Niu is a cow bull from the Kung Fu Panda world. Niu is often a very proud, if sometimes boastful, protecter of the innosent and arms himself with only a sheild, always being a strong believer that "A good defence is the greatest offence", as his sheild is made of pure titanium, the universe's strongest earth metal. He earned Jade Tusk's attention apawn nearly giving his life to protect a poor family from an enraged gang leader that was angry that the family couldn't repay a dept, where Tusk was able to save his life before the gang leader could finish him off. Niu gave his devotion to her and became a student under her wing, being perfect for being the New Black Tortose of The Four Constellations. However, these dreams were shot down when the original four were discouraged by the actions of Tusk's cousin, the emperor himself, had did unforgiveable things to the River Dolphins. Niu and the other would've been constellations had to stop Tusk from nearly taking Kun Lao's life for this. Niu used his sheild to prevent Tusk from truely killing the emperor, even at great sacrivice of his sheild suffering great damage from the ferousity of Tusk's rage-fueled assult. Tusk was ultamately subdued as she broke into tears. Niu paid more attention to Tusk in a broken state then the Emperor or the arriving soldiers, as the intended four disappeared as quickly they came. Even after everything, Niu still stands by Tusk's side, and would aim to still defend her with his life, even when she would continue to make questionable life choices. He is also the grandchild of Niu Ox Zhong.

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