Mo'bo'r the 3rd

Mo'bo'r the 3rd

Nyeusi III is an evil hyena prince from the Pure Hyena lores. He tried to marry Uzuri first so he could rule Pride Rock under his father's evil rule until her friends ratted him out, and resulted in him getting executed.


Nyeusi was raised in a kingdom of hyenas not to far from the Pride Lands. His parents were fierce tyrants like Prince John. Despite their kingdom, Nyeusi the 2nd wanted more. That was when he decided to let his greedy, already matured son, Nyeusi the 3rd, help him make hyenas be the ideals of domination so they can get rid of Ahadi and Uru and take over his kingdom. To do so, Nyeusi the 3rd must marry the head of the Pure Hyenas, Uzuri. Nyeusi introduced himself to the Pure Hyenas, and offered Uzuri's paw in marriage. She accepts, and Nyeusi the 2nd's plan was working smoothly.

However, Dejen one of Uzuri's friends overheard Nyeusi the 3rd talking with his father about his plans. Deign warns Baako, another one of Uzuri's friends, and Baako realizes that the Pure Hyenas were in grave danger. Baako tries to warn Uzuri, but she was already in the wedding. Baako rudely interrupts the wedding, and warns everyone about Nyeusi's plan. Nyeusi was furious that he had failed his father, and attacks Baako, overwhelmed by his warrior skills. Nyeusi states that it's not over yet until he is executed by the Hyena Council.

Nyeusi the 2nd, after hearing about his son's death, gets furious, and swore revenge on the Pure Hyenas and Pride Rock for the death of his son. When he heard that the Pure Hyenas fell in the hands of Merlock, he was thrilled, and wanted to thank this 'Merlock' for doing him a favor. All he needed then was Pride Rock, and his revenge would be complete. Since then, Nyeusi the 2nd has searched in vain for Merlock for years and years to come. It is unknown whether Nyeusi the 2nd will succeed in finding Merlock, or when he will strike again. But when he does, Pride Rock will be in grave danger again.

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