Sophie Xuxa Wyrmwood

Sophie X. Wyrmwood, AKA Nightshot, is an Alternate UUniversal Gaccoon from Planet Mucury. She is the former sheriff of Mucury and the head of it's police forces, and eventually fell in love with vigilante gunslinger MacBrink. While they became engaged, Sophie ended up going missing before the wedding can commence. While MacBrink would go down a bad road in despair with his criminal stepfather, and Sophie's position would be taken up by another, Sophie herself was abducted by an old foe of hers named Bojirack CaRule who, ever since his defeat and exile in her hands, turned into a space pirate of powerful magnitudes and took her to be her slave until she escaped and winded up stranded on Planet Thexus. With no way to go back home, Sophie became a cowgirl vigilante who utilized the weaponry of Thexus' extinct Crucyd race, making friends with a few Arans, and doing a lot of odd jobs along the way, all while keeping her past to those of whom she cares for, naming herself Nightshot because of her high efficiency in fighting at night and that she strikes from out of nowhere. She constantly hides from Bojirack, all while stopping the plots of the local Vocerkan crime boss Boss Spoog Nighters whom Bojirack is in cahoots with. When she eventually does get reunited with her fiancé again thanks to the Heroes Act, she joins them out of gratitude with her soon-to-be-husband.


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Her UIS Identity, Elyse Starkey, is a creature called a Jag, which is a UIS relative of Ajack, having a raccoon tail, and are renowned for going through the trash, and is more feral. Elyse is given her own identity on the same planet as MacBrink's UIS identity, MacReady, and has sort of a hard-to-get relationship with him, and even though the two are married, MacReady and Elyse have been considering doing so themselves. She wields a holopack on her back that sprouts out six holographic revolvers along with her own holo-revolvers.

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