When a fresh new museum turns up in Equestria, it's revealed to be enchanted and all-knowing about every one of the displays within, reveiled to be founded by a Panan Historian named Tyme Historio, a pana saytr that is beyond a walking talking history book that aimed to not only prove that the Storm Clan were just as bad to Pana as they were to others, but share his omnipotent knowledge of history to all of the world of Equestria. All history within Equestria's history is slowly being revealed, which resolves long standing conflicts at last, correct misconceptions, and above all help the present learn the mistakes of the past to avoid repeats in the future, which would've earned Twilight's approval, had it not been the misfortune that it includes things best not known. It ended up giving those like Daring Do's many treasure hunter and cultist enemies a chance to seek out long sought-out relics, it gave certain races grim reminders of their unpleasent parts of past and opened old wounds, and alcourse exposed the migrating patterns of Alicornia, thus being infavorably useful to spies from the Villain Leage, The Dark Dragon Scourge, Team Nefarious, Various Oc Villains, Equestria's Native Threats, even VA villains like Glowrod and friends with Dark Radical Support get involved, and alcourse the problem isn't complete without a Guardians of Harmony foe, named Dishastaur getting involved, along with Neighsay and his stooges being back to try and pin this problem on Twilight because she said she liked the museum for it's intentions, giving the Lougers, some friends and the HA aide with their work VERY cut-out for them! When investigating stolen exhibits, the Mane Heroes and Lodgers discover that it was built above the resting place of Prince Renaissance, the Alicorn God of expression, music, arts, prophecy, poetry, and archery, the giver of musical talent to ponies, and the father of their colorful candy-colored themes, appearance, and architecture. Guarded by a group of spirits called Muses which predict that the villains' plans will result in the destruction of Equestria, and thus are intending to destroy all historical knowledge and archives and restart it from scratch to prevent this from happening, the heroes instead have a better solution to stop them for good. Now they must stop them before this prediction comes true and before the Muses annihilate all historical knowledge in Equestria. On top of that, a rogue History Sprite named Historicalus was seen to behind their crazy obsession and is only inviting the advantageous villains all the way from Mugshotra to have history erased by the Muses so he can undermine his older brother, the History Sprite king of the History Sprites of Equestria and then using it as an ultamatium to have himself become the new history sprite king.

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