the Elements of harmony have heavily effected Nega-Celestia and the Negitive Mane 6, but only to the point they become moraly confused of what is right and wrong. they have been rendered imcomident. This is Celestia's chance to prevent the nega-verse and it's evils from becoming returning threats. She enlists the postitive mane 6 and the lougers to use the elements of harmony's magic on the nega-verse verson of the elements, in this case, are a more tainted verson of the elements of harmony, elements of choas. Now, the mane 6 and the lougers must secretly infiltract the heavly guarded Nega-Canterlot and purify the elements of choas. this may be joining forces with beasicly more heroic versons of those that would other would normally be considered the Mane 6's enemies, as well as Nega Versons of Luna's Nightmare Moon form (Unlike their Equestia, Nega-Luna is still in her Nightmare moon form, but for the right reasons) and a more harmony balence, but still wacky Discord. Are they ready to deal with the madness of Nega-Equestia, and the morely confused, but still resent filled Nega-Celestia and the Nega-Mane 6? Will Twilight's knowledge of Keyblade weilding and the strength of good friends and the elements be more then enough to change Nega-Equestria good permanently?

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