With Grozar's Empire fully reborn under Narzilda's rule and the Doppleganger louge, Yan Hu and Sung Sing now in survice to her, Narzilda begins the first phase of her revenge by launching an attack on Spyro and the lougers which was a diversion used to distract them while her forces sucessfully capture Spongebob and Kairi again, while Narzilda sends Yan Hu and Sung Sing to find oc villainous and deluded realitives or family members of Tigress, Monkey and Mantis. there is actselly one established evil realitive to Monkey, Monkey's evil brother, but he is currently unfindable. the next best thing for Monkey's eqilivent is a random hawk bandit named Sin Mu, a rather lame but ambitious warrior. there are also Quin Wei, a warlord of a rouge battilion of mantises and Mantis's disgraced brother, and a former love interest of Tigress, who looks like Shere Khan in a animorthic body, Shu Meng Kow Jing Shi Quin, or simply refered to as "The beast among tigers" who would be perfect and proove useful to aid her in her cause while veiwing all of the oc villains of the Louger's world as a threat since they were involved in Grozar's demise in the first place. And as a bonus to the first phase, Narzilda plans to prevent the mane 6 form interfearing with her revenge by making Applejack, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy turn against Twilight, ending their friendship with her forever and forsake the Elements of Harmony using King Sombra's ultimate fear spell for the job since it worked on Twilight and Spike before. they view Twilight in negitive traits: Fluttershy sees Twilight as a Cruella Devil Copier and a teaser like her fillyhood bullies, Applejack sees her drinking Flim and Flam's cider and saying that its way better then the apple family's, Rarity sees her obessed with Prince Blueblood and being incredablity obnoxious as he is along with insulting her love for fashion, Pinkie sees her turning into an even bigger anti-fun downer then Crankey Doodle Donkey, and Rainbow Dash sees Twilight suddenly becoming a bigger jerk when what Gilda used to be. But Spike, Taiku, Alice, Candence and Shining Armor are still on Twilight's side after the mane 5 fell for the deception. Celestia and Luna admitiedly know something is wrong, and are familier with the spell, and already plan to have this resolved. but they must hurry: the windieos of ice have been attracted by the fear and hatred and have come to freeze all of Equestia! can the lougers defeat the diversion in time, save equestia from an eternal ice age by past enemies and find out about Sung Sing and Yan Hu before its too late?

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