The Magical Creatures and Beings Unity is an Alternate UUniversal group of peacekeepers from Planet Ferus that keeps AUU mythical creature discrimination in check by making sure that AUU mythical races don't act up in any way. They have a hold on all planets across the AUU with mythological creatures populating it, and will stop at nothing to protect the rights that their kind righteously deserve. They process a member of each own mythic speices and race, even hostile ones, and each hero is sent based on the situation that concerns it.


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  • Magistrate Ganna Tix Mellow- A Toshan who had a hand in founding the MCBU with a few other Toshans after showing compassion for the many mythical creatures spread across the AUU. She manages and judges the MCBU members, and helps them stay alive. Her home planet of Ferus was the best choice for her base in the Court of Tix Mellow.
  • Master Triye- A Tryclon who is a very observant and intelligent three-eyed Cyclops creature that represents Tryclons in the AUU.
  • Master Horntace- A Lan single father and very tough former warrior in his youth whose mantle is taken by his son Horo. He represents Lans in the AUU.
  • Master Cornitell- An Anthrocorn whose magic power is extremely immeasurable and is the father of 19 children that act as the guard for the MCBU, being an ex-battlemage for Ferus. He represents Anthrocorns for the AUU.
  • Mistress Ppoduless- A Mavshova whose very wise, taciturn, and is actually very mysterious. She represents Mavshovae for the AUU.
  • Headmistress Flowertop- An Undrum who is a wise and enlightened creature who believes that all life is balanced by trust, honor, justice, and power. She is a precognitive martial arts master, and is the proud founder and leader of the MCBU.
  • Mistress Flowerbeam- An Undrum and Flowertop's cousin who is the second-in-command of the MCBU, though has her awkward or wise moments. She is still responsible enough to have her position, and her cousin is not only her master, but her trainer in martial arts and beliefs. She represents Undrums in the MCBU.
  • Master Porthole- A Wilirk which is a skilled martial artist with his kind's common ability to travel through magical portals that could be expanded at will. Though he is skilled with this power, he has lost to Flowertop in battle before, and never won in a rematch. Though he is honorable to accept that, though will not hesitate to try another rematch when offered or otherwise because he straight-up enjoys fighting his closest friend. He represents Wilirks in the MCBU.
  • Master Crunkir- A muscular Centarra who is not only a proud leader, but a noble fighter, and like Centurius, he claims to have fought in the Interuniversal War, and maybe even be Centurius' rival since he is physically superior and stronger than him. Though this may not be proven even though they have admitted they hate each other. Though it is a priority to get along, though they have fought once.
  • Mistress Laballa- An Elvuu who's ancestors worked for Santha Kraans. Her family had moved on to pursue outside interests just like a few others. She has since become a wise and courageous fighter and leader of the MCBU. Her beauty has managed to catch the attention of almost every male in the MCBU, but she can be pushed to her limits rather easily.
  • Mistress SuFlix- A Zrix who is a famed mage for her race, and is a good friend to the races' leader. She is an expert in several magical arts, and values life more than anything, and is hesitant to even hurt a flower. Nevertheless, she is a brave fighter who dedicated her life to joining the MCBU to protect all life on Ferus.


  • Fachine- A Trasabix from a mythological story of the same name which depicts her wishing to become a human to be with the human she has a crush on instead of the corrupt prince she's being told to be with to solve a terrible feud. She's been married with the human ever since, given the gift of breathing and walking on land and representing the Trasabixes for the MCBU.
  • Ga Sabsina- A Meek from a mythological story of the same name which depicts her dreaming of becoming a famed warrior, and that wish comes true when she helps fight off and protect her home with the help of her new human friends. Since then, her people, surviving family and friends were relocated to Ferus and Ga now represents the Meeks for the MCBU.
  • Atha Flip- A Neustoid who was a little timid against strangers, yet would stay close to her kind and friends in the MCBU. She is very curious, and will enjoy playing with trusted people, and is actually afraid of killing people, as well as death in general. She represents the Neustoids for the MCBU.
  • Centurius Centarra- A Centarra warrior who has claimed to have fought during the Interuniversal War. He is wise, cunning, yet very arrogant against nonsense and jokes. He represents the Centarras for the MCBU.
  • Salbena Shift- An Ombrus who has been targeted by many flirters in the past, and was nearly raped by them. She was rescued by the MCBU, and has since become their hypnotist that uses her natural shapeshifting abilities to seduce people to distract them. Though she will not hesitate to attack anyone who gives her a bad touch. She represents Ombruses in the MCBU.
  • Brawler Bein- A Bagargan who is very cocky and jokey, and incredibly strong. He was once a mercenary who worked for King Brawlbone until he realized how corrupt he was when he was forced to kill his own friend. He has since started hiding his pain by having this personality. He represents the Bagargans for the MCBU.
  • Big-Fist Zobb- An Argosa who was from a neighboring kingdom from King MaSmash that had been in a war with them for over 21 years. But he decided that he had enough when Masmash's kingdom won, and decided to join the MCBU to get his kingdom back. He represents the Argosas for the MCBU.
  • Onbam the Noble- An Elvuu who comes from a land of advanced Teadr 2 Elvuus who were very abusive with their arsenal. When things went downhill when the Elvuus nuked an opposing Elvuu country, declaring war with that country, Onbam feared that this would lead to fatal consequences and alerted the MCBU and prevented the war immediately, allowing the survivors of the devastated nation to live in the country that the abusive Elvuus were banished from. Onbam has since been representing Elvuus for the MCBU.
  • Eyris Natimus- A Cyclon who was banished from his own kingdom for showing sympathy for their feuding enemies from a kingdom of Flakkas. He then tried living with the Flakkas, including his friend, Bniqa Askord, but then the both of them were banished from there because of Bniqa being friends with their enemy. Having enough, they get the MCBU to end the feud, and have become members ever since. Eyris represents the Cyclons for the MCBU.
  • Bniqa Askord- A Flakka who was banished from her own kingdom for being friends with Eyris since he was a member of their hated neighboring kingdom. Together, they ended the feud by reporting it to the MCBU, and had become members ever since. Bniqa represents the Flakkas for the MCBU.
  • Flitter Gist- A Zrix who is a potent magician who enjoys life like the rest of her family, and will not hesitate to protect it at all costs. She is a beautiful fairy-like creature with effervescent butterfly wings, yet is skilled in martial arts. She represents the Zrixes for the MCBU.
  • Horo- A Lan of very skilled athleticism and the son of Master Horntace. Being as charming as Robin Hood, and is often too reckless and optimistic for his own good.
  • Matthew Matter- A Censen that is actually impossibly powerful even for his own mythical race of pure energy beings, representing Censens in the AUU.
  • Kroct- A Lort who is very bold-hearted despite his very tough crocodilian exterior, representing his species in the AUU.
  • Plas- An Aurchr warrioress whose race can breath projectiles of energy, and she is one of many to master it for sharpshooting, representing her race in the AUU.

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