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OF Series 7 (6000-6999) File List. Approved for viewing by Mr. Lifecraft and the OF-Council. The Sharing of the files are for learning purposes to T-Class personal only. Outsider forces will be hit with programmed Memetic Amnesiac-agent.

OF List


  • OF-6000/The United Falseiverse- A False-United Universe with no Companion AUU that is a shape-shifting United Universe-Sized cosmic construct that mimics a dimension-hopper's native dimension, but it is actually a realm filled with all sorts of Inrealm-Outs that collect and capture such outsiders to convert into more anominalians. Its methods involve producing portals for each known realm, copies and standalones alike, and would often look no different from standard portals apart from a slight light-purple tint. Once a person ends up in the Falseiverse, at first they would be held to a false sense of security in thinking that they're still at their native realm and assume the portal to be a dud. Then after enough time is spent in the realm, the person will be immediately sought out by the universes native denizens, which often resemble known SCPs and OFs. They would be tireless, relentless, undeterrable, resistant, and resilient to whatever weapon a person pocesses, and would always bare automatic knowledge of where a person is at any given time. Inevitably, the person will get caught, and get taken to be presented by what is referred to as "The Tribunal", a council of glowing spheres that would proceed to start a conversion process that turns the person into a new Anominalian. Quarantined by Outer Force with the aide of Dimension-Jumping groups containing any possible connected portal. As such, it was ensured that the realm is not common knowledge to those that stay in the Universes and dimensions, while those that do travel realms are advised to stay as far from OF-6000 as possible and to report any portals with a slight purple tint if found, and if they end up on accident or cause of uncontrolled circumstances, they're to immediately escape the dimension and not stay long enough for the Anominalians to start acknowledging you. Be advised that if you do leave the realm and the Anominalians in the realm came to acknowledge you, they will aim to either compromise your travel to end up back in the realm or will even proceed to follow a being to their native realm and capture them from there. Any persons that claimed to have been in the realm are to be immediately placed under OF-Protection as POIs and held in anti-detection cells that deter Anominalian arrival, as if the Anominalians of the realm fail to detect the person, they'll return back to the Falseiverse. The realm is protected by the same cosmic energy the Mortal-Nappers use to deter their realm from being easily destroyed by a-Xzar, justifying why this such universe had not already been terminated for technically being Inter-Dimensional Empire-like in nature.
  • OF-6072/Eye-Bats- Euclid- A species of eyes that grow bat wings, and are born in the same fashion as SCP-525, a related species. Quarantined and restricted.







  • OF-6600/Alien Adhesive- Safe- An adhesive of unknown alien origin that is capable of reinstigating molecular structure. Contained and restricted.
  • OF-6622/Blood Rain- Euclid- A phenomenon in which blood rains from the sky. All instances of witnesses of this anomaly are to be given amnestics as it cannot be contained.
  • OF-6637/Clay Monsters- Keter- Monsters made from black magic for stop-motion claymation that went crazy for the invention of CGI making them obsolete. Contained and restricted.
  • OF-6666/The Tartarus Journal- (Higher Rank Access required).



  • OF-6820/Outer Dragon- Euclid- A gargantuan dragon the size of a continent that is actually the last of a breed of indeterminate Outer God breeding, has the ability to breath cosmic, magical, or hume energy, and is actually much like SCP-3844, being of no malevolent nature, and yet is just as much in spiritualism. Due to its size, it has been asked to fly to an isolated region of the UUniverses with a high-powered tracking device.


  • OF-6910/Cursed Egyptian Super-Termites- Keter- A species of termite that share the color and physiology of scarabs and make nests inside mummies and even make nests in live humans. Contained and restricted in ███████ Egypt.