Narv'tinn 'Narvin' the Accuser is a fictional interdimensional being published in Kratos Generation Comics. He is a Gorsgothan who used to work for the Orlianna Empire until he was discovered to be a double-agent for Corlust the Disintegrator. He was a commander of the Empire's police forces, and on Kratos, he took the form of a Superior bear. He was an excellent wrestler in his younger days, and was a skilled tactics expert. When the Corlann Empire fell, he became an agent for Corlust because he believed that, because his parents were killed in a previous war despite the Orlianna Empire's best efforts, that the Orlianna Empire never had great law enforcement, especially when it was taken down for 19 years. So, when he was made an undercover commander of the Orlianna Empire's Police Department, he ensured that laws would be enforced in the way he wanted it to be, and would require Corlust's assistance to do it. When he accuses The Enigmas for causing more damage than Cortex the Abomination had done, especially with the death of resistance members, they were placed on trial for it, especially after several people agreed to it. Nobody knew that Narvin was trying to help Corlust take them down, and he surprisingly almost wins. But just as the Enigmas were about to be executed, Orlanthus comes in and justifies their actions and they are immediately saved. Especially when Narvin reveals that he works for Corlust, and that the jury is his henchmen in disguise. He decides to release lies about how Orlanthus was defending the Enigmas after their accusations, but he is soon stopped, fired, and sent to prison. The Enigmas' names are cleared and Narvin swears revenge after escaping. Ironically, though, Narvin, outside of confusing the concept of justice that it means anyone is punishable, accident or not, is not hereditary. It means he's just another corrupted victim of Corlust. Eventually, Corlust's own cruelty towards a child who was defending the Enigmas woke up and told him that justice is more than giving out punishments, and that Corlust is the sole blame for the death of many resistance members and at least HALF of the crime problems, and redeems his mistake by arresting Corlust. It's not long until Corlust escapes, and becomes the co-leader of The Followers of Qo'doo, and they become the new series main villain team. Narvin decided to rekindle that the Orlianna Empire was not the weak empire he thought it was, he was stupid to ever listening to the sinful Corlust, and starts his path to redemption by returning to his original position, this time legitimate. His powers include possession, energetic manipulation, sublimation, and teleportation.


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