Boan, up to his tricks again, was able to get an anicent weapon capable to make portals to a nega-united universes, where evil is insanely domainient, and chances to reverse it's evil ways is near-impossable. Boan banishes the Main 6 and Spike into this dimention, pafificly, Nega-Equestia, where the worse of their nega-selves is seen! Nega-Twilight is a dark warlock adviser to "She who burns all", Nega-Applejack is a corrupt sheruff drunk, Nega-Rainbow Dash is an insane controller of the rainbow factory (not a reference to the fanfic "Rainbow Factory" but loosly based, but without murders, instead, the factories just shuck happiness), Nega-Pinkie is a loose-canon psycopathic war general and knife expert, Nega-Fluttershy is a beserker and ruthless bounty-huntress that hunts animals and treasoners for sport, money, and fun, and Nega-Rarity is basicly, a fur loving Cruella De vil knock-off. but the worse of them all, is that the volient nega-verse ruler of this twristed world, Nega-Celestia, (basicly everything related to the stupid meme Tyrant Celestia) holds a horrendus grip on Nega-Equestia, and with the discovery of the Mane 6, she intents to making them revel the exsitence of this "Postivtive Universe" or she'll simply and bluntly exicute them, cause she has every intention to snuff out all light in exsitence, her own exsitence, or the alternate. Now it's up to Taiku, Alice, Candence, Shining Armour, The Magic University Gang acompined by Spongebob, Patrick, Sora, Donald, Goofy, Trixie, Gilda, Iago, Icky, Spyro, Sparx and the Cutie Mark Crusaders to find Twilight, Spike and the mane 5 with the help of Taiku's multiverse-traveling remote which sends them on a multi-united universal Brain and Stewie style adventure while The other lougers, the celestial sisters and the Equestrian Magical Creatures council search for Boan and see that he answers to justice and give him the karma he so richfully deservses.

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(Nega-Celestia's Song)

Off With Their Heads-0

Off With Their Heads-0


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