Mr. Happy and the Crow Brothers, tired of what they believe is legit business always being interupted by the lougers and those surprisingly troublesome ponies, finally deside to open business in the Alternate Universes. and fortunately for them, cause neither heroes act or alternate grand council is properly aware of what they did before and that it's not illegal to add magic in food or drinks, had open a new restaurent in a busling city planet and had made a monduious fortune! People began to only come to their restaurent for now on and businesses in the alternate universes are dying but Mr. Happy and the Crow Brothers. That's when Xandy starts to smell some rats in here. When the Heroes act insist that they're just very talented and very legit business men, Xandy desides she needs proof that something is not right with those strange visitors, and who better then the shell louge squad who know very well what those cons really are and stop them before the ecoomiy in the alternate universe is trashed?

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