Nigel the Koala

Nigel the Koala

Nigel is a koala from the Disney 2006 CGI movie The Wild. Hallucinating and always unpredictable, Nigel is a koala who's recognized by the NY Central Park Zoo's famous plush toy and is tired of being "cute". Assisting Samson in rescuing Ryan, his life is somewhat changed, however, when he's worshipped by wildebeests upon reaching Africa. Nigel is and can be very squeaky and immature. He is good friends with Larry, often angers Bridgette and Samson with his mild dry humor, treats Ryan farely well and has a very-evident personality clash with Benny most likely because he is soft-hearted and responsive and Nigel is lazy and can be crude.


The Wild

Nigel is a very feisty and immature koala who's recognized by the New Yorks Zoo's famous plush koala toy, which he hates intensely, and is tired of being called "cute and cuddly" by his crazed fans. However, when Nigel is abducted by wildebeests upon reaching Africa, they worship him and make him their king, and their leader Kazar dubs him as the "Great Him." Nigel soon sees the error of his ways when the wildebeests attempt to eat his zoo friends and escapes with the others. He is good friends with Larry but often angers Bridget and Samson with his mild, dry humor. He treats Ryan fairly well and has a very evident personality clash with Benny, most likely because Benny is softhearted and responsive, while Nigel is delusional and lazy, although he does mean well. He is last seen dancing on the ship with his zoo friends as it sails home, and breaks the fourth wall just before the credits roll.

Role in the series

Nigel reprises his role in the SpongeBob and Friends series, only it is now revealed that his madness upon his ascension to kinghood was caused by Mirage stabbing his heart with her Keyblade, only to snap out of it when, dispite being a crude idiot, he wouldn't stand for his friends being eaten, and took part in the wackiest way to stop the Villain League, and eventually joined the Shell Lodge Squad with his friends.

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