North Wind

"I'll blow away the false Chrismas, and bring forth, a chrismas that is TRUELY marry for all!"

North Wind of the Dragon Realms is a brother of the Miser Bros who controls the north wind of the world, and is not much different from the North Wind from the Miser Bros Christmas special. Like that version, all he wants is to take over Christmas and deliver all the presents on his own with his innate wind abilities, but not really much just for the sake of power (though he is attracted to it like a bad drug addiction), but for a more misguided reason of what he actually believes is an unbalanced monopoly corruption in Christmas. He is strongly against the naughty/nice system that has been around for generations and thinks children shouldn't be punished for being a bit too 'naughty', and believes that the system is guilty of just making 'naughty' even more naughty by the next Christmas, which is in some cases proven in certain Christmas specials and he isn't technically wrong. But the problem is not just for him wanting to award people on the naughty list since it tends to have the same affect, only worse, or at best encouraging them to not change a thing, but that he wants to force his opinions on everyone. Like Gaston, he's always use to getting what he wants, and as a result, will continue doing anything, evil or not, to get it. Santa insisted to him that no system is perfect and that he needs to accept it, but North Wind refuses to embrace this truth. North was an unfortunate victim of morality illness thanks to having inherited god-like powers common in mythical and/or holiday-based icons and legends, and he has it in the worst way possible. He and his weak, more accepting-to-reality brother, South Wind, attempted to usurp Santa and steal his job in an attempt similar to the events of the Miser Bros Christmas, and was also thwarted by the Miser Bros and it was taken away by Mother Nature. To this day, he still plans to contain Christmas while still being trapped in his own delusions while South Wind had struggled to talk him out of it, especially since he kept including questionable allies into the cause in return of satisfying certain goals. He has a sylph infantry that has the exact same powers he does, and a staff that consists of certain legendary creatures that were either exiled from legendary lands or abandoned, including a marionette mime named Mime-me, a mentally-unstable goblin king named King Diabetus, and an ice serpent named Freezar, and soon, a disobedient salamander named Lieutenant Hellfire. This staff would also enable him to watch what unfolds on any place including the North Pole from his Wind Palace in the sky, and keep an eye on anyone capable of being an issue for him.


North Wind lives in an island-like cloud which holds the Wind Palace on top of it. North Wind and South Wind live up here and govern the north and south winds of the world. The cloud wanders above Greenland and is actually mobile. The palace consists of a guard of sylphs (mythological elementals of the air), which have the power to control the wind just like North and South, and all wield spears that can materialize into a gaseous state and reform at will. The sylphs are masters of stealth and strategy, and their great at sabotage. They can shapeshift into different gaseous forms, and they can even teleport and turn invisible. Just like in Equestria, only aerial creatures or magical beings can walk on the clouds of the Palace unless being given a wind spell by North Wind or South Wind. Mime-me is North Wind's assistant, but is only allowed to do certain things for his clumsiness. South Wind is there only because he lives there. North Wind also has other people on the ground to do some of his work for him.

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