Spyro has won the fight, defeated King Sombra and driven him away form the City of Benvolence while evreyone defeated the first wave of Narzilda's seige in Warfang and have captured Shu Meng who is explled from The Formoding Clan Army for his betrayal. Narzilda's new staff made of hellfire is forged and ready to test one of it's powers: Opening the Portal to the Realm of Darkness. And unfortunately for Spyro, he is fatally wounded by King Sombra during the fight and is moments away from death and his group dosent know how to help him. Not even Sora, Donald and Goofy's healing can save him now. But just when you think this is the end of Spyro, a big miracle has arrived, in the form of a certain group of famed guardians who have arrived take Spyro to the North Pole where they'll help save Spyro's life. However, they unknowingly invited a new threat with their presence alone: The Giant Red Sea Serpent, a long time feared enemy of the City of Benvolence. Gee, as if Sombra wasn't bad enough, now theres a giant, red sea serpent? Also, Narzilda has another new ally now, The Guardians arch enemy, Pitch Black who is out for revenge on Twilight and Spike for foiling his evil plan to ruin Christmas with Cold Heart with the Guardians helping them by shrouding the still guilt striken Mane 5 with their ultimate fears so their loyalty to the Elements of Harmony will be destroyed for good and make them continue to believe that Twilight still hates them along with an illusion of Spike dumping Rarity while scolding her for being such a unreasonible jerk to Twilight. And to top it all off, a mysterious engry of darkness began to form around the united universes, heading towords the dragon realms.

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