the Nega-Mane 6 have appeared in Equestia, and Nega-Celestia appeared in canterlot with a Nega-Taiku's Multiverse remote to seek revenge! They plan to simply invade Equestia, and find a spell strong enough to open a huge enough portal for their armies to invade everything! And as a bonus, They also plan to aduct the mane 6 and finish what they started back when Boan banishing them and Twilight to their Equestia lead to his ultamate downfall. Slaughter the 6 Elements of Harmony Bearers so Equestia will be defensless! It's up to our Taiku, Spike, Alice, Celestia, and the lougers to save the mane 6 and stop Nega-Celestia while teaching her and the evil followers the meaning of harmony and send them back to where they came from for good!

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