Naomi is a dingo from the world of Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. She is Shazza's little sister. She is an expert on Bunyips and runs the Bush Rescue Mobile HQ in Ty 3.


In Ty 2 Naomi can been seen walking around Burramudgee Town, and shows up in the ending scene of the game with the rest of the town's inhabitants. She was apparently kidnapped by Boss Cass with the rest of Burramudgee, this may have led to her involvment in Bush Rescue in the third game.

In Ty 3 she sells Bunyip upgrades to Ty all over Southern Rivers.

Role in the series

Naomi is a valuable member for The Troupe of Lightning, not only still helping Bush Rescue with their Bunyips, but a lot of the Troupe's machines such as the UNSC's vehicles and Tails' machines. Therefore, she is technically considered a genius who aids Tails and Julius in machinery and inventions.

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