Noobert 'Nooby' Doo

Noobert 'Nooby' Doo is a Great Dane from the Hanna-Barbera world and the hardly spoken-of cousin to Scooby-Doo. He is the leader of Snake Killer Inc. along with a group similar to Scooby's friends, only instead of solving mysteries, they kill snakes that are either innocent or guilty. He is the most sophisticated of the team, and even had to replace Teddie Jones as leader of SKI because of his ignorant personality. He has done so much to keep this job alive, including drugging his best friend Raggy Sanders in order for the animal-loving hippie to participate. Fu-Xi hated him the most espeically of the members of the snake killers inc, and..... Let's just say, Fu-Xi taken away something privately personal to Nooby to deminstraight this hatred. Nooby wasn't a true xenophobe until that event and was mostly in it for money, but Fu-Xi inadvertingly made it more personal.


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