-Copy Universes

Not every United Universe is a cheap imitation. These examples include-

  1. Live Action UUniverses- Pretty much the United Universe of real-life and live-action stuff. Created and owned by The Grand Reality Master.
  2. 8th Dimension- A dimension with no relation to the ones that spell out the numbers as suppose to use the number itself. It was ruled by the little Monkey Man.
    • 9th Dimension- An exact twin dimension of the 8th, but the monkey men are bigger and with tenticles. It was ruled by the giant Monkey Man.
  3. The Pirate Universe- Not to be confused with the "Pirate Dimension", the Pirate Universe is an Entire United Universe that had embraced piracy. Tecnkowagey evolved with Piracy here. The Amoral One Creator of this universe is unknown, but it is likely the same one as the Pirate Dimension.
  4. The Pilgrim-Salem Era Universe- A United Universe in a mixed era of Pilgrimage and Salem Era times where Turkeys are a preyed apawn minority along with magic users. The Amoral One creator of this place is yet to be disclosed.
  5. The Transylvania Universe- A United Universe entirely ruled by classical era monsters where normal beings and creatures are the minority, as Count Dracula-like Vampires and Mad Scientists are often undisputable rulers. The Amoral One creator of this universe is yet to be disclosed.
  6. The Roman-Alien Universe- A United Universe that is 79% ruled by a powerful alien empire that practice Roman-like standards. As a result, this universe has been kept under heavy scrutiny by the Outer Gods for how close it is to Inter-Dimensional Empire ascension. The Amoral One Creator is yet to be disclosed.
  7. The Robot Universe- A United Universe where all living things are robots, sort've like the society of the 2005 Animated Movie Robots, and like it, procreation is litterally based on an assembly line and death is represented as getting scrapped and re-incarnation is like being recycled. Amoral One Creator yet to be disclosed.
  8. The Microbe Universe- A United Universe where everything is like being inside a giant microscope and everything's a universe of giant microbes. This universe can be weird, wild, and dangerious. Amoral One Creator is unknown.
  9. Treasure Universe- An entire treasure cove united universe hideaway for the residence of the Pirate Universe, even denizens of the Pirate Dimension use this place. Amoral One Creator Undisclosed, but assumed to be either the same as the Pirate Universe/Dimension, or one based on wealth. Either way, Chancespawn routinely eye this universe as it has no specific gambling rights owner and is a high bid universe to them in the Gambler Dimension.
  10. The Dream Universe- An ever-changing united universe and epicenter of dreams of all kinds, accessible only by sleeping. One side is positive, bubbly, blissful set of realms where everything is always ideal and perfect, another side is pretty much your typical nightmare realm, or sometimes they can just be trippy experiences. The More, "Suggestive" Dreams are usually cut off from the rest of the universe. It is an imagination sensitive realm. Amoral One Creator currently undisclosed, though perhaps related to Thaumorpheus in some way.
  11. The Garden Universe- A United Universe that's nothing but plants, and displayed in a beautiful garden display admired by realm-jumpers from all over the Multiverse. Often it is the home of the biggest collection of plants from across the multiverse. Amoral One Creator Unknown.
  12. T.Verse- A United Universe where Inter-Dimensional Cable Television is produced and enjoyed by Realm-Jumpers. Infinite numbers of channels, but finding what to watch can still be an issue. Amoral One Creator yet to be disclosed.
  13. Funverse- A United Universe structured like a giant Dave & Busters-like food and arcade area and a chillax hotspot for realm-jumpers where alot of good times are had. Thus it has a multiverses' worth of food and games for just about anyone who comes in. Amoral One Creator Unknown.
  14. The Grocery Universe- An Entire United Universe that's a giant food shopping center bearing fresh produce and other food items from across the Multiverse. The Universes are structured like giant food isles filled with so many foods from across the Multiverse that it has just about anything for any Realm Jumper, even something radically different. Amoral One Creator is unknown.
  15. The Resort Universe- A United Universe nothing but beautiful resort hotels surrounded by beautiful lands, beaches, oceans, among other things, with Flora and Fauna espeically beautiful. Typically it's only affordable to particularly rich Realm Jumpers, cause it's prices are extreme. Amoral One Creator Unknown.
  16. The Pizza Universe- A United Universe that's, litterally a giant cosmic space pizza that houses sentient Pizza Topping people. To avoid their entire universe from being eaten by realm jumpers, they opened up an inter-dimensional pizza business where they make tinier versions of what is basically their own universe to serve pizza to, just like a dimensional, any pizza place you can think off. Initially, it was an act of self-preservation, but then it grew into being a beneficial venture in monetary gains as well, thus the Pizza Universe became a business and have special spots reserved for serving Realm-Jumpers Pizza, even some Chuck E. Cheese Sytile Pizzarias for the kids. The Amoral One Creator is currently undisclosed, but it is possible that he REALLY liked Pizza.
  17. The Holiday Universe- An entire universe based around holidays from across the multiverse. From known earth holidays to something completely alien, this universe is a holiday epicenter where holiday personifications, known as "Holidayians", live and thrive. Popular/beloved/continued holidays can afford prosperity and good fortune, while obscure/forgotten/discontinued holidays are thrown into a Purgatory Wasteland under the Wasteland Guardian known as "The Unholidayer", and it's army of holiday-themed Worxians named as "The Infestives" by locals, to take them to the purgatory known as "The Purgiday".
  18. The Citidel of Lougers- A "Citadel of Ricks"-like United Universe where it is the primary base-realm for the Copy Universe Lougers to keep Multiverseal Order. Like Citadel of Ricks, it has a vibrant community of Copy Universe Lougers going through daily routines and community, but unlike what's shown with the Ricks and Morties, the communities are more stable and violence between the Copies are rare. It is under the care of Shell Lougers Prime as basically a Council of Lougers, given that they're the ones serious enough to handle the positions responsibly since, let's be honest, the Lougers of any United Universe traditionally are far from that kind of serious. This realm was an abandoned blank dimension when it's Amoral One was attacked by a Plainspawn and was fully infected, having to be hibernation realmed with the Plainspawn as a result, so it was adopted by the Copy Universe Lougers instead to give the life it would've had.
  19. The Supreme Prison- Once another blank universe who's Amoral One fell victim to a Plainspawn, the Citidel of Lougers adopted this universe as well to be the ultimate prison dimension for the biggest evils of the Multiverse, whether they are the worse versions of their usual enemies, a threat from the non-copies and Standalone Dimensions, the most dangerious natural or un-natural monsters of specific realms, dangerious inter-dimensional criminals, captured Devients and dangerious Defects, sometimes even darker or worse versions of the Lougers or other hero groups especially. With functionality like the base of Cabin in the Woods, this realm is the most expansive collection of Multiverseal Evils and dangers in any of the realms.

Standalone Dimensions.

  1. The Magic Realms- The Impurent Shorce of Magic, and it's evolved counterparts in Chi, Super Powers, the Force, even Imagination and other similar forces throughout the Multiverse of SAF-S. Created and owned by The Magical Elder, A.K.A. inrealmly named Thaumorpheus.
    • Sugar Dimension- As the name suggests, it's a Dimension of all things sweet, and the native home of sweets people and the Sugsects, an ant-like insectoid race where suger powers them in the way of mana.
    • The Dimension of Milk and Honey- A coinsiding Ultra Sweet Dimension that, as the name suggests, is litterally that of Milk and Honey. It's primary racial caretakers are Cow-Bee Hybrids that tend to both milk and honey in this dismension and is considered a favorite distributer of such withing the coinsiding dimensions near the Magic Realms.
    • Nighttime Dimension- The Nighttime Dimension is a dimension of pure lucid, which in magic terms, is mana combined with neural charges, which can allow one to become aware in their own dreams when sleeping and essentially become a god. Basically a smaller scale version of the Dream Universe, but a subsidiary of the Magic Realms.
    • Genie Dimension- The realm of origin for Genies and a place connected to the Magic Realms via a complicated Quanton Glitch that is responsible for their commonly eccentric natures.
  2. The Mewni Dimensional Peninsula- A section of intertwined dimensions radically different from each other yet seem very connected to each other. These are the realms closest to the Magic Realms. When these realms became one, Glossiary became it's sub-Amoral One whilst the specific Amoral One creators and owners are yet to be disclosed.
  3. The Privateverse- A typically always cut-off and privatized dimension accessed only by things capable to cut through its heavy quanton boarders. It is the location of The Shell Lodge, a private hotel for Shell Lougers from across the copy United Universes where they come here to relax from heavy days of work, of which is owned by Shell Louge Prime. They even welcomed some of the Lougers from the standalone dimensions, primarily if they have even remote elements of a traditional copy united universe and/or if they even exist.
  4. Human Equestria- A humanized mini-dimension based on the Center United Universes, but transformed into a human community given a blend of Equestrian purity, and was created to be conflict-free. Created and owned by Coo.
  5. Human Equaria- Basically the same as Human Equestria for the AUU and it's AUU world of Equaria. Created and owned by Wou.
  6. The Artificial Magic Realm- A subsidiary realm of the AUU and the realm of Artificial Magic of Manatera. Though currently dead as of the actions of Samantha/Manaventi, it is the hideaway of Queen Widowus and Fortunoos, and thus is typically only accessible to Artificial Magic-Users unless others were brought along with them or cause of random happenstance if you were to enter a transporter that randomly sends you off somewhere. The closest force that can freely access this place is Outers, but as far as they know, they've given the impression that Artificial Magic's not an issue anymore, so they would never think of going after the place.
  7. The Equestria Dimension- Also had been referred to as EQ-351 as of it's Rick and Morty name. It is a dimension where all of the inhabitants that are known from the Center United Universes are all Equestrian in nature and form, species dependent on the individual, but still mostly behave as they usually do but with granted pony purity (To those actually now ponies, those that became Equestrian mythics are relatively unaltered). Created by The Puregiver.
  8. Cybervoid- The place that stands between multiversal reality and the realm of Cyberspace. Owned and guarded by The Grand Coder.
  9. The Tranquility Zone and The Revolution Zone- Twin dimensions separated from each other by their owner and creator, The Grand Split Master.
  10. The Racegiver Dimensions- Another collection of united and yet separate realms inside a dimensional orbit and the holding areas of the Racegivers of the AUU. Created and owned by The Grand Animals.
  11. Memeverse- The extremely chaotic and nonsensical single universe realm of madness and Internet-based meme obscenery. Created by The Grand Chaosmaker.
  12. Bygone Universe- A realm where older versions of ever-changing iconic characters are sent to live in after reboots. Created and owned by The Grand Bygoner.
  13. Fanonverse- An entire universe based on fanon ideals, even the extra "NSFW" ones. Created and owned by The Grand Fanon Master.
  14. The Pirate Dimension- A realm where everything is dominated by piracy due to it being so dominant that the overall progress of the universe was stunted, where the pirates of the realm enter into feuding periods either between each other or The Skull Pirates. Created by The Amoral Pirate.
  15. The Dimension of Overt-Happiness- A realm so overly happy it can actually drive even fans of happiness utterly insane. Created by The Ecstasy Elder.
  16. Goth Dimension- The most emotastic realm of realms, where everyone there are, well doi, goths and Goth punks. Made by Thaumorpheus' moody cousin, The Gothed Elder, and this dimension reflects him well. Which makes this dimension's placing next to the Overt-Happiness dimension really ironic, but even in the multiverse, "Opposites Attract".
  17. The Easy Forgiveness Dimension- A realm filled with beings and creatures with an incapability to hold grudges for even the worse of acts done by anyone and is amongst the more sweeter and innocent realms. Creator yet to be disclosed.
  18. The Cute Dimension- A dimensional home for all things cute. In "The Weirdest Villain from Space", Sunset Shimmer was allowed to venture into a part of it that has Puppies, but it goes far beyond that in that it holds everything universally considered cute. Amoral One creator yet to be disclosed.
  19. The Dimension of Very Comfy Pillows- A realm where everything is made of comfy pillows and is considered the safest possable dimension. Home of the native Pillow-Friends, cute-animal-like pillows that are a popular companion of real jumpers for their sleep-aiding capabilities and anti-nightmare protection energy. They need no substence and water and thrive purely on companionship, ergo they are often very social creatures and have a bit of a strong sense of dodo-like fearlessness due to lack of predators. Amoral One Creator is The Grand Heavy Sleeper, distent cousin of the Amoral Ones responsable for sleep-based dimensions like the Dream Universe, Nightime Dimension, and any other Amoral Ones with realms based on cognition, give or take.
  20. The Cat Dimension- A sort of in-between to the Cute Dimension and the Catry Dimension. As name suggest, it's a dimension where it's literally a cat's paradise as the realm is roamed by domestic cats primarily, but it does have reserve sectors for wild/big cats and feline adjacent creatures. Dimensional caution is offered to realm jumpers that are rodents, small birds and/or fish, but these are light restrictions and that otherwise the realm is a favorite for cat lovers along with being a vacation sport for the Catries. Amoral One creator yet to be disclosed.
  21. The Catry Dimension- The Native Dimension of the Catries where everything is basically something out of a Cat's idea of heaven, and have been known for "Passive-Aggressive" behaviors. The Catries are a very common workforce for Dimension-Jumping Organisations and often have a presence in such organizations, espeically in their native Dimension Jumping group, "M.E.O.W.", as such the group is responsible for having a comprehensive map of the Multiverse shown by simplistic colors, Green for Safe, Yellow for Questionable, Red For Danger, and Black and White for Uncertain/Pending. Amoral One Creator yet identified.
  22. The Fab Dimension- Short for "Fabulous Dimension", but Realm Jumpers call it the Fab Dimension to avoid wrong implications. It's a dimension where everything exists to look fabulous. As such women where excessive levels of make-up while men look extremely snazzy and well-dressed in albeit the most over-the-top and eye-catching outfits ever. Amoral One creator's undisclosed.
  23. The Lego Dimension- Interestingly, an entire universe based on the Lego franchise and the setting of The Lego Movie franchise and it's spinoffs. Created by The Master Builder, not to be confused with the Master Builders of the movies.
  24. The Disembodied Heart Dimension- As the name suggests, it is a realm of giant disembodied hearts that produce endless pools of magic enriched blood commonly harvested like food and/or currency by the natives of the realm, which are all blood parasites or living blood cells. Created by The Amoral Heart.
  25. The Dimension of Disembodied Eyes- An entire dimension of Disembodied Eyes. Holds various varient of various types of eye creatures that can cause alot of mishaps if ever outside their native dimension. Even the planets and worlds are giant eyeballs. It's not a very much visited dimension cause of all the stareing the realm does. Created by The Grand Watching Eye.
  26. The Endless Gold Rush Dimension- A dimension of an endless gold-rush that came to be that way in thanks to a sage trying to stop a gold-fueled war from the settlers by making it that every planet in the realm is an ever-regenerating source of gold so conflict with his people is avoided. Created by The Grand Gold Giver.
  27. The Snake Dimension- A realm where everything is entirely ruled by snakes. Created by The Grand Snake, but then he got kidnapped and turned into the traditional Lovecraftian Yig by the Mischivers, thus it came to be adopted and owned by one of the Grand Animals, specifically the Grand Reptile, G.S.'s off-shoot relative.
  28. The Energy Dimension- A realm of energy commonly frequent by Energy Councilors to experiment on new forms of energy, along with it being the realm of energy beings. The Amoral One Creator is yet to be disclosed.
  29. The Roboloid Dimension- A Dimension ruled and self-maintained by robots. Sometimes it's called the "Robotloid Dimension" because the true name is hard to spell sometimes. It is a prime epicenter for multiversal robotic needs, where anyone with the appropriate funds can buy special robots and other kinds of sentient machinery for special needs. Creator and Owner is debatably and possibly The Grand Coder.
  30. The Romance Dimension- Among many other love-based dimensions, the Romance Dimension is where love is at it's greatest. The Amoral One Creator is currently yet to be disclosed.
  31. The Beach Dimension- A dimension that's litterally the multiversal tropical resort, where it's nothing but sunny beaches infinitely. It's a favorite spot for realm jumpers like Tranze Porter and Hekapoo to take vacations. The Amoral One Creator is yet to be disclosed.
  32. The Uridium Dimension- The origin of Uridium that would find it's way into the AUU. The molecules have a particle charge so advanced, each atom has a mind of its own, and any and all matter within have a collective intelligence. The realm itself is toxic, which discourages attempts to get more Uridium that way. The Creator and owner of the realm is yet to be disclosed.
  33. The Gullintine Dimension- A dimension of Gullintines. Not recommended to check it headfirst. A common punishment dimension for dimension travel capable beings. Amoral One Creator yet to be disclosed.
  34. The Dimension of Really Wealthy Banking Clans- The prime dimensional banking epicenter of the multiverse for dimension travel capable beings and ruled by the aforementioned "Really Wealthy Banking Clans". They can hold domain in other wealth-based dimensions to ensure economic order and balance is maintained in the Multiverses. Amoral One Creator yet to be disclosed, though assumed related to Grand Gold Giver.
  35. The Realm of the Phantasmagoria Triangle- The Home Realm of the Phantasmagoria. The Creator of this realm is largely unknown.
  36. Dimension Chimera- An entire Chimerish Dimension of its namesake name, Chimeras, main race, the Chimerians.
  37. The Mew Dimension- The Original Home of the Mewman Race. Destroyed by Xlazzon the Negotiable.
  38. Bestiary Dimension- The original home of the Monsters of Mewni, and possibly the site of the world of Amphibia. Initially, it was close to being destroyed for good by an Xexaxez named Xestroyus, but it was counteracted and prevented by a Resurrectorate named Razeena the Beautiful, with the Guilty Would-Be Inter-Dimensional Empire Makers removed.
  39. The Manapede Dimension- The Manapedes' original home dimension. Destroyed by a currently unnamed Xexaxez.
  40. The Noser Dimension- The Home realm of the Nosers, a race of beings with abnormally and often comedically large noses that allowed for Magic Absorption to a high degree. It was seen about to be devoured by an un-named Xexaxez for getting too powerful and about to established the ever taboo Inter-Dimensional Empire. The Fate of the Nosers beyond that is mostly unclear.
  41. The Quickbuild Dimension- The Quickbuild Dimension is.... Well the name litterally speaks for itself. It is a dimension where everything builds itself so quickly that it's like looking at a fast-moving timescale of something being built. This was the dimension that defied and destroyed the argument that "Rome wasn't built in a day" as they put together an entire civilization in a day. Thus, when this Dimension had existed in the Multiverse' early days and the Quickbuild advanced too quickly for the Outer Gods' comfort, they worried that they would get too strong for still-developing dimensions and basically become an inter-dimension empire in litterally the worse era for it, so naturally, an undisclosed Xexaxez was assigned to destroy this too-fast-for-its-own-good dimension. It was a destructor class group effort in dealing with escaping survivers as the Wipers had to help as well and gathered pretty much any colony of the Quickbuilds, which was made unintentionally easier for them cause at the time, other civilizations didn't existed yet and the Quickbuildians were litterally the only advanced life in any dimension that was going to be a colony attempt. However, this didn't mean their legacy was disposed of, as it's neighboring dimensions have records of their existence and forsaken ruins as proof of their existence. For some, this was viewed as a warning of advancing too quickly for the cosmic forces' comfort, but alas, a less then enlighten few would have other ideas with the Quickbuildians' legacy.
  42. The Cobrainian Dimension- A Dimension of Hyber-Intelligent Cobra People on a fragile tightrope of being destroyed by an Xexaxez due to their ambitions to collect Inrealm Gods. Amoral One Creator and owner debatably the Grand Reptile.
  43. The Dimension of Pure Innocence- A Realm of Hyper-Innocence. Momentarily ruined by Gaster as an Avatar for the Xzars via giving them porn.
  44. Napping Babies Dimension- A realm with napping babies in it. They're kept in a state of sleep, where their substance is supplied by reality affecting dreams based on their desires, which is often simple enough since, they're babies. The Amoral One Creator who made this realm must've had a motherly love for babies.
  45. The Dimension of Pretty Princesses- A Realm of, well, the name speaks of itself. Momentarily ruined by Gaster as a Xzar Avatar via making them do crude and inappropriate things.
  46. The Dimension with No Critics- A realm of a self-explanatory name of not having critics as it is a wildly artistically creative place. Momentarily ruined by Gaster as a Xzar Avatar simply by putting critics in it.
  47. The Party Dimension- A Dimension of a never-ending party actually owned by Pinkie Pie. She won ownership of it when she beaten a Chancespawn that owned it at the time when he came to Equestria to try and claim ownership of it as well a good while back prior to even the arrival of Twilight Sparkle and Spike.
  48. The Theme Park Dimension- Basically if Disneyland, Universal Studios, Sixflags and other theme parks had a massive theme park orgy and it birthed an entirely separate dimension of Themeparks. It is a favorite place to visit for Realm Jumpers and even some cosmic forces. Heck, Cosmic Forces even get a day dedicated to let them enter the park for free. The dimension is owned by the native race, The Joyians, who are a race of Joy Absorbing Clown People that had basically took over the dimension and turned it into a theme park, but because they lack Inter-Dimensional Empire aspirations, the cosmic forces pardon this as really, all they did was turn the dimension into a theme park and want to offer happiness to other realms, even to some cosmic forces. Hence why the Joyians came to master normal and cosmic money as a result.
  49. Foodstuff Dimension- A Dimension where it is nothing but food, far as the eye can see. From acres and forestes of fruit trees and vegitables larger then life, to walking animalistic meat byproducts and already prepared and cook yet living fish, and various levels of living junkfood that would even make Gobstoppers Blush, deserts made out of spicy snacks, and entire oceans of soft drinks and soda with ice cream representing arctics and tundras. The other Amoral Ones question the purpose of this creation to it's creater, Nomnom The Grand EverHungry, even with the surname in mind, as Outers don't need food, but it was simply because it was apart of Nomnom's personally of being "The Resident Food Nut". Nomnom is Thaumorpheus "Embarrising" Little Brother that while he doesn't hate, he is personally embarrised of whenever he's around, made worse given that whenever he visits, it's often to induldge himself into the Magic Realm's sweet nature, espeically not helping that it is sugar based, made WORSE in that he does the same to the sugar realm, often resulting to Thaumorpheus to have to commission the Cosmic Citidel to make it that Nomnom isn't allowed to visit him without an escourt restricting his hungry tendingcies anymore.
  50. The Dimension of Endless Space- Litterally what the name implies. Though it has planets, this realm is primarily a cosmonaut's and space-nut's paradise, as the dominant life forms are space living creatures and beings.
  51. Colony- A void of a realm left unstarted cause of it's assigned Amoral One falling immediate victim to a Plainspawn. The tragic realm become adopted by venturious enough realm-jumpers eras later and was given layers and layers of cities that span the entire realm thanks to shared realm-jumper tech and inter-dimensional co-operation. It's basically the coruscant of dimensions not under the United Universe model and a hotspot for realm jumpers to have a home away from native dimensions, often known to collect those exiled or refugeeing from native dimensions and allowing them to start new lives, in which patrols rotinely search every dimension with advanced and capable devices that look for beings that clearly don't belong in a certain dimension, but also make sure if they're not capable of traveling on their own terms whether with tech or magic or anything inbetween. It often tends to be a very rowdy place, espiecally when some refgees being victims of Xzars or Devient Outers, so thus law enforcement is very aggressive as well. The Capital Building is also a shrine dedicated to the infected Amoral One that was discovered in the realm of what he was, yet also a prison that keeps the poor outer contained, with curing attempts still on going. In an event of dealing with Outer-related trouble, whether provoked intendeds or devients looking for trouble, colony is protected by Lovecraftium-infused robots that are only summoned if an Outer becomes an issue. Colony has expansive partments, markets, businesses, everything typical of a city filled with everything convinent for a realm-jumper.
  52. Ruler of the Forgotten's Domain- An inner-realm of the Center United Universes that drags in forgotten beings to rule, but this was greatly circumvented by Originos.
  53. Noosphere- Also called the Metaverse, the Cognitive World, Infosphere, etc, this is a realm of pure lucid where all collective subconscious minds come together. Creatures here can be called infomorphs, or beings of pure information. The power behind the Persona game franchise primarily stem from here, and both the Outer Force and SCP Foundation study this realm.


The Mid-Rims are sort've caught in a grey-area between being not completely neglected but often glanced over by the Outer Gods for reasons even they can only guess why.

  1. The Anti-Magic Realm- A realm accsidently born from Exiled doses of Anti-Magic from the Magic Realms in being meant to filter out the gunk to prevent predictable domestic problems within the said realm. It's most infamous subsidery is the Antithaumite Dimension, of which that alone contributed to major anti-magic related headaches like the form of Anti Magic Nuts and cases of mana droughts happening cause of these nuts due to their infectious and quick-spreading nature. Outside of infection risks like with the Antithaumite Dimension, the big reason why this realm, being that it can easily be considered a glitch dimension, hasn't been subjugated to just being destroyed by the Xzars by now is actually because of Thaumorpheus' own personal request, believing this realm to be his accsidental mess he wants to deal with "Without Needless Destruction", believing that Anti-Magic just needs to be contained better then just booting it out of the Magic Realm like a bad tenat. The offical story is because Thaumorpheus would rather deal with his mistakes personally, but some believe that he has a larger more personal reason why he didn't just opted to let the Xzars do their job outside of personal distaste and considered risks of doing so, espesically after the Antithaumites tainted the Wipers with anti-magic when that wasn't in their original outer blueprints.
    • The Antithaumite Dimension- The Dimension of Magic-Hating Slimes that go out of their way to cut-off magic from as many universes as possible to prove a point that they're "Better off" without it, amorally and darwinisticly viewing the crumble of magic dependent societies as "Natural Selection". This Dimension is considered a Glitch Dimension, it was not meant to exist, but their infectious tendencies make them too high-risks for even Xexaxez to want to destroy.
  2. The Kaos Dimension- A fifth dimension and the home-realm of the Kaos Beings. Likely created and owned by either the Grand Chaosmaker or at least a near-relative.
  3. The Drug Dimension- Basically a realm of hyper-addictioning and potent drugs capable of giving extreme highs of a cosmic scale and the only place of insanethine, the most cosmically addicting of all drugs in any universe. The Amoral One Creator is yet to be disclosed.
  4. Space Bug Dimension- A wilderness dimension of giant space bugs, though the Space Bees seemed to be the closest to a civilized society, alongside space ants. This Dimension was only created as an exsirsize in Amoral One prowless.
  5. The Dimension of Sand- An all Desert Dimension where all that is there is sand. Thus, desert-based wildlife and flora exist here.
  6. The Wildverse- A dimension that is still largely a wild realm, where every sentient is still either tribal or early non-tec capable civilization, wildlife is at it's heaviest presence, and the felt influence of magic is still at an infancy here. This place is considered a favorite for safaris and exploring for realm-jumpers.
  7. The Dimension of the Blargduds- The Home Dimension of the Blargduds, a race of large, slacker-jawed, Neanderthal-like reptilian primate beings, that are stuck in primitive ways due to that their dimension is suffering a yet to be discovered Quantum Glitch. The Amoral One Creator is unknown.
  8. The Infineyes Dimension- The home dimension of the Infineyes, A race of humanoids with faces that look-like the Infinity Symbol. It was once a place where their high capacity for imagination mixed with high capability for magic resulted in one of the more beautiful Mid-Rim Dimensions, till atypical territory disputes and ethic differences resulted to war, and tragedy. The Infineyes were going through an extreme revolutionary war when a rogue nation was trying to impose democracy by force after a once king of their nation left too sour of an impression for them to ever tolerate monarchies ever again, so they declared a mad war against all traditionalized Infineyes. But this attack on an impourent minor capital city of the biggest nation, would prove to be a mistake. A traumatized and forever scarred Young Prince was possessed by a present Antithuamite began to cut off his entire realm from magic via destroying the Magic Pools of it, which doomed the realm into a magicless famine and left the Infineyes unable to create anything since, trapping them in stagnation. Apawn the discovery of the prince's infection by an Antithaumite, he was executed in being deemed lost. Regardless, the act ended up pointless as Demockracty still dominated the once Monarchy Reigned Dimension, but now it is in a less stable place than expected cause Demockraty was blamed for the Prince's mad corruption, even with the acknowledgment of the corrupting slime responsible. The Realm became subject to countless rebellions and attempts to restore the magic pools ever since, but the President of the electoral government himself is now a slave to the Antithaumites, aiming to prevent this every chance that has appeared. The Amoral One Creator is Unknown.
  9. Weather Dimension- A Dimension where it's nothing but storms. A realm filled with litteral tornado valleys, litteral rainforests, islands in constant monsoon seasons, and arctic circles always snowing while deserts are in enturnal heatwaves, even at night. Thus, life in this realm had evolved to adapt around this constant weather and had adapted radical adaptions rarely seen in any other animal of the Multiverse.
  10. The Volcanic Dimension- You can also refer this as "The Dimension of Mustafar", cause it's litterally a dimension where it's nothing but volcanic landscapes. The planets had remained in their volcanic formation days and never changed since, resulting in life that had to evolve WITH the magma. One would figure this would be a shoo-in to be an Outer Rims world, but because the life here isn't suffering, save for eruptions obviously, life is pretty much as good as it can get here.
  11. The Forest Dimension- A Dimension with nothing but forests and forest life. A routine favorite site for camping ventures by Realm Jumpers, for it is a realm of untouched forest beauty with incredible creatures, ranging from deer with tiny tree antlers that can house smaller creatures in a symbiotic relationship to moss-fur bears, and songbirds capable to sing hypnotizing aerias.
  12. The Jungle Dimension- A Dimension filled with only jungles and jungle wild-life. It is commonplace for realm-jumpers to do safaris here for the sight of wondrous creatures, from saurapodian creatures that have legs with bark skin, birds of paradise of many crazy and surreal colors, and majestic apex predators.
  13. Shavannaverse- Sometimes referred to as "The Africa Dimension" and home of the Cheetah People, the new utilized employees of the former Questbuy store, rebranded as Dimension Mart. A Dimension that is basically like the savannahs of Africa. This is also a spot of safaris for Realm Jumpers, where they can witness the sights of hyper-evolved African animals, from Giraffes that resemble trees, Lions covered in manes, Vulture/Hyena Hybrids, Gazelles that can jump over entire trees in a single bound, Elephants covered in stone, and Gallmimus-Eqses Ostriches with Terror Bird beaks.
  14. Cosmic Swamp- A realm riddled with excess cosmic ooze that it infected it to become a sort've cosmic swamp, which had a dramatic effect on the realm. Thus it became a sort've Cosmic Swamp where it had an extraordinary effect on local wildlife. Giant Frogs capable to transcend dimensions on a single hop, gators capable to eat quantum energy, life-force sucking giant mosquitos, wormhole turtles capable to swim in cosmic space, herons and cranes the size of theropods that eat pond fish big as whales and sharks, and Dragonflies the size of airplanes. The Realm is home to the "Cosmic-Kin", Cosmic Yokel Redneck Swampbilly Salamanders that can be VERY territorial to "Unsolisitors", are heavily relijustus and fearful of anything that could upset their "Swamp Deities", and are known for getting into family feuds at times.
  15. Dimension Aqua- A Dimension where it's nothing but an ocean with vast sea life. Realm Jumpers often like to come to this dimension to explore the ocean deeps, as even they are still discovering new freaky sea creatures every day. This realm also has Merfolk Dolphin People and Sharkanoids, of which at times these two would enter conflict over territorial disputes and fishing rights, but otherwise are at a mostly stable co-existence for as long as they keep out of eachother's way.
    • Seascape Dimension- A Subsidiary of Dimension Aqua. These are the less domesticated oceans then that of Dimension Aqua, as very few Realm Jumpers try to explore these wild oceans.
  16. The Dirt Realm- A realm with nothing but dirt that's the home of the predominant Ant Folk of the Dimension that lives in a large underground kingdom amongst other bug-folk of the underground verity. The surface is dominated by giant unsentient bugs and giant avians, the apex predators being Kaiju Level Anteaters, pretty much why underground life's the way to go, save for giant mole beasts that typically only seek out giant worms anyway.
  17. Fast Life Dimension- A dimension that's basicly like an unchecked verson of the Neverzone of the Mewni Penensula where natives age faster then normally as like the Neverzone, years go by 30 seconds, though to them it feels like actual ages. Thus time periods come and go within minutes of eachother cause of this excellerated life cycle.
  18. Barbary Dimension- A Dimension of pure Barbarism with limited magic-connection cause of the Barbary Dimension's ruling race, The Avinonzions, Terror-Bird-eqsed Anti-Magic Using birds that worship the Wipers, placed the entire Barbary Dimension under an anti-magic rune that limits magic to rookie to non-existent levels.
  19. Fungulon Dimension- A Realm of Multiracial Fungus and Mushroom people that accidentally founded an Inter-Dimensional Empire cause of a well-intentioned child king, King Youngbrood, wanted peace between his people and all races. It was supposed to be destroyed by Xoozazoo the Compassionate, but he defected. It was alas destroyed by Xorbin instead.
  20. Zeahondion Dimension- A Water-Realm Dimension that's home of the namesake race, the Zeahondions, Seahorse-Sized Anthro-Seahorses with arms that are capable to turn anything with a quantom signature into a Quantom-based super metal so durable and tough, even Lovecraftium-based weaponry only leaves minor dents to it. This innate ability ended up causing a near-Inter-Dimension Empire to happen, leading to a Xzar response and the devouring of the dimension, forcing remnants to retreat to other realms. This dimension was destroyed by Xryspell The Droughter.
  21. The Metal-Eater Dimension- The Home Dimension of Creatures that specialized in eating all kinds of metal, living or non-living, in being that metal is the only thing available in the realms in that even plants are made of metal and the creatures have metal-like skin and flesh. Travel to this realm is cautioned, as it is advised against to have anything metal on your person less you want even otherwise peaceful herbivores gunning for you, much less the predators.
  22. The Vehicularian Dimension- The Home Dimension of the Vehicularians, anthropized vehicle people. A society of sentient cars, trucks, bikes and motorcycles, boats, helicopters, and even space ships and other things. Planets and worlds are often basically nothing but roads and highways, Garages, parking lots and gas stations being areas of home or rest. Vehicularians are very big about traveling, so they are very commonly Realm-Jumpers. Vehicularians have an alternate to dimensional scissors, their-very own patented dimensional garage door-portal opener, that opens a dimensional portal like a garage door and is stronger than the scissors and enables them to find any place even without having to know about it first as it operates on the "Good Guess" system. However, their overly complex nature only excludes the devices to be used only by Vehicularians because the dimensional scissors are just simpler to master.
  23. Diapent Dimension- A realm of Diamond-Headed Snake-Armed Beings with abilities to make precious stones. A common favorite target for Verse Raiders who have alot to gain for using their powers for wealth purposes. Rhombulus was shaped to resemble one.
  24. Goatgoyle Dimension- The realm of gargoyle winged goat beings with unrivaled healing abilities capable to treat even wounded outer gods, albeit at the price of spending their lifeforce, where over-use would result in being cosmically recycled into cosmic energy. Lekmet was shaped to resemble one.
  25. Candleian Dimension- The realm of demon-looking beings who's lifeforce resembles a glowing candle and is known to enjoy moving across the Multiverse thanks to Dimensional Scissors, which explains why Hekapoo is shaped to resemble one.
  26. Bluonk Dimension- The realm of small humanoids always in the color blue in monk attire and are the most cosmically and magically empowered beings in the Multiverse. Glossaryck and his kin adopted their forms after visiting their realm and how they learned of the mythos of the 0-Brave Mortal and learned about how Outer God intervention would be the recipe to this.

Outer Rims.

The most extremely neglected and under-managed of the Multiverse, infested with quantum glitched universe commonly infested by Plainspawn, or bearing neglected, yet-borned or dead universes turned into playgrounds of devient Outer Gods that hide from the intendeds often cause of their lack of good status and/or proven danger levels.

  1. The Tavern at the Edge of the Universe- A relative safe-zone for disenfranchised beings.
  2. The Dimension of Unstable Suns- The Dimensional Dumping Ground for short-lived or defective suns of the Multiverse that're at a constant state of going nova and super-novas to the point that life in this dimension is impossible and unlikely. It is in a state of self-destruction as a result. It is also where Outer Gods test longevity of suns during a Multiverse' Genesis stages. Sometime's it's referred to as "The Supernova Dimension" for modesty sakes.
  3. The Gambler Dimension- A Dimension ruled by Chancespawn unsolicitedly where it is a vegasy like setting and the relative closest place of civilization and is often a travel site for Deviants due to the realm's extreme grey-area between the Outer Rims and the other rims. The Amoral One Creator of this realm is unknown.
  4. The Criminal Dimension- A Dimension that fell into absolute anarchy due to the rule of many over-powered crime bosses. It is a realm frequented by Verse Raiders that often do business with the crooks here. Sometimes this realm is even ruled by the strongest Verse Raider. The Amoral One Creator is unknown.
    • The Black Market Dimension- A subsidiary neighbor of the Criminal Dimension where all sorts of cosmic illegalness thrives like a nest of a roach infestation. Many Devients do business in this realm for all sorts of business of illegit trade. Verse Raiders that trade things and do business here are very sharp business-goers and would even be able to sell an ugly being like out of a Yo Mama video for a good price. Sometimes it's referred to as "The Black Marketiverse".
  5. The Conformity Dimension- A Dimension of Extreme Order to the point of unbareability, justifying it's otherwise confusing place in the Outer Rims, (Other than being a creation of Administrator Ordain), that exists for the purpose of aiming to bring order to the Outer Rims. Now, this is considerably a noble gesture, had it not been that Ordain had gone mad in the process because of the severity of the state of the Outer Rims and basically he and his followers in places like the conveniently neighboring Demon Realm basically became an army of Law Absolutists that became a plague to the Outer Rims in their own right, leaving the well-intentioned group to be another problem an already dumpster fire of a part of the SAF Multiverse did not needed to have. Once, it was just a pink void with Conformity Buildings in it, but when Ordain needed to quell extreme stress, he took up gardening and art projects and having pets, I.E. he recreated what the Demon Realm USED to be. It is also protected by modified physical laws that harm Mischviers loyal to their craft, though interestingly it has no effect of defectors of the Mischviers. These same laws can also apply to non-Mischiver Devients as well, but at a less quicker level cause it's designed to harmed the bigger threat in Mischivers, whereas Non-Mischviers would typically end up leaving anyway cause of the dimension's powerful defenses. However, the realm would be absorbed by the forces of Artificial Magic, and be reduced to being a pink void again, leaving those that stayed in this realm back into the Demon realm and back into misery.
  6. Demon Realm- Where The Owl House takes place in. The Mischivers once created this world to be how they would create monsters of all types, but these same creatures would rebel against the Mischivers and claimed their own independence.
    • Ghost Dimension- A Spirit-Realm-Eqsed Dimension connected to the Demon Realm, being the afterlife area of the Demon Realm.
  7. Controverse- A very hyper-sensitive dimension where anything anyone does is deemed highly controversial by peers, even if it was an earnest good thing or an act of heroism. People here are always on cautious edge to avoid being on the latest controversy and being a shorce of ridicule and ire, the media extorting everything the controverted said (Even worse than how they do in normal dimensions), social media becomes an impossible place for getting friends or even just to enjoy a normal experience as you would be blocked enmassed. The plus is that eventually, you can stop being a relevant controversy in cause of someone else doing something even more noteworthy, but caution is advised against trying to use this as an opportunity to redeem yourself, as it would only risk making you relevant again.
  8. Fameiverse- A deceptively more positive part of the Outer Rims where any that enter this realm becomes a much-beloved celebrity icon and essentially live in shere luxury. Everyone will know and love the visitor, they will have endless fans, they get to star in movies, commercials, even having your face plastered on silly merchandise. By all accounts, it shouldn't even be considered worthy of the Outer Rims cause how comparingly positive this realm is. But the harsh truth is, fame has a price. Eventually the admiration can get too much for even the most fame-hungry individual to handle, paparazzi become a recurring nuisance, some fans would take their love of you to creepy and dangerious levels, and alchourse, Fame Madness, where fame twists you to become abit of an entitled butthole and make you ruin yourself with drugs and alcohol, now the admiration turns into pity, albeit mostly compassionate pity, but it's still a shameful thought.
  9. Social Mediaverse- Due to an unfixable leak of Cyberspace from the Cybervoid, Cyberspace had permanently merged with what is now the Social Mediaverse. Made worse cause the leak is kept broken by Mischivers and a cosmic block prevents the Cyber Guardians from coming in and cleaning it up, so now the residence are left to become cyberspacian beings that are litterally their own smartphones and social media accounts. Internet games are more interactive, virtual reality applies to all games, and homes are like customizable personal pages where you can do whatever you want with it and markets are now like eBay or other sites where you purchase things. This place would otherwise be an internet nuts' dream come true, if it were not for manifestations of viruses and malware that now operate like gangs, criminals that mastered hacking become a supreme ever-present problem, some areas are closed off as "Deep/Dark Web" sites, often the site of espeically unsavory folks, and alchourse, corporation shenanigans where every business is trying to make alot of cash out of the situation, thus, along with strict and needlessly complicated rules that restrict usage of established media materials and not exactly Net Neutrally friendly practices, there is also the introduction of the worse horror of them all in this dimension: Real-Life Microtransactions and Loot Boxes. Yeah, that killed any excitement for this realm, did it?
  10. The Impoverish Dimension- A Dimension where everything is in miserable poverty in thanks to unchecked capitalism running amock and everything becoming a ruined mess as a result. It is a Devients' playground, espeically for Verse Raiders that see the desperate and poor souls as easy free labor to the point that often times Mortal Labor bases are placed into this realm, of which of the most common devients to do business with are Willopians cause they don't have to try too hard to win over, just simply offering some shelter and food and that's about it to win them over, and that cause the Outer Rims of the Multiverse are mostly glossed over by the large Outer God community there's rarely any Pathmakers to give them trouble, along with it being a favorite hunting ground for Mortal-Nappers due to its relative nearness apart from a track through the Mad Rims, and how easy mortals there are to win-over, though conflict with Verse Raiders has been common cause of the Verse Raiders having "Conflicting Interests" for the mortals here then the Mortal-Nappers do.
  11. Politicsiverse- A Dimension where everything is always under political tension and nonsense. A more toned-down version of its neighboring cousin dimension in Endless Revolution Dimension, leaders here are in equally unstable positions with their peers, but more in a more civilized way as everything they do would be deemed controversial. Even if you were the nicest leader possible, you would still be riddled with controversy and the threat of impeachment looms ever slightly, never changing positively nor would ever stop being relevant.
  12. Endless Revolution Dimension- A realm where it never has kept a new leader for longer then a few days, a month at best, before a new revolution happens to replace them with another leader if the current is not satisfactory consistently. Whereas a result this realm is in a constant state of inconsistent anarchy because laws always change with every new leader, which is perhaps why it is called the Endless Revolution Dimension because the new leaders always end up making enemies no matter what they do. Even the act of simply playing it safe and changing nothing, can earn you a revolution as a leader here. In the Gambler Dimension, Chancespawns like to gamble on the longevity of a new leader and how long he/she would have until the next revolution, where often, the longer the leader manages to last, the higher the reward/bet money the stakes would get.
  13. Cosmic Death Valley- A Cosmic Desert that is nothing but like entire plains of Death Valleys, filled with harsh conditions, love-craftian desert flora, and communities of survival driven exiles from the Endless Revolution Dimension of ex-leaders and those that stayed loyal to them, along with being the first place escapees from the Mad Rim realms are often made to escape too to hide from Mischiver searchers. It can also be a haven spot for Defect Outer Gods as they build refugee villages and communities to reside in, the vast majority are Realm of Rejects left-overs ever since the inception of the Hibernation Realm, where cause physical laws can't affect them they manage fine. But often because it is often a contemporary residence as they would eventually leave for an even safer location, a secret nirvana known as "Outer Town", an inbetween realm that can't be accessed traditionally.
  14. The Kaiju Dimension- The Self-Explanatory name for an entire dimension of cities forever in a constant state of having to recover from random giant monster attacks and fights. It is a realm ruled by giant-Godzilla/Powerpuff Girl Monsters/Pacific Rim/Cloverfield/King Kong/Monsterverse/Anime Monster//Marvel and DC Monsters/Lovecraftian Kaijus that are considered the titanic gods and rulers of this unlucky realm while the sentient denizens are made to make the most of it, under relative protection of an organization like Monsterverses' Monarch, called K.I.N.G.D.O.M., of which is actselly a sub-division of Outer-Force.
  15. The Mad Rim Realms- A part of the Outer Rims infested with Mischievers. It used to be the interdimensional empire of the Mischievers' precursors, the Pre-Mischieves, who were the guardians that aided the Intendeds if they were not around, and was centered in their home domain of the Xoth System. Now it is a realm where reality is broken and physical laws are practically nonexistent. Spacetime can be stagnated, and the reality can be poisonous to any mortals not able to handle the lack of physical laws. It drives anyone who enters potentially insane from the instability of spacetime.
    • Nightmare Realm- An unstable realm and the kingdom of Bill Cipher after he left his Second Dimension home. It is known for having no physical laws and is on the verge of collapse because of it, and the space is filled with lightning and everchanging colors. It is described as being not entirely a dimension, but rather a boiling, shifting intergalactic foam between dimensions, a lawless unstable casual space between worlds that only the strangest and most unknowable beings call home. This is perhaps one of the most infamous sectors of the Mad Rims and possibly the most dangerous, as anyone who has entered for long periods of time have been through mental insanity, torment, and ruin. This is considerably one of the newer realms due to the fact the Mischievers stole an Anominalian Nursery and brought it in-realm and try to disguise it as if they actually created the Anominalians when really they just hijacked an associated thing needed for their existence, even having some of the Mad Rims being the impromptu home of various hijacked Anominalians.
    • Eht Sdrawkcab Noisnemid- Or by normal name, "The Backwards Dimension", this was a once normal realm cursed to go chronologically in reverse by a particularly cruel-joking temporal Mischiever. Thus things are backwards and even names and words are backwards, everything pretty much being under a giant reverse-time glitch. This realm is doomed to a reverse Big Bang that would undo its own existence, and then be regressed back to the exact point when the realm was cursed in the first place, and start all over again, a neverending reverse temporal loop that is torture to the natives and any who enter.
    • Horrorverse- A realm infested with monsters, psychopaths and manifestations of phobias, where many are under a constant state of fear thanks to the actions of a Mischiever. This realm is thus violent where death and fear is the norm, people often dying or being warped beyond mortal comprehension. The planets here are living monsters, comets are predatory beasts, cosmic storms are more common, and monsters have accelerated development, health, intelligence, and growth. Fearbenders got their work cut out in this part of the Multiverse.
    • Insaneverse- A realm of pure insanity where any that end up here lose their minds and a particularly favorite realm of the Mischievers. This is caused by the realm being extremely rich in chaos magic oozing from the quantum physics infused with an insane Mischiever. As a result, it is a Wonderland of horror and insanity, as anything in this realm can warp itself and react to any who enter the realm, creating images based entirely on their mentality. Sounds, smells, tastes, sights, and touch is excessively amplified. Everything in this realm is designed to incite insanity by having entities not meant to be sensed or perceived by the human or mortal mind, and is especially rich in cognitohazards.
    • The Tragedy Dimension- A dimension where tragedy is common in literally every moment, even more so than normal life. A moment of peace is impossible in this sad realm. Mischievers here are especially cruel, using that tragedy to further mess with the unlucky mortals here. Any who enter this realm can find themselves reliving their horrible lives, things get destroyed on an unbearably regular basis, including the realm itself, which gets destroyed on a regular basis and yet revived to continue its cruelty, which the Mischievers that made it considered the worst kind of tragedy there is: one that never ends.
    • The Torture Realm- A realm that is self-explanatory as one where mortals that try to defy the Mischievers' fun are punished for "being spoilsports", and thus are given even worse versions of what they already have to suffer through in the Mad Realms normally. This realm is so good at torture, the physical laws are poisonous to those who enter. Because of the electric charges of the realm's alternate quantum mechanics, pain is always felt here. And yet people here are immune to death, which means that suicide is not an option. Pain is also amplified in this realm. There are no planets or celestial entities here, except cosmic hyperstorms that constantly keep pain coming across the Torture Realm.
    • The Infestsativerse- A realm infested with vermin of all kinds. The critters here always multiply even after a lot of major wipe-outs of the residences that despised them, where even sometimes the vermin fight back if pushed hard enough. Clean food or water is impossible in this realm, where even what looks like a 5-star restaurant will look like a sloppy shack with vermin everywhere. It may be a paradise for the pests, but not so much the folks left to suffer. All worlds here are post-apocalyptic as they were worlds stolen from other realms made to suffer the infinite parasites here. Some parasite-based SCPs and OFs such as SCP-439, SCP-1003, SCP-1104, SCP-027, SCP-213, SCP-793, SCP-1429, SCP-611, and so on are implanted to be native to this realm with the hijacked Nursery.
    • Messiverse- This realm is described by some as the worse nightmare for someone with OCD, or general neat freaks. The filth and trash always regenerates even after the most extensive cleaning, germs multiply even quicker then the standard here, and even trying to keep yourself clean is impossible if the Mischievers could see to it. The natives here, however, whether out of apathy in giving up on cleaning up the neverending mess or also out of being Stockholmed by the filth, love this filth, and common creatures that thrive off of filth and trash like cockroaches and rats live here, but they are of random sizes and subspecies. Toxins can spread at an alarming rate, usually from geothermal activity, and bacteria from infinite realms make home here due to singularities and visitors that unknowingly spread them there. Giant germs are also apparent and can prey upon people.
    • Officeverse- A realm in which everything is grayish, duller, or sepia-tone in coloration and lives in an Orwellian 1984-style society of mindless boredom and repetitiveness, which is considered one of the worst types of madness. Mortals here are made to all do boring office jobs where it's a literally soul-sucking experience as they are assimilated and made to do mindless and repetitive paperwork, sit in front of a computer devoid of any entertainment such as PC games or internet except Solitaire, the most boring game in existence, all-day, are made to stay in a claustrophobic cubicle, dealing with an amoral hard-to-impress boss that criticizes you on even your best work, that one annoying guy that tries TOO hard to make friendly conversation at the water fountain, and even if you manage to get into higher positions here, you'll just get exposed to an even worse situation of long and boring meetings with presentations that go on and on and don't even get anywhere, and working with an apathetic disinterested secretary and an office window that only stares into the rest of the Mad Rims.
    • Xenoverse- A nirvana paradise for the Xenosites. This is a realm where copies of infinite races are paired with each other on infinite planetary realms made to suffer mindless xenophobia or hatred to anything different from them and had long fallen into the Xenosites' control. Mistrust and hatred run rampant here, along with needless harm onto any new soul forsaken enough to end up here, even for the mere act of being given a slight glance, or even for so much as just lightly bumping into them will get you accused of being of malicious intent. No one helps nobody here, and as such trust is nonexistent. This would be known as a realm where Mischievers make use of the Xenosites being in this realm not exactly with their permission that, in return to avoid being made Mischivers, to bring in people who have committed the worst of hate crimes or regular crimes out of racism, speciesism, or any other form of prejudice, all as a means of breaking their spirits in a realm that cannot be changed nor have any coexistence whatsoever.
    • Greediverse- A realm of endless wealth that Mischievers use to trap those with greedy tendencies so as their own greed traps them into this realm of endless cash, and nothing to spend it on since the guys are greedy enough to hoard the wealth for themselves, and thus buy nothing other than necessities like food, water, services, etc. Any that try to leave or accidentally discover this realm via a box, like in Courage the Cowardly Dog, will be grabbed by the Greed Monster Hands to be made to stay in this pointless land of wealth with not even an ability to pay taxes with. Often these Greedmongers fight among themselves for subbcoming to the madness of greed. As a result this is an asylum where people are stocked for a variety of greed-based reasons.
    • The War Realm- A dimension that is noted for being trapped in a neverending war, literally in every sense of the word. Everywhere you look there are even Star Wars-based settings that mean war never ends, even down to a genre-mixed community. All worlds exist here trapped in this eternal war. Even smaller skirmishes within those worlds like disputes between religious sectors and Hatfield/McCoy style family feuds. There are only enemies here, and there is no such thing as friendship here. Not even acquaintances.
    • Pitchaverse- Or as Spongebob would call this place: "The Dimension of Advanced Darkness", where everything in this realm is so impossibly dark that even the All-Mother's light is only like a faint little lightbulb. This is where bioluminescence horrors hide about and frighten and/or eat those that get lost in this realm, where you are left alone with nobody else.
    • The Memory Void- A void where memories are taken from those that get thrown in here due to an amnestic effect this void pocesses. This void can make people forget even things they would never forget, whether good or bad memories. If used correctly, in theory, this could cure you of that one traumatic event in your life, but since it is within Mischiver reach, the memory void is almost NEVER used right.
    • Apocaverse- A realm in a perpetual state of doomsday of every kind, whether natural, man-made, supernatural, cosmic, or even the most ridiculous way for worlds to face a constant end as it was previously known for. Thus the realms are nothing but post-apocalyptic societies made to survive and/or try to rebuild until the next wave happens.
    • Anxiverse- A void realm where it fuels anxiety and depression in those left here and makes them worry about their loved ones and the life they had before they would up here, making them miserable.
    • Neediverse- A realm of rampant consumerism and capitalist business shenanigans, where buyable goods and materialistic pleasures run rampant and thus folks are at a constant state of needing to buy things and work jobs in order to buy, often trying to reach the goal of happiness, but it's never quite there yet, thus often shops go through very Black Friday like events just for the latest product. Advertisements rule the cities and skies, cartoony mascots are everywhere, and TVs spout only commercials after commercials about more ads and infomercials for products, fast food and "Happiness Drugs", which is basically imported and modified Insanethine from the Drug Dimension. Even the Internet and Video Games are ruled by Sans-Net Neutrally/Loot Box and Microtransaction-like practices that increase the addiction.
    • Savageverse- A dangerous wild dimension that was once unremarkable to the other mad rims in that they all used to be like it (Ones that weren't voids anyway), but evolution of sentient beings allowed the other parts of the mad rims to evolved, all except this one for the sake of letting it have a unique identity from the others. It is an ultra primal dimension, predatory beasts everywhere and a heavy cosmic restraint on the flow of imagination to prevent the advent of tec higher then caveman stuff, which on top of that, should any pre-establish tec end up here, it would be made automatically unfunctional so escapes are impossible.
    • Schooliverse- A Realm that is nothing but an entire school campus where young folks are made to put up with school 24/7, being always exposed to schoolwork, stereotypically gross cafeteria food, bossy and demanding faculty and staff, an almost demonic school principal, Eye-Monster Hall Monitors, Bullies, going through comical nightmare situations of being in your underwear in class, going to prom without a date, chaotic class clowns, and given homework made out of dog treats that always attract hellhound-like Cerberus Dogs with surprisingly acrobatic skill that always eat them so students are made to use the cliched' "A Dog Ate my Homework" excuse, the ultimate humiliating torture. To add insult to injury, even when students "Graduate" from this realm, they end up with college campus-like dept and often leads to them to end up in the Officeverse to pay it off, as the final act of indignity of this realm.
    • The Illverse- A realm riddled with pestilence and diseases thanks to a Rogue Pestilancer that came to rule this part of the Mad Rims that began to unwarrantedly spread sickness in this realm and failing to restrain itself. Thus the realm is in a continuous state of quarantine. Not exactly the best place for germaphobes. Many illness-based SCPs and OFs such as SCP-008, SCP-016, and many others are made native here thanks to the Mischivers' misuse of the Nursery.
    • Pollutoverse- An extremely polluted realm that is an environmentalist's worse nightmare. Corporate factories produce massive amounts of smoke, oil drilling is unregulated, unclean power is a valued commodity and the fossil fuel industry is extremely profitable. Thus, this realm has the worse case of climate change ever, and animals had evolved to despise sentient beings, even otherwise peaceful herbivores would go berserk and tear a sentient being to shreds, as if nature is declaring war on sentient beings.
    • Oldiverse- A Dimensional Retirement Home for the older mortal unluckies of the Mad Rims now being made to stay in a love-craftian retirement home, made to put up with condescendingly nice nurse aides, painstakingly long rounds of bingo, sudo-motivational posters that remind them of death's approach, barely editable mush, even for old folks standards, and barely functional outmoded TVs with hardly good reception to not even all that excited shows on it.
    • Asylumvoid- When a mortal has grown too brokenly mad after being trapped in the mad rims, they are taken to the Asylumvoid where the Mischievers harvest their "Mad Energy" to make themselves stronger so to basically continue the process.
    • Azathoth's Keep- The Lovecraftian Capital of the Mad Rims and home to Azahoth himself, it's literal mad king of the mad rims. It is known to house a central green binary star known as Xoth, where Azathoth and Cthulhu and their like were born and once lived before coming to the Earth, least according to the Lovecraft Mythos, but their actual origins are even darker and, almost poeticly tragic.
  16. Cosmic Shadowverse- The Hide-away of Mortal-Nappers. This is a glitched universal dimension.
  17. Cosmic Bone Dimension- A realm of Skulled Cosmic Energy Beings with mini-universes in them and the closest to any orderly and lawful realm in the Outer Rim Realms in thanks to their Outer-God like powers of omniscience and connection to things like time, which was very helpful in keeping Hostile Devients and corrupt mortals messing up their realm like many others. Omnitraxus Prime was shaped to resemble one, and thus he inhered their strong sense of order and sophistication.
  18. Willtopians' Realm- A realm created entirely by the Willtopians to hold over any that traversed into their realm forever.
  19. The All Mother's Private Dimension of Hair-Clippings- A Dimension of where the All-Mother clips off and leaves excess cosmic hair from her head too unruly to keep. It is often left here to remain in-diffidently, only for a good chunk ending up being harvesting by the realm's Willopian neighbors to harvest the All Mother's Cosmic Milk, the most delicious and irresistible substance meant for the All-Mother's baby outer gods to be nursed with, that in mortals, it temporarily reduces them to regress back into an infantile state, which helps them ease mortals down to make keeping them easier.
  20. The Realm of Rejects- A realm that was once the dumping ground for defect intended Outer Gods, but it was abandoned apawn the Hybernation Realm's Introduction.
  21. Ice Age Dimension- An Entire Dimension Left in a perpetual Ice-Age where everything in the realm is frozen.
  22. Cosmic Huntzone- A dark Lovecraftian jungle where hunting games, done by Verse Raiders, onto specific inrealmers are utilized, the common of them being Patheon Pouchers when dealing with a special immortal or deity and really want to have their fun with.
  23. The Buttimension- Essentially the dimension of giant butt geysers that produce farting gas, like from Rick and Morty. The Amoral One creator who made this was having a stupid day when he made this realm. Save for litteral barking spiders and their prey item of giant-ass flies, life is very scarce and rare in this VERY disgusting realm that the other Outer Gods are embarrassed that this realm is even a thing. It even has a sister dimension in a like-wise embarrassing realm where it's one made of genitals, of which neither Outers or Realm-Jumpers had dared mapped nor made locatable, cause of just how immapprobeate that dimension is.
  24. The Cosmic Uncanny Valley- The biggest "Nope" Dimension in the Outer Rims in that is litterally a void dimension filled with uncanny imagery. Any visit here even by Outer Gods, Devient or otherwise, is stupidly brief as it is just UNCOMFORTABLE to be here.
  25. Cosmic Fog Dimension- An endless plane of cosmic fog that is difficult to navigate. Even for Outer Gods.
  26. The Ruins Dimension- A Dimension once filled with vibrant cultures until a particularly nasty Verse Raider raid resulted in the fall of many societies and everything apart of that dimension. Not even inrealm gods were safe. Now everything is nothing but ruins.
  27. Astral Graveyard- The final resting place of dead cosmic creatures. When dying of natural causes, or cause of serious injury or sickness, the cosmic creatures come here to die in peace. This realm is home to the Astraltures, Astral Vulture people that feed on the deceased astral creatures and makes sure nothing apart of the creature goes to waste as they develop a sort've macabre culture around using the bones of the creature.
  28. Dead Seaiverse- An entire ocean dimension where it's nothing but dead sea zones. Apart from Necromorphic Scavengers and living Garbage Creatures, normal life does not exist here, and the waters are highly toxic to non-natives without protective suits in thanks to bleached corals, bleeding oil spots, underwater junkyards, ship graveyards, and Verse Raider Oil Rigs that harvest the bleeding oil sites to sell the resource to other devients or inrealmers that happen to be in connections to them.
  29. Dimensional Wastelands- A realm filled with nothing but Dimensional Wastelands, nothing but sand and discerning rock formations. A favorite hiding spot for Verse Raiders and most other types of Devients.
  30. Dimension of Calamity- The realm of true origin of the objects of Calamity that are once largely more common across the Multiverse. It is also the home realm of the sub-Outer God ruler of the realm, The Calamity Forger, a large multi-armed entity that is capable to make any kind of calamity object or entity he chooses, but concurrently has been greatly restricted by the Cosmic Citidel to not make anymore Calamity Objects for all the trouble his creations caused. To keep true to this, he took the Calamity Crown to remain in the realm with him while he caused most of the other remaining objects to be lost and tossed across the Center Rims of the Multiverse, leaving them contained by Outer Force in time.
  31. Edgewall Guard Border Wall- A Cosmic Border wall and the base of operations of Edgewall Guards.

The Unknown Rims

A Multiversal Rim so far off from the Outer Rims that even the most informed and intouched of Outers are left in the dark about the Dimensions of the Unknown Rims, and thus are wary of what could be in the Unknown Rims. Thus often the Unknown Rims are not properly mapped and are only represented as "The Unknown Rims", as even the bravest of Outers are cautious about doing exploring, weary of what they could run into.

  1. Tech-Magic Dimension- A Dimension of combined tecknowagey and magic. It was heavily affected by the Fritz of Magic, and is still recovering from it. They were fully aware of what occurred and thus, Star has a pretty sour reputation here.
  2. The Kingdom Dimension- A capital dimension of a long unknown Inter-Dimensional Empire that was allowed to be established uninterfered and uninterrupted in thanks to being protected by ambiguity to even the Outer Gods. This Inter-Dimensional Empire, Named The Ruler Empire, have a strong multiversal rule in the Unknown Rims in thanks to this unchecked status, and has been known to do business, even sometimes fight, with other unchecked rising Inter-Dimensional Empires, the Unknown Rims being an example of why the Outers are cautious of Inter-Dimensional Empires.
  3. The Pyramid Dimension- A dimension where everything is like Ancient Egypt and ruled by powerful Outer God level Pharoahs thanks to a lack of Deity Queller influence that would've kept Inrealm Gods from interacting with mortal kind, thus leading to powerful demigods, some even managing to be Outer-God levels of strong. This thus lead to the Pyramid Dimension to be under the small Inter-Dimensional Empire where they would mostly colonize Dimensions with sands and make Pyramids there as well.
  4. The Empire Dimension- A Dimension where things are like ancient Rome and it has a Roman-Empire-Eqsed Inter-Dimensional Empire, making them a much aggressive competitor for the other Inter-Dimensional Empires to own territories.
  5. The Cosmic Plains- A large and expansive cosmic plain filled with many alien planets and worlds unlike what is seen before in rekitnesed Rims. It is still being colonized and claimed by the various un-held back Inter-Dimensional Empires, the plains becoming a shorce of interactions, trade, and occasionally, territorial disputes. Some Inter-Dimensional Empires have that unfortunate addiction to slavery of those deemed "Below them", thus slavery is among the commodities of trade and a shorce of the more common disputes.
  6. The Dynasty Dimension- A Dimension where everything looks straight out of ancient china, basically abit like an outer-dimensional Dynasty Warriors. On top of dramatic inner-battles with rival factions, the Stronger Factions have Inter-Dimensional Empire like capabilities and have to equally claimed territories in the Cosmic Plains and other off-reach dimensions. Some of the Stronger Factions are friends with neighboring Inter-Dimensional Empires, others bear serious enemy status.
  7. The Democracy Dimension- A Dimension under the rule of a democracy-driven Inter-Dimensional Empire lead by an elected For-Life President. It had eased away from the same practices its neighbors had did, but it still maintains hold of territories it had claimed before-hand and would be heavily defensive on protecting those claims.
  8. The Corporate Dimension- A Dimension where everything is ruled by business, shops of all kinds are everywhere and all owned by a Mega-Corporation with Inter-DImensional Empire Status. It is the wealth-lifeforce of the other Inter-Dimensional Empires and grand shorce of income.
  9. The Endless Resource Dimension- A Dimension filled with resources of all kinds that never run dry, species of creatures with reproduction cycles so great that extinction is forever a non-issue, Trees that grow so fast that any lost tree is replaced in a matter of days, always untabbed resources in oil, gold, and other things. The Inter-Dimensional Empires share this realm in that there is no need for rights for it as there's always resources. Though in times of conflict, any feuding Inter-Dimensional Empire faction collecting resources have been known to get VERY assertive to any neighbor they're in a feud with.
  10. The Realm of Wild Planets- A Dimensional realm where many worlds are nothing but wildlife planets. This too became subjugated to Inter-Dimensional Empires claiming and colonizing many of those planets, resulting in common conflicts with eachother, the wildlife, and wild tribals incapable to evolve into sentient beings due to a strange incapatableness in magic's influence.
  11. Dimension Super- A Dimensional city with Outer-God Leveled Super Heroes and Super Villains often have their great battles with eachother. Sometimes these super-powered beings would serve an Inter-Dimensional Empire, while others keep to themselves and stay out of dimensional politics.
  12. The Wild West Dimension- A Dimension where everything is still like the wild west. Outlaws are vastly more common and law is in fragmented supplies. It is roughly a pioneering dimension and is filled with stories of adventure and danger. Tecknowagey is at steampunk levels save for some presence of the Inter-Dimensional Empires.
  13. The View- A realm that allows the viewing of the Multiverseal seas and the cosmic wildlife and leave in them. It is considered a cross-dimensional tourist attraction and the most beautiful of the Unknown Rims.

Outer Realms.

The Outer Realms is where the cosmic forces reside.

  1. The All Mother's Innerverse- The Innerverse of the All-Mother is where Outer Gods are born.
  2. The Rest Post- The Home Outer Dimension and place of retirement for Retiring All-Watchers, a realm where retired All-Watchers go and relive their prior mortal lives in the form of the mortal forms they once bore with the company of the immortalised spirits of all they had loved and cared for, living out their former days and glories of prior mortal lives.
  3. Cosmic Citidel- The cosmic capital of the Intended Outer God Larger Community. It is the breeding ground of Outer Diplomacy and Politics. It is represented by a huge cosmic anomaly similar to the Piller of Creation.
  4. Void of Fate- A colorful void that is the place of Outer God trials where Inrealmers and Defected/Devient Outer Gods alike are judged before the representatives of the Outer God races and a specific Outer God acting as a judge who was either directly wronged by the guilty party or cause of violation in related to this Outer God. An Outer God judge incapable to keep an unbiased judgment, whether ill-suited positivity OR too negative, an Outer God without these such biases will take over and do a proper Outer God Court. The fate of the guilty party is decided by unanimous decision by both the judge and present representatives.
  5. Spirit Realms- A afterlife setting for the physical astrals of a living person when their hearts leave.
  6. Kingdom Hearts- The voidful realm of Kingdom Hearts and the final place for Hearts. Created and ruled by The Sisters of Light and Darkness.
  7. Final Space- The notorious chaotic white void of nothingness with unspeakable powers even the Outer Gods prefer to stay clear from. The hiding space of the Destroids.
  8. The Hibernation Realm- A place where defected Outer Gods or captured Deviants are sent to forever face an eternal sleep. It is a shadowful, empty void with only the contrastingly white and transparent light pathway that flouts on the black and empty void. This pathway perpetually a straight forelonging line, holding along side it rows of hibernating outers tettered to the pathway's sides with hibernation links that help keeping them in hibernation. The Pathways are frequinted by the shadow swimming Sleep Reapers and Hybernatians that keep the links active and would drag in the latest Outer that has entered the realm to a spot that is always made availuable by the path that grows to accomindate the latest outer. The realm has an effect that triggers an outer into getting tired and weaker so not to fight back, so to make taking them to their place less difficult, though Sleep Reapers respond in hive mentality to a particularly less sleepy outer still showing signs of resistence and help contain it, and where a Hybernatian sings a loliby that strentghens the effect of placing the defiant outer to hibernation. In an event of an Outer's hibernation link being compromised, Sleep Reapers and Hybernatians respond quickly to keep the link stable and almost always do, save for the Mischviers habits of cheating this system with their Powerlink, which in does rightfully gives Mischivers an especially bad reputation with Sleep Reapers and Hybernatians cause of this. A such, the Mischivers losing their powerlink is a celebrated victory for the Sleep Reapers. When an Outer does get out of the Hibernation realm, it causes the path to shrink. Sleep Reapers and Hybernatians if needed are able to go right into the shadowy voids and appear from any shadowy spot in any realm to be at the presence of an Outer about to hibernate, which they always do baring rare exceptions where the Outer is sent there by other means, so to add to the Hibernation Path. In being a realm meant to store hibernated Outers, it has no effects on inrealm mortals or gods, and thus typically when Sleep Reapers discover a mortal misplaced here, the Sleep Reapers always contain the mortal or anything not outer-based immediately back to their opprobeate realm with no hassle as Sleep Reapers are not meant to hurt mortals or inrealm gods, and are left with no serious side-effects, with maybe the rare newfound phobia of shadows and existenctial crisises, but those aren't considered the realm's direct fault as more depending on the level of bravery the mortal has, being why the Sleep Reapers just send the mortals back to their proper place. This realm is the home of The Sleep Reapers.
  9. The Time Stream- A Symbolic home Dimension of the Time Butterflies and that of the Time Councilors. Ruled by The Grand Alternator Elder. It is a realm where all time of a Multiverse is held and dictated.
    • Timescape- The Timescape, A.K.A. the innerverse of SAF's Time Butterfly or that of general Time Butterflies, is how it is possible in a sense to access Alternate Timelines from the Main Timeline as well as traditional time travel. It also includes things like the Time Lord Temples, The Astral Canyons, of which is the literal manifestation of the expression "Mark on History", and the white Time Voids and various forms of Limbo.
  10. Dimension Nothing- Also referred to as the Realm of Nothing and the home inner realms of the Xzars.
  11. The Nightmare Dimension- An Inner-Realm place connected to where nightmares can grow and home of The Fearbenders. Not to be confused with the Nightmare Realm.
  12. The Twin Plague Dimensions- A set of conjointed twin dimensions that are homes of the Deity Quellers and Pestilancers. The Deity Quellers, being more musquito-like, live in a cosmic swamp where it breeds Morality Illness clouds they collect to use against Inrealm Gods while also experiment with new variments in case of tougher cases, while the Pestilancers live in an ironicly beautiful realm of giant flowers and plants, albeit Pestilancers often live underground where they grow mortal level viruses and sickness to use. In being both destructor class outers, the two outer races get along relitively well, albeit in a stern and amoral way, a sort've "Keep it professional" sort've thing, though there are cases where defects between the two outer races start to get too close and friendly with eachother. In having tamed Deity Burglars, domesicated versons are very common in the Deity Queller side of things in cause of the Deity Burgler's capable ability to be able to fight with inrealm gods, and are helpful in cases of such entities trying to find a way to cure the inflictions, though in the Pestilancer side of things, while neutral to the tamed devients, because of speciality cases Pestilancers rarely ever keep Deity Burglars around outside of mere companionship or protection of inrealm deities ever having an issue with the sicknesses they sent to their mortal subserviants. The leaders of these seperate beings do bare a professional friendship but only see eachother for business/serious/emergeny matters. The two outers have a very strict treaty with eachother however, and that's to not modify Morality Illness with mortal sickness, given that it IS meant to be used against Inrealm Gods and that normally the illness on it's own would just not work on mortals less they were deity or immortal priorly, and even then the effects are not pretty otherwise and viewed doing otherwise as a risk of risking the virus to mutante into something not easily controlable, which is also why they rarely have Morality Illness attack outers save for exceptions, of which was an easy treaty for the Pestilancers to obey cause their cosmic power's not built to be able to control Morality Illness anyway (Short of outside enhancements that is), so in turn, Deity Quellers are not allowed to experiment with mortal spefific sickness to work like morality illness in purely for equalibium and that Pestilancers already fill niches for mortals anyway.
  13. Mirrorverse- The home of the Mirroriods, where the fate of many and any a being of a Multiverse is judged.
  14. The Dimension of Knowledge- The inner-realm home of the Infinity Libary and the Infinity Libarians and Infinitaries.
  15. Verse Scrapperverse- The Home Realm of the Verse Scrappers.
  16. Wipe Dimension- The Home Realm of The Wipers.
  17. Outer God Animal Kingdom- The Home of the Outer God Animal Pre-sets.
  18. Primordial Dimension- AKA The Pan-Dimension, the realms inbetween realms and home of the orange astrals of creatures yet or could exist.
  19. The Dae Realm- An inbetweener realm inbetween all forms of heavens and hells of the Multiverse, and homerealm of entities that go by many names, but commonly are refered to as "Daevites", "Daes", "Daemons", "Daevas" or other names, and come in many forms and never one exact form, though the most common is either demon/angel hybrids or meta-powerful humanoids. They are a penultamate grey-area between truly evil or good, as their realm is litterally the best and worse of both heavens and hells, like, litterally clouds on fire sort of deals. A key area in this realm is the "Soul Recycle Plant", where the re-incarnation process happens in the realm. As a byproduct of Mril Thorian, they are meant to be an orderly counter to Mischivers where they're dedicated to pure order at all cost, hence why they have full control of the Soul Stream, a key afterlife life blood of the Multiverse, but in time the Daes have failed to maintain balence within themselves and began to become sadistic in their prolition, tainting their importance to a vital system and risk corrupting it as well. As such, they have been known to take over heavens and hells and force them into a strict roles of absolutes, down to even maintaining concepts that since become outdated and objectionable to modern standerds, and in thus cripple the concept of redemption and it's effectiveness.
    • The Soul Stream- A litteral stream of souls of any and all that departed within inrealms, even deity level entities, as it plays a role in seperate a departed soul from key aspects like their memories, heart for kingdom hearts, astral projections for ghosts and spirits, and sends the left over soul to be reincarnated to live life again as a fresh new being. It was once a seperate realm of it's own right, but the appearence of the Daes made the Dae Realm appeared around it like a firy cloud crust and implanted the infamous 'Soul Recycle Plant" to have a more controlled method cause back then, deities, gods, angels and/or demons, did not died as easily as mortal realmers and were not properly balenced, which often meant build-up in afterlife systems and in cases, would lead to such entities to go back into the living world as their concurrent forms, which often ends in unpleasentness espeically for the side of Demons, something Mril meant to fix, but inadvertingly left to be in the corrupt control of entities that took too much pleasure in what they do.

The Outrealmer Crust

The Anomalous Crust of the Multiverse that is the home of the species, beings, and objects of the SCP and Outer Force, along with being a holder of anomalous pocket dimensions being discovered by the organizations, which are often accessed via cosmic leaks, which can affect in the neighboring Outer Realms as well, quantom glitches, or anomaly sensitive portals, as it is to be acknowledged that even the AUU's Portus System doesn't typically have access to the Outrealmer Crust, and any such portal discovered is immediately blocked out by the Dimension Jumpers anyway often on request of Outer Force anyway. This is often so because the anominalians rather not risk an "Occult War", something implied to have already happened more than once as is. The Anominalians are often considered to be Sub-Outers or Outer-Like, and bare powers not typically known for the Multiverse and seems often independent from the Magic Realms, though does don limited influence from it. They ranged from Outer God Hybrids, Sub-Outers, Quantom Glitched Entities, By-Products of the horrors of Glitcher, Outer-Blessed/Cursed Beings/Objects/Creatures, or sometimes the result of "Follies of Inrealmers", commonly things related to mad science and occultry, Magic Glitches, Time Glitches, Spiritual/Supernatural-based, Multiverse Creational/Heatdeath/Revival Hiccups, of which the crust demonstrates immunity from this process, Emotion/Feeling/Empathic Parasites, among many other extremely unusual things beyond explanation. The Anominalians are like the "Hackers" of the Multiverse cause of their unspecific set of rules and lack of limitations. They aren't even affected by physical laws outside of the Outrealmer Crust, though sometimes some of these anominalians can be made stronger for leaving the Crust, and in some cases, more dangerious, justifying the existence of SCP and Outer Force. Espeically that sometimes, Outrealmers would either get exiled to the Inrealms to suffer the indignity of abuse, mistreatment or avulsion from Inrealmers, or sometimes these entities end up in the inrealms cause of cosmic glitches, Mischiver shenanigans, or even willful entry for whatever specific reason. Sometimes, "Birth Glitches" occurs that causes Outrealmers to end up born in the inrealms often via means of science, magic and/or occultry, or Mischiver interference.

  1. Three Portlands- The capital realm of the Crust. As in SCP lore, it is a city full of anomalous creatures. It was in a parabolic 3D dimension where every part of the city could be seen but was constantly expanding yet changing ever passing millennia. Golems served as staff in many areas with a large union called Golemancy United, it was a municipality run by a unicameral council and lead by the mayor, a Genius Loci, which was a spiritual creature and founder of the dimension, inside the Three Portlands Plaza City Hall, cars or motor vehicles are nonexistent and instead have cabs in auto-rickshaws, as well as a transit system via trolleys, Void serves as the popular network, education is primarily homeschooling but there are two campuses: Portlands Community College and International Center for the Study of Unified Thaumatology Campus (ICSUT), and natural conditions like water, electricity, and weather are always provided by the Genius Loci.
  2. Pocket Ave- A realm that is a plain of existence filled with pocket dimensions for specific Anominalians to reside in.

(More to be uncovered and approved by both organizations)

Shadow Multiverse

Essentually sort've like the "Dark Multiverse" deal DC has, but beyond that. The Shadow Multiverse is essentually the cosmic equalent of a scraped idea bin of pre Multiverse existence ideas that didn't made the final penultamate cut due to various concerns outers had with it, and/or it is also for realms that somehow managed to exist into the Multiverse at one point in a previous cycle and was circumvented from existing again by the next rebirth. For clarity, this doesn't involved realms guilty of interdimentional empires, those are outright obsorbed, this is for realms that ended up producing what are called "Outer Shadows", extremely dark versons of certain random characters that ended up becoming Outer-Level concerns that had to be prevented from repeat appearences. These such offending realms are dragged into the Shadow Multiverse by Realm Reapers, souped up versions of Sleep Reapers but for Realms that are able to spread an encompusing shadow that traps everything in the realm to the Shadow Multiverse, even Outer-level beings. This is why the Outers allowed the Outer Crust to exist inspite of the dilemmas caused by anominalians, cause the Anominalians are the only things powerful enough to keep the Shadow Multiverse in check. These dark realms are kept trapped here by the Bondlinks themselves long after the Outers sent these realms here so to prevent the dark horrors from ever coming back. In cause of the nature of the Shadow Multiverse, it is almost completely impossable to access these realms done so by the Realm Reapers so to prevent it's horrors from escaping. The reason for this is because these realms were either before Xzars came into existence as Outers or sometimes the realms were considered too dangerious for attempts at destruction period cause of the eldridge horror in place deeming this a challnage to them, and this is where the Realm Reapers come in to handle things from there, though why they don't also do this to realms about to have Inter-Dimensional Empires is because doing that would risk giving the horrors an ability to have gulliable over-powered fools to help them escape, along with the Shadow Multiverse being deemed something exclusive to containg Outer Shadows, things too severe or offensive to allow a proper existence again or Mini-Multiverses only.

  • The Backrooms: The infamous multi-leveled backrooms, known for it's still barely documented entities and levels still not completely explored, is actually a collection of "Spare Parts" of would've been realm designs that were either forgotten to be used or were too glitchy for proper use, so are left neglected as part of the "Backrooms" instead. As a result, these unused neglected realms are now habitats for weaker Omegas (At least when compared to what the Shadow Multiverse usually offers) and/or any inrealm being unlucky enough to "Noclip" into the backrooms. The Backrooms are sort've an unintentional exit from the Shadow Multiverse Inrealmers can be able to use, but cause of it's maze-like design, finding such exits are rare, and even then such exits are immediately covered by either Outer Force or Citidelians to prevent these exits from serving Omegas as well, along with more often then not the escaped inrealmer made a P.O.I. for Outer Force to hold until they are amnestisized of any memory of what they went through (Give or take out of reach exits to realms already in chaos as is, such as the Memeverse).
  • Shadow PIXAR- A Dimension where the Pixar Worlds don't exist as they do in the main true Multiverse but instead exist in a giant timeline with the future being the Monster's Inc world after a series of events that progressively got darker. This Dimension was sent to the Shadow Multiverse after it's discovery in a previous cycle, having been found to be a severe violation of it's own timeline. Ever since, the Pixar worlds were made into seperate realms in the Disney Universe ever since.
  • Shadow MORT- A Dimension where Mort was a Lovecraftian Demon that ineditablly returned in a world that once had all dreamworks realms share a unifived timeline. The realm and this Mort were exiled right into the Shadow Multiverse to never be seen again ever since it's discovery a far prior multiverseal cycle, though the power of this being still manages to BARELY live on in less dangerious Morts in the Multiverse. (Inspired by The Theorizer).
  • Shadow KATIE- A Dimension where Katie, the yak-thing from the Fox verson of Hortan hears a who, is a lovecraftian devourer of worlds. This realm was exiled to the Shadow Multiverse for the EXACT reason explained, though the equally weird normal Katies are watched with stern scrutany. (Inspired also by The Theoriser, along with also being based on an ACTUAL deleted scene from the movie).
  • Shadow GARY- A Dimension where Gary the Snail is in actually a punished dark god that rules a dark mini-multiverse based on the Spongebob Squarepants' Shows netourious canonical inconsistency and every beloved charaacter are darker versons of themselves, where ironicly Patrick is the most multiverseally aware being of this. This Dimension was imprisoned into the Shadow Multiverse largely due to a rule against Mini-Multiverses within a truer Multiverse for consistencies sake. To clarify, a Mini-Multiverse is a set of realms with too much consistentcy with eachother that it is considered redundent and not diverse enough to allow proper existence. (Inspired also by The Theoriser).
  • DC's Dark Multiverse- The vast collections DC's Dark Multiverse stories.
  • Shadow New Star Wars Exists- A dimension where the new Star Wars movies actually exist, ergo the existence of Starkiller Base. The Dimension was exiled to the Shadow Multiverse to cancel out the base's existence, even with it's ensured destruction to make it impossable of it ever being replicated, espeically after what happened with the AUU counterparts to it.
  • SCP-1548 Omegas Terratory- The Terratory of Shadow Multiverse monsters that also happens to be a Dimension where these creatures were born from that once succeeded in ruining an entire Multiverse. Refered too as "1548 Omegas", the creatures are reality destroyers that do such because the creatures feed on the cosmic energy from the destroyed realms, basicly being cosmic equalents to common vermin and scavingers. Thankfully, these creatures were unique to this surviving realm of a ruined previous multiverse and hadn't came up again since, likely thanks to the Bondlinks. The Omegas however are contented to now go after the neightbering exiled realms, but alcourse are kept at bay by the over-powering lovecraftian demons they are made to be roomates too. Weaker scrapped realms had already been removed at this point or are vaguely still around as dormant tinier universes left flouting in the Shadow Multiverse.
  • Shadow PATRICK HORROR- A broken off extention of Shadow GARY where Patrick of this reality is a horrorific yet accreately potrayed Starfish Monster driven to monsterious actions cause of the cruelty of the Krusty Krab. It was broken off from Shadow GARY by the Omegas to better seperate this from an already powerful punished god so to prevent the atrosity of this realm from being included in making Shadow GARY harder then already as is. (Inspired by the Bikini Bottom Horror Comic).
  • Shadow GARFIELD- A stagnant universe where Garfield is a Cthulhu Level Outer God of Pure Nihilisum. His presence alone scares the Omegas from approaching his terratory. This infamy was why he was sent down here with his very universe. Also, this Garfield is not to be considered a true cat but rather an entity that hijacked a cat's features, much less that of Garfield.
  • Shadow Trollge- A Mini-Multiverse where Trollfaces cosntantly turn into henious beasts or ran into ones, likely often Omegas that managed to break through in one instant or another, or just turn psychotic. Sent to the Shadow Multiverse cause of the repeated frequencies and the rule against Mini-Multiverses.
  • Shadow Wario Dies- A Mini-Multiverse where each reality has Wario or likewise associated characters die constantly in sometimes horrific yet cruel and unusual fashions, even if some deaths are beyond being considered realistic, beyond rytme or reason why such happened, nor would such deaths be within Nintendo Logic. Sent to the Shadow Multiverse cause of rules against Mini-Multiverses.
  • Shadow Treehouses of Horror- A Mini-Multiverse relating to all of the Simpson Holloween Spiecals (And one Thanksgiving one) where something beyond normal to the show occures and leads to the non-canon deaths of the characters. This was sent to the Shadow Multiverse for reasons of Mini-Multiverses not being allowed.
  • Trevorverse- A realm simular to the Omega terratory where the Trevor Henderson beasts came from as sort've divergents to the Omegas. These creatures are capable to rarely able to break into the Main Multiverse, but mostly ever the Outer Rims and would eventually be pushed back into the Shadow Multiverse anyway.
  • Shadow SAF's Void- A Dimension with a Clone United Universe but it has PTE's Void problem where all evil is attributed to it's existence. The realm was sent to the Shadow Multiverse as a result in pure acknowledgement of the damage the planet can do. Whether it will follow PTE's example when their Void is destroyed is currently unknown.
  • Shadow Learning with Pibby- A United Universe dimension where it was a heavy victim of Gliticer where a glitch-corrupted Wasteland Guardian to the point of being unrecognizable has run rampant in this dimension thus it had to be sent to the shadow Multiverse. This entity, known as "The Static" is so fearsome that the Omegas and other horrors choose to stay clear of this realm because of what it can do.
  • Shadow Banipal Witt- A united Universes where the anime film "Catnapped" was included. Whereas in other realms this film is completely fictional and the world it has doesn't exist in any United Universe. Not even as it's own dimension.
  • Shadow Iron Lung- A United Universe where everything is like the setting of the horror game "Iron Lung" and there exist moons with blood-red oceans with oceanic Omegas residing in them where Worlds were litterally vanished snapped out of existence for no reason and space voyagers are left with only space stations and stagnated increasingly unstable socities under athoratarian regines.
  • Realm of the God Box- A realm that holds a sort've Memeverse equilent to a Shadow Multiverse, but for the God Box, of which is sort've the Grand Chaosmaker's corrupted recycle bin for "Unworthy Universes" for the final product of the Memeverse, and/or for victims Glitchier's rampage. it also imprisoned tainted "Meme Energy" in the form of "Anti-Memes" that were a speicalised brand of Omegas. As of the events of SMG4's "Revelations", the God Box was destroyed and the rejected/undone universes lost with it, the realm now being empty space for until the Grand Chaosmaker can work on making a replacement happen. In the meantime, anti-memes that survived the explousion now infest the empty realm and now are part of a new Omega Terratory, but fragments of the God Box now flout loose in the realm as well.

Neighboring Multiverses.

  • Multiverse X-PTE- Also referred to as Multiverse PTE-X. This Multiverse was handed to the Preservers due to its radical departure from initial visions, but because they still see even a glimmer of potential on what occurs in this Multiverse that they went to the Preservers first and not the Scrappers. Granted, the Preservers have been so off-hands in their approach to letting X-PTE grow on its own merits that everything functions within the control of the Inrealm Gods, albeit this isn't always perfect as invasion forces run rampant and something about a living planet influencer of all corruption, yet the Preservers insisted that soon this Multiverse will soon recover itself in a way they didn't figure would occur. In cause of the incidents of Mang Cobra invading this Multiverse to beat up it's premiere villain and that of PTE's Merlin unwarrantedly showing up in SAF-S for a stupidly brief vacation, the Outers decided to make sure these multiverses are kept firmly apart by putting a special forcefield that keeps anything PTE from coming into SAF and has been standing since.
  • The Separated Universes- The Standalone Universes, or the SU Universes, is basically the prototype Multiverse that came before Multiverse X-PTE and SAF-S. It too is placed under the care of The Preservers cause at most it was an early prototype to what the United Universes came to be, thus it offers alot of things very unlike SAF-S, especially in terms of origins or how things play out. Though separated from the United Universe of SAF, it's presence and forefather heritage can be felt in the SAF OUU via Divergent Timelines, small stubby alternate time paths that aren't big enough to count as true alternate timelines, but are still considerably alternate could've-beens.
  • Multiverse-MWJ- A multiverse that was so heavily influenced by Kingdom Hearts that it was beyond the Outers' control and their fights of good and evil became so overtly elaborate and spectacularly spectacle-worthy that the Outers have to vacate it and leave it to its own devices. This Multiverse operates so much under its own rules, it's even more different from SUniverse and X-PTE combined.
  • Multiverse-LOTM- An extremely expansive Multiverse where worlds normally together in the Main United Universes are actually separate realities, which makes it even more radically different from Multiverse-SAF-S then SUniverse and especially more then MWJ. It is actually one of the earliest multiverse attempts by the Intendeds before they started to go with the "United Universes" Model to reduce clout and clodding from literally having different earths existing as separate realities because Multiverses like this are so HUMONGUS. Now, Multiverses since this are still rather large as with the Multiversal Seas, but the girth of this Multiverse was so daunting, even the All-Mother feels uneased traveling in it and is actually afraid of getting lost in it. It is also one of the more intense Multiverses as the realms here have ready access to each other and conflicts were much more extreme as Inrealmers of all creeds, down to even the Inrealm Gods, get into the most extreme conflicts ever then intended. As a result of that and it's imposing size, the Intendeds were made to leave this Multiverse to it's own devices since it's many heroic figures balanced out the threat of it's evils surprisingly well, and have since immediately retired the "Multi-Universe" Model and opted for the United Universe Model instead. Because of how intense LOTM is, even the fiercest and bravest of Deviants, even the Mischivers, stood well clear of this part of the Multiversal Seas for how intense things get there.