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Nuke Carraka Munbay

Nuke C. Munbay is an Alternate UUniversal Chrogton from Planet Goalax, and is a former member of the once-prosperous Villains Act and founder and main leader of The Dark Radicals, a team of villains dedicated to restore the rule of villains and had already recruited a lot of former Villains Act villains, as well as some that weren't recruited or known by the Villains Act. He is a mean cold-blooded leader who dislikes the idea of the Heroes Act easily beginning to grow without the proper villain obstruction, and intends to be that obstruction. He was once part of the respectable AUU Grand Council, but was kicked out due to an embezzlement scheme, and become a member of the Villains Act Council on Planet Peerbon. He survived the destruction of the HQ, and fled after stealing a dropship carrying other villains back to Goalax to start the Dark Radicals, and convert his old home temple into his main hideout, moving it to an underground crystal cave so no one can find him or his colleagues, naming the temple The Radic Temple. He's overconfident, bad-tempered, and prone to child-like temper tantrums. He has a bad habit of calling anyone who failed a mission 'an idiot', seeing himself as a higher intelligence. It makes him very unpopular to even his own cousin, Rude Hacko.


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