Overlord Variant XXX, AKA OV, was a Sub-Omnican from a UUF colony planet named Botriff. He was an Ultron-like war machine built by The United Usurpation Force's traitorous USRA-UIS hybrid colleague Doctor Galantis from the designs of their own Robot Rangers and a clone of him to put this terrorist group out of it's misery once he realized they were dangerous to both the USRA and the UIS. OV was a mastermind of evil who planned to destroy the last bastion of the UUF present in Botriff through a giant asteroid. But thanks to the anonymous Miria of Highstone, the UUF members involved with the project was given a chance to learn their errors the hard way, but not through how OV intended it, but through lifetime of community service after an arrest from Skeplock H'olmes, ending another UUF occupation in a planet. He was even able to overcome his own programming, murder Galantis, and plan to destroy the entire UUF under their watch by destroying a planet in the system of Usurpia with a volatile core. OV was a powerhouse machine with the ability to hack other machines through technopathic abilities, fly and use any weapon he saw, a body made of neutronium, a molecular rearranger that could change his body to limited degrees and heal him, force fields, a laser sword, and energy cannon eye beams with chargeable settings that drained his power massively. But his most dangerous ability was his adaptive shield and ultraintelligent calculative holobrain that learned quickly every moment he fought his opponents, as well as scan and copy data and moves, replicating abilities immeasurably. He was defeated by simply being deleted by an advanced antivirus software.


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