Lynt Yommy Harper

Lynt Y. Harper, AKA Nine-Fingers, is an Alternate UUniversal Lynthronax from Planet Uridia. He is a dromaeosaur who lost one of his fingers as a result of the fact that it killed the pregnant wife of Scoot's deceased Gnole friend T.A. Bade, forcing his niece Uniqua Bade to live in Fyregem, and was one of the many bandit lords of the Beofynzeny System, specifically one of the tormentors of the people of Fyregem including the Vault Seekers back when they were kids, until he was made the head of the Ezzoy Bandits, a psychotic guild of the Banditry consisting of raider psychotics descended from the Ezzoy Brigand of Planet Ezzoy living in the Ezzoy Ridges of all the planets in the system, in the Banditry for Gozzog the Corporate, having usurped it all from it's previous leader. He is an insane bandit lord who hangs around in Skrag Gully, which is infamous for having the worst of Skrag breeds, many of them named and having countless amounts of kills and voraciousness. He himself has two pet Skrags named Phala and Anges, both of which are among the most vicious breeds of Skrag in the Uridian fauna logs. Because of his insanity, Nine-Fingers doesn't know how he lost his finger, even as it happened. He suspected that MacBone took it to use in his voodoo ceremonies. He has been known to hack and destroy many of the border turbolaser turrets responsible for preventing people from entering restricted areas including private and public borders, causing a disruption that almost exposed the true nature of Awesome Jaxtom had it not been for Commandant Steelea to kill him, or so she thought as he faked his death and continued his career the next day upon recovery from his injuries. Though this incident forced Steelea to heighten the penalty of violating the border laws to unacceptable yet fair heights, it didn't threaten the Beofynzenian antihero mercenaries' way of life. His lair is set up in a cave system, close enough to have frequent raids on Fyregem. Reportedly, Nine-Fingers was also in competition with MacBone. It was also suspected that he based his camp in Skrag Gully in response to a challenge issued by Sludge, possibly to try and compete with MacBone. He is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Nine-Toes, and is just as insane.


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  • "You woke the wrong rog! Aww YEAH!!!!"
  • "I'll rip your arm off and beat your baby with it!"
  • "You remind me of my mother. I ATE my mother!!"
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