Nolte Norton Vallas is a synthetic android from Mutantus. He is the detective and head inspector for the Prized Guard that defends Prize City, the capital of the human territory within the central lands, and goes outside the Genomic Wall to investigate crimes, and his robotic mind has allowed him to solve all unsolved cases within an entire month, making him the head of criminology for the Prized Guard. Like all androids, Nolte was built in Institutional City by the security of it's police implemented by BioGen Inc, as he didn't agree to the methods displayed by whom he was working for, and after fighting his way to freedom, he swore allegiance purely to Elder Felker and President Falle, as well as Benjamin Ostrowski, and has renounced any true involvement with Doctor Bio Genner The 65th entirely. He has come to being hunted down as a fugitive so he can be dismantled and yet his friends and allies are always there to protect him, including his female human partner Irma Holmes. He is the Mutantus version of Fallout Nick Valentine.


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