Well, Spyro and the other lougers have countered the diversion in time, save equestia from an eternal ice age and stopped the furious fives oc villainous and deluded realitives or family members and have captured Sung Sing Song, Quin Wei, that lame hawk bandit Sin Mu and Yan Hu, but Tigress's ex-lover is the only one who escaped, Kairi and Spongebob are prisoners of the Formoding Clan again, the mane 5 are restored but are too ashamed of themselfs and became avoident to beg Twilight for forgivness fearing that she now hates them for being unreasonable idiots/jerks, also, stopping the windieos of ice was only the begining of what Narzilda has enstore for Spyro. Relizing that he may need the Book of Fate again to stop her, Spyro sets off on another quest the borrow the book from King Flumbai, Vizar and Shen-la with Sparx, The Hyenas, Twilight, Spike, Sora, Donald, Goofy, The Madagascar Gang, Po and the Furious Five again and may need of Tyro, Aqua, Terra and Ven's help again while Ignitus, Mickey, The High Council, Riku, Cynder, Celestia, Luna, Taiku, Alice, Candence, Shining Armor and the other lougers assemble their allies, get the mane 5 to snap out of it and tell them that what happened under Narzilda's spell wasn't their faults, and head for the dragon city of Warfang where Spyro had told them to decoy Narzilda's forces, rendezvous and wait for him and his group after they require the Book of Fate again before they set out. Though Shen-La's husband has returned, the book of fate is still needed to power the city. And there is a very good reason: the city of benvolence is under attack.... by King Sombra who is upset that the Crystal Empire won't be his ever again, he desided to attack another city and seek revenge on Twilight and Spike for casting him out of the Crystal Empire, and so far, the book of fate is what keeping him from succeeding. The only way to save the city is for Spyro to challenge King Sombra to a fight to the death. Oh boy, how are they gonna get out of this one? an evil sister of Grozar is one thing, but Sombra, that jerk again?

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