Negaduck (KH)


When the scourge empire tried to intervene with Xehanort while the betrayal was going on that they weren't aware of, Negaduck and several of his allies cornered him and his incarnations. The Dark Dragon commanded Xehanort to forsake malefor and become loyal to Makuta Teridax. But Xehanort refused, revealing that he never had loyalty to any darkspawn but himself and the cycle. This actually surprised everyone, as they were expecting him to either consider their offer or pleadge undying loyalty (as they mostly predicted on). Negaduck, despite being a disloyal psychopath himself, was actually disgusted by Xehanort's treachery, and attacked! But he was injured by Oogie Boogie's Nobody, and stabbed by Xehanort's keyblade. His heart soon fell to darkness and he became a wild and dangerous heartless with a Berserker Nobody formed from his weak will, but was quickly controlled by Fake Ansem. He was soon made a commander of the Emotion Parasite forces with Merlock's nobody on an allied invasion on Duckburg. He was the first to be slain at the gates of Merlock's nobody's castle, having his Nobody being fused back with him and returning him to normal. For the first time in his life, Negaduck gave sincere gratitude by saying he would not kill the lougers today, but warned them that his loyalty, if any, belongs to the Dark Dragon, and that he'll resume his duties to the scourge imperials once everything's been fixed.
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