Candence has finally earn the licesnse to legally be allowed to reform villains, and as such, has started to taken in villains in progress of reforming, like Sing Jin Sue, Sing Xu, Hypnorattle, Vladamer (her success story), Kryptonia and Hank (works in progress), Qindilen (formerly known as Darkness Qui), Marlin the Time Master (relucent on his part), Emperor Fang and Othello, A relucent Malock, Niavawk, Hydrone (as he was spared by his brother, and sentenced to reform instead of being exicuted, perswaied by Celestia. (SPOILER ALERT)), Sky Slicer (After having thought to have died when frozen by Windigos, but had actually been rescued by Cadance)(SPOILER AGAIN)), Kevin (Qu Dan), Vi-tor (SPOILER TIMES 3!! but is however not attenting this episode in regards to spending time with Betty the wasp.) and finally, Celisus and Narcotic. during a rotine tour around Ponyville, Narcotic falls in love, with Pinkie Pie. now the ex-bio-madman deserately tries to confess his love to an incredably clueless pony. but what will happen if Pinkie DOES get the idea, but, doesn't return the poor bird's love? is Narcotic doomed to be loveless? Maybe, if Candence were to stay out of it.

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