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one such exsample of a Nefarious trooper.

The Nefarious Troopers were the robotic minions of Doctor Nefarious during his campaign in the Polaris Galaxy. Originally and primarily manufactured in the Tombli Outpost on planet Zanifar, they would become the Doctor's new soldiers, also serving under his allies; Lord Vorselon on his warship and Pollyx in his company headquarters, respectively.

They also patrolled space in saucers and kept tabs on the Phylax Sector, Vela Sector, Bernilius Sector and Corvus Sector with spy satellites that alerted their fleets of danger. There were standard units as well as Nefarious' elite, upgraded Chronoguards.


The soldier classes in the robotic army consisted of:

Role in the series

One such trooper first appeared in the epilouge for the Black Cauldron, where it was rehearsing a play with Dr. Nefarious called Night of the Living Squishies. Described as an "epic romantic action comedy space opera", known characters included the doctor himself and his nemesis, Captain Qwark, whom was apparently fighting Nefarious' attempts to take control of time.

Numerous Nefarious troopers were forced into rehearsing the role of Qwark with the doctor in Scene 4 of Act 3, but continually failed when the doctor accidentally killed them with the blaster he was using, which was supposed to be unloaded in the first place. Rehearsal took place at the doctor's headquarters, the Nefarious Space Station. One trooper's response to this humiliation: "I should never have quit mental school."

The Nefarious Troopers currently serve as grunts in Team Nefarious.