Leon G. Nemegade, AKA Nemean Leon, is a fictional Superior lion published in Kratos' XD Comix. He was known to be a professional wrestler in his time, naming himself 'Nemean Leon', after the Nemean Lion of Greek mythology. With similar powers to the Nemean Lion itself, he was top champ of the wrestling tournaments. But when he lost in the finals of one of the tournaments, he was considered an outcast and was humiliated. It wasn't until he fell into a vat of chemical acid that he became the supervillain the Titaneers had to face. His powers were made stronger, his appearance was changed, and his mind was turned into more of an animal. He had become a tough adversary for the Titaneers, and he nearly defeated them. It was sheer luck that got them out of that scenario, and Nemean Leon was sent to a super-max security prison. He would escape only 2 times, but is never seen in the comics again. Leon is a brute with a funny personality, he has little brains, but his brawns and superpowers make up for that. He is otherwise still a clever thinker. His powers include a titanium skeleton and claws, super-strength, super-endurance, super-agility, super-longevity, invulnerability, X-ray vision, and omnilingualism.

  • MCode: AhIvOllSaSeSlSsXrv


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