My Town is a song sung by Mayhem in the episode Mayhem's Wrath. It is sung when Mayhem reduces Twilight and her friends into being seemingly irreverseably worthless in stopping him, and allowing him to wreak chaos all throughout Equestria, thinking he has done what Discord was incapable of doing. It is a parody of Hades' song from the Hercules TV Series.


Mayhem Chorus

Old Chaos-face is homing

A plan, for his owning

And taking his show on the road

Just look at him gloating

While magically floating

That ego must be quite a load

C'mon, harem, Sing Along with Mayhem!

Let me show you girls around in, my town

New Mayhem

Sure beats living in shadows in, my town

Whoa, whoa, whoa

I got a penthouse on Loki Avenue

I'd like you to see!

Museums and parks, and works of art, all, HEY, dedicated to me!

We'll shop and Doom and Gloomingsdale's in, my town!

We'll dine tonight in Mane and Tails in, yeah, my town!

I'm the host, who loves to toast, another job well done!

In my town

In his town

I'm Number One!

Not in my book, you ain't!

Hey! I'm honored, I'm mayor, I'm chief of police, in...

His town

The hottest spot in all of Equestria, is my town!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

The Town Square, that crowning jewel, could use my flair for urban renewal


I'm just kidding, I wouldn't change a thing. I'm serious. NOT!

His town

In MY town!

Hey, ya' gotta love it, don'tcha? Keys are with the valet, thank you very much.

His town!

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