Su Su Ka-Boom is not exactly, completely dead.... but not truely alive either. He is now a half-Heartless Hybreed half-zombiefived creature known as Xenophob the Immortaled, simular to Xehanort's Heartless, Su Su's wickedness, xenophobia, and willingness to take darkspawnic powers over basic morally and mortally, just to be rid of a few snakes, asentually made him a canadide to be infected by the powers of a heartless, creating Xenophob. Dispite these magnifisent new powers, Xenophob is not exactly, enjoying the end results if what followed prior. Su Su was offitcally oristracted from the Dragon's Army, and when Xenophob attempted to rejoin as his current state, his former allies feared him for what he did, and what he is now, espeically concerning certain events about the last people who gained powers like Xeno. Not even Ke-Pa is found of him, espeically of his own negitive encounters with Xehanort, and probtly had Xeno exchorted out! Xeno desided he needs to restore his mortal form so he can have an easier time to be forgiven for the appearent mess his caused. His idea: create an Alicorn powerful enough to restore him back to his normal state. The filly has been dubbly named Heart, viewing her as the heart of his solution to regain the trust of the Dragon Army. However, Heart escaped one day, knowing well what her "father" wanted to do with her, and escaped to the Dragon Realms. Apawn being saved from local croc bullies, by Trixie of all of the lougers, Heart deems Trixie to be a "mothering" figure in light of having no mother. Can Trixie bring herself to raise an Alicorn filly, when the other lougers, The High Council, even Celestia herself offer little to no alterinavies to her newfound respondsability, and at the same time, win costity against Xenophob, as Fu-Xi and the Snake lougers, prepare for the most unexpected re-match of their lives? And time altering is out of the question, cause if there was no Xenophob, then no Heart... So how ELSE are they gonna beat this? Everyone knows why this is a prime example to why Xenopobia is a very ugly thing to have. And what is the best defence against a Fake Ansem wanna be? Keyblade weilders, and certein reformed nobodies.

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