Spongebob is happily reunited with his old friends, Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner and his fairy god parents, CosmoWanda and Poof and Danny Fenton/Phantom and wants to induct them and their friends into the louge and their adventures. But Plankton has happend upon the same idea Spongebob has by convincing the New Leader Junjie, Mirage and Master Xehanort into recruiting Professor Calamitous, Vlad Plasmius and Denzel Crocker into the villain leage due to them wanting one thing on their mind...REVENGE!!!! Revenge against Jimmy, Timmy and Danny for their previous defeats in their animated series. Liking the idea, Mirage welcomes Plankton's syndicate friends into the leage with open arms and start building a trap for Spyro, Spongebob and Kairi which will also be a super weapon capible of wiping the other lougers off the face of the United Universes by using all the powers, skills, abilites, and combined brain power of the lougers (the intelligent ones easly keeps in check the lessers) against them and it will be powerful enough to trap Spyro, Spongebob and Kairi in a completely hero and high council proof inprisonment sheild. But first, the trap requires some powerful energy from each of the Nicktoon's homeworlds inculding Bikini Bottom. However, the chaos unknowingly attracts the attention of an imfamous darkspawn lord known as King of all madness, who know desides this is perfect to feed his hunger for chaos and entertainment, by making these feuding fools battle eachother for his amusement. but, will he unknowingly set forth his own defeat and banishment to the banished realms should the King of Madness threat to turn the villain leage into his personal playthings, and even admit that he does not really care for Malefor, destroy their super weapon just to be a jerk to the leage and to prove his superiority over them, and really goes too far with insulting Malefor, forcing the leage, Vlad, Calamitus, Crocker, and Plankton, to swallow their pride, basicly kinda forsake their sure-fire plan, and they may as well, their super-weapon's toast, to save their own skins and help the Louge seal the King of Madness away in the Banish Realms to keep his evil threat contained and let Malefor who now sees him as a disgrace to the Darkspawn deal with him personally?

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