Mwongo the Malevolent

Mwongo the Malevolent is an ancient hyena and the ancient leader of the Shadow Hyena Empire. He was in secret cahoots with Chernabog to try and destroy all of reality and crush it under their tight fist. He suprisingly was the ancestor to Shenzi, but his genes never truly made to Shenzi's bloodline. He had a lot of battle scars, possibly from many fights, and was an iron-fisted ruler, but much more cruel than usual standards as he banished his own queen, Tangawizi, for just being good-natured. However, this turned out to be a big mistake when Tangawizi ended up getting the assistance of the entire Pride Lands to spar against Mwongo and take him and his empire down, leading to the demise of Mwongo. Upon his death, his soul became one of the Friends on the Other Side's shadow demons that served under Doctor Facilier, more specifically the animalistic one with four legs. Aside from that, he's not to be considered a villain in alliance to any villain organization (even despite that his shadow spirit is a henchmen to the Villain League's own Facilier) at least back then when he was alive, considered to be before Villain League's time.


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