Nirtana Xurxo Byte, AKA Nanobyte

Nirtana X. Byte
, AKA Nanobyte, is an Alternate UUniversal Gimpus from the Planet Altus. He is a hero who is capable of sabotage due to his small size, vast speed and incredible jumping ability. He was once bullied for his small size, but upon realizing that being different comes in handy, he becomes a famed hero by sabotaging an other-worldly invading ship by tearing it's interior apart.


Nirtana was born on the sparse planet of Altus. While he was small, he was good at riding flying animals and jumping at a vast height to leap across floating platforms without getting hurt. But being very small means being weak against creatures bigger than he is. He was bullied daily at school due to his small size, and nobody seemed to like him.

He always hated being bullied like this no matter how hard he tried. But he soon learned from his only friend, a Florilla, who was also bullied for having 8 arms, and showed them the benefit of having multiple arms, that sometimes being different comes in handy. He acknowledges this, and stands up to the bullies, able to drive them away by crawling into their shirts and tickling them.

He was then made a popular student who managed to graduate quicker in colledge than anyone else. He decided to become an engineer and a tinkerer. But soon, he discovered his true calling when Altus was invaded by the Villains Act. He managed to climb onto the warship, enter it's interior matrix, and tear it apart while safe from the electricity thanks to his electricity-proof suit. The warship was taken down, and Nirtana fled the falling ship and made it safely.

It was then that he became a famous hero. He would soon be chosen to join the Heroes Act sometime after the fall of the Villains Act.


Nanobyte is very small, being only 20 cm tall. This small size gives him many advantages. He can fit into many small cracks or holes. Also, like a rat, he can squeeze through anything he can get his head into. He is capable of jumping at a height of 8 ft, allowing him to reach high places instantly. He can even scale walls and surfaces with his tiny gecko hands and feet. He is a genius in many sciences and engineering.

He is skilled in combat (Which is only useful for someone his size), and wields tiny grenades that he can throw 5 ft away from him with his incredible physical strength, and packs a powerful explosion big enough to hurt even the biggest of foes. He wears Electrinium Armor, giving him a huge immunity to electricity, especially when he is inside a machine doing his sabotage work. He keeps a few flowers full of nectar which he can drink to heal him up whenever he's hurt.

His UIS Identity is named Spheets Van Jorro, and he is a creature called a Wever, a hummingbird-like creature that can pollinate, eat parasites, has a strong immune system, and quick reflexes. Unfortunately he has a fast metabolism, meaning he has to eat more often than normal, requiring massive amounts of fatty acids, found in nectars, plants, certain parasites, certain fruits, and certain meats. He has a suit of electricity-proof polymer that he can use to absorb electricity and control it, he can do unique forms of sabotage, and he has a hamster-ball-sized spherocycle that has the ability to control it's own kinetic energy and an internal temporal field gives him the added reaction time to pilot it.


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