Nancy L. Skoeller, AKA Nancy Skalers or Gunbite, is an Alternate UUniversal Skyrthon from Planet Gygax. She is a venomous frilled python and is a naturally-quick adapter and armed with the greatest cyber prostectics her rich parents can buy, where she, with help of her robotic dog-like pet Spark-Zux, and her own Plazma Squad, became the champion of the Plazma Tournament. A brave and determined girl, she has always dreamed of having a place in the touriment like her father did, but her over-protective mother warned that, in being a snake, she can't hold weapons and would be a sitting duck if she entered there. But her supportive father offered a solution: Getting Nancy Cyber Arms and a combat aide Robo-Pet, which was named Sparxzy, and eventually when she was old enough, by the time her father retired after a life-long ownership of being considered the champion, Nancy became determined to protect her father's title. Though typically mocked by the other competitors and quickly called an easy out, she proved them all wrong and survived right up to the finals, and had an epic battle against a pacyderm beast that wanted to claim back the championship back for his retired by shame father because Nancy's father took it from him, forming an epic rivalry. Both were evenly matched, but Nancy's quickness and determined attatude eventually defeated the vengeful giant and allowed her to become champion. However, was became the happiest day of her life, became a tragity to a now-former childhood friend and once big supporter, Nemoy Zeonkard, who his wife was beaten to a pulp by the an angered gambler who beted for the loser who was a close friend, also a pachiderm. Though the enrager was arrested, Nemoy's wife was hospitalised and entered a coma where doctors at the time can still only guess when she can recover. Nemoy denounced her as a friend and left in bitter anger, having hatred for the Plaza Touriment. Nancy lives in personal regret, something her parents can only sooth away for so long. Nancy has since reigned as defending champion, but soon, more then the championship will be on the line when Nemoy makes good on a promise to ruin the touriment. And once so, Nancy would look forword to being something more then a champion of the Plazma Touriment.


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