"I promise you, stupid ponies, pain, without end."

Narbol was an Equestrian Gargoyle soldier in the gargoyle military during the Pony-Gargoyle War years ago. He was a fierce soldier with his strange advanced weapon which he calls 'Rachael', mean words, and vulgar ferocity. Even damaging his wings does nothing. Pony soldiers in the millions were just breakable, bleeding dominos to him. It was only with the fall of the Architect Gargoyles that even gargoyles like Narbol were hardly enough anymore, his normally endless supply of ammo limited. Not even Narbol could've prevented the downfall of the Gargoyle Kingdom, and he hated that. He became a favorite of King George and new comer Man-Vulture, enough to become a personal henchmen to them. His tragiedy, though unrelated to the Pony War, is that when he was small, he was picked on a lot by bullies, but he grew big and strong, and got very vicious. He vowed to never let his people get picked on by anything greater than gargoyles, espeically not, as he would say, "Stu-pid pon-nees".


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