Nervay Gai Artegerant

Nervay Gai Artegerant was an Alternate UUniversal Trawk from Planet Scyria. He was a pterosaur-winged theropod who hailed from a long line of interspecies sentient dinosaurs that live on the secluded island of Animosity Island where they were exiled long ago by the Scyrians whom they blamed for the destruction of their ecosystems and homes, intent on wiping them out and taking over the planet. After their exile in a shielded island, the clan intended to escape and finish their goals, unaware of the Scyrians' fate. Nervay, the last descendant, was hell-bent on escaping and eventually found his chance when he comes across Heili Runner, Meya Liu, and Edwyn Stonewell. Edwyn joins his cause and the two join forces to study the obelisks that keep them trapped on the island so he can escape, but Heili is unaware Edwyn is in league with him and doesn't believe he would do such a thing because of their connections, even against warnings from Meya. Eventually, he succeeds in collecting everything to unlock the exit portal with his trickery and manipulation. But his legion is slaughtered by Meya's dinosaurs who also all die in the process. Meya and Nervay fight one last time and a determined Nervay attempts to force his way into the portal, only to bring Meya and Heili with him. Nervay is sent to Lapse Wastes with Meya and dies of the radiation while Meya retreats underground. Nervay's kingdom back on the island crumbles without him and the reign of the clan ends as a result. He is the AUU version of Ark: Survival Evolved Gaius Marcellus Nerva.


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