Nagin the Massive

Nagin the Massive

Nagin the Massive is an Alternate UUniversal Fugbopath from the destroyed planet of Fugbosa. He is the last Fugbopath standing in his worlds while the rest of his kind was banished after being oppressed by the Zarphall race. Since he was able to avoid banishment by hiding in a secluded area, he has been constantly trying to find the Alternate UUniversal Interdimensional Portal and bring back his kind so they can correct the injustice brought on them. But by doing this, he faces the wrath of the Zarphalls' top warrior, Arpaca Zee Viall. Soon, he will be able to accomplish his goal and avenge his people. Nagin is the warrior son of the Fugopath king Lord Cragin. The Fugbopaths and the Zarphalls didn't always had such a relationship like this. In fact, in the past, the Zarphalls have a bad habit of making enemies with truely hostile races and criminalistic groups that targeted them for their rich reshorces, and the Fugbopaths always protacted them. Problem is, the Zarphalls felt the rescues made them look weak and inadaquite and blamed the same rescues for encouraging future hostile forces to do the same thing, even when anything protacted by the Fugbos normally delivers oppisite effects. Cragin did felt that he needed to resolve the Zarphalls problems without making them look like a weak race, so they did this by trying to join the USRA and condition them to have the Zarphalls join as well so they can have actess to tec that can better protact the Zarphalls and allow them to independently defend themselves. Problem is, the Zarphalls were trying to join the USRA as well, and they ended up getting the wrong idea. The race fell victim to the lies of a known war criminal, Arpaca's ansister, and it started the whole mess to begin with. Now, the Fugbopaths know this is obviously the work of the heinious war criminal and Cragin had plans to create a planet restoring device that renders the attack useless, but to avoid the war criminal doing something that'll end up dooming the race he came from and to protact the devive, the Fugbos sacriviced their own crediability and made it look like they fell right into their trap and reshived the controversey that came to them. With the planet restoring device being able to be created quickly and in peace, it was up to Nagin to free his race and allow them to gather up the Zarphalls and restore both lost planets and ultamately exposed the sins of Arpacia's ansistery and finally explain that no real harm was meant. Nagin was relucently forced to get involved with the Villains Act and earned the sympathy of General Tex and even Darkness Qui who promsies to help, providing him with an army comprising of the AUU Teadr 2 warlike race called the Waurmics lead by the rouge Waurmic general, General Mercibe Sploogue, but not exactly without a price his race must pay if the VA is seeing it through. When the VA was disbaned, he surprisingly didn't blamed the lougers for momentarly disupting his attempt, knowing that with Tex arrested, the VA was becoming too tainted by unregulated extremeisum and it was tecnecally only a matter of time before it happened either way, and was glad his race didn't had to be assusiated with what the VA became anymore, and that he got to keep his Waurmic forces nevertheless, though he wishes Qui the best of luck and hopes she gets out of her misguided slump one day, processing a strong feeling Qui might not actselly be what she claims to be. Nagin only has his own strength and skill, the strength of his entire Waurmic army, and the assistance of the Zarphall "traitor" Zarkill Klee Ling, the Zarphall's rulers' "black sheep daughter" and who is asentually in a "Beauty and the Beast" relationship with, as Nagin has a massive beastly temper that she has completely learned to get used to.


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Nagin is a giant turtle-like being that is naturally strong, resilient, and highly-skilled in combat. His back shell is naturally durable and contains small amounts of neutronium. He is an elder Fugbopath and thus is stronger than the average Fugbopath. However, his anger problems can get him over the edge just enough to endure through an entire battle.

Much of his fighting technology is based upon his knowledge of his race's technology, yet it is primarily thanks to his Waurmic forces and their own creation. His armored suit has traces of neutronium, titanium, and other durable metals, he wears a mitochondrial vest underneath that heals him from much of his battle wounds, and his two power gauntlets boost his strength, and have their own capabilities, the right gauntlet having limitless holographic capabilities, and the left one having limitless disintegrative, laser, and plasma capabilities, but they both require an hour's worth of charging after constant use. His suit also has a recharging energy shield that doesn't take that long to recharge. He also has jets on the back of his suit and hoverboots that, despite not giving flight due to excess weight, allows him to break a fall and glide long distances.

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