Muse is the AUU's most secure museum capital. But it has been completely cleaned out. Thus with the massive uproar caused by this, a very angry Gryphoid officer named Officer Ethicide discovers that the culprits are none other than a threat he has been after his whole life: An organization of ethicists who see everything uncovered in the system sacred and not to be touched, and have been stealing all relics and burying them in unforeseen locations, just like they did to put his archaeologist father out of business and ruin, and has since developed a very serious grudge on these ethicists, intending to go Frollo on them by exterminating them. But the Heroes Act and the visiting Lodgers see this as wrong, and intend to seek out the ethicists' leader, Lady Preservis, a Skep of a Pre-UIS family and leader of a Pre-UIS group of Pre-UIS race members known as History's Respectors, and solve this issue before it becomes violent, espeically since Preservis is the mother of a powerful Skep leader in millaterry who has a good ear with UIS, and how harming her and the respecters would risk a war with UIS.

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