Ijime Niya-Watsu Mōmokunoai, AKA Nightwatcher

Ijime N.W. Mōmokunoai, AKA Nightwatcher, is a human from Chrysanthemum. He is a young vigilante of unfathomable power who resides in Shining Town protecting it from evil agents of Emperor Dark and D.A.R.K.N.E.S.S., and spends his secret identity as an orphaned student at the same school as Keiji Yackamora, and not just a student, but as one of Keiji's biggest and most hated bullies, who only bullies people like her not only to keep his cover, but also to cope with his parents being taken into darkness by Emperor Dark. However, the irony is that Keiji is in love with his secret identity as the Nightwatcher, as she has no idea that he is actually her hated bully. He has defended his hometown since Emperor Dark not only took his parents, but also his friends and many girlfriends, as it has been so painful, he is afraid to start another relationship, and only provides for himself, his hometown, and his homeworld. He is a clear parody of Tuxedo Mask of Sailor Moon, only with a farther twist.


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