Deathly Nightshade is an Equestrian Stikini (Owl harpy) who lived in Constellatia, a polar land in the world of Equestria, and became a lone wanderer who fought evil-doers for money, and had an amoral edge to her. She used to have a wise Strix (Sentient owl) companion and mentor named Owlund until he was killed by an Owlman, dubbed Mawnan in Equestria, and after losing him, the dying Owlund urged her to go to Questra to find new mentors. Thus she did and she became a member of the Guardians of Harmony, becoming one of their best warriors, and with the spirit of Owlund guiding her in the form of a tattoo on her back she didn't notice until she arrived to Questra, she has been protecting the world ever since.


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