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Neo Core Logo

The Neo Core was, and is, a global anti-war taskforce deployed on the Planet Gontroy. In the past, it ended the tyranny and evil of the planet's native race, the Gontroids, who sought to become Teadr 0 through enslaving races, leaving one left to be raised by the world's modern civilization. However, after learning of his true origins, the endling, named O'Shirgue, tricked the world's Omnicans (The AUU's first emotion-capable robots) into planning a revolt, thus starting the 87-year Omnican World War where they fought for equality, leaving the Neo Core to be restablished by a noble hero named Breandan Optioce Xeron Therrolling who, along with his two partners, Jaxtom McQromold and Gabe Windcall, saved the world from the war, but at the cost of Therrolling's life. Thus, Mcqromold and Windcall took over as the heads of the Neo Core, out to keep peace in the world. But then, tension came as people started distrusting the core, particularly cause of O'Shirgue, now as a Xorabeak Govenor, lead to the govermental millaterry lead General Pelles, to not only destroy the Neo Core HQ, and seemingly Mcqromold and Gabe with it, the others would scatter around, either being mercenaries or going off-planet, Pelles' bitter family, being made to be scapegoats by O'Shirgue and the perfectionst goverment so they can avoid scrutanity and direct blame, declared the Pelles Act to ban their work under penalty of law. But the Neo Core still disobeys this law and does battle because the world needs them since enemies like Nemeous the Crimemind have created a criminal society which General Pelles says has under control. The two original leaders survived, McQromold out to find the cause of this criminal act, and Gabe going down a vengeful path as a wound infection from the destruction of the HQ caused his ribosomes to fail entirely, and thus he has to extract some from others to sustain himself, becoming the vengeful villain known as Grimshot. But someday, they will discover the truth, and will have to save the day.


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  • Commissioner Laura Hopeveil- A "Former" Neo Core Commissioner of the group and govermental representive of the group who's Grandmother revitalised the group in the time of the Omnican revolution. She considers the forceful disbansion a disgrace and deems O'Shirgue and The Utopians to be disgraceful ironies of their desires for perfection and to what Gontroy needs as suppose to what the Utopians wanted.


  • Jaxtom McQromold/Officer: 99- The former Outen leader of the Neo Core.
  • Gabe Windcall/Grimshot (Formerly)- The former Outen second-in-command of the Neo Core.
  • Jindy Wahlxton/Jindy Jeopardy- A Kreeron who has the ability to manipulate her time flow and wields pulse weaponry.
  • Wallace Primes/Primeval- An artificially-sentient Gargarilla and genius inventor who longs for the days of justice.
  • Ginjie Shimewoldea- A Chromodyte cyborg ninja who has freed himself from his criminal past and the war with his cybernetic body.
  • Jestuce Creede- An Ajack outlaw gunslinger and former gang member who fights for the principle of righteousness.
  • Phara Verves/Pharea- A jet-packed female Invervasaur security captain who yearns to protect the world's peace, like the heroes in her past.
  • Strongwell- An Omnican wanderer formerly built to be a war combatant, who is now travelling to satisfy its curiosity about nature and leave it's horrifying past behind.
  • Thaezwong Shimewoldea- A Chromodyte mercenary archer and brother of Ginjie who is on the path of redemption to restore his honor and atone for the atrocity he once committed as the heir of a syndicate.
  • Cri-Ween Shofong- A Crythan climatologist who is on her own adventure to preserve the environment and ecosystem after waking up from a decade-long cryostasis sleep.
  • Göhan Holmstead- An Oarf engineer specialized in advanced weapon designing who is determined to keeping a watch on his inventions lest them to fall into the wrong hands.
  • Wora Song- A former Feloot professional gamer and a mech pilot who is participating in her country's special force to combat a colossal Omnican's devastating invasion.
  • Oa-Centroa- A centaur-like guardian Omnican who currently existed for only a month since being rebuilt by a young girl but has been already taking the role of a protector of the Omnican city of Omnikyion.
  • Wilholm Berrus Armachterberg- A wandering Triyskan cyber-knight who continues to fight for justice and defend the innocence undeterred by the toll of his age.
  • Dolya Supanova- A former Ohrugan weightlifting athlete who had sacrificed her fame and fortune to serve her country and her people in times of need.
  • Ara Alt Aimes- A former Waurmic army sniper who has recently come out of hiding and rejoined the battle in order to protect her loved ones.
  • Lúco do jo Sanghos- A Floomer international musician who uses his music to obliterate the authoritarian control and inspire social change.
  • Chara Zeck Angle/Charity- A Paradisoid nanobiologist and a field medic who always stays at the frontline of wars and crises around the world to heal the wounded and imperiled.
  • Raya Holby/Symetrica- A Holozan light-bending architect who weaves her construction in order and perfection to create a better world.
  • Zenyosha- An Omnican guru who wants to prove his purpose of mending the problems between organic beings and machines through interpersonal connection and engagement.
  • Brigey Holmstead- A skilled Oarf-Human hybrid metalsmith and mechanic, who accompanies Armachterberg as he wanders across Gontroy. She is the youngest daughter of Göhan and his wife Inigra.
  • Rolly Hancove/Wreckroll- A genetically-engineered Nogser that comes from the same labs as Primeval and rides a weapon-fitted tech ball of destruction.


  • Grimshot
  • Governor O'Shirgue
  • General Pelles
  • Nemeous the Crimemind
  • Gerphy Pfistersky/Apocafist- A prominent Councilmember of Oversurrection that believes that society advances better in conflict, and has kept Grimshot into believing that Oversurrection serves a purpose even after O'Shitgue is out of the picture to use Oversurrection to make that belief wide-spread into the planet. He's behind why Oversurrection assassinated the first Omnican Polotison other then because of the polotisian's aims to have Oversurrection disbaned. His gauntlet is strong enough to level entire skyscrapers.
  • Evangelle Commercus/Deadend- Grimshot's best Oricoh assassin who was married to a Neo Core agent until being brainwashed by Oversurrection to kill her own husband, and become their top assassin.
  • Sashbra Anton Shadbolt/Antombra- An infamous female Aectoid-Xuron cyberterrorist mastermind on par with both Overwatch Sombra and CarToonZ (ToonKritic) who works as a pawn for the Oversurrection and is aiming to overthrow them to find a global conspiracy that she once encountered.
  • Sanasha Seach Whayney- A Grasstone scientist who, since her experiments were shut down for controversy and she defied their orders to stop believing they needed it until a freak accident ruined her chance, looked to Oversurrection, as she rescued Grimshot from the fate of deterioration following the destruction of the Neo Core HQ, basicly being behind why Grimshot's alive as he is, and now serves as Oversurrection's healer and medic. She has no love for Oversurrection's "Mad Polotics" or "Pointless Bot Hate" and only wants to prove her point about her creation and finally make the goverment accept her talents. She also tends to show serious amount of compassion for grimshot in more then just being her ticket to having a better standing with an unappresiative goverment.
  • Stigma- A once brillent Pre-UIS Ansistery Skep that aimed to to master the secrets of the cosmos and enable people "To control even blackholes". But his exspeariment was savatoshed by Xird Spies that malmitulated anti-UIS patises to savatosh Stigma's exspeariment that ended up effecting him to have three personalities: a prime one filled with miserable regret, a logic centric one, and an extremely violent and wicked persona that proves semi-dominate enough to place Stigma into Oversurrection. Stigma has personal connections to Wallace in being an old colledge of his Gradan creator of the same name, of which Wallace had saved just as about the rogue exspeariments were about to slaughter him. Stigma, once Dr. Stigmen, even helped Wallace in the Omnicron Revolt and supplied many forces with his weaponry and designs. But now with Stigma corrupted by the evil persona, Stigma summoned a black hole that killed the Anti-UIS savataurs, naming himself now as "Stigma", and swores revenge against "The Beings of the Cosmos" that "Ruined" his life's work. Wallace had aimed to capture Stigma and cure him of this illness ever since.
  • Jas DeWalt/Junks- A Vrat demolitionist and an international criminal who is being targeted by law-keepers, bounty hunters and other criminals world-wide for the treasure in his possession.
  • Houggue Muko Roule/Street-Vig- A Horog bodyguard and an international criminal who is infamous for being an unforgiving cutthroat with a destructive and cruel nature, yet seems to hide a sympathic side inside his gruff and impathent exterior of an angry hover biker.
  • Cigna Vulce- A Jhajha and a very tough thief enemy/love interest to Creede, leader of a gang of bandit thieves in his home country, wields a sniper rifle-shotgun with multiple ammo settings, and has a bulky Omnican partner named Boe.
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